The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1949
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 1949 BL11 »EV aJLX (ARK.)' COURIEU NEWS PAGE THKEB Demos Will Back Every Candidate Senatorial Campaign Committee Won't Mix In Primary Fights WASHINGTON, June 17. m—A Democrat won't have to be a 100 per cent supporter of the Truman rogram to get vigorous party back? in the 1950 Congressional cam- ign, Senator Anderson (D-NM) said yesterday. Anderson, new chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee .told a reporter the group won't mix in primary rights in any attempt to help President Truman's supporters win nominations. •Wha t we wallt ** the san ' c s ^ tyiw of candidates that we hid in 1948," the former secretary of ag- rictulture said. You don't always get men that are completely in sympathy vith every part of the administration's program. But so long as they are good Democrats we'll support them to the hilt," He mentioned Senators Edwin C. Johnson of Colorado and Gillette of Io',va as examples of independent-acting Democrats elected last year. Anderson was chosen to head the. campaign committee in a move that seemed to emphasize the Democrats' Intention bear down on farm issues in the 1950 drive. Officer* and Teachers meetinj 7:00 pm. Wednesday, choir renezrul, *:30 p-m. CALVABV BAPTIST 16th and Chfckaaawba P. H. J emit IB, put*r Sunday School, S:4S aju Morning Worship 11:00 »Jn. Intermediate G A.'i 5:30 pjn. B. T. U. 7:00 p.m Wednesday, Choi) rehearsal and Evenki? Worship, 8:00 pjn officers and teachers meeting at the same hour, 7:00 p.m Wednesday Prayer Meeting, 8:00 Friday. Men's Brotherhood. CHURCH Ot THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Rev. B. Francis McDevltt, pastor Sunday Masses, 7:30 and 10:00 a.m Uornlnt Worship, 11 ajn. Training Union, 7 p.m Evening Serrice, 7 : 30 pjn Wedneiday night prayer acnrU* 7 p.m. fourth Sundays, 11:00 and third Sunday*, MO pm Oat GOSSHX BAPTIST Carl CaiUcaaan, »a*Ur Sunday School, 10.00 »-m Morning Worship, 11:00 am. Training Union, 7:So pjn Evening Worship, 1:00 p.m. Thursday, 7:30 pjn.. Prayer vice. CLEAB LAKK BAPTIST J. B. OB. M*Ur Sunday School, 9:46 am. Worsliip Service. !1:00 a.m Training Union, 7 p-m. Worship Service, 8 pjn. Mld-Week Service, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. CENTURY MARK —"Don't know why, but I seem to have trouble threading a needle lately," says Mrs. Wilhelmina Meister, as she celebrates her 100th birthday in Cleveland, O. "And I don't like to tell it. but 1 have to use a magnifying glass to read the newspaper comics- 1 * FIRST METHODIST Allen U. Siewan, panor Church School, 9:45 ajn Morning Worship n aon Youth Choii Rehearsal 5:46 p.m 6:30 p.m Junior Fellowship; In- lermediate M Y P.: Senior-Young Peoples M Y.F Evening Service, 7:30 pjn After church fellowship. 8:30 p.m Wednesday choii rehearsal, 7:30 p.m Bible Study 8:30 pjn AKMOREL BAPTIST W. O. Auten, paetor Sunday School, 10:00 ajn. Preaching, 1100 ajn Training Union, 7:00 pjn. Evening Worship, 8:00 pm. Wednesday Prayer Meeting, 7:30 GOSNE1X METHOUIST Let Andmun, paslat Church School. 10:00 a.jn Worship Sendee, 11:00 am M.YJ Groups, 7 p.m Evening Service, 7:30 pjn. Prayer Meeting, 7:30 P-m., Wednesday. Constitutional 1 Amendment is Asked by Hays '-^ WASHINGTON. June 17—W>— Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Arfc) moved yesterday to by-pass the House Judiciary Committee and bring before the entire house his protwsed constitutional amendment to ban poll taxes as a qualification for voting in federal elections. Hays filed a discharge petition which, If signed by 218 members, would take the proposal from the Judiciary Committee. He said he regretted having to file the petition but that another House committee may soon approve B bill to bar poll taxes by act, of Congress. "Those of us who favor a constitutional amendemnt to achieve the same results should have an opportunity to present an alternative to the House," Hays said in a statement. The Hays proposal is one of several he has introduced in an effort to compromise the so-called civil rights proposals of president Truman. The Arkansas contends it would be unconstitutional for Con-" BTCSS Jo ban poll taxes by law and that a constitutional amendment is necessary. Well, Sunk to Get Water, Produces Gas ST. JOSEPH, Mo., June 17. W— Leo Roberts drilled a well for water and got gas. Drilling at Roberts' Nursery al the edge of the city was suspended today, awiiiting an investigation by Prank Green, Kansas City, state geologist. At 56 feet the drill bit broke through a crust of blue sand and gas began coming from the well as a gray mist. Roberls said the ground shook for 100 feet around the hole "like a heavy train passing." He reported the gas had a distinctive smell. Later a sand cave-In shut off the rumble, but today the well was said to be "gurgling." A check showed the well Is two miles from the nearest city gas GOSPEl TAMER N A CLB Lilly and Vine Vent Buwlin. pastot Suntlaj School. 9:45 ajn. -Morning Worship 11 a.m •'ug People, 6:45 pm 'ing Worship 7:30 p.m. WOODLAND CORNER BAPT1S1 Sunday School, 10:00 ajn. Worship Service, 11:00 ajn B. T U. 7:00 p.m Evening Worship. 8:00 PJH Wednesday Prayer Service. 7:00 FIRST LUTHERAN 517 W. Walnut Kev. G. Miessler. pastor 10 a.m., Sunday School and Bible Class. 11 a.m., Preaching Service. NEW LIBERTY BAPT1S1 File miles South H'lihway SI Russell Duffer, pastor Sunday School, 10:00 ajn Morning Worship. 1TOO ajn Training Union, 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship Service p.m. 7:00 main. CHURCH NEWS Blytheville FIRST <;HURCH OF THE NAZARENE Daniel Stafford, pasloi Sunday School. 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 ajn young People's Meeting 7:15 pjn Evening Worship. 7:45 p.m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Harvey T. Kicld, minister 9:45 a.m.. Sunday School. 11 a.m., Morning Worship. 7:30, Evening Service. TEMPLE ISRAEL Dr. Alfred Vice, rahbi Friday. 8 p.m.. Sabbat!) Services and memorial service for Morris Applebaum. FIRST CHRISTIAN Lester D. Strubhar. pa si or 9:45 a.m.. Sunday School. 11 a.m.. Morning Worship. Sermon, "Blythevllle's Favorite Sin." 6:15 p.m., joint meeting of the young people and Ihe Presbyterian young people, Monday, 10 a.m., Old and new executive board of Woman's Council at the home of Mrs. C. A. Tant. Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.. senior choir. GATEWAY TAHEKNACLE L. G. Borab, paalor Churcl) Service. 9:48 a.m Evening Worship, 7:30 pjn Church Service. Wednesday and Friday. 7:30 pjn. NUMtttR NINE BAPTIST Gene Shulu, paalar Sunday achooi, 9:*5 a.m Morning Worship. 11:00 ajn Sunday 2:15 p.m Mission Arm Sunday School and church at Var- bro School auditorium Framing Union, 7 pjn E\'ening Worship, 8 pm Osceolo Churches FIRST CHKIST1AN L. B. Still Jr., put«r Morning Worship, 10:50 a.m. Evening Service* 7:00 pjn. Midweek Service, 7-.30 pjn. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN L. T. Lawrence, fuiar Sunday School, 9:46 a.m Morning Worship. 11 ajn Young People, 6:00 p.m. Wednesday evening service, 7:3 FlRS'l BA4TIKI Ruuril J. Clubb, puror Sunday School, fl'45 a.m Morning Worship 11:00 ajn. B r Union 6:30 p.m Evening Strplce 7:30 pro Midweek Service. 7:30 pjn. CHURCH OF CHKIS1 O. C. Thompson, paater Morning Worship, 10:45 am Evening Service 7:30 pjn Smday School, 8:45 a.m BlWe Study. Tuesday and Frldi> 7:30 pjn ST. MATTHKYVS ReT B. Francis McDeritt pas 1st, 3rd and Slh Sundayt Mau, 8:00 a.m. FlRS'l PKNTKCOSTAl Norman Rent, pastor Evening Service 7:30 pjo FIR SI METHODISl H- J. Cwcbnan, pasUc Sunday School J:«5 a.m Worship service 1' a_m. Methodisi Youth Fellowship. 6:15 Worship service, '7 p.m. Wednesday—Youth Choh practice 6:3r p.m. Senior Choir i-30 p.m Luxora Churches ASSEMBLY OF GOD J. G. Diekte*ea, put. 10:00 a.m Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Worship Senile* COO SMB. C. A Service 7:30 p m Saturday Service. 7:30 pm Wednesday I"rayer Mr. ice. CRVKCB OF CHRIST Oiicmf L. HATS, Minister Bible Study, 10 a.m. Preaching, 11 a.m., 1:30 pjn. OB A, B. Hill, pattor first and third Sundays FIRST BAPTIST 10:00 a.m Sunday School 11:00 am. Worship Servlces. 6'.00 p.m B T. D 7:00 pm Worship Service 7:00 pjn Wednesday Prayer Service V.UXORA (MKIUOIMST H. L. iCuhluiD. pulor Church School, 10 a.m Morning Worship. 11 a.m. Methodist Vouth F e 11 o w s h I groups. S pjn Evening Worship Service. 7 pjn HAU MOON ASSEMBLY OF GOl> Rev. Martin ReaEan, pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m Morning Worship, 11:00 ajn C. A Service, 1:00 p.m Evening Worship. 8:00 pjn Wednesday prayer service I.Vi p.m. CALVARy EPISCOPAL \Vm. J. FlUhuih, Priest In Charge First Sunday after Trinity. 9:45 a.m., church School. 11 a.m., Holy Communion. Tuesday, 9 a.m., Holy Commuo- You Are Invited to the RECREATIONAL PROGRAM Saturday Evening 7:30 p.m. On the Lawn of Ihe NEW LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH Vartety of Games Films to be Shown "The Royal Gorge" and eter "The Life of Simon (No Admission) Russell Duffer, Pastor irtmen Find Answer o Treed Cat Problem NEWPORT, N.H,, June 17— lip)— ewport firemen believed they have olveci the treed cat problem. Called out to rescue a yowler from lolly perch last night, the fire- len first tried a ladder, but the ellne only climbed to a higher lore Inaccessible limb. Then they hooked up a hose and Icectcd a 11U!« spray over the at. The cat came down without uore ado. Swan with Bow Ti* Retcued by Conttoblt OXFORD, Eng., June 17. A white swan • paddled lolemnly obout on the quadrangle lake at Chrlstchurch College, Oxford Unl- 1 verslty, Wednesday, sporting a black bow tie. Constables captured the bird, removed the tls snd put the rwan back In the water. They blamed students. Iowa's «Ut« flown U th« rose. w04 ^, t __, ,,^ •T7-"7i"r-";-'^ •'•^ •&'<}• •1"'V&M l -M^-***$M /!•'=<? *..' ••• D«* Air 1 -7 ~ * ' -i',»W^"-"j '«*•£ Get the /P4RTU/ 1 PRESS HASH WITH BUILT-IN FLASH REFLECTOR American Prank ets a Wet Reception YOKOHAMA. Japan, June 17. M*)—The "glamorous mermaids" caught the eyes of the American GIs at the Yokohama Trade Fair. The Japanese girl swimmers were cavorting in an oversize fishbowl en 9. stage. The GIs thought they would have tome fun. They threw a couple of rocks at the bowl. It broke. The spectators down front including the Americans—were flooded out. CHUKCH O» CHRIST E. W. Stuvall, pastor Sunday School 9:50 'a.m. Worship Service 10:50 ajn. Bible Study, 6:45 pjn. Evening Service. 8 pjn CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Woman's Clubhouse, 1416 West Main "Is The Universe, Including Man, Evolved By Atomic Force?" is trie subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read in all Churches and Societies of the Church of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. HUFFMAN CUURCH OF GOD James Wjnea, pash» Sunday School. 9:43 ajn Morning Worship, 11:00 ajn Evening Service, 7:30 pjn. Y.P.E.. Saturday. 7:30 pm 'Leslie Biftle Day' Plans Move Ahead at Piggott PIGGOTT, Ark., June 17. Wt — This Northeast Arkansas town is making elaborate preparations to entertain thousands of visitors including President Truman, at "Leslie Biffle Day" on July 4, I,aud Payne, general chairman of arrangements salcr"yesterday. Biffle, who Is secretary o! the Senate 4* * native of Piggott and Payne said he has the assurance £hat Mr. Truman-will come here to fjo\n in the festiAties if conditions permit. » ASSEMBLY OF (iOD Charles O. Keece, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship. 11 ajn. Evening Service, 8 p.m Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 7 pjn. Christ Ambassador Services. 6:3O p.m. Children's Church. o:30 p.m Evangelistic Services 7:30 p.m. LAKE STREET METHODIST Theron McKisson, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m Preaching Service 10:55 a-m. W.S.C.S Monday. 2:30 pjn. Wednesday, Mid-Week Services 7:30 p.m. ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL Wm. J. Filzhagh, Priest In Charce First Sunday after Trinity. 7:30 a.m., Holy Communion. 9:30 a.m., Church School. U a.m.. Morning Prayer. Tuesday, 7:30 pjn., study course. Friday, Nativity of St. John Baptist, 9 a.m.. Holy Communion. HUFFMAN BAPTIST David McPeake, palter 10:00 a.m., Sunday School. 11:00 a.m.. Morning Service 6:00 p.m. Evening Service 6:00 p.m.. B T. D. Meeting Friday. 7 p.m. choir, practice and prayer meeting. KWFC Assigned License WASHINGTON, June 17. (ft — The Communications Commission yesterday authorized Clyde E. Wilson to assign the license of standard station KWFC at Hot Springs, Ark., to SPa Broadcasting Co., Inc., for 180,000. Read Count! News Want Ad FIRST BAPTIST CHAPEL MISSION Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor Worship Service. 9:30 ajn. * Sunday School, 10:30 ajn. Training Union, 6:15 pjn. FIRST BAPTIST E. C. Brown, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship Service, 10:5b a.m Training Union, 6:15 p.m. Evening Worship Services, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Sunday School Cabinet Meeting, 6:45 p.m Prayer Service, 7:45 p.m. Rurol Churches BURDETTE CHURCH OF GOD R E- Shaw, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 ajn. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Young People, 7:uu p.m Evening Worship. 8:00 pjn. IMMANTIEL BAPTIST Erick C. Hecksher, pastor Sunday School, 10 * f" FLA1 LAKE METHODIST JLeRoy Henry, mlnlater Morning Worship, every Sunday 9:30 ajn. Sunday School, tverj Sunday 10:30 am PROMISED LAND METHODISI LeBoj Henry, minister Church School, each Sunday 10:00 a.m Worship Services, first and third Sundays, 11:00 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, 6:30 pjn. TARBRO METHODIST LrRoj Henry, minister Church School, each Sunday 10:00 a.m Worship Stirvicra, second and WALLPAPER Room Lots of Light fast and Washable High Grade Papers — Room lots consists of 14 roll wall and 20 yds. border, enough for a large room. $2 While They Last E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "Friendly Building Service" Phone 551 Blytheville, Ark. Cuil*m-Bultt * Carrying Co»« • $4.00 * Kisjrit oround-the-cfock «e1 perfect, POSITIVt ACTION ihoti •orith this ouUtanding. comero. The ihurter it electrically controlled ro synchronize perlecHy witK Mi« 6a»H every lim» you take a picture. And when you prxt *e bullon you may rest assured that rhere n no wait* of fUfli of butb. Gives you perfect pictures wnder any Bght conditions. Eight large 2 V« f 3 'A contact prints from each rol of No. 120 film. Come m — see Ihe Sportus Press Hash — it's tfte best camera value of its kind! Charge It At No Extra Cost! DHEIFIS VfMl llrrifui . . . Wear Diamond : lift Hi I \\\\\ STMSt W KUPHO. KirUVUSJ IM ill FAMILY SIZE ONLY ^ 25* •«*rtal.4», 1 I. J J.,1 S-l. br -k- —J rf^l—» IV 1 —.k. ~ rr l, !>. Cream NIX DEODORANT CULVERTS CONCRETE CULVERTS— ALL SIZES BLOCKS Rock Fact — Plain — Cinder Cinder Partition Blocks Pyramid (House) Blocks & Base: Sand & Gravel • WE DELIVER • JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Hiwiy 81 Sooth Phone 2380 USED TRACTORS Come In and See These Today? 1 — 1945 Ford Tractor, completely reconditioned with Gennine Ford parts, new tire*. Tbb iraetor is priced to meet sour pocket -book. I — 1946 Ford Tractor, tery good condition, new lirea. This is a real value for ihe progresftETe farmer. 1 — 1944 Ford Tractor, excellent working condition, new •et of tires and new paint. See today! 1—1*43 "B" Farmall in Rne condition with cultivator, 1« inch bottom plow, ready to work yowr neld>. 1 — 1945 Ford Tractor, motor just overhauled with ssew Ford narU. New tires. Come in and tee Ihii machine Easy-To-Poy Fall Terms Arranged Hor« Your Tractor R* paired or Completely Reconditioned on our Convenient Fall Terms. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Highway fil South Allen Hardin, Manager Btylheville, Ariurau Phone 2171 Make "Pappy Happy" With a Gift From. HUDSON'S Choose From These Nationally Famous Names: Haspel Summer Suits Hubbard Pants Neckwear by Smart Van Heusen Shirts Van Heusen Sportswear Craftsman Belts Billfolds of All Types Hoisery of All Types See Hudson Before You Buy HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR CLOTHIER

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