The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1951
Page 12
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FAQS FOURTEEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Rice and Meat Balls Are Dish for Family •T CCCILT BROKNSTONK AMeKtfttod PT*M Food Editor Here ere two main dishes, easy lo prepar*. I« gladden th« heart- of « food bndgete#r. The Quick Rice and Meet fialfe V. • dish for the whole family because it's w lightly seasoned that small fry will enjoy it- It CflHs for only three-quarter* pound of ground beef and serves four. Th« Browned Rice and Shrimp <Wih fc good enough (or company ~~- §nd Inexpensive, too. When I Mrved It recently I added to the menu a fresh BnrMett Pear Salad on crisp greens with garlic-flavored homemade mayonnaise and It was voted a good combination. JJoth these recipes make wonderful Ust-mimit< dishes because they arc prepared with pre-cooked rice— ft fine product (or n busy homcmak- «r to keep on her grocery shelve*, Quick Hit* *nd Mr at Bull* Ingredient*: \ pound ground beef. \ teaspoon salt, dash of pepper, 3 tablespoon* bacon drippings or other fat, 2 tablespoons chopped onion, l tablespoons chopped green pcpp*r, I eight-ounce rim tomato sauce. 1'.4 cups water, 1H cups packaged pre-cooked rice, H teaspoon salt. Method: Mix bee! with \ teaspoon salt and pepper. Shape into 16 small balls—you'll need a rounded tablespoon of the beel for each baM, Heat bacon drippings or other fat in & 10-Inch skillet, Add onion, Krwn pepper, and meat balls and wok over moderate heat, turning meat bulls, until browned on All •Ides, Add tomato sauce, water, pre- eook«d rice, and Vi teaspoon salt ami ink well. Bring quickly to a boil, uncovered, fluffing rice gently once or twice with a fork. (Do not stir.) Cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Let stand 10 minutes. Makes 4 servings. Browned Rice With Shrimp Ingredients: 4 tablespoons butler or margarine. H cup coarsely chopped onion, 1^4 packager! pre-cooked rlci, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 A cup thin green pepper atrip*, i pound fresh •hrlmp (cooked, shelled and de- velned), 2 cups cold water, 2 tablespoons finely-cut parsley, Wor- c««tershlre sauce (if desired). Method: Melt butter or margarine in Ip-inch skillet over low heat; and onJon and brown lightly, stirring often, for several minutes. Add rice, wit, and pepper strips. Stirring often, brown over moderately low heat for S to 5 minutes. Arid cooked cleaned shrimp and water. BrlnR to a boil rapidly and simmer 5 minutes. Cover and remove from hpat. Let stand 5 mJmites. Sprinkle wllh parsley and serve at onrp; pnss Worcestershire sauce if desired, Serves 4 generously. Three Meal Plan Helpful to Cook Money, Tim* Saved When Food Bought for More than 1 Cooking Curry and Rice Is Inviting Dish To Eye and Taste A dish that Is Inviting lo the eye, as well as to the laNtc, Is a double success, just surh a dish Is this snowy rice ring filled wllh spicy curry, for it is lovely to behold and delightful to taste. Curry !« cup fortified margarfue 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar l'i-3 teaspoons curry powder About 1 cup chopped onion 1 pound ground cooked meat,, or chicken 1 cup cooked or canned tomatoes 1 cup diced, cooked potatoes 3 tablespoons flour 1 ',4 cups meat stock or milk Brown the meat and onion by frying in the margarine. Season with salt, sugar, and curry powder; stir while browning. Sprinkle the flour over I he n)ea t and odd toma toes. polntoes, and milk or meat stock. Stir and mix well. Cover. Reduce hfat and cook slowly about 15 minutes. Serve in a. rice ring. This recipe will serve five to «ven. 'Rabbit' Makes Luncheon Dish For a substantial luncheon dish, well balanced, flavorful and Inexpensive, try this "rabbit" recipe: Tomato JUhblt With Teas (6 servings) One can condensed tomato soup UOVi Duncem, li cup milk. ! i pound American cheese cut In pieces. 2Vi cups cooked peas (1 No. 2 can). Mlie .soup and milk In a saucepan. Add cheese. Place over low direct heat And stir until cheese Is melted. Add pe&s and continue cooking until pens s r c heated through. Serve hot on toast or crackers. THURSDAY, OCTOBEll 11, You Con Still Have Meat Despite High Prices-This Steak Is Good Homemnkcrs with small families like the plan of buying one large cut of meat and dividing It. for three freshly cooked mrals. nofitdes providing varied meals from one cut o( meat. It ha.s ninny advnntaeefi such ns UniR saved .chopping and planning meals, and the fact that one price Is paid In include both the fancy and less fancy portions of the cut. A 6- lo 8-lb, leg of lamb furnishes Rood example of this jilan. The moal is -selected, and the meat tnan can be requested to cut it Into three sections, each section providing a completely different meal, which eliminates the problem of leftovers. From one rnti of the IOR of Iamb rail be cut steafcs to broil for one men I, From the shank end, a piece can be cut, and cubrd for using in a. Inmb stew, furnishing another com.plet.ely different meal. The center piece can be ronsted for a small lamb roast just the right size or one meal for the small family. Buying one cut ot meat for three entirely different meals is good modern planning and it is also good conservation of meat, essential during the emergency situation of the nation. Every good cook wants lo buy and use mcnl Intelligently so that the merit supply will continue in orderly fashion. Scarcities during the tnst war only serve to empha- sise how important it Is to use meat wisely, making the most of every Ml of Its Important complete high quality protein, B vitamins and essential minerals. The three meal plan can be applied to other large cut* with equal success. It Is worth consideration on the part of the small family which likes a different, dish every day rather than reheated left-overs. This reMpe is not .so simple but the extra work it calls for pays appetizing dividends. Ifmiry Fudg« Cupcakes (Make* 2 rinien largr or 1-l/Z dozen medium cupcake*;) Preparations; Have the shortening at room temperature. Grease bottoms of large or medium muffin pans. Start oven for moderate heat <350 degrees P.), Sift flour once before measuring. , Measure into sifter: 2 cup* sifted cake flour, \\± teaspoon* soda. V4 tea-spoon salt. Measure into mixing bowl: % cup shortening, Mix in .small bow!: 1'; cups hnn- ey. water (with bulter. margarine or lard, use 1.4 C up water. WHJi vegetable or any other shortening, u-se 2/3 cup water/. 1 teaspoon vanilla, Have ready; 2 eggs, unbeaten,, 2! a .squares Unsweetened chocolate melted. Mix by hand or at a low speed of electric mixer. Stir shortening Just t/i joflen. Sift in dry Ingredients. Add *i cup of the liquid. Mix until all (lour IK dampened. Then beat 2 minutes. Add remaining liquid, egg.s and melted chocolate; blend and beat i minute longer. Batter will be thin. (Count only Onions Combine With Mushrooms For Deluxe Dish- onions are always good ne*s in the menu. Combined witfj mushrooms they become a deluxe dish. Onions and Mushrooms Au Cratln (t wrvings) Sixteen small onions, 1 pound; '-. cup butter, S cup flour, 1 teaspoon salt, '.i teaspoon sugar, 'i - , -„ «» s P°°n I»PP«r, 2 tablespoons to- actual beating time. Or count beat-l mato pa f te ' >"' CU P S mill( . 6-ounce Ing strokes. Allow about, 150 (ulli can hrolled mushrooms, 'i cup soft strokes per minute. Scrape bowl I*™ lc ? chee£e ' '* CU P buttered hread and spoon often). j crumbs. Turn batter into muffin pans, "°" °"'° ns fnr thrce minutcs . filling them V, lull. Bake in mod- hcn dra1 "' Meanwhile melt but- erate oven (350 degree r.> about If over moderate heat, stir in 25 minutes. If desired. spr i nkle i !oilr - 1 salt ' su B"r and pepper. Add with ',4 cup coarsely chopped mill" 1 "" 0 , Pa5tt ; m " k and hr ° lh ffom meaU before baking. Frost with Can ,° ,i ^ o , OmS ' C °° k ' sllrrlne white frosting constantly, unlll sauce thickens and boils. Add cheese and stir until it Get things itt before the guests | Ad d onions and mushrooms arrive. Get out Ilower vases, canape ! Place In shallow greased baking trays, glasses, etc., so you do notidish. Sprinkle evenly with buttered have to rush around performing j crumbs and bake in moderately these chores while the guests are i hot oven until lightly browned and prescnt - I thoroughly hot. about. 25 minutes. Meat Bolls Given Sunday Dress-Up To give meat balls a Sunday dress-up, serve them with Swedish noodles, you'll have quite a meal. Swrrdlth Keg Noodles <Make« 6 servings) One tablespoon salt. 3 quarts boiling water. 8 ounces egg noodles, '.i cup hot cooked spinach, finely chopped, 'i cup finely minced onion. 2 tablespoons butler or fortified' margarine. Add salt, to rapidly boiling water. Ask Your Grocer for B&B SAUSAGE Pare Whole Hog Sausage Seasoned Just Right! A BI,YTjl*:V!!,l.r. PRODUCT Gradually add egg noodlw K IhM water continues to boll. Cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, unt* tender. Drain In colander, ^rtiu« noodles are cooking, saut« m!ne«4 onion in butter or m«rg«rin«. Add hot spinach and toss with hot noodles. Season to taste with nit and pepper. The International Data Uni run* from the North Pole to the South Pole, following spproxlnwWlT, th* meridian of 180 degrees longitude. WakeUp To More Comfort Without N»cr,n K B*ck«h« hfBdacKn ind diaxineM mi? be due to •lowdown of kidney function. Doctor* ur moot health* Wh " V * ry Import * I > t to *°°* B* &\rtis »nd attain, c*us*« thi« impo'rUnt iunclionloBlow down.rniny folksauff«rn»g- Binr bacfcache-fwl mUcrtblc. Minor bla<). der irritations due to cold or wrong diet m«.r '•x^xss'ittgy&sssi tiona bother you. Try DOIO'B PLI1«-. wild «,^Sffi,!™S£ ^^?£?K£%&S%SK taw Hu.h out w».t«. G«l Do.,*. put 1 ^.™; Goodbye Heartburn -Hello TUMS! TUMS FOR THE TUMMY LOW-PRICED BUYS FRYERS =lb. 45 PORK ROAST , Tender Boston Butt ; . . .,.. Lb. COUNTRY SAUSAGE -.:... 3 Ibs. BEEF RIBS or BRISKET Lb. 39c BOLOGNA . . By Ihe Piece Lb. 34< WHITING FISH ......... Lb. 14< PET MILK 3 Tall Cans 42< SUGAR 5Lbs.49< LEADER FLOUR 25 Lbs. S. R. $1.98 CAKE MIX . . 3 Star Duncan Hines • Pkg. 39< SPAGHETTI or MACARONI - -- 70z.Pkg.9< CAMPBELL'S SOUP Beef, Vegetable Beef, Chicken 2 Cans 33< DIXIE BELL CRACKERS - Lb. U( FLOUR FHtE each B»« S. R.. a 5 t.b. B,S: ft Stijjr >nii Cup and Saucer <vr Dinner Phlr. 3.96 MAYS IGA Super Market Plenty of Parking Space 421 S. 21st Remember, It Pays To Shop With Mavs' YOU'RE INVITED \\'e invite van (n visit tilytheville's rloancst Meat Market with Guy Braltnn in charge. Another good reason for shopping at Mays'. 5 Lb. Bag ORANGES 590 5 Lb. Bag APPLES Iceberg LETTUCE ^V-.VO ., \ -\ . • \ Red POTATOES \\\\v YAMS Lb. 10* ,\ Grade A EGGS Dox. 690 /rs /ve A FAVORITE a^^eg 7a^ RECIPE tl '^VxV^- ''^ii SNOWDRIFT 3 ALL BRANDS •-. \ BABY FOOD 3 Cans BROOKS OH EVERT TU1 CAM PET MILK 3 42 « Pork & Beans 10 MISS LIBERTY Campfire VIENNA SAUSAGE 2c. n ,29< OLEO - - - 5ibs. $1.00 HUNT'S CATSUP DIAMOND BRAND English Peas 12 Cant Old Tyme POTTED MEAT c- /( Salad Qu««n SALAD DRESSING \ fmjin By MAK? L££ TAYLOR Party Peach PU firotMJcffjJ; October 13, 1951 I- Mi. ( I'? .'"SpT'l'/.h* 7/«k W I ccumb. 2. Save '/4 cup minute. PCCJI the r«$i firmly in bottom. *nd vm tide* of 9-in. pie pan. Chill. 3. Mi( J J f, t,b"rVpooBi (Ottul«(tb •4. Slir In llowly until imootH £ l "'P £" ltl irruy 5. Add ^1 Hbl^KM %M«« 6, Stir over boiling,water uniU thick *nd imootK. Cook 10 cninvLtci; itir often. 7- Remove from htat; Kir into/'] »tightiy b*n*e *««• 8- CcvoV snd irir over boiling water until mixtuti tKicV,- «cu Cov«r And <ool ihorou^Ms'. 9- Add ^ I tMtpccn T.nllt. 10. Pour Vi of euirard into crumb-lined p.%n. 11. Arrange on cuiMrd \\ of <j ^'"i^V; 1 ,'*;" j!^*,^**** 1^. Co\-«r »ritS TY« of cu<(»rd. Top '••ilh rrtr nf p*«chM. Put r*st nf crumlx b*r*-e<n pracHw. Chill 3 Kour», Pet Milk, Conned Cling Peach Slice*, Graham Crackers Hunt's PEACH PRESERVES 5-1.00 Garden Gold GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 5 ?« 1.00 CUT GREEN BEANS 8 £.' 1.00 MISS LIBERTY COFFEE—- 790 Hunt't TOMATO SAUCE 3 Sr COKES Cose A GRADE FRYERS M9' Ready to Eat PIC. HAM IB 49 ( U.S. GOOD CHUCK , ROAST ib69 e Chicken Livers IB. 7V Morrell's Sliced BACON <b45 (

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