The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1950
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS |T1u Nation Today: Pros and Cons— War Veterans Split On Hospitals Plan FACE HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Female Shows Up Weak Male When Fevers, Chills Arise (Fetor's Not*: This is ilie last of . five itoriefi explaining (he fight over the Hoover Commission's proposal to lump the VA hospital program In with other government hospital programs.) By James Mar low UfASHINGTON, April 14. (AD — wfr veterans are on both sides In the fight over the Hoover commission's recommendations. That commission suggested that ill the government's hi? hospital programs—including that of the Veterans Administration—be placed In a brand new, independent agency. Thl* would take VA's hospitals •way from that agency which was created to look out for veterans needs. Pour big veterans organizations oppose the plan: The American Legton, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Veterans of World War II, and the Disabled American Veterans. For the Idea are the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Citizen Committee for the Hoover Report (made up of private citizens), and the American Veterans Committee which claims a membership of 25,000 veterans. But some members of the variour Teternns organizations fighting the plan are also members of the organization fighting for it. For instance, Herman W. Stetn- fcraus, President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Is a member o: tile American region ,trte Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Disabled American Veterans. € :tnkraus has put out a 46-page let explaining the plan as b Bee's It and calling on veterans to •upport it. ' The American Legion has turnec but yards of publicity opposing it And the American Veterans Com mittee has been busy grinding ou publicity and speeches in favor o the Hoover plan. (The AVC, with its 25,000 mem ber.s and a staff of about, eight Its Washington headquarters, Is a pee-wee compared with the Legioi which claims 3,000,000 members anc has a staff of around 100 here,) But there has been bitterness In this fight between veterans. Michae Straight, national chairman of AVC has charged the Legion has camp ed down on free discussion of th Hoover plan In its pas Is aroun the country. (The Legion denle this and says it welcomes full dis cusslon.) And a month ago Straight charg «d that "the Legion's top brass ': not really concerned in provldln better services for the veteran. I fiflfeern Is for the members t^? Legion machine who are en trenched In cushy veterans admin Istratlon jobs." The Legion, of course, denies th' too. George N. Craig, national com mander of the Legion, was rec ently asked about 'hat in a Con gresslonal committee hearing Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt, New York Democrat-Liberal. Roosevelt, a member both of th Legion and the AVC, said: "Oi of the total number of employes i the veterans administration wh: per cent are members of the Amr lean Legion?** Craig said he did not know and \ explained the Legion's membership files do not show what a member's employment Is, Th e Legion apparently hasn't been spending much time' bothering to argue with the midget AVC but it has devoted a lot of attention to the citizens committee for he Hoover report. ,That committee, with branches in 42 states and financed by voluntary contributions from people, some of them big businessmen who want to see the Hoover recommendations carried out, has banged away at the Legion's predictions and charges of what damage the NEW YORK (AP) — What con- my moulh. vinces me that women are superior to men Is their ability to enjoy a brief illness. For years 1 have known that women, pound for pound, are belter looking than men, wiser, more,dur- ablc of- purpose, and less susceptible to bankruptcy, But it is their resilcnce of spirit It was useless for me to protest that I didn't waut n n y food medicine, sympathy or marigolds In my den of despair. You can't cheat ,goo<l wife out of SEEKS SENATE SEAT—W. R. Nicholson of O^ceola today announced that lie will be u candidate for state senator in this summer's Democratic primaries. He is seeking the post currently icld by Sen. J. T,ce Beardcn of Leachville, who is a candidate for re-election. "hiId Loses Hand n Meat Grinder MALONE, N. Y., April 14. (/T>)— Two-year-old Michael Moutz wat- hed his father grind hamburger, hen tried to imitate him. The toddler visited the meat rnar- :et yesterday, when his father, Robert, turned his back, the child climbed on a chair and thrust his hand into the top of the meat rindcr. Surgeons iiand. had to amputate his Hoover plan would do to veterans. The head of the citizens' committee research staff, Robert L. L. McCormick, is a World War II vet- ran himself. The citizens committee has painstakingly analyzed the statements of the Legion. The Legion has painstakingly analyzed the statements of the committee. Both have issued big mimeographed studies. All of this must and to the bewilderment of any veteran who gets his hands on what the fighting groups have to say. under the test of illness that shows how much better adjusted they are to life, how much more adaptable to strain, than the paltry male. The truth of this distinction between the sexes dawned upon me during the last two days: I spent them in bed, racked by assorted chills and fevers incidental In the departure of winter and the arrival of spring. Cerm Gets Half-Nelson Let a transitory germ get a half- nelson on me, and I always fear the worst. I am not wholly a coward, but I have a dread of expiring miserably in bed with my shoes off, like a chair-frayed general or a protocol-worn diplomat. To me it would be more romantic to tumble from a roller coaster and die of a fraclured skull. Fractured skulls run in my family anyway. And so, when I awoke the other morning and saw more than the usual number of spr.ts before my eyes, I began to groan nnd call for my^life insurance policies. This has always been my standard way of dealing with illntKs—to check my insurance, pulldown the shades, and lie in bed groaning and letting my beard grow. When the whiskers start scratching and the neighbors begin complaining about my caterwauling, I am usually strong enough to get ,up and go back to work. No Longer Groan But I found I could no longer groan in my own home. Strange noises disturb the maid, and it was her day to come. "Here, Rover, quit acting like a dumb animal," snid my wife, Frances, slicking a thermometer Into GEM THEATRE Osceola Sunday & Monday KTEX4S AUDIE GALE MURPHY-STORM * UKIIT mm • xmu JTWIW (rj kOKftT HAJTOY «l UtfWS KML YAM Diner*-! tj nun HEiaiMII H Crap H fcrtWtai * Fntjod «r rMUMM mrvtKJti-ittTimncMAt. ncnnc \ Last Day • Open7:00 Sat. Only • 2 Rig Hits DEAD END KIDS "HIT THE ROAD" LORETTA YOUNG In "Former'* Daughter" First Blytheville Showing BEHIND LOCKED DOORS ^V Douglas Dick • Frank Lovejoy • James Edwards Stew Brodie • Jeff Corey • Uoyd Bridges HOWLING COMEDY COLOR CARTOON BLYTHEVIULE'S ONLY ALt WHITE THEATPE Last Day • Open 6:30 BILL HOI.BEN In "Streets of Laredo" JOHN WAYNE In "IDOL OF CROWDS" , the fun of nursing her husband. It Is the only time she has him completely under her will. "The trouble with you men," said Frances, plumping up the pillow, "Is that you don't get any vest or pleasure out of being sick," And that Is true. Our conscience won't let us. But women are too sensible to let a small illness annoy them. They make a game of it, so for t they can. They keep their faces prettied up; they wear a fancy !>e jacket; they love flowers and more flowers In the room; they lease their Innards with fine soups and salads; they keep the radio goUlg and the telephone handy. And they don't lake the same old bedpan- white pills I always get. They relish all kinds of rainbow-colored medicines. Don't Feel Shaky When they do rise at last, they don't feel shaky-legged or guilty or mad at their own weakness. They are refreshed and renewed, ready to get n new hair-do or go dancing. Well, this lime I did everything Frances said. In fact.. I relaxed so much that finally she said suspiciously, ''I do believe you are enjoying yourself. It's time you got up mid started earning me A living again." And, to tell the truth, the thought was revolting. I'd_have preferred to stay In bed, admiring my toes nuU being waited on—oven at the price of two throat swalxs a day. There's the rub. A woman recovers from a mild Illness when she gets bored and decides she'd rather be up and doing somcUiIng else. But If d man ever really falls In love with a genteel complaint, he (nay never want to go back to office or factory. No, it's too dangerous, fellows, this discovery lhat half the fun of any illness Is to enjoy It. Lacking feminine will power, we'Just can't afford lo pet ourselves. At Iflnst I can't—not with nn old age pension 26 years away. But the day lhat first retirement cheek arrives, I'm going to mnko up for all m wasted years of aches and pains. I'm going to crawl Into bed with a medical dictionary and enjoy to the hilt every disease In It, page by page—and In comfort. Sunday & Monday As long as a Jove can live,.. A song linger.., A dream come true, it will - -, stay in ^ 4 your heart forever! Ancient Egyptians painted the figure of an cncriiy on the leuth- er soles of their sandals, so they could Insult him dally by treacling him under foot. Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. 1 Hot Head's SmoJc* Disrupts Court PENKANCE, Cornwall, Eng,, April 14. (AP)—lib honor frowned at the witness In county court yesterday, sniffed, then demanded: "Are you smoking?" "No, sir," said the man. "Then your head must he on fire," said the judge, judiciously. It was. Smoke was pouring from the top RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. of the witness' head. A splinter of red-hot glass had fallen from a lighted gas oracket above him and set fire to his hair. The wllruvs patted out the lire and tlie trial wait ahead. Friday St Saturday 'SATAN'S CIRCLE" with Duncan Kenaldo nml Carrlllo Cartoon * Serial Saturday Owl Show "KILLER SHARK" wldi Uolaml Winters anil LnurcUe I.upr Sunday & Monday "GREAT LOVER" wllh Boh Hnpe aml Ithmula Firming Warner News and Short SHOW STARTS 7:15 P.M. Friday & Saturday "OUTCAST OF BLACK MESA" Charlrs Slarrcli anil Smiley liiirnctt Saturday Miilnilc Show STAKTS 10:15 l-.SI. "ARMORED CAR" Koherl Wllcnx Jiulilli liurrcll • Sunday & Monday "THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY" Fred Aslalre, Oliver Kogcr.1, Oscar Levant The U.S. strikes mor» than 00,000,000 matche* a yen-. NEW Box Opens Week Days 1:00 p.m. Matinee Saturdays & Sunday] •liil.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cent. Showing Manila, Ark. Friday "CANYON PASSAGE' n'ilh Dana Andrews anil Iloaey Carmlchael Also Shorts Saturday 'SAN ANTONIO KID" Wild Kill Elliott Also Shorts Saturday Owl Show 'JOHNNY EAGER" with Unliert Taylor Also Shorts Sunday & Monday "DANCING IN THE DARK" with William Powell ami isdsy Drake Also Shorts TTILUnlff mUKK BtlaT POWELL STEVENS-DRAKE ADOLPnE'MEMJOU-IEliKKEIISIJOLT n H!-,.'f o;.nw IT rroi«<*lt>r /-\_ IRVING REIS • GEORGE JESSft ZCV HOWAfiO mm tat ARTHUR SCHWWiTZ Se nsationa\ You Hear it on the Radio! .You See it on Television ! rchas e WE CAN'T MENTION THIS FAMOUS "MAKER'S NAME! 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