The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1947
Page 5
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'Y SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1947 Truman Delays Tex Bill Decisions President Attends 35th Division Reunion; Visits With Mother BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NE\VS BY 1HKKKIMAN SMITH (I). I'. Whltn House ltr>nort«ri £NSAS CITY, Mo., June 7.- Truman shared his time <h bi s B4-yer,r-old mother, Mrs. Martha E. Triunau, and the veterans of two world wars. The president, home with his buddies of Ihe 35lh Division's Battery D, will speak tonight at memorial service for the honored dead of Lite division, as the oulfil'3 reunion moves to its close. Sources close to the President indicated that it was likely Mr. Truman would not act on the tax bill when lie returns to thc White House 'Monday. T'licrc was indica- lion he would postpone any action until his return- from bis Ca- iir-'ihin Iriu. Mr. Truman, accompanied b> Oen. D.viRlit D. Eisenhower, chiel of .staff, was bailed on his tirriva vr.sterday as "our comrade, and the President of tbe United States." The president answered the greeting of Col. Miihlon \V>ed with .1. smile, a wave to bis friends, and n word thai lie was glad to be Witb. Mr. Truman seated beside him. Kiscnlir.wer spoke la-si night at. a ceremony in which the World •WJT flans nf the 35th, a Nfttioinl Ouird division, were returned to thc states of Missouri, Ne- brnska and Kansas. The men who hit Normandy on D-nsu- three yesrs aco heard their former commander warn that their efforts would he in vain unless the United States remains active Internationally. alone cannot accomplish 'world's salvation," Eisenhower "^^ face, moreover, the fact that at least one of the powerful nations does not see eye i.o eye with us on measure:! for the stability pence demands. ''But another's indifference—or even hostility—must not deflet-t us from the course we deem ri^ht... helping (hose who seek to live in freedom." Tn World War T. Mr. Tnunan wa s the cap'ain of Battery D. Ite led it Ihrouph its fi!rlitinr» riavs in Ptanco and with it sloeced through lbfl mud of Ihe Meusc-Ar(ionne. He led it back home lo discharge. Thrnurh tbe years -since Ihen— when he was county judge, scna- CLUB 61 (Formerly Midnile Iim) TUES. AND I'KIDAY Orchestra Nights Fx-G/s Urged To Check Up On Insurance MisslsslppI County veterans who 'mve failed to keep their National Service Life Insiinincc In force vcre uruert today lo lake •pe of their present opixirtunity lo •cinslale It in a. statement issued •v Worth D. Holder, secretary of, 'he Blythevllle Chamber of Com- nerce. "I am alarmed at the extremely ariT; number of veterans who have, lec.lected to preserve this valuable •rotectlon", Mr. Holder declared. "I, •Ironcly iih'e local veterans to Bet; 'be fuels about their O. J. insur- *rce from tlic nearest Veterans 'Wmlnlstratimi office or from any Mfe insurance, agent." lie said i O' t'-e HTM veterans in Mississippi County. 8,352 have taken out O. I. insurance policies If tbe na- L tonal avenge applies. 6 ?6t—tbree- 'rturlhs of them—have tallowed their loss of a potential $66.570.00 lo the 'ouni>'. This, protection mnv mean ''™ difference belwcn flpoiicl"! in- drp n ndence or want for thc Veter•>ns' wives and children. Tt will have a mtirked effect on Ihe economic, security of our community," lie said. "If the veterans vjho have this protection k»ew the facts they would lose no lime in eetliiKT it bick. Regardless nf how IOIIR their insurance has been lapsed, tliev can reinstate it, in most eases, without a physical examination if they an- Plv h-fore August 1," Mr. Holder poinlcd out. PAGB France Honors 4500 Martyrs Slain by Nazis lures by Al 1'lone, NEA stall correippirttait. Icll the. story of onc'of Ihe moit drastic o commemorate this war's dead. T.Knismula of French men, women, (ind chnhren. made These exclusive pictures by Al I'lon mcmmln' BCfvlws lo iv pIlKi'lnuiio lo ForU'ess of mount v»lor|cn. <m [ho out-sklrls <jf Paris. U. hoi-or 45»6 Kicncf executed by lhi> Cimuann clurliiif their occupation service.! sti.Ued with a lii B h m ass held on the-iummu ct Ihe tuoniititli! -' hren. made jnt.ic*> the fort enliaiicu.. Later plimims retraced palh of the condemned prisoners from lhi> pH:,cn within th e forl. (.> Ihe chapi'l whore nicy received lhcl r last spl-Uuul boi.icc, do-m a-barbrd wire citc.'o'icd lane, to (he execution h'l'Otmd wlicra fir .ig squads' killed the maitjrs. slirplc i>lai]iu>. I now ma -feed Hayt'i Negro Gets 60-Year Prison Term X : ' v^i 1 !^ /-' .../-r'"^"^^-"*] \~\f' • • ,f--^'4, it \£tM£SA.MJ:i iMournln^ hi[;h inns; woman cluk'licV licr pr; hciienth f;;;/.r,'.v' •.•• •-,. ,X4 , • $>,::>v. ayrr bonk as .1,, sciMcc tujn, »n>. Flrsl st( ,,, : { , 1;lvlr , wh(f , e , n;1 ,, vl , ""*-"-^-^ ^i^-a—l ,cs, , , , ,, 1 MKt'liiiN MHMI M'ltlkctl th>\v:i Imr lircparen fur death. " , t]OW Ll UlltltlllHl Hill] A 22-year-old Hayti, Mo.. Ncsro, who \\as held in an undisclosed' jail for nearly a month after nt- lackiiiK Mrs. Chester WatU, 42. in fayti April 22 today faces a fifl- r term in the Missouri state Jrison. norse Whitefield was sentenced o the EO-ycar term at :>. recent .nccial session of the Pcmiscot, bounty Circuit Court. Date for the learinfr had not been announced. He hnrl been hidden in the rear scat nf a anrf taken by offi- ers to another comity to prevent possible moll violence. Mrs. Watts was nnl. assaulted hut was struck ind kirkerl by Whitefield, who said he intended to rob her. OPEN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING Under New Manage- 4ktcnt. Call 944 for reservations. Couples and Parties ONLY! Owned & Cpcrnted by George Ford and W. A. "Ked" JBickerstaff One Stunt Too Many For Memphis Cyclist , Trnii., Juno 7. (UP) — MnlorcyolLst Waltnr T^c McLnin 22, nccnplcrl ihn ch alienee whoi n [rinml .said "bet you can't ride H .sLnndlng up." ,. Th^ mot.orryclc roarnri ,dnwn tl^ p'rnct, McLain i raised his foct into Ihn snat and then slowiv .stood up and i-clco.setl Uin liancllDbnrs. The cycle careened into a narked car and McLnin was hurled 35 feet, lanriiim on liis heart. lie died in a hospital four hours later. win; l.nii: to in WoiiU'ii dc'.dnitc. pliiquo.,. i-vl'ld nuirks tlic ext'cuUwu Kiwt. Vigil's Reward 'Read Courier News Want Ads. Lor and President-—the men of Battery D have continued to hail him as one of the finest officers to .serve in their war. i PIQNEERS/V 30 YEARS and still leading the way with America's best farm lean! For 30 years, every great improvement in the terms of farm loans has been pioneered by the Land Bank Cooperative 1 Credit System. Long term—low interest rate—liberal pre-paymcnt privileges— Future Pnyment plan ... nil these and rhnrsy more were introduced FIRST by the Federal Land Bank System. TODAY you get everything that is best in a farm loan wffll you get a _ , LAND BANK LOAN through your ^t. NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION Joe Martin, Secretary-Treasurer "Okny. Go on ancl Inugh. Thnl's the trouble with yon silly linmEins. When yon sec this picture of me you bust out hutyhing fit to kill. If you thinlc 1 always look like Ulis, you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm Harlsli.cutl Pepper, if you please, a prize basset hound. I'm hot slnfT it] Ihe clog show rings nround < PhihidelphKi, Pa., and my master, Ira D, Schoop, of Norrrslpwn, can show plenty; ol ribbons to prove it. So I'm not siul—jusl terribly, terribly liurt." rj '/William lieckgr, janilor in Chi"" cago's downtown Loop section,' keeps a firm grip on a misguided I opossum ho caught cnjoyin;; a garbage cnn snack at the rear o£ his buildint'. No one knew how tbe 'possum got from his naturally : rural ..habitat |inlo lira _ jiehrjipf Ibe city. Blytheville Couple Locates Copy Of Old f Interesting Publication Nalchc^, ^ wheiv Ibou^iind. 1 ;'sians, uniler thc CcnimancI -"f of pecplc, including many from Count Crlow, bave tnKci thc City Blytheville, go annually lor the of Corinth, and Ibe island of annual pilgrimage, ha:; been a Canadia from tlie Turks.' Tavorite spot of Ajnencau.; rinco' A "domestic" ulory said: "We 1173 according'-to .the Baltimore, (hear from Accoma=k. in Virginia Md.. Journal. < \vhi4i slated "The that there lately ilteil there ono country they-, we'nt to explore. :bcy liked very well, having laid out 23 loxvnships, at lin Natchez—.' The excerpt is from a paper owned by Mr. and Mrs. R. lj. Lopgins and. family of llly'.he- villc.-II is n'reprint made in Die early nineteenth (.vntury of Ibe Mrs. Eleanor Splaer, aged 121 years, who rctainc-.l her sense, and mentality to thc last an; worked at h-:r r.pim-;..;/ wheel with •lj. B''cat dexterity. .Sbo never drank ' - any kind of spiriUus liquors." THE RAZORBACK Club 61 Blythcvlllc, Arkansas Highway 61 Nonii Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Orchestra Tuesday and Friday Nights Owned By W. A. (Red) Bickerstaff and George .'F For Reservations Telephone 044 original, published Md.. August 211, 1113. Tlie paper has been in -Mi:'. Lo^ijin's family ed as a gift to Mr. and Mrs. I.ogsiins when he disc<jvci'cd it, 10 year.s a'^0 \vbil? locv!;i:i,j Uirou^ii a family Bible. It \vo'i an awnrd as the oldest nev.'.->paper -entered in the Gulf Coast. Fair asut Exposition at Port, Arthur, Texas ri 1925. Published three years beforo the United Stales \i':clMvd its independence, the- paper ir, written in old English, with n ivmjovity. of the ".s's" of modern language writlcn "f" aivl nil fmginriant nouns of n scntciice A letter v,Titte:i from Pla.. about thc cxplor;'.lioii and laying out of 23 '.O'.viviiiipi at <hc Natchez by capr. Goo.1ric.i. with thc Connecticut Military Advcn- ! turcs cf the s!i*ip Mississippi. / slated that ""'These cc.Hkmen (who have been very indefatisabin in the execution c.t' tlu-ir '<:om- ini.-.sloa) return perfectly .satisfied .with tlic :-oK, <j1inia'a tind prcat natural ad* : r»n*.a^os of tbis country; and indeed i;. would be no easy task lo fr.-.d a rational I objection to .cithc, The^ncnt. j p em ; sc£)f Coun{y Heads Church f-Ws Tennessee's Sales Tax Gets First Challenge NASHVILLE. Tcnll.. June 7. IUI 1 ) I — ConritiUitinnalily of Tennessee'.; new two per cent sale.s tax is undi^r fire today in a Chancery Court suit. The three-point attack on the tax. which went into effect June I. was mad? in a suit filed late yo.v lerday by Morris S. Ilociten. disabled war veteran of Henry County, through his attorney. Jordan Stokes III. "Use tax" .sections of For tlirce wwks •1-ycar-old Lhula Kniclit nml live o( her playmates kept vigil at a robin's no'st"tTiey found in n holly irce in Olcnlarifjy Village, near Columbus, Ohio. Thc ncsl-holding crotch was so 1 ' low thc children could peer Into it. At lirst Mrs. Hobln wns nbinncd by her daily visitors..Gradually she gained corpulence in them and went about licr malronly business. Soon thc chiUlrcn'fo'und the nest held ibroc iirccilisli-blue CHKS. Excitement ran lilgh nmoug the nest's six "guardians/'^ 'J'hcir walch was intensified and fnuilly was rewarded. One morning, as pictured above, Linda found thc eggs crocked open mid three downy baby robtns in the nest. Now tbe youngsters'hava' banded together to dif>,earthworms for Mrs. Robin, "so her children will grow big and strong." ' . Grass Roots Stuff in the Royal Manner thc law. refjuirin;: tax payments oil! fioccls bouxhl out of thc state. were not mentioned in the charges, i The suit charges that if Ihe .sales tax is a privilege tax it .s illegal OCCMU-.C Ilootcn exorcised n.) fpccial prlvilrce in buying food to eat in order to live. It seeks return! of ten eenus in sales tax paid on. £5.10 worth of groceries Ilootcn I boti^htherc early this week. ?OC s on csrltisive of that part tiguous to thc IJ.'.t'. 1 '!.'?!. wilh incredible rapki'i.y. of about four niu>i!rcrl | that within the Vise five have come down the Ohio." Most of thc nrlk-Ies vuWishcd in the Journal. Survey To Be Conducted '•lilies' CARUTIIEKSVILLE, Mo., J«ii? 7. weeks j _ Pcmiscot County Is one of 1" Missouri counties in which a sch'^l rc.«.«iroh survey will be made, ac- New head of the Christian Science Mother Chinch und of tlie movement throughout the world is Mrs. Helen Chalice IChvcll, of Boston. She was recently elected president of the first Church of Christ, Scientist, in that cily, Missco Training School Graduates W/» Honors Of the four stiulenls who crad- natcd from Mississippi County Training Junior High School for Negroes nl Armorel in 1D13, tbreo graduated Ibis year from various hitrh schools tlirotigliout thc state with high honors. Dorothy Hnrri\vay, who was pracl- uated from Arkansas State Collefic HtKli School In Pine Hluff, valedictorian of Ivr class. She ic'- ceivcd a college frcshinan s<:holar- ship witb all fees iinid. tlu 1 'Aluni:il Association Award of S25 for.hi^h scholarship and the NCKro Digest Certificate of Merit. Evelyn Hale graduated as valedictorian of Ilermoiidalc Hi;jh School senior class. Kvie Crawlcv ^raduatrri as O:K of the hifih honor .students fror.i Richard B. Hanifon School in Blythevillc and rt'ceivefl a scholar- shin lo LoMoyne Collese. Mcinplils Geneva Harawav is principal ol thc Training School. t piflalivc Research Conunt'lce one story stated that "by W ^c,^ " c ^Thi, we k which VVr" ^ " WU il N 1 "!^! «!«'«"«' .»-'' -ere made lor con- Ml'm -, fl '° m H El>rOP0 ' WC hr>V ° th ° «"<•'•'<"'•; " tiir"s,u'Vev", VhlrVwiM rollowmg adnses: That the Rus-l held during the month oi June. i Labor Woos Wallace I DATOXA HEArir, ria., June 1. \ (UP> — An AFL, central Inbor union today invited Henry A Wallace to speak here Labor Day or "at your convenience." Tbe invitation was sent via (oderation head quartets in Waslilnstc::. Although only 7 ycnrs old on June 2, Crown Prince Constanlinc of Greece is quite an • enthusiastic r.ardencr. Tbe heir to the CJrcek tin-one is.pictured at left,'trundling bis wheelbarrow to his. plot in the garden ol thc royal palace at Athens, and at right, working away with his mailock. Jury Refuses Damages In Auto-Truck Crash OoOIiOIJA. Ark., June 7. — A jury in the Oscc'ohi DUriet of (he Mississippi County O'rciiit Coi.rt In civil session here Thursday returned a verdir.t for the defendant in a suit for S30i:o piojmr.y damage brought by Monroo Reed. of Osecola against JHHKS Hall ct Kriscr, and others. The suit arose out of a truck- auto accident Nov 'i, 1DIG. other defendants named In "tho suit were Diuid Barton, Robert Wcstocj c- land and Sam Strickland, all of the Kelscr coramunily. Court v. : i\s adjourned following ti!.' announcement o£ the vcrciicv. KnshCil Brood ' An experiment in Leinzjgi'/.Gcr- jnviny. In 19^0, with the help of » racli\uu solution, to hatch','chicks, showed that under, these condiljbns the eggs developed in less:">»n •** days and the chicks were, perfectly noiinal.

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