The Town Talk from Alexandria, Louisiana on February 11, 1946 · Page 14
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The Town Talk from Alexandria, Louisiana · Page 14

Alexandria, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALEXANDRIA DAILY TOWN TALK, ALEXANDRIA. LA.. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, Solon Believes floyes Holds Key to Wind Message Pearl Harbor Prober Wants Admiral to Testify WASHINGTON. Fib. 11. (iP) Senator Iuras (D-Ul) proposed to-riav that Pearl Harbor investigators mmnion Adm. Leigh Noycs, chief of naval communications, to got at the bottom of the "winds" message. "I am convinced Admiral Noycs holds the key to this point," Lucas OBSTIPATION Hazardous In BAD COLDS Beware of sluggish elimination whe n rou have a cold. 11 you are constipated you may be sure your intestlnen are retaining virus-laden mucus and other putrefac-. Thi. onriition mav in- Urfere with the treatment of the cold and lead to more aerlou complications. Relieve this hazardous constipated condition promptly tonight with Calotabs. Calotabs are one of the most dependable it aU Intestinal ehmlnanta. They pleasantly vet thoroughly act on every foot of the intestinal tract, thus helping to sweep out virus-laden mucus and other putrefactive material, enabling Nature to more effectively combat the cold. Oei Calotabs from your druggist. Use only as directed on the labeling. Me CALOTABS told a reporter as the lengthy hearings entered what may be their final week. The llinois senator said it seemed likely that Noyes. as chief of the intelligence Dranch, might be expe.ted to know most about the Japanese "weather report'' which is supposed to have had the code meaning that international re lations ".vcre in danger, or some contend that war was imminent. Kramer Saw Message Lucas observed that Capt. A. D. Kramer, who was called back to the stand today to conclude testimony he began last week, had told The investigators In had seen a winds message on Dec. 5, 1941 lets than half a minute, and then more or less by accident. Lucas said he has the impression that such a message was intercepted, examined by the proper officials, d.'emed not to mean an attack was coming immediately, and thrown away. Senator Barkley (D-Ky), chairman of the Senate-House investigating committee, said it is highly probable that night sessions will be necessary, beginning tonight, to w ind up the hearings by Friday. That is the current deadline for closing the investigation. Burkley j added it will be necessary to ask an extension prouaoiy ou ciays lor the committee to prepare its report. ACTRESS RETURNS HOME HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 11 (d'j Actress Ingrid Bergman has returned to her home and is recovering from a tonsillectomy, her studio reported today. 1 Be Wise, hospitalize, Paramount 1 9-5-ttd RUB IN HERE'S WHY gently warming, soothing Ben-Gay give3 such fast relief from simple headache...Ben-Gay contains up to 2 Vi times more of two famous pain-relieving agents, methyl salicylate and menthol known to every doctor than five other widely offered rub-ins. So insist on genuine, quick-acting Ben-Gay for welcome, soothing relief! Polish Civilians To Be Recruited to Aid Americans Gen. McNarney Authorized to Hire More Workers WASHINGTON. Feb. 11. JP) A responsible government official said today Gen. Joseph T. McNarney plans to recruit several thousand more Polish civilians to help solve the U. S. army's manpower problem in Germany. Although the war department directed the commander of American occupation forces to dismiss more than 700 army-employed Yugoslav refugees because of complaints of political activity, McNarney has been authorized to hire additional Poles, this official said. Approximately 2.3.000 Poles wearing the principal items of the U. S. army uniform, now are cm-ployed in the American zone as armed guards and in other capacities. The exact number more tJ be hired was not disclosed. Toles Not Organized Secretary of State Byrnes told reporters Friday he had. been advised that the Poles were not organized and were not carrying on propaganda against Russia or the Warsaw government. He announced at the same time that the war department had directed McNarney to dismiss his Yugoslav-employes as a result of a complaint by the Yugoslav mission in the American zone. Supplementing Byrnes' announcement, another official said the employment of foregin civil ians directlv reflects the occupa tion army's manpower difficulties. United States troops are being reduced to 400,000 by April 1 and to 307.000 by July 1. McNarney has advised the war department that Polish missions representing the Russian-supported Warsaw government have screened the Poles hired by the American army. The Yugoslav mission complained that the 777 expatriate. Yugoslavs were not screened and were agitating against the Tito regime. COURTHOUSE RECORDS Suits Filed Western Vegetable Dist. vs. Jack Tyson . Billie Cade vs. J. A. Bentley Lumber Company. ! Myrl S. Snowbarger vs. Robert r t- l - I Lt. nniiwuii r- Kathe.ine F. Dufour vs. Curtis A. Dufour. City of Alexandria vs. Richard Coco. Florence Clark vs. William W. Clark. Marriacr Licenses Fred K. Cross, Deville, and Mat-tie Kikes, Alexandria. Theodore H. Williams and Verna Mae Washington, Moreat'iville. Lieut. Paul D. Gromo, Akron, Ohio, and Harriet Helen Head, Shreveport. L. J. Johnson, Alexandria, and Mrs. Yvonne Clark Alwell, Pine-ville. Edward J. Campbell and Mrs. Naomi Hotard Campbell, New Orleans. Dallas Jones, San Marcus, Texas, and Sallie Present t, Alexandria. Eddie Jackson, Lecompte, and Irene Deal, Cheneyville. IS GETTING UP NIGHTS GETTING YOU DOWN? Thousandi say famous doctor's discovery gives blessed relief from irritation of the bladder caused by excess acidity in the urine Why tuflfr needlessly from baeliachti, run-down feeling from excess aciditv in the urine? Just try DR. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT, the renowned herb.l medicine. SWAMP ROOT acts fast on the kidneys to promote the flow of urine and relievo troublesome excess acidity. Originally crested by a practising physician. Dr. Kilmer's is a carefully blended combination of 18 herbs, roots, vegetables, balsams. Abialuttty nothing harsh or habit-forminr in this pure, scientific preparation. Just food ingredients that quickly act on tha kidneys to increase the flow of urine and east the uncomfortable symptoms of bladder irritation. Send for free, prepaid sample TODAY! Lika thousands of others you'll bt (lad that you did. Send name and address to Department B, Kilmer & Co.,- lac, Box I25S. Stamford. Conn. Offer limited. Send at once. All druggists sell Swamp Root. Western Union Strikers in II. Y. Return to Work NEW YORK, Feb. 11 (P1 Western Union employes in the metropolitan area ' returned to work today, ending a five-week strike which crippled New York City's telegraphic communications and hampered the nation's cable service to Europe. Ralph H. Kimball the company's vice-president in charge of industrial relations, said, however that normal operations probably would not be restored for two or three days. He said the time would i be requited to replace some work ers who apparently obtained other jobs during the strike. The 7,000 Western Union workers, members of the CIO American Communications Association, voted Saturday to end the strike pending arbitration to determine whether 2,000 employes in the higher wage brackets would share in wage boosts of 12Vi cents an hour awarded other employes by the National War Labor Board. A meeting between union and company attorneys was called for today by Abraham L. Pomerantz, named arbitrator in the dispute. - i' Homeward Bound GIs to Get Jap Swords OSAKA, Japan, Feb. 11. (VP) A souvenir collection to gladden any lucky Gl's heart including 26.000 Japanese Samurai swords is being distributed to homeward bound U. S. soldiers. The souvenir bonanza was confiscated by the ordnance section of Maj. Gen. Arthur Harper's 98th (Iroquois) Division. Since the division is scheduled to be inactivated Feb. 16, all weapons of no military importance were ordered turned over the troops. These included more than 25,-000 Japanese knives, rifles, pistols, binoculars, bayonets and aerial cameras. When you try stew Hunt style V....MI uhv unmrn hv thf thou I uu II v "j . - fjt'in iipu:- .--'. r. nands arc switching to Hunt's To- mouth-watering goodness the plumpest, red-ripe tomatoes you ever saw. Then perked up ith delirious seasonings and spices to mmilh.uatcrinir coodness. ' mato Sauce! mnV nnt soe hat a glorious For this extra flavory cooking sauce flavor it gives to spaghetti . . . meat .. ;u. ih. c,.i-.v tnmntn lane does Innf . . . Nnnnish rice . . . soups . . . Tlllll lltV rH .J ri ...... ... - naniUrful for even the and chili! In fart wherever a himplest dishes (just watch the family clean up their plates.) The secret's in the w mata Sauce is made ay Hunt's To- Blended from loaf . . . Spanish rice recipe cans iur ujniumvn. llcttcr get grvrral cans! Hunt's Tomato Saure is the handiest cooking ingredient in the pantry. COSTS SO LITTLE Yes, an 8-oz. can of Hunt's costs only a few pennie. So you can use it generously. Just he sure to ask for the extra tlnvory tomato sauce with the Hunt red label! I BEEF STEW-Hunt Style I mtH wis rex mints, wt I I rnn II..-.'.. s . mcv iLT "e.M.nM floor I " '"" " a,pr '.'incHrsiPv Tlr- ptitMlnra Jrw pireH of meat i SPNnnpI ', topped onion then's T... -"" Sauce and wB(Pr. simmer eenflv 91 l ,rr,"r" -her vrgeUb,: fi)h;,,n7- Add more"." 1 ifn;;fl.,'; "in.e cooking unli , ' lM'd- Jrravvf p' ",,ur cup fcnnj). Season to taste. fJ TOMATO SAUCE J I 1 ..... - - i;aWa(l!(!i::li,,llll tmrWm"P' X5-' (f iL- tPiSv tm x , J Myr Identity off 3 U.S. Fliers Slain by Japs Revealed 18 Nipponese Accused in Death of American Soldiers SHANGHAI, Feb. 11. (H The identity of three American Superfortress fliers who were tortured and cremated in a Hankow blood ninv disclosed today as 18 Japanese went on trial charged with their deaths. The victims, named at the opening of the first war crimes trial in the Chinese theater, were 2nd Lt. Lester H. White, flight engineer; Sgt. Henry W. Wheaton, Sr., gunner: and Sgt. James E. Forbes, Jr., radioman. Lt. Col. Willis A. West of Portland, Ore., head prosecutor, included the names in his opening statement to the five-man military commission, headed by Col. John W. Middleton of Chevy Chase, Md., which will hear the case. The names were not included in the original indictment because identity then was not certain. Today the identity was substantiated by an affidavit from Lt. Vernon Douglas Schaefer, Chicago, another crew member, who is recuperating in a hospital in the United States from his lengthy internment. Schaei'er's statement, which was read into the record, described the crash of the B-29 bomber 150 miles northwest of Hangkow Nov. 21, 1944, after encountering heavy flak on" returning from a raid on Omu- ra, Japan. $ Marsha Hunt Weds Robert Presnell, Jr. TIOLLYWOOD, Feb. lt() Wedding bells rang out yesterday for the second time for Actress Marsha Hunt and Screen Wrriter Robert Presnell, Jr. They were quietly married at the home of friends by Draymond L. Forman, pastor of St. Paul's Methodist Church, New York, where the actress once taught a Sunday School class. The newlyweds, both of whom have been married before, left on a honeymoon to an unannounced destination. Attorney General, Panel Will Meet WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 (P) Attorney General Tom Clark and his newly-named national volunteer advisory panel meet today and tomorrow to map a program to curb juvenile delinquency. The 28-membcr panel was appointed by Clark Saturday to help the Justice Department combat the upsurge in serious crimes com milled by teen-agers. Clark said additional members will be added later and that the panel will convene as often as ad visable. Gail Patrick Will Sue Mate for Divorce HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 11 (VP) Movie Actress Gail Patrick has announced she soon will sue Dean White for divorce, charging mental cruelty. They were married in Jackson ville, Fla., July 1 1, 1944, while White was in the navy. Since then she gave premature birth to twins wno died. Both she and W7hite pre viously had -been married. Baby Oyster Loaf, 25 cents at irDys ueroy. lz-ia-tldu Filet Derby. Mignon Steaks. Irby'j 12-19-tfdU Ride a bus to Olla. Kide a bus to Laka Charles. 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