The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1951
Page 13
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f PAGE SIXTEEN BLTOTEVTLLK (ARK.) COURIE* NEW» THURSDAY, OCTOBER II, 1991 WAN I *9S '"'"'!!'> ••':•" ".^(Illi :;;,:" ll * * CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* per Hoe (Or coii»ecutivr Im-e:iion: Minimum charge ftoc: 1 time pfr HUP ... \$r X TLmrs per LI tin per day I2r 3 llnirs JUT Lltifl JUT clay Sc fi limps per Unp pr-r day If 12 times per line per d:ip 5r Month per ilixe . . , ' , . Oric Count, five average worUs to the lino. Ad ordpfivf (or throe nr six ttmrp and *tOpperf before, pxplrailoi Cypress, Cotlonwood lum-i hor. 2'/i mi. N.\\ r . of Jlalfi .Moon. J'h, 6;i(>;i. 0. G. Flowers.! 10-1 pk 1I-J J and adjust mm t of hill tnllted by pe re M fil of R fit PS nip;. i ay t-a?,lly Advertising ordered far Irnv: ;Lii 1u- •« rt tons tfikrs thf one ttn.i- isiljV No respond Ib I Illy will in- takm for more, than our Incorrect insertion of any c]ftf.Klfferi ad A!l ads are restricted to their proru-r classification, style i\nrt typ**. Thr Cornier Xtr.vr rf.«fYves trie rl^ht to «rtli or reject any nd. Apartment for flenf Money When You Rny — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GUN' HAKRISON & HUN KL'KXITUKK CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 25fi 8-2 ck If KKSTAI T KANT GLASSKS H A- M fiftlrs Co. 117 E Main. pr> ^',9 » ^i) < k 10 2' ly rirroMtfd, uooiJ furjiltm ment. Ph 3:173. F. Simon. 2 3 -room, iinfnr.. apts Wlr.-d for Electricity, ph. I h.uii, tu ', RAS <V|II . Pvt. 32 W. ion 3 rm. nnfiir. apt., private bMh. noni! location. Ph. 332V 30.C pk 11 6 2 rm, fur. npl, Eler. kitchen. AUults Onlv. 108 W Ky.. Ph. 3109. 10,5 pk 12 Modern slpam healfd npurlmait !n n^nim Bulldlny. Ftcnsonahln rent. I s h 32S5. 103 ck 11.3 3 room front a pi. with hath, 20JR- 3030 ChlCAHSAwba. Ph. 6702, 9 ck U 1 tm. Mr. apt. 209 W, Ky. MFF. Sink. 10.10 pit 17 2 room (urn. *pt., cas rriiiLMtiirnt. 3*11 W. Aril. 4 nn. im^ur. apt. Ck>M In, ph. <565 01 . 10.10 pV 17 In gix>d coiuJlIlon. 2595. 9.19 ck If . imfur. apt., newlv ilecoriUcd. . . ., »\HO. H.W. heater, ph. 3:125. o is pk in is , Pb. 2350 or USED COMBINE BARGAINS! All makes are hero for you to cbnofip /mm . . . paired ns' low ;is $1 ">0! Sen ns before you . l)iiy. (You'll lie tfljul you did!) I DKLTA IMI'LKMKNTR, INC. I 3'22 So. 2nd. Phone liSfi. 1 ?: 0-25 ck tf ~ USED i COMBINES I Jf it's a used combine you want—see us first ! \Ve have : •A very wide selection — All' Makes & Models! —Cash or Tcrms- I - j 61 Implement Co. ! N. Hiway Gl I'lione 'i\V2.< 8-:u rk If! 6 Late Model JOHN DEERE A's for you Co Thr I tomori tnu-torp, Small Apartments, •d. $8 up per week. Rcilroorns f4 up single. 114 West Ash, PV 2833. 8-1 ck tf Often la, nice 4 room nnfur. Apt. O Ml h*th. Phona 2813— N'l«Ut 1^f>5 10,8 pfc Auto Supplies and Services AUTO GLASS New or Used JAM AUTO SALVAGE Phone 3785 9-26 ck tr 2 Formal I "M's" Rice & Cane tires. Orl mori- ralur [or jmir dollar In « usrd imclor nnri pqulpment . . . RPI R reftllr O.OOD [rnclor nt MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. Bo. Hiway 61, Blytheville Large maple drop lenf din- iiiK tnlile in perfect condition. f55. Cull 278G. 10-5 dli tf "Intornatlon er. mourned WllltU Wllsor a] Hnrve.stcr cotton plck- nil M true-tor FlurKnln. , HI Oil mid Cinn Biilld- TPXIIS. Ftinnc- I'llrston DonT endanger your fnmllf with taulty tires—BUY LEE TIRES. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Mflln «nrt DiTlslon Plione 2563 12!13 ok tf AND FUnVITUUE TX3AK8 Prompt Personal Service Oencral Contract PurchnKC Corp. South 5th. Plionp 680J Services TLOORWORK—I,ay an<J finish old »nd new hardwood Moors. Lny BFjilmlt »nd rubber tile ai\ii IlnoUitni.'CnU 6767 (or tree estimate. SHKLRV- .SELF. P,H pk 10 ; M Washing Machines ropairnd, R]l makes. Hlytlicvillo .Maohlno Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair I-Divy Rer^Lce on Jpwclry—3 dfiva on wstrhM Rnd ciork«- GunraTiieod" vorX done t>y *Apert rtpalrnicn. IxHveM "PAT O'BRYANT Alain ife Second 103 ek tl " TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Wal,,,,t ,..;,.„. J.H2 , ,,„ . Plenty of Parking j^"' Space Custom Soybo:m Cmiiliin M. C. CntKKMVAY Blytheville. Ph. (;:.n:i For Sale. Misc. SPENCERS Hp«Uh ft tul Style. look mid [pet your best, plinnr 430?. nttpr 7 :3il pin. \w- toTft 7:30 a m. MM. John l.<m%. rtcnlrr. 10 9 pk tt '49 Ford . . . $1245 '49 Ford $795 Here's the laic ,noHol r . 1r f'lilllips Molnr C'n. tins Hip ynu'vp bi'i>n iifannlnj; lo buy: iilrkuj! fur j-nn; Tliis 'in I'.ird A J.'Jl.') I'tiril /-ij.vfoui ili-Ji:v<- j« .T lift knpv.-i fcrtorl IHIV ;i( 57^3. 'I'uiWir Srrlan rrjiiriijicd wllh Waul In ilrivc it? romr on hwili-r and Mi>s-*:ivlnc over- ilc.un In |lrnadw:ir * Chlrha- ilrlre; <iiirHl-lin)ki;i K lilai-k fin- sawlia In Klytlirvllli: . . . il's ' s ^'- ready to ^o! $1095 '48 CMC $645 TliU CMC l-l/Wnn ( ;ib A Chiissls Truck is nffcn-d it\ you nuw fur just S'il.M If thill's tin' hSinl ul truck you've (jot tin yrmr mind, then -don't puss tliis one up. It's a buy: '47 Ford $695 Make n hHler truck tr.ifler hr roniinjr In I'hiHips .Motor f'o. in KlyUirvillr. This l-l/2-Tnn Cab A- ('htiKsIs Truck Is prirrd at n low, low J695—so drive *lo» n tomorrow. '49 Ford What :i value! InnJdiiff Ford Tlliliij- Scduii IIH onl) 510!).'.! Whrn ynu ctiinnsr thf \hlniiti; mnrnitn Mnvsjj. you'll know It's a line car. IU- dl« and hralrr, too. '47 Ford $595 Thai'* rlfht — ynu it ror- rrclly. This U & sharp 1!M7 Forri Tudor Sedan for only heater, this ford i* lite popular fttn mcinl grty color. '39 Oldsmobile $325 '48 Ford If you're looking for n grind Ini.v tu :i Hii'iiii, nldfr model en r, t hrit srr (ri is '3!) Olds. Just S325! ll's K«l licilli a r;i- dlfl and a hrnlcr AND a prlrr tag Ihat'.f mighty low. $795 Here's <|uiti; n buy nn a Pirk- u I r. This ' -i-Tr»ri model ts n. C4>iHl~]mi|{Ifi3 truck Ilins new r rea ni paint Job), 11 '11 % ive you n lot of service at our low price of J79S. Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 Don't Wait Too Late for your SOYBEAN LOADER. You can now get a M'AYRATH Loader from Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceola, Dial 520 — BlythevilU, Dial 2371 Notice tost and Found wrtsi- 10 •> 17 ; WHAT TO JH> IN CASK OF AN AC- your uiir is dumped In »ti ncvltlfitt lie i en hornet hi tin yovi hhoiiM kno'.v. Hurnm win fjlve you a frpp {wiltu Job on any repair work of j:iOO or nior*. The whole car Is paln'.- efl-noi Just the. ctamftjc«-d pan.-., Frf-e pv.lrnntps. For 'AT<T'K<V srTvlcfl call 6091 days — 4108 m«ins nnnNKTT HUDSON fiAt.K.S. 515 East Main. 4 33 rlc tf WALKER INSURANCE Glcncoe tlolol Building J'lioue .|;itiO Kirc—Auto—Casualty Protect ion at Low Cost J. G. "Boli" Ravnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf Female Help Wanted C«r Hops. IB ye icrsoil IH Krt-iitn Rnd up. Apply In le. 10 2 rX If Bus/ness Op/tortunitie* niylii nal oj>pi hr-twcpn 'We and JrtO per helpful but iic Staples. N<T A - ( (day and Tlmrsi to H p.rn FOK SALE By ownf-r. modern homes iti Illy'.hc- vlllR. snmll pnympin clo f ,vu, tlim tti*^ rent rtoc* the rrst. sjinwn h>- ntijKttfi:- np 4170 on TUDFClav- .V Frl- inlll 2. 1011 pk U FOR SALK Good 5 room mid bath, 716 Walnut, choice neighbor- '' ll^v'Vron"' hood. There is no lietter loca- — — lion for cluucli. school and For Rent your work. These rooms are ] " nil nice and large, recently re-ij< ncwcd inside and out. Good 'i \ car K'U'Hge nnd outdoor st<ir- j iii' > ^r'»N.r 0 l"'iii"" 1 "om' 0 rent"rs°s..? 1 !lir! ngc room. I.arne lot. $1,000 |" r Mls - Rusi " 11 *• Ci "" lr - wiMikii Cash, nlilybe less will hi\l)dle. j 4 morn avjnrtniml In"ni(«ii.rn <lvipli.« \tVCant. i uiiturnlshcd, cull 2L13 or 4300- Jlorlei n )>r:icticnlly new and j »." rt lf in tip lop, condition is this S 2 hot) room hmi :>r rli-ctrlc move 10 11 pk rnintty for n«es 45-60 /o vicinity. Avfr irop Hotol. W^diif.s , Oct. 10, 11. 2 to 108 pk 1 Jobs Wanted EX pc sltlon. truck driver cieMr" io;in p Hoi:.=i'Work. bftbv Llght. EtflR Tocld. I sit 11 lift. Dny or !6 W- Vlnp 1011 pk 14 For Rent or Lease For one In restaurant ci CHEAP. Pool ombine. Only . y irons hi Ihr' fire Building — u tnchiclerl. Uoytl Bookrr, Holland, Nfo. 11 pk. IS l.».llt« ytllo* isold Hula <A'b[i ti 11KWAHI) Finder (jjr .Shndrn Ht'rtllicock. Hfr.tmililulf, Mu. 1011 l>k 25 EDSOlsT Continued from page S lar^p. Mr, Harrimaij wiU coordinate the UepartniciU of Stale, Department of Defense and extended Mrir.shaH Plan economic aid tu foreign countries under the neve MSA j —Ihe Mutual Security 'Agency e^- tablished by Co!igre.s.s, He will also t>e American repre- .spniative on the .-so-called "wise men" or ''12 ajKwtles" who will pull together all defense plans for tiie '2 ; North Atlantic Treaty countries, i They must prepare a report by j Dec. 1. If possible, it will be svita- ] milled: (o the NATO Council meet- | ing in Rome in lat* November. f These two Jobs will keep Mr.! HRiTiman in Europe tiniil after the] Rome meeting. His work as media- i lor of the Anglo-Iranian oil ills- j pule will be handled by others, [ principally Ass I. Secretary of Stnte ' George C. McGhee and ttie new : U. S. Ambafisadur to Iran. Loy Hen- cler.sun, J Diplomatic Soldier | Fiench General "DDT 1 de E>:iltre de 'I'aAiiKny was sped on his way aft«r his Washington visit with an honor guard, a band and full ceremonial at th« National Airport, High bra-w and striped pants were there to see him oil. After the final salutes had been exchanged, I General de I>attre was escorted to ! his plane, the door was closed and! the loading steps were pulled away.] Then something went wrong in- j side. The ramp was pushed into ] Help Wanted, Male ATTENTION "YOUNG MKN Nerd four tifnt appearing young mtrii riRrs lit 10 21. single am) frt-e to tri\v*L, UMH b^room . u< 7rT7r;«it t ; » m *- " ,"P ><>I.v condition is tins » s ™. ,, n( ,, r . h , rust set. oooci condition, rh 4J30. 20R bfifli'ooni -hoinp located 905 1*e- ! lln V^j T ,? .P 1 W, Ky in-S iik 12 i .._ -. . ^«« . ... , i ,...". _ 11J '* Holly 10 r r. ON WAUDS WIN'TKK TRACTION RECAPS. Ooniiinc Wardfiip tires jfive sure liaction in deep mud and snow. Huy » pair today and lie sure of ^nttiiiK Uivo,»";h when- "Coin";" is worst. For ;i limited time only, (ret 10" .snvinjjs— fee \Vjinl.s tire man. Wardi-ap—fi.OO-lfi, top cnp ?8.23. F.xchnnge, No Federal lax. iVIontgomer)' Ward 106 \V. Main RlytheviUe, Ark. 10-tl ck 14 For Sale, Real f state Two full lots anil M room hotusr. well Idcatorl. suitable for fjiniily nwnor to occupy I'irsl floor ami rent four apart- nionts 011 second floor. Rents would more lluin carry pay•"I on loan. Harvey Sto- bllnils anrl bath, oil virn. Tdral 1o- Salesman Wanted. AiitomohLIp Cliih can Ave. $1,000 will l\an-jc»n°Mii). tile. A real huy or investment. See or Call JOHNNY MARR Ui'.-illor Phono 1111 Res. Phone 25<>f. 30-8 ck tf Real Estate Faims—City Property LOANS Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe BUIg. Ph. 6868 I.AN'D FOR SAI.K 'h 3349. Modern conveniently lor.Ttrd. i 10 \ pk 1M , i* A Apt» , Lp^t Elo? , 9 IS ck 11 IS | 'ir UMiitis. Unlit*, wiitcr liirn [ :oli.'t, iri -,vk. tola \V Vln.r j HI a pk H _ room furnished honsi:.! SIS North Division Street. $10 per month. Ph. .(111. 10-10 i-k D! The Arknn.i opening for a salesman in thi ritory. HrHln« of memberships In e AAA. and iuilcmtcibfle Insurance Is r >nislnr-i^ Wp hi\vp quUe a Int of siness on th« hooks on which the rscui si'lected will receive renewals. -Fied. coimiuinlrnt*" with A. C. . 1 15 J.CHil-lann Si reft. Mtllfi M Nrry FOR Ctty LociULU ii*.v]pLi;h Dea t A RjvwIflKh' iuphls. Tcnn. . 10 11 YOU. place again and the door opened. Out came the general. He wanted to say gootlby again to the Army sergeant wlio had been his chauffeur during his visit in Washington. Little tilings like that all week made a big hit with the military here, and helped get him what lie came after—more equipment fur his Iii(h>-Chinx war. ami fa.Mer. "Spec<t, speed, speed." he kept insisting, Wanlnl—One Surgeon CoiiKrc-wional economizing o n government public information officers has created some difficult situations. Senator Harry F. Byrd ot Virginia led this- fight, and amendment* he sponsored oil the Independent Offices Appropriation Rill cut information .staffs by 30 per cent. There has arisen, however, the case of the Budget Bureau. Its of- not:» f:t-e of information consists of one avallahl Buy Headquarters For Used Car & Truck Values COME IN AND SEE WHY, THE © EMBLEM MEANS A BETTER BUY FOR YOU! l»l» Chevrolet Fleclline 2-door Sedan . . $1295 1917 Chevrolet 1-door Sedan, black $895 1948 Ford V-8 5-Passenger Coupe, a beauty $995 19-10 1'lymouth 2-rloor Sedan...only $385 1910 Sludebaker 2-door Sedan for just .. $Z45 1S3-J Fanl V-S 2-door Sedan, H chenp one . . 595 l_fl-19 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, black finish, low mileage. See this extra clean car today! Most of these cars are equipped with radios, spotlights, heaters and seat covers. 1919 Chevrolet >/ t -Ton Pickup Truck, red color $095 1916 G.MC J/j'Ton Pickup Truck. . .only . . $595 $595 $495 1917 J)od({e li/j-Ton Truck with new VCQC fHctory-rehuilf motor Vwv9 19-Jfi Infernational I(/i-Ton Truck... the motor and tires are perfect Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, Yen C«n Always Get A Good D««l it SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY »W W«t Wabmt pj. Open Nights Until 9 p.m. Drpt. AKJ- 3011 pX 12 Private Rooms p he il rooms. Pli ? 10 5 Wonted sl)^ re home, prtcate hcrt- i jirlvllfRps. Close In. C«ll to 12am. 3011 pk M nployed ^Irls I •.vltli anoihr aie 4 room plored B'Tl. 10 11 pit IB . \rn!cntly localerl. 0 4 i prl\Mlp trio- 9 2R I'K 10 12 nli'p 6 room ! inlliot:. attic lf\ ilv .sir l rt-<) ptktvini i.-hoi>l>. FOK UKNT: business Properly on the corner of Walnut & Ki'anklin. in Hlyihevillr. sixes of IniililiiiKs to fit anv area now oflered i 115 Ph 2R47 t For Sale, Can and Trucki llKfKSHEW WKSTEND AUTO SALES fh, 1274 - 21.M and Kenwood "Ch^ap<>st Ciood CftrR In Town" 2S Cars A- Trnctt* Vv> Rrnt Cars A: Trucks IS 20 tf 47 model SturtenakT trucX. I condition. Ph- 42.17 or 40B1. 102 pk \C Insurance Gulhr . . VLcomanc. -XAH s K. C, ROBINSON New homo located close to | luisiiiess ihstrict. Already fi- •iiiincoc! \\iih -['.', loan. ffiOO j will ji;iy all down piiymcnt and closinir cliiiritos. See or call MAX LOGAN I'h. 20:1 i Lynch RUIg. Hi-fi ck 13 Oi...u«l, Hir plncp. n.fin> SJiW • ''""Ml". Ill lily 1 nevl III'. •> •'"•• ] sixes of IniililiiiKs to fit anv '-m. lih -<• S T<*>m intKlfrn luinif. I . - 4 - r , I inrr;, Sf:><-^} ,-nui rrjircfi. I ousiiu'ss area now ottered \i "",'","-'". I" 1 " a ™ h|sh »'» v -1 Pake one or all For infi,rmn-| '<• r'.'iiv'Slira" " '"'""'• |i ollr contact PAUL RYKl'M.i v:.-s <^f rolling itilx.d Unlil one- o >>r ,1 .f ' •r 'iillr ori hK-h-,v:\v n."i on l>l:xck- .I--O th H tiui.'« fMlltl Holronlhv ThlK ullrn I - We have vor NFp;r> FOK SALK Modorn duplex I moms and Hjlinlh on each side. A real huy ,-rr on todays market, very j;ood " 6 jcoiKJilion. Can lie financed at - i \''• . .See or call MAX LOGAN . LYNCH 151. DO. Call -1553 For Complete Insiiiance Protection W. I. Pollard Agency riannrd Pmtoctinn I2t W. A^h ; HOTEL SHOES Repaired-Restyfed SHOES DYED and CLEANED person; gMd-looking, smart and ef-1 licieiit Mrs. Virginia de Fury. Hou p | to chop Mrs. lie Pury in two pieces.] allowing 70 per cent of her to work on information while the other 30 '• }ier rent \votks on something else' pre.H'Jiled quite a problem. I Budget director Frederick J. Lawnjn lit llrst .su';gesled that siie could work TO per cent of her week —three-and-a-half days -in information work, and he would give her sometiiinK else to do on the other day and a half. But what if an information query came in during the day and a half she was I supposed to be on another Job. ** Director Lawton finally mentioned this to Senator Byrd. The Virginia gentleman gallantly agreed that he hadn't intended lo out any beautiful ladies in two. So he has now written a letter to Appmvi ia- tions Committee Chairman Ken- ueth MuKellnr, stHuesUnsL mi amendment which woulit exempt from the economy amendment any government information staff which consisted of only one person. Hut whether they can get this passed in the present of Congress Li doubtful. HflLTCRS OUflLlTV SMOG SHOP ' z ' w. M n i M ST. REPAIR SERVICE All ck tf appliance*: 1 * refrtc era tors. fr«#«er«, ran !;«•»> avd waihen. RailiM MFM) iwuM appliance*. All omr w»rk b r«arant««4, Adams Appliance Co. Phone i!'^5f or BARGAIN Mills Ice O-PHTH Machine, 2'/2 gallon per hour capacity. Excellent condition. Will sell. trade. Gin be financed. Call 6803. 10-8 ck M 10-15 ck 13 FOR^ALE lf>8 acres (i miles frnm Bly- thcvillo. 100 ncrrs 12 milos from Blytlicville. GEO. M. LEE 120 \V. Main Ph. fi%T .... . 10-C ck 13 LV-HI K KIM.-* — n:'; ]<> H ck H REAL ESTATE i If interested in a lionie or! farm, sro ns. \Vp have any-j tiling from a vacant lot to a! plantalion. i CITY {k FARM LOANS CATES-WIGGS REALTORS IIS S. Srd. St. Klythevilto, Ark. I'h. 2751 or -12(>8 10-3 ck Concrefe Culvert Tile Si»<-s up lo 3fi In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sires up to S* in. Aiilom.itir Hood (InIrs Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile \\n-i frhff \Vc l>rli\r A. H. WEBB Highway Bl ^t Slnlc Line Phone 41 M Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Ixrra MM** Extra Pow«r Get The Best 'I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phon. 2019 SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa milte, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo '/« Inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway I'hon* 2651 TODAY'S SPECIAL! 1950 FORD CLUB COUPE S1295 Every delnil is Important: the radio, heater, overdrive, new tires—and the sparkling maroon finish 1 Here's the car you've planned to ownl Just $1295. • 1916 Ford 2-door Sedan, black finish i radio and heater • 1087 Ford 2-door S«- dan. 85 H. I', motor, practically nevr -— — - lires • 1918 International I'/j-Ton short whcelbase Truck... It's in fin« shape • in Ifl CJMC 2-Ton ton* wheelbase Truck with practically new tires . • 1019 Dodge .VI-Ton Pickup... • C7QC check (he price ^ i 3v 1950 CMC '/2-Ton Pickup. . .an excellent buy . . , $995 $895 • IS 19 Chevrolet 2-Ton SWB Truck \vllh new motor, 900x20 tires, saddl* tanks and COOK fifth wheel $333 • 1050 CMC 3/4-Ton Pickup. This low mileage truck has excellent tires • 1949 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup with deluxe cab .. .radio and heater .... HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your 01Jtm«bil«-GMC Truck Dealer Cor Let - - - 300 East Main Street Just Call 6151

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