The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1966 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1966
Page 11
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BtrOwvfflt (AA.) Oourtr Km - Frldiy, A«|uit 1,It*- Pi|» Bwwi CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION -All classified advertising mast be to by < p-m preceding day ol publication eicept (01 Monday's (Hue "ten Ads most be to be lore none Saturday. Pull; r»tw p«r Hot conwcutive IBMrtinn Minimum c&arga »l.ou 1 time [»r line 30c 2 tlmea ;ei line per day ...... 25c S times per line per day 20c y times per line per day 16c Montb'per line ........ 3.00 2 line minimum •'Count (our averag* word* to cnc •Una Ad ordered (or three 01 Mveo timet and stopped before explra- t< >n will be charged •. (or tbe number of times -he ad appeared and adjustments of bill made. Cash re* fjnds muit be picked up within ? d&ya All classified advertising copy must be accompanied by casb Betes ma; b« easily computed (mm tie ••(• table. Advertising ordered (or Irfegulat insertion tale the one dtne table No responsibility will be .taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any elanlfled ad AH ads are restricted to then proper classified style and type The Courier News reserves tbe right to edit or reject any ad (Notice: Two Ones ot a standing classified advertisement may be changed in any 30-day period at a charge of 60 tents. When additional changes are required, the advertisement will be billed ai a new advertisement.) ;8198 How Used Is A Used VW? Net very. Alter we gel through with It. We give II the Solely end Porformontt Tail, Then we completely recondition It. And then we guarantee 100% the repair at replacement of oil major mechanical parti* for 30 days or 1000 mllei. Conliderlng VWi or* builltoloillnlhefirslp!oct,ll'jnolv«tyu«dupoH]ll. , •«ngin. * Ironimltilon > r.oraxl* • front exi. 0it.ntblUt • broke lyitem « «tectileol l Central Motor Sales Division Open 'til 9 PM Daily 3-1812 •63 PONTIAC Jatalina 2 door H.T., hydramatto, . radio and beater, power steering and 'brakes, white liriewall Urea, custom red leather Interior exceptionally nice oar .. $1595 •64 CHEVROLET station war on, 6 passngev, . automatic, white wall tires IU9E •57 FORD Convertible, V», bargain for -nly 1145 '56 PONTIAC 4 door $50 •65 CHEVROLETS. ImnalM, 4 door H.T.'s, full power and air conditioner, low mileage, exceptionally clean, suaran teed and all are low bargain priced. '59 FORD Station wagon, V8, ford-o-matic, radio and heater, real good tires, red and white, real clean $395 '65 VOLKSWAGEN tall; equipped Including air conditioner, Low mileage, one owner • .-• $*» '51 CHEVROLET J door Kdan, real good car, only. . $95 '56 CHEVROLET 4 door H.T., runs food SH5 '58 OLDS 4 door tedan a good second car $345 58 MERCURY 4 door tedan, just a car $75 •65 PONTIAC Bonneville 2 door H.T., tull power and factory air conditioner,- very low mileage, one local owner, can refer to 104% warranty, this car li came a« new. '60 FORD Falcon 4 door te- dan, standard trans,, only $195 '60 CHEVROLET Impala, V8, full power and air, this car needs some appearance work only $295 •64 VOLKSWAGEN Sedan, radio and beater, white sidewall tires, low mileage, real sharp ..-••• See One of These Men Today: * John Nelson * Claude Williams * W.C. "Dub" Colston * Bruce Ritchey 4 rm. house, 834 B. Sycamore, 31.00. PO 2-Jin. 1-5 pk 1-13 2 bdrm. house ts lot. Gomel! 3900.00. JO 4-3815 Dell Alter « p.m. 8-4 pk 9-4 S8PARATE or together the ap peal is irresistible. And an al ternate short sleeve version if included. ' No. 8198 with PATT-0-RAMA Is for sizes 10 to 20, bust 31 to ! 40. Size 12, bust 32, 3'/z yards of 35". No. 8197 is for sizes 3, 4, 5, 8, 7, 8 years. Size 4, 2 yards of 35". DON'T MISS the '66 Fall and Winter issue of Basic FASHION, our complete pattern magazine. 50c. Send 50c Tor eael pattern. —To Order Mail To:— BlyHierille Courier Newi Pattern Depr. 723 407 South Wacker Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60607 Equipment Rental BuUoozer-mmt BfcCK Hot Air Compressors concrete Miiera Of* It Electric Weldera Whenlbarrows-plcts & ebanH VTatei Pumpe Hear; Jacki - Orane» Trucki & HandWrencb'i Oarpenters Tooia plufflben Mechanic Tool* Yard & Garden Tools Wneelchak * Hollaway Bed *•» fat anfthinB not uatw We deliver ft- PO 3-8292 or PO 3-3738 Kelton Prancli FRANCIS AND POE Insurance Call PO 3-4553 For Complete insurance Protection V. J. POLLARD AGENCTf Planned Protection BlytBevlUe federal Building Outboard Motors Expert outboard CLOIOI .epalrs amcl tlbreglass repairs. BYBTJM HARDWARE 116 E Main 10-8 ck tt Painting D. 0. Freeman-Painting & Paper Hanging - PO 3-0643. 7-15 oil 8-17 All work guaranteed. Cal Barto Jackson. PO 3-7352 Ely., Ark. Pecani for tell & pecans cracKed Jenkins Farm 899-3612 4-3 ck tt Rug Cleaning n »vwwiMA.v«*w-i~—*w* *^«.~-"-J GENERAL RUO CIJIANING W6 clean Wall to wall carpet! room size rugs, tile & hardwood Also upholstery. David Bonner. PO 3-1539. 7-20 pk 8-2 8-2 pfc 9-3 Pecans Peerless Rug Cleaners Pickup & Delivery Sertlce ut 8. Franklin - Pli PO 3-343 UU>- -J -u V >J^mj \**J~ ^>r-a-ii— I~r*i Structural StMl IV*. ~V Win rope new n u»ad angle pine, plate, Channel, etc. BIytne PO Sandblasting We remove rust, corro^on, pulnt and etc., from metal by sane blasting No Item too lar»e or small jno 0 McHanej & fiona. Inc. 0-34 ek Seutic Tank Service .ywwMuw^ww^rt^N^srfS/s'W*'*^^^ 1 clean aeptlc tanxa, owe poola ireaie tr«pa and tewer Unee. L vcxt ruaranteed. Qene Nuckle 2007 W Vine BlTtBuvIlK *rk PI PO 3-4482. - - J State ..... j. ........... Z" 1 ...... Pattern No ........... Sire ...... Fashion Book D fer fiisl class moiling add lOc In «KA fottein. SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY Underwood — Olivetti Sales - Services - Rental* Business Machines Co. 2008 W. Main PO 3-8991 4-30 ck I- Appliance Refinishing liwch eld to new. color »P»olal- tat. PO 3-4679 6 p.m. 7-21 pk 8-82 AoteTupholstery Oir-Truck-Farai equip, sea". Oil- b.r?i «XI t Main PO 3-6743.^ ^ Boats • Deck Matl. PO 3.6742. Cement Worker Bldon Wwrenw, .""n" 0 * fr« ««m.t«. «n^l ^- ciotheTune Pclw DON'T BUY Until You Have Seen These! CLOSE-OUT On all '66 Mercurys and Comets. You eon buy these cars at a fantastically reduced price ... for at little as $100 down. USED CAR SPECIALS! »|JA MERCURY Custom 2 door H.T., air condi- Dfc lioner, power steering and brakes, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, excellent CIO OR conditions 1plfc%rw 'CA CHEVROLET 4 door, V8, automatic trans., 03 radio and heater white sidewall CAQ£ jA« COMET 2 door, 6 cylinder, standard trans., 04 radio and heater, white sidewall C1AQC tjl'6S ...».••••«*• »•*•••». ••••a ^ 'CO MG Sports Car 4 speed trans., radio CEDE Dab and heater, excellent condition .. ywvil f£A PONTIAC Tempest, automatic trans., radio U£ and heater, white sidewall tires ftfiQC 'fil CHEVROLET 2 door H.T., sharpest in town, 01 automatic trans., radio and heater, white sidewall tires, excellent condition $QQ§ MI ION Bly. Inc |1 | Wll RR«-A«hS»«: Ph. PO 3-6888 |.| pK t-13 3' bdvm. brick house la coun ) month. Vacant AU|USt 14. M98. ,:..: , s-i pk ountry. 14, PO pic «•« 1 bdrm. unfurn. brick apt. PO 3446 after 3 p.m. • I-S pk !•» 9 rm house In rear of 114 Davll, 9 mo. FO 3-8990. • 1-5 pk 1-13 3 bdrm, n.i Data bouM trailer at Oinell. LE 2-334J. 8-5 pk 1-13 7 rm. house with 4 bdrrrie. & bath, n 5 .acre lot at Qosnell. l« mo. ! 2-5169 or PO 3-9681. 8-5 pk 8-9 4 rm house 658 I. Walnut,.PO 2877 or FO 2-2007. S-5 pk 1-13 i bdrm house, 111 a. nth .81, FO 7070. 8-5 pk 7-14 Nice 3. Bdrm. house, atovt, reftlg- ator, washer Is air conditioner If eeded. Furnished apt. at 1119 N. 9th air inditloned. DAVID REAL ESTATE :. PO 3-3928 Lou McOluer Nlte PO 3-7119 Sam Godwin — Nlte PO 3-8853 ... - . ...... , 8r3 ct tf 2 bdrm. turn, house. $45 mo. PO •8455 after 6 p.m. 8-3 pk 8-6 Two 3 rm. bouses, neat Is clean with fenced yards. See at 2129 W ose or at 414 N. l!th St. 8-3 pk 9-4 Trailer, couple only 123 per mo I 7 8593. . 8-3 pk 1-10 6 rm. (urn. house 2128 Carolyn. PO 3-4251. 8-3 pk 8-11 4 rm furn. .house couple only. 17 E. Davis. PO 3-3850. 8-9 pk 8-10 1—5-room & 2 baths, 1—4-room nd bath. PO 3-7237. !-J pk 8-10 rum. 3 BB Brick house. 2313 B. Circle Dr. PO 3-8313. FO 3-8872 8-1 pk 1-2 5 rm. unfurn. house, bath, 104 E. Ward. PO 3-3535, 8-1 pk t-2 3 bdrm. house close to schools, attached carport, cent. heat, one Jr cond. furn. 716 Pulton. FO 3217 or after 7 p.m. PO 3-1614. 7-30 ck tf 4 Rm. houie with bath In coun- iy, near Manila. »25 per mo. ATall- Ph. 561-4891 in Manila . 7-30 pk 1-30 S rm bouse, good condition. Close n. Call PO 3-3283. 7-30 pk 8-7 2 bdrm. home* good locations ou McCluer. PO 3-7119 Or PO 3928. 7-30 pk 8-30 2 bdrm. house > Prarie Lane Gos- iell. LE 2-5429, 7-29 pk 8-6 7 rm. unfurn. 2 baths,. excellent ocatlon. 212 W. Ky. $85 PO 3-6220. 7-29 pk 8-6 2 bdrm. almost new. PO 3-61 . 329 Birch. 7-39 pk t-29 Continued en Next Pag* Coltonwood Raceway Int. 55 & Hiway 140 OSCEOLA, ARK. Racing this Friday & Each Friday Night Time Trials — 6:30 p.m. Races — 8:15 p.m. All New Track Steel Bleachers Class "C" Stockers and Class "A" Super Modified from a 5-State Area. THE FASTEST QUARTER-MILE GUMBO TRACK IN THE SOUTH PONTIAC BONUS DAYS Due to the great acceptance of the New '66 Pontiac Chpcka- saw Pontiac Company brings wholesale prices to you, the public. Check our complete stock of Pontiacs before you buy anywhere. '66 Tempest Coupe Radio and heater, standard trans., 6 cylinder, white sidewall tires, 24 month or 24,000 mile factory warranty . . . OUR PRICE List Price C $2445 * 2217 '66 Tempest Coupe Factory air conditioner, automatic trans., 6 cylinder, white sidewall tires, radio and heater, power" steering. OUR PRICE 2873 List Price $3271 '66 Bonneville 4 Dr. H.T. Vista Factory air conditioner, hydramatic trans., white sidewall tires, power steering and brakes, all tinted glass, 24 month or 24,000 mile factory warranty. List Price $4539 OUR PRICE $ 3748 '66 Star Chief 4 Door Sedan Factory air conditioner, hydramatic trans., white sidewall tires, power steering and brakes, all tinted glass, 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty. OUR PRICE List Price C $4203 * 3479 4 Door Sedan Factory air conditioner, hydramutic trans,. white sidewall tires, power steering and brakes, all tinted glass, S'4 month or 24,000 mile warranty. . OUR PRICE List Price c $3978 * CHICKASAW PONTIAC CO. "WIDETRACK TOWN" 5th & Walnut Phone PO 3-6817 Look, officer, if my wife hears about this she'll brain me. Okty. You had a conpje with the boys and you're late and you're trying to get home before midnight. Then there's that flashing red light in the rear view mirror. And the policeman wants to know tf you always mix alcohol and gasoline end then go looking for trouble. iiieel tbCBK*ning,al'tcr wnenyou wake up and find out you've got your name in the paper? No doubt itllj be there — because newspapers look at all things, big and! small, with the honesty of a mirror. On the other hand, you might have something tor sale -H so you invest in space in the daily newspaper. Either way

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