The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX " Browns Continue Winning Streak Lowly White Sox Execute Triple Play in Yesterday's Game By United Vrtss The sixth-place Chicago White Sox have gone their way nil season comment. Well, they lost again play. With the bases packed, Jim'Ta- bor lined to Al Hodgln on third base. Hociein stepped on third to double Pete Fox nnd then threw lo Ed Garnet t on (list to catch Bobby Doerr. Rookie Emmett O'Neill allowed the White Sox only Ihrce hits In winning his fifth game. . Myril Hoag singled in the ninth inning to break a tic nnd give Ihe Cleveland Indians a 5 to 4 win over the Philadelphia Athletics. Joe Hev- Ing was the winning pllcher lot the Indians, and Joe Berry Ihe loser for Philadelphia. The St. Louis Browns won their tenth straight game—and their second In a row from New York. Denny Oaiehouse shut out the Yankees, 3 to 0. Ernie Bonliam lost his sixth game of the year for New York. Dizzy Trout won his 18th game beating Washington, 3 to 2 in 10 innings. The Detroit win pushed the Tigers ahead of the Yankees —putting them In third place in the American League, Trout allowed just, five hits and oiilduelcd John Niggcling, who lost his fifth of the year. In the National League . . . It took the Brooklyn Dodgers 10 Innings to do it, but they defeated the Chicago Cubs, 0 to 4, for their second straight win. Rube Melton, ono of three Dodger pitchers, was credited with the victory. Bill Nicholson and Andy Pafko hit home runs for Chicago. The New York Giants knocked nip Sewcll from Ihe mound but Pittsburgh won the game, 10 lo 4. Jack Brewer, Swede Hanson, Eivald Pyle, mid, finally, Ace Adams pitched for New York. Frank Column, with two home runs, led the 14-lilt Pirate attack. Bucky Walters tried for his seventeenth victory but lied Barrett of Boston allowed only two liils In beating Wallers and (ho Reds, 2 to 0. Barrett won his seventh game and Walters lost his sixth. Mort Cooper of St. Louis shut out the Philadelphia Phillies with just four hits in winning his fifteenth game of the year. The score was 2 to 0. Whltcy Kurowskl homered for the Cards. % BUCKET more Important the hula girls. It Is snld. It b In n sense, nnil I really tun busy I Especially on moonlight nights. You Imvc nskcd about the grass shacks and II we live In them, That's tourist baloney—there Just ain't none! The only ones In captivity arc those In (lie Bishop Musc- cm they hnvo down here and one up In a place called Mnnoa Valley when; Robert Louis Stevenson did Ills writing In liic wirly days. It Is very pretty as I saw It and In a truly tropcls! setting. I can well Imagine Robert swinging n mean n't really made of grass as 6j J. P. FRIEND SENDS LANGUAGE LESSON . .. You fans who would like to learn something about the language as spoken in Hawaii can get off lo a flying start by studying my most recent letter from Pvt. WDHtim (Mike) Webster. ' A veteran of some bitter fighting in the Pacific theater, "Mike" is now recovering from the strain of battle in a Hawaiian army hospital. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Webster and was employed by Fred Copelaud nt his Blythcvlllc Recreation Parlor before his enlistment about two years ago. Mike Is considered one of the better cue artists. Hawaii, U. S. A. 129 Sta. Hospital APO 03 S % PM San Francisco, Calif. July 27, 1944 Dear Mr. Friend, This letter I am about to write you includes all one has to know about the Hawaiian Islands so get set nice anj comfortable, because here Is that long newsy letter you have asked for time snd time again, and which I've always been too busy to write. Uncle Sam keeps us pretty busy keeping track of the Japs, you know, and then of course, you have heard of Hawaii being the home of beautiful flowers and beautiful hula girls but CHICKASAW West Main Near 21»i St S»t. rtarts iz;45; Bun. start* 1:*5 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opena 6:41 Continuous shows Sat. and Bun. how it is done. Th t ,,»,i.y c s >'« take long "I!" which I believe Is Ihc right word for II, shred tlicm Into narrow strips, then drape them somehow around the part where they shake the most, and then they go to work! T!mt Is one of (he reasons I came to Honolulu, nt Ihc governments expense. A large percentage of Honolulu's population is In uniform ns you may' already know, while for sailors, nnd khaki for Ihc soldiers, and how the boys who sllll wenr civics, lire envied when a good hot day rolls around, informal dress prcva'lls for all but service men, nloha shirts of wild colors and wilder designs, slack trousers, sandals or bare feet, no hats, no neckties, what a llfcl LEARNING SOME WORDS I'm beginning to speak a little Hawaiian. You have lo In self-defense here In Hawaii, we arc niRllhlnls (newcomers) unlll we are here long enough to become an old ilmcr or a feainainn. which simply means Icmper than the other fellow. The while people nre called hncles", Ihe Chinese "pake", Ha- wallans are "kanakas" and the Japanese nre "linpanl". (That Is when their back isn't, turned or In polite society). We're never done or finished we arc simply "pan" or to be more eniplmllc "nil pau". "f'lilkia" Is a word that many a overtime, It means "trouble" and liow some of these buck privates Including myself get Into pillkla. A hole In your sock is a "puka"; lo wear your lint at an angle is 10 wear it "knpnkiuu" and to have little under your hat Is to be pupule". Good Hawaiian whiskey and there is hardly any Is known as "eke". Don't worry I donl Indulge, coke is my hardest drink. We boys nre "kancs", and the girls we flirt with are known as "wn- hliics". Too much flirting means a "kelkl". Draw your own conclusions on that-one. Honolulu I, „ thriving modern city, up to dntc buildings, wide streets (somcplnccs), parks, churches, department stores, practically everything. Clvtc buildings compare with the finest but they nre tropical In style. Th e post Of- the mnll boxes open onto these innals. Churches are numerous, ranging through haole architecture to Clnese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino. Perlinps the most Interesting is colorful Kawnlnhae Church which holds services both In Hawaiian nnd English. Their choir Is wonderful, perhaps because the Hawnilnti.s Imve such melodious voices and because the language In which they slug is made up from an alphabet of only 12 letters, none having 1 liarsli sounds. A leading hamburger stand "Kim Kau Kcrncr" sport.-; n neon sign. •The Crossroads of the Pacific" and well names It Is. Haoles, Hawnllans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Fill- pines, Porto Rlcans nnd some of Ihc queerest mixtures nil live side by side and get along, nt least reasonably well. It's nothing unusual to find that a charming girl may describe her ancestral heritage as "Haole, Chinese, Hawaiian, Portuguese and 'part sailor'". In the business of passing through this •Crossroads" R few of the paths 'ctn to become n bit confused. SIGNS ARK ODD And speaking of signs, lliey hnvo some of the screwiest things one can look al. One cafe on Lal.ikuua A VC. rightfully claims "Through these nrotflls pass the best damn fighters in tM world". A Chinese toiler's window sign reads "Hook On—Taller". One local merchant Is named "Sing On Kcc" and he doesn't sell ukuleles. But, Y. K, Look is optemctrlst, We sure do feel closer lo the war here then back In the states because there Is evidence o»i every side. Air raid shelters and good ones, loo dol the parks,, schools and vacant lots. After a recent rain which filled some of the shelters, a local wit said "No fishing signs were replacing the "No smoking" ones. Barbed wire Is al) to plentiful, you can ask any enemy who might tr v to get through In a hurry. It forms ail Impenetrable and net exactly attractive barricade ilong the waterfronts and around the public buildings. Uut naliire and the true spirit of Hawaii do their bit to Ijelp beautify the ar- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER' NEWS my's bnrbcd handiwork. One day I saw a curly-haired, hronne skinned Hawaiian husky of about 15 years noticlinlcntly twisting bright red hibiscus blooms through the barbed wire until it quite resembled one of Hawaii's beautiful hibiscus hedges, Not to be outdone Nature really bcautltied one barricade with blue morning glories. An early morning trip past that spot is really an eye-opener, A thumbnail sketch of Honolulu reveals many Items of Interest. It takes some lime to get used to houses without chimneys. Rainbows —sometimes double and sometimes triple, arc seen on a rulny moonlit night, nrc not common, but are something when lho v do appear! The rain or liquid sunshine as it Is called Is tricky. It rains on one side of the street and not on the other, sort of n "now you see It now you don't affair. Payayas arc melons which grow on a tree In one cluster pear the lop. It Is something like a caiitcloupc. I don't care too much for It as It .hns a funny taste. Out on Ihc Pali road one can sec an upside down waterfall. Tlic water fall*; up. The name I Is Page Newton. A few farms still use water buffaloes. Rice Is bought in hundred pound .sacks Instead of one-pound packages like you do when you so into Die grocery store back home. How would it seem to iwy n hundred iwund sack home from the store. War has brought congestion to everything, we wait In line to shop, to, cat, to ride, to drink but 1 don't have to worry much about that, to see a movie, or what have you. It takes lots of men to win a war ami there certainly Is plenty of us down here. Stagfered hours have helped the transportation situation some. Sol Pluvius. n favorite Honolulu columnist says "Its not only crowded nt jilelil and four o'clock, It's crowded al| day now!" and he's flbotit right. NOT MUCH FISHING Those of us who thought we were coining over here for some good fishing surclc got fooled. Not even the Old-time Hawatlans, whose dlcls consisted largely of "fish and "Pel", get to do much fishing. The mahhnahk, the kihlkihls and even the humubuiminu Jmiukuapuaas nre Plentiful and will stay that wa? I for the duration Wo do have lots of genuine Hawaiian music and believe you me lie "canned" variety that wc used to get back home Is far from the real McCoy. It takes the perfection 0 Hawa an weather the profusion of Hawaiian flowers and the pale Hawaiian moon to to give It real «.U CoulcI be that thlfcomb.n™ ° n ^ «<t ,i or tllc ? e Islands their litle "Paradise of the Pacific" Could be, too, the same comblna- "°" 'f «'«• 0" the all too true epithet "Paradise of the Prolific" nnd I jo mean Prolific Hawaii is a beautiful place even w "is II bears the scars of Hiro- hltos andscaplng Job on December 1 what It will be after the war I tan hardly imagine. i' m sure it be different but Just between Bi'dmc, ttn not going to stick around to see, I'm coming back to ""<• «««1 oM home town and see you and everyone. Until then I FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1944 . Vols Win, Trail Leaders 2 Games Chicks Show Power I In Beating Pels, 20 to 2, Last Night By United Press Three games were played In the Southern Association last rjjght might as well enjoy life Hawaiian! fashion. I guess 1 told you everything thst has to be lold about- life here In Ihe Islands and hope' that you enjoy reading and learning how everything goes on around here. I'll close now, hoping to hear from you soon. Give my regards to Aloha Nul Lea! ! Webster. Friday and Saturday Double Feature 'NORTH OF LONE STAR' with Bill Elliott and "DESTINATION UNKNOWN" with William Gargan Serial: "Adventures of the Flying Cadcis" Comedy 1 Sunday and Monday "THE PALM BEACH STORY" with CUndclte Colbert and Joel McCrea i * Short, "March of America" '"> * Universal News THEATRE Manila, Ark. WKKK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 8—Show BUrts at 8:15. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Last Time Today "TARZAN'S DESERT MYSTERY" with Johnny Welsmnllcr, Nancy Kelly and Jolinnj- Sheffield PARAMOUNT NEWS & COMEDY Saturday "RANGE LAW" with Johnnj- Mack Brown Disney Comedy Chapter 4 "Three Musketeers" Saturday OWL SHOW NIGHT OF ADVENTURE with Tom Conway Selected Short Sunday & Monday "LADY TAKES A CHANCE" .With Jean Arthur, John Wayne RKO News—Comedy 'Hie Nashville Vols salvaged (lie lail-ctirt of a disastrous series with the Atlanta Crackers, winning, five to tsvo. qlic victory—the Vols' only one in the six same series — k'll Iliem two gumes behind the rirst- place Crackers. Al Tcplcr, Vol pltclier, struck out sixteen Cracker batters to chalk up Ills tenth win 01 the Beason. Meanwhile, Howard Fox ccmlcd lo libs seventeenth victory of tho .scnson, ns the Birmingham UaWis collected twenty lilts to defeat The Little Rock Travelers, 8 lo 2. And the Memphis Chicks displayed plenty of baiting power to come up with a 20 lo 3 win over the New Orleans Pclicnns. Tne teams begin new series today, with Atlanta at Mobile, Nashville at Quiltanooga, New Orleans at Birmingham, and Memphis at Little Hock. New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Time Today "OVERLAND MAIL ROBBERY' With BUI union Saturday 'BOSS OF RAWHIDE' With Have OTlricn Saturday OWL SHOW "NABONGA" With Busier Crabbe Sunday and Monday*^ "ALI BABA AND FORTY THIEVES" With Jon Hall ami Maria Montcj And sdll more fresh arrivals of DIXIE WEAVE SUITS Coofy Tailored by HART SCHAFFNER & MARX There are many days of torrid heat and humidity between now and the day you switch to your regular weight suit. Therefore it is only good judgement to give the tropical worsted suit you are wearing today a rest. . So step in here and step out with a crisp, new, all-wool, featherweight Dixie that is famed for fit, famed for style, famed for coolness, and holds its shape and press. A Mead . . Hart Schaffner & Marx exclusive. Open 7:30 Show Start* 7:45 Friday and Saturday 'South of the* Border' with Gene Aulry Serial: "Desert Hawk" Selected Shorts Saturday Midnight Show Girl in the Case with Edmund Lowe ant! Jjtnis Carter Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday 75 to MEAD'S f - TOMMY D1X ( i (NANCY WAIKER) } JUNE AllYSON | KENNY BOWERS\' ClOSIA D.tMVENi ,.- .. -. - L - -, JACK JORDAN _ ;3cl««ft Pfoy by living Brother and Ttt : U,U,t»fT. • ««l ty JoSn Cecil Hoi™ . Mu, ond lyml by Huot\ Motlin and RoliA Bla And Piodvna en Iht Stag* by Geoiaa A!>>u »•-—--• i, EOWAHO BU21EU ,-">' *">< i tmo ...-^-' - • Paramount News' Shorls

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