News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida on November 21, 1975 · Page 7
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News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida · Page 7

Fort Myers, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 7
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7A The Mailbag Your letters are welcome, but no more than one per writer every two weeks, please. There is a 300-word limit, but the editors may shorten letters of ony length. The letters mult carry the writer's signed name and oddress Request for use of pen-names or initials will eliminate a letter from consideration. Write Editor, News-Press P.O. Bo 10, Fort Myers 33902 V Forr Myers News-Press, Friday November 21, 1975 Carter Friendly To Rockefeller Views Editor, News-Press Recently Florida's Democratic leaders, meeting in Orlando, overwhelmingly chose former Governor Carter as their preference for President in the 1976 election. This is very disturbing. Do these people not know, or do they not care, that Carter is one of the 70 commissioners from North America who were chosen by David Rockefeller to be on his Tri-Lateral Commission established in 1972? Europe and Japan have an equal number of these "Kommissars". This Tri-Lateral Commission is designed to become a One-World 'shadow' Government far more deadly than the United Nations. It consists of 200 bankers, businessmen, academicians, writers, lawmakers, and key labor leaders from North America, Europe, and Japan, and financed by tax-exempt foundations such as the Rockefeller Fund, Ford Foundation, Lilly Endowment and others. The purpose of this commission is to completely destroy American national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution, as they are "domestic concerns" that interfere with the Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations plan for a One-World dictatorship. This organization will exercise a real back-door control on Captiaol Hill through "key" Tri-Lateral members in Congress who take orders from the Rockefellers. The chairman is Columbia University Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski who has forecast the demise of the U.S. Congress. Brzezinski like Kissinger - is a strong believer in U.S.-Soviet "convergence". Another member of this outfit is our Senator Chiles. (Is he naive, or a tool of the Rockefellers?) Others include Senators Mondale (Minn.), Taft (Ohio), Culver (Iowa), Roth (Del.); Congressmen Anderson (111.), Conable (N.Y.), Mills (Ark.) ; Evans (Governor of Wash.); Scranton (former Governor of Penn.); I.W. Abel (President, United Steel Workers) and Leonard Woodcock (President, United Automobile Workers). I now ask: Do the Democrats still want Carter for President? FLORENCE BROTHERS Lehigh Acres Betty Boop's Response Editor, News-Press In response to the letter written by Mrs. Shirley Jean of Cape Coral, I am sorry to tell her that she has been misinformed. I have been in show biz for 20 years - 1925 to 1945; the early years featured as the youngest commedienne on the R.K.O. circuit. The last 12 years, I worked for Max Fleischer and Paramount Studios, synchronizing my voice to the Betty Boop cartoon character. Since Mrs. Jean seems to know so much about theatrical people, perhaps she would recognize my stage name, "Little Ann Little." When I did personal appearances around the country, I always used both names Little Ann Little, the voice of Betty Boop. I have proof of everything that was written in the News-Press, and if Mrs. Jean wishes to see my proof, I shall be happy to show it to her. Also, she can look up the Helen Kane quarter million suit held in the New York Supreme Court, Judge McGoldrick, in May, 1934. You will find that Helen Kane lost the case, because I, as main witness for Max Fleischer and Paramount, proved that I sang the Boop-boop-a-doop songs before Helen Kane was known, as Mr. Fleischer, on the witness stand, named me as the original voice of Betty Boop. As for Mae Questel, she came into show biz when Helen Kane held an amateur contest, and she won. If Mae was the original voice of Betty Boop, why did Mr. Fleischer, the creator of Betty Boop, ask me (not Mae) to go to court with him? Of course, I am told that some people can never be convinced, but I would like to show proof to Mrs. Jean, and perhaps we may become friends. ANN L. ROTHSCHILD Fort Myers YMCA Membership A Christmas Gift Editor, News-Press Last year, my husband and I bought a YMCA membership as a Christmas present for ourselves. Now that it is time to renew our membership, we have reflected on the past year and determined we have never gotten so much en- A Bicentennial Calendar A TEtE-THON. November 21, 1775 Robert Morris, a major fundraiser for the Revolution, is chosen as a Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress. C1975 Fuld Newipip' Syndic! joyment from a Christmas gift. Between my husband, my son, and myself, we have (collectively) taken beginning and intermediate tennis, swimming for the 2-4 year dd, sailing, slimnastics, and a preschool program which included gymnastics, art and music. (And that's only a minute portion of courses and programs offered.) We have run track, swam, played tennis and racquet-ball, and met many wonderful people. This summer, especially, I noticed what a terrific job the Y people do. From the secretaries to the director, they are a cheerful and competent group of people who obviously enjoy what they do. Next month, when we renew our membership, we are getting a Health Club membership. In addition to all the Y programs, Health Club members enjoy the sauna, steam room, whirlpool, etc. We kidded about the Y being "the poor man's country club" but the Y has certainly made this past year a fuller and richer one for us. JUDY M. O'HALLORAN Waterway Estates 10V, 1 0:00 Come and enjoy a run-filled day of singing & fellowship LISTEN TO THC INSPIRING SINGIMr. nt The Hialeans Quartet i Singing at every service beginning 10:OOA.M. Old-fashioned Dinner on the Grounds following morning service Special Gifts for Every Child S Adolf Present TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH Hwy. 31 - VA miles north of Hwy. 80 frill 00!.AO7l t- e .t . . ' i for Turrner into. 1 " , fm,iiii.;MP .. ii ..mi,..,, . , Get Tough With Criminals Editor, News-Press I just want to add my "Amen!" to your editorial of Nov. 10 regarding a legislative move to set up mandatory sentences for specific crimes. I'm past 50 years of age and was brought up with a combination of fear and admiration for a police officer and a healthy respect for all phases of law and order. Then about 25 years ago permissiveness in child-rearing came on the scene self-service became popular in various stores, often with tall shelves allowing shoppers tempting privacy and about this same time the trend toward leniency and rehabilitation with criminals was becoming a popular belief. If those who promoted such treatment could have foreseen the years ahead, surely they would have altered their course ... we would not have had the breakdown in our judicial system we are presently enduring. Many of today's young people are not taught respect for the rights and properties of others . . . they lack discipline and parental examples, all of which results in a mockery of the law and even distrust in their own social circles. I further agree with your statement that although the lenient, rehabilitation method of dealing with criminals is considered the most humane system, it doesn't work! Further . . . just how "humane" was the attitude of the individual when he committed the crime? I favor the old-fashioned "get tough" method of dealing with crime, even if it takes another 25 years to get back to the old-fashioned Golden Rule lifestyle. MARY ELLEN JENNINGS St. James City TV Coverage Appreciated Editor, News-Press On behalf of the Veterans Coun-cilfof Cape Coral, I would like to extend thanks to TV stations WINK and WBBH for their excellent coverage of the Veterans Day observances in Cape Coral and in the immediate area. The reporting and presentations were set forth with dignity, honor and respect. We vererans appreicate the support our media are giving us in helping us to retain those cherished traditions which have made our country great and have permitted us to be able to observe 200 years of freedom. JAMES. R. "DICK" SMITH Pres., Veterans Council Cape Coral Will Ape Colony Raise Problems? Editor, News-Press In the next few months, the Fort Myers area will be welcoming a colony of apes, which will be ens-consed on islands prepared for them in the Nature Center Planetarium, off Anderson Avenue. These animals are being imported from Sumatra for study of their habits by scientists. These animals are said to be on the brink of extinction, as many have been captured and abused in their native land. Ape body parts have been used experimentally in humans; also, the animals have proved to be passable golf caddies. Is it possible they may become useful as baby sitters, companions, sidewalk supervisors, etc.? Will these animals be regarded the same as human refugees or slave labor? If used to replace human labor, will they become eligible for future unemployment benefits, food stamps, and other amenities of our benevolent American society? In such a case, will it become necessary to learn their language? If so, they might sue for invasion of privacy, if we spy on them in their cypress island domain. JOHN H. KELSO Fort Myers NX INC. 6 V JX A MMl YOU SHOULD KNOW IF YOU'RE CONSIDERING INVESTING IU A tJEVJ COLOR TELEVISION SET When you buy an MGA color television set at one of our 6 stores, you can expect to receive substantial returns on your investment. For example, because MGA offers the ultimate in solid state sophistication, you can happily anticipate thousands of hours of viewing enjoyment in the years ahead, with a picture unmatched for realism, sharpness and clearness. And because MGA sets are painstakingly engineered for reliability, you can relax in the knowledge that your enjoyment won't be interrupted by a technical breakdown. (If your MGA ever should require service, however, plug-In modules make it easier to service than most others.) Made by one of the largest companies in the world, each MGA is tested for a FULL 48 HOURS before it leaves the factory! 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FAILSAFE 100 solid state chassis! THINSIDE 110-degree Black Matrix picture tube takes less room thus the set is less bulky! Automatic fine tuning with "memory" once you set the color tints the way you want them, the set remembers! Color lock, too. Built-in antennas, earphone jack. Factory-direct price, only $440. " i " DOWMTOWM FORT MTERS, PH. 334-1121 EDISON MA It, PH. 936-0807 CAP! CORAL, PH. 54J-8550 . FT. MYERS BEACH, PH. 463-5208 NAPLES, PH. 649-8158 CHARLOTTE HARBOR, PH. 635-4101

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