The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on November 30, 1952 · Page 62
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 62

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1952
Page 62
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14a THE SHREVEPORT TIMES Sunday, November 30, T952 Sunday Film Playbill TBUm KING S BRIVr-I.V "Rah In ItacUri ." iPatilrtt Oorldarrl.- "Snrinefieid Rifle." Gary fnrnr. Fichard Ney. Gypsy Lee. John Boles.) "Privilis Thaxter, David Brian. Also,' '-Highway 301." (Steve Cochra.i. CI F.VWOOD j Tale nf Hoffmann." Motra Shearer.' DOV DRIVE-IV j Robert Helpmann. Leonide Matslne I "Willie and Joe Back at the Front."' i 'Tom Eweli. Mari Blanchard. H?rvev ! nOV 'Lfmtwk.i Alw. "Outiide the Wall." Plymouth Advent. ire. 'S r e n e e r r (Richard Basehart, Marilyn Maxwell.) T'a-y. Gene Tirney. Van Johnon. Dawn I Addams, Leo Genn. Lloyd Bridges.) y-. f T Tl majestic inner birst Huns ine wmet Min. tjt-n wavne. Ma'i- reen O Hara. Airuagien. ) Barry FiUgerald. Victor BROADMOOR "The O iiet Hun." Uonn Wavne. Man Tn Q Hara. Barry Fitzgerald. AIcLagien.) CPNTENART OPENING WEDNESDAY BROADMOOR: "The Snowi of Kili-maniaro." 'Susan Ha.vward. Greeory Victor i Peck. Ava Gardner. Leo G. Carroll, HU- degarde Hell.) DON: "Monkey Business." Marilyn r i . ; " j i "The Storr of Rohm Hood." (Richard Mnnr. rrv rirant. I"iiffer RnB,n Todd. Joan Rice.) STRAND: "Hangman's Knot." (Ran- BEX Idolph Scott. Donna Reed. Claude Jarman. "Willie and Joe Ba k at the Front " jr., Richard Denning.) lImrnh.,uTi1, Maii Bianchard- Harvey OPENING THURSDAY wmDKJ GLENWOOD: "Sarabind." (Stewart VIM 8 'Granger. Joan jreenwood.) Todd JranrR,7e rbm (R,ch,rd OPENING FRIDAY Todd. Joan Rice MAJESTIC: "The WAC From Walla . I Walla." (Judy Canova. Stephen Dunne.) ire ivirrrv wicnw. ijtni i urner. Fernando Lariat. Una Merkel. Richard Haydn. KAENOr.R "Where's Chartrv?" iRay Bolter. A! M lj-rie Al'o "Border PatroL" (William "Hopaiong Camidy'' Boyd.) j OPENING TIESDAY. JOY CENTENARY: "Somebody Love Me." Trfiho (Howard Hill.) Aim "My! (Betty Hutton. Ralph Meeker. Tal Trigger." (Hoy Roger. Dale Evans.) i REX: "Spriniif leld Rifle." (Gary mivtnii v :Cooter. Phyllis Thaxter.l Snrinmulrt Bui," r;rv Conner. 1 VENUS: 'Untamed Frontier "' Subsequent Runs Mvn; 1 PIONEER WOMEN Dale Evans (left), in "My Pal Trigger" with Roy Rogers at the Joy; Gene Tierney, the Puritan belle in "Plymouth Adventure" at the Don. Thvlli Thaxter. "( amain Blood." David Brian.) (Eirol Flynn.) Also, 9t 4St STARTS TODAY (Joseph Cotten. Shellev Winter. Scott Brdv DAVIS "Fabiola." (Michele Morgan. Henri Vidal.) SAENGER- "Affair in Trinidad" (Rita Havworth. Glenn Ford.' Also. "Outcasts of the Islands." 'Ralph Richardson, Trevor Howard i ' llri.j,.. ir.kk . ai "Fi,.. " ti.';ii, 1 Also. "The Junale ' PhVnn. i j VENUS: "Red, Hot. and Blue JOY: "Criminal Lawyer." (Pat O'-Brian.) Also. " he Iron Man." (Jeff Chandler, Evelyn Keyes.) OPENING FRIDAY REX: Dreamhoat." (Ginger Roger?. Clifton Webb. Elsa Lanchestcr. Anne Francis.) DON DRIVE-IN: "Young and Willing." (Susan Hayward. William Holden.) Also, "Millionaire, for Christy." (Fred Mac-Murray.) OPENING SATURDAY CENTENARY: "Dark Command." (John Wavne. Claire Trevor, Walter Pidgeon.) '"' Career Shortcut Haircut Puts Local Theatre Usher in Films Hollywood, Calif., Nov. 29 (Special) Just a few years ago a young man patrolled the darkened "aisles of the Strand theatre in Shreve-port, and while assisting patrons to their seats, determined that one t r?a7 Vl a t rut u-riitlart firmo n v tmnn t Vi 4-1 screen on that theatre. Wishful thinking? Well, not quite. For today that same young man. Oil City's own Earl Holliman, plays important roles in four new pictures in Hollywood and it's reasonable to assume that all four will be screened at the Strand. How did all of this come about? Earl credits a haircut at the Paramount Studio barber shop as the start of his actual motion picture career. He had just been turned down for a role at the studio for about the 10th time, for the usual reason, "You just don't look the part." Dejected, Earl sank into a chair at the studio's tonsorial parlor. v tr ' illlllllf? .v; ! ( j ON WITH THE SHOW By PERICLES ALEXANDER OPENING WEDNESDAY MA.IESTIC: "Oneration Secret ' Hittlon. Victor jre. 1 Also (Betty "Brave EARL HOLLIMAN In Oil City, president of his senior high school class; in Shreveport, usher at the Strand theatre and Shreveport Times' newsboy; in Hollywood, an actor in films with four pictures already completed. Symphony Society Strikes Blow for New Concert Hall For the Ark-La-Tex, the Thanksgiving Eve meeting of the board of directors of the Shreveport Symphony Society was an event of singular historical significance and one not to be kept secret for long. After budgetary matters were squared away and the obvious success of the opening of the Shreveport Symphony's fifth season noted, Col. W. C. O'Ferrall, president of the Symphony Society, arose and waxed almost poetic ' Aime V vlerVit t iil,r u v ci uic ptiiiii, ji a ilj ui 125,000 without a first-class auditorium to house first- "How do you want it cut," f)UPril thp soliritons harhpr Warrior." (Jon Hall. Christine Larsen.l . ,f rcxrhnn ;t - ff (Cor- DAVIS: "EI Paso." (John Wayne.) I . " ,., " r " " nel Wilue. Karl Maiden. Phyin Thaxter. 1 1 Also. "Sunny Side of the Street." i OU ln.e. . DON' DRIVE-IN: "The Ladv in the Iron 1 (Frankie Laine. Billie Daniels.) Half an Vioni- and i chnrt nor Mask." (Louis Hayward. Patricia Me-i TDV- "'rail rt .Tnntrle " (Ann i , , ... . . .' innH cc nut- the irn-v rlirl Flarl dma . ICorloi Also, "Wagon Wheels! ("Wild laler tarl awOKe Wltn fllS flair - v- '"' J ' " 1 ninvcnirT npivr.tV' "r,nnn Pa- Rill" Elliott i Also. Chanter 10 of "Flvina rnnsirlprnhlv "thinnprl anrl nnmhorllHii eiihspriupntlv sprvprl a full hitch i i cr Kfian trnnfi wire i. - - .. i .. . 'recruiting poster, conveniently for-'got his true age and joined up. a vear later the truth came out, - -if J JOHN 's-''" 7 BARRY ! I WW! fjTHC IMPISH I I ANO THE : I TECHNICOLOR,! IS BftEATetTAKNS AMD BVWT1WLI I 'Dana Andrews. Brian Donlevy ) Disc Man from Mars.' SATIRDAY MATINEE ONLY BROADMOOR: All-Fun Show. (6 Car toons, Pete Smith Specialty. Serial.) sase Aio, "Chinatown at Micnight. (Hurd Hatfield.) OPENING THIRSDAY CENTENARY: "Caribbean" (John Payne. Arlene Dahl, Sir Cedric Hard-wicke. ) VENUS: "Island of Desire." (Linda Darnell Tah Hunter I DAVIS: "The Bi Sky." (Kirk Doug- now appearing in SAENGER: ''s Savane Fury."!tello Meet Captain Kldd, (Lex Barker. Dorjthy Hart. Also. "Thei , . , j, Kid From Broken Gun." (Charles Star-. as a Clerk. in London S rett. Smiley Burnette Also. Chapter 7 of "Nvoka and he Tinermen. ' in what he terms a bang-tail ef-'ana then headed west, in Hoiiy-fect." In the next chair Director wood his career alternated between F. Hugh Herbert emerged from, the Pasadena Playhouse. North his second hot towel, spotted the i American Aviation company and viewed jnewlv shorn Holliman and there unsuccessful (until the haircut) Charles Laughton once life with reservations. Laughton, 'and then set him as one of the in-jforays on the studios. Abbott and Cos-vaumS mannes in a new tecnni- coior production called Pleasure Island." With the ice broken, the film worked famed Claridge hotel. 0 r Httlflt j. TATtS 1 THE QUIET MAN 8 TECHNICOLOR I Horn f Double Features TODAY Open 10:15 A M. ?e-25 WP. KOI eMUM i fK nn rrn SECOND IIC HIT) William Boyd IN "BORDER PATROL V.'e a HEMINGWAY'S WOMEN!... This is Cynthia from Montparnasse, A model with green-grey eyes and legs like a colt, who lit a fire in Harry Street that could only be quenched by... V r.yz.jr.-. r -j Alt Gardner U "Cynfki Gregory Peck 'Barry Street" t Snows $ ERNEST HEMINGWAY'S GREATEST LOVE STORY' GREGORY SUSAN AYA PECK HAYWARD GARDNER k DARRYIF.ZANUCX o b, HENRY KING Sums pii t CASEY ROBINSON Asked if he had any advice for would-be actors who even now might be pacing the aisles of some movie palace hoping for that "one companies started to seek Larl out. great chance," Earl advises. "Sure In quick succession he landed fea-j Don't give them drama lessons, tined parts in "Gobi Outpost" with jUst cut loose at 'em with a hair Kichard Wirtmark and Don Taylor, clipper!" "Scared Stiff" in support of zanies! with Cecilia Pate Ward Martin and Lewis, and "East Sumatra," an adventure varn Jeff Chandler. Needless to sav.l- -mm. he's back at the Paramount barter if MUlUCll IxeCltal snop lor the ' Holliman Special ' every week. Earl is the son of Mrs. Guv Bellotte of Oil City. His father. Henry Holliman , died w hen Earl was 13. In addition to attending Oil City high (senior class president!. Earl also put in time at Louisiana Avenue school (football, drama group) and Fair Park and Byrd high in Shreveport. He sold papers for The Shreveport Times, washed dishes at various restaurants and then graduated to the post of usher and eventually head usher at the Strand. Minden, Nov. 29 (Special) Presented by the fine arts division of the Woman's Department Club here, Cecilia Pate Ward, the Shreveport and Alexandria mezzo-soprano who has appeared in operatic productions in Cincinnati. New Orleans, and Shreveport, will be heard in recital here Tuesday night at the American Legion hall. Her accompanist will be Marie Miller, an LSU piano major. The Shreveport mezzo-soprano presently is studying with Peter Paul Fuchs, former assistant conductor and coach at the Metropolitan class concert events, includ ing tnose oi jonn bnenauts 73-Diece symphonic en semble. His wide-awake board of directors were loath to let the matter be filed away for future consideration. Quicker than you can say Circus Maximus or its Shreveport equivalent, the Municipal Auditorium, the board framed a stronglv- v.-orded, well-phrased resolution of action. It reads as follows: "Be it resolved that the Shreveport Symphony society, realizing the urgent necessity for an adequate and modern concert hall not only for its own orchestra but for visiting concert artists and road show attractions and, deploring present discouraging conditions under which such artists and attractions must now be presented, goes on record as willing to join in a civic movement for a new auditorium meeting the requirements and taste of a discriminating and metropolitan Ark-La-Tex populace. Opera and now head of LSU's de- At the age of 15 Earl saw a navy Ipartment of opera. A STARTING WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 3 f Alto: CAUTION t NEWS fmT I rT -S-3. Ui i. ja8.J i . - ' WORLD PREMIERE! I lpP rfw" TODAY! 4. 'M. s . . v - ; '"-..".; - 1 4 Y ,. i f - -T----- . , ; , v; ill ; vSi, f. I , - , A j.;- ' J j'f GYPSiROSElEEi. V,r , U . i ifl ;- a. , .T:, ... - - , lf- -r Admission 10c Offic Phone 5-1501 Color Cartoon Opans 10:45 RTNLHf'?M'?PTH5 CO -FEATURE PAL ' ' Sm 1 "Also, that the Shreveport Symphony Society believes that the auditorium project warrants consideration and incorporation into the city's master plan and the program of long-range planning for Shreveport recently begun and which encompasses every facet of community planning and growth but its cultural development. "The Symphony Society will hrintr this so thp attention of the five-man executive committee1101' fr lonS' chosen to formulate such a master plan. "The Shreveport Symphony Society will willingly spearhead a drive which will bring an auditorium worthy of our city into existence. w i-. i SOME PICK-UP Virile Richard Ney and feminine P a u 1 e 1 1 e Goddard i n "Babes in Bagdad." the new film which will have something of a world premiere engagement at the Strand as of Sunday. plished musically by the Sym-phon' Society in four short years, what will this energetic board accomplish plunging headlong into efforts for an auditorium? The young in heart can bring miracles to pass. The auditorium case rests but Babes, Babes, etc. 27 Pianists In Concerto Contest Here College Winner to Be Symphony Soloist for Christmas Concert Drawn from a four-state area, a total of 27 young pianists' of high school and college levels will participate in the Shreveport Symphony. Society's annual concerto competition Saturday in the music hall on the campus of Centenary college. Of this total, 21 are registered in the contest's high school division and six in the collegiate, Mrs. Jean Despujols, chairman of the Symphony Society's concerto competition committee, announced yester day. The collegiate winner will appear as soloist with the 73-piece Shreveport Symphony conducted by John Shenaut on the orchestra's annual Yule-tide concert Dec. 14 at B-vrd high school auditorium iIule the winner in the high school division will appear on the Symphony Society's chamber music series during the present season. Enrolled In Saturday's concerto competition are pianists of Lou isiana, Mississippi, . Arkansas, and Texas. The contest will begin at 9 a.m. Registrants In the high school classification are Patricia Diana Jackson, Baton Rouge; Watts Miller, Lake Charles; Carol Strother, Alexandria; John Miller, Natch'-toches; K e n d r i c k Smith, Lake There have been "Babes in Toy-land," "Babes in the Wood," and now, so help us, "Babes in Bagdad," "It is the fervent hope of the, the latter serving as a title for a board of directors of the Shreve-film which places Paulette God-port Svmohonv Societv that all dard and Gypsy Rose Lee in a other musical and theatrical forces harem and in filmy costumes of the city will join hands with the For no particular reason the pic- society to present a unuiea ironi ture will arrive Sunday on the for action on an auditorium and, strand screen as a world premiere toy ROGERS "TRIGGER" 'GACBY" HYB OAlf cVAW A L HflttKPmr-JOjfl BOIES 'tl tin 'i 7 3 f i 1 "UmI lord f liberty" latest Newt f PHONC 4-349 OPENS 10:45 A.M. Next! "THE HANGMAN'S KNOT" d ) ' n wi cL 11 n ji ja . i w I the Commercial if vou don't be- vv'1?', ,' s, e w ,eniVs' lieve an i-uditorium is a vital ne-if nmy Dc"P"ve uue reiernng cessity for the community. lo " une UUL a roine m a Pia- Colonel O'Ferrall also named am oaDe nerseit wnetner in Hardy O'Neal, Calf Tolbert, Errol Ba4ad CJT that western mecca of FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF OUR CUSTOMERS DONT MISS THIS GREAT WESTERN -i -Sim PRiVE-l N- TH EATRI FIRST DRIVE-IN SHOWING will diligently pursue any reason able course to get the auditorium project rolling immediately." Colonel O Ferrall and his confreres have taken the words right out of On With the Shows Underwood but that doesn't leave him exactly speechless. However, the swiftness with which the Symphony Society's board pursues matters does. Colonel O'Ferrall immediately appointed Ed E. Hurley, P. A. Turner, and John H. Tucker, Jr., to an auditorium fact-finding committee and we'll bet you the cornerstone of the old Municipal Auditorium the committee is functioning right now. Turner, the pleasant and agreeable vice president of the powerful Commercial National . Bank, w-as named chairman of the committee. Don't expect to pry a loan out of engagement. Neither Miss Lee nor Miss Goddard will be among those present for the first-day but we think we will manage to live over it. Miss Lee, but whr be so formal? Let's call her "Gyp" to rhyme with her onetime occupation on the runways. In 1940 this entertainer, actress-authoress, reigned as "Queen of the Midway" of the Louisiana State Fair. Among her literary efforts, she authored the book. "Mother Finds a Body." Her books are usually of the mystery variety, which explains in 6hort order that title. Gypsy revealed herself as an entertainer an unnumbered years ago on Broadwav stages, starred in Michael Todd's Streets of Paris" and "Star and Garter." As a play. Concert Events ROBERT BRINK DANIEL PINK-HAM: Violin-Harpsichord Duo. At 8:15 P.m. Tuesday at the Woman's Deoartment Club. Presented by the club's music department. Tickets will be sold st the door. The prodram: Sonata No. 12 in D Minor ("La J"ollia" . Corelli Concerto No. 9 In E Major ("Bitratto deH'amore") Couperin Sonata in B flat Major LeClair Mr. Brink and Mr. Pinkham Chaconne and Rondeau Chambonnierei Les Baricades Misterieuses ... .... ... Cnnnerm Four German Danses ... Haydn Sonata In E Major ("The Canon" - Scarlatti Sonata in C Major ("Horncall") Scarlatti Mr. Pinkham Romaneses Variations ..... . Marinl Serenade for Violin and Harpsichord . . Pinkham Sonata No. 8 in E Major . .. ; Handel Mr. Brink and Mr. Pinkham CLAIDIO ARRAV: Pianist. At :15 p.m. Wednesday at the Municipal Auditorium. Presented by the Community Concert Association of Shreveport. The program: Rondo in G Major. Op. 51. No. 2 Reethovit Sonata in F Minor. Op. 57 ("Appassion- ata") ... Beethoven Rondo Capriccioso Mendelssohn Son Without Words, G Major Mendelssohn Variations on a Theme of Paganini. Book II Brahms Pour Le Piano Debussy The Maiden and the Nightingale Granadns El Pelele from "Goyescas" Granados Buckner, A. H. Tarver, and vir tually the whole board of directors to the committee. If so much has been accom- '4 mwm mii iiiii, I 1 0VEC TODAY AND MONDAY ;"ONE MINUTE TO ZERO"; i With i '.' Robert Mitchum Ann Bljth Cartoon and Newt movie culture, Hollywood Is Pau lette Goddard. During World War II GIs in the Far Eastern theatre where she toured dubbed her "Madame Cheescake." Paulette must be because she has been known in films as "Queen of the bathtub scenes" and has taken many a Saturday night bath for Cecil B. DeMille, who believes cleanliness is a virtue in movies and to assure same, always man ages to make his leading lady bathe luxuriously. DeMille riidn'f direct "Rabes In Bagdad" but we are given to un-drrtand La Goddard does take a milk-anrl-lotus ablution in the picture. V it ' (1 BBIVEIII TH.EBTBES FIRE POWER! the hands of a real figiiting man! I l t i -"" Am I i " ' i '-Z 'i lilt' fci" I ' I - t. ', ,W llf RtT'.t- ft r -erf itfej.' " OlOtiT arnerColor L i . . - 1m- I ri.-iar.-.,-a..J:1w... ! ill PHYIUS THAXTER DAVID BRIAN Color PAIR KEUY ION CHAN FT Cortoon Co-Feature EARKSDALE "CAPTAIN BLOOD" ERROL FLYNN Co-Feature KINGS HY-30 1 STEVE COCHRAN Olfi KUfSOi WT 4-W FIRST DRIVE-IN THEATRE T GARY COOPER iMHIi))jrijTj AIv: ERROL FLYNN "CAPTAIN BLOOD" a s. mrr it raon UU9 PLUS MARILYN MAXWELL RICHARD BASEHART "OUTSIDE THE WALL" 2409 BIX TEXAS AVE JOY a fo;tlii ss ai KacK ms tuMCMaojpron at ALSO OHSSTUJI m$ t ti K I MR'CXING-S HWY AT FIRST DRIVE-IN THEATRE I VAtNtlCOlOJ FkyUJs THAXTER Also Virfinia Grey-Steve Cochran "HIGHWAY Vr I CO CILIHWOOD toa ir JOHN WAYNE IN ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREAT WESTERNS RED RIVER" SECOND BIG HIT! DENNIS OTCEEFE "Up in Mahle's Room'1 SUNSET phohz i-i ni i ---is,- k a ft : IPLOMHTZC akemtsm. w . . i ON SAME PROGRAM Betty GRABU Dan BAILEY tVTCMKss Charles; Mary Belle Fletcher, De Kidder; De Juana N-ell McCormick. Monroe; Allison Salley, Mansfield; Ruth Nell Gordy, Winnsboro; Imelda Anne Broussard, New Iberia; Patty Rusheon. Bossier Citv; Philip Ambrose. Monroe; Betty Sue Morris. Mansfield; and Hunter Her-ron, Mary Almanrode, Tabby Sinclair, Stanton Durham, Mary Jane Carter, Ned Boagni. Carolyn Crumley, and Richea Brown, all cf Shreveport. Competing on the collegiate level will be Martha Jean Smith of the University of Mississippi, John D. Hart ot vvaco, Texas, Elizabeth Fabrycky of Magnolia, Ark., Wil-bert Winston Mason of Natchitoches, Stanley Sarrazin of Hammond, and Jacques Andre Hamm of Barksdale Air Force Base. Required playing for college pianists are Bach's Fantasy in C Minor and the second and third movements of Beethoven's Concerto No. 3 In C Minor, Op. 37 (Shirmer edition). High school pianists must be able to perform Bach's Two-Part Invention No. 9 in P Minor and the first movement of the Mozart Concerto in A Major. No. 23, K. 4KS. the Mozart Cadenza in the Shirmer edition. Three judges, whose names will not be revealed, until the contestants arrive Saturday morning for th competition, will dptermine the winner of each division. However, Mrs. Despujols did reveal that the judges will come from Arkansas, Texas, and South Louisiana. The public will be permitted to sit in on the contest at the Centenary music hall, Mrs. Despujols added. Besides Mrs. Despujols, members of the Shreveport Symphony Society's concerto contest committee are William Teague, John Shenaut. Ralph Squires. Mrs. Nina Plant Wideman, and Mrs. John Palmer. - Warners to Film Two Best-Sellers lolly wood. Calif., Nov. 2r.) (Special) Jack L. Warner, studio executive, has acquired film rights to "East of Eden," the nation's No. 1 best-seller by John Steinbeck for production at Warner Brothers' studio. Steinbeck himself will adapt the best-seller for the screen and Elia Kazan will produce and direct "East of Eden." Another best-seller, Agnes Sligh's "Gown of Glory," also is a story property of the Warner Brothers' studio. Bob Wilke and Sheb Woolev. th gunmen of "Hih Noon." continue their careers of joint crime in the new Dennis Morgan ktarrer. "Cattle 7;Town." Something new in tcreeo team. L

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