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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 82
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 82

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
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It's a Whale of a Meal, But a Bum Steer 3 4 What is the earliest date on which Easter can fall? The earliest date Is March 22nd. Easter fell on that date In 1761 and again in 1818, but it cannot occur again that early in this century. The latest date for Easter is April 25th. It fell on that date in 1943 and it will not do so again until the year 2038. The formula for figuring out when Easter occurs was decided in 325 A.D., by the first Council of Christian Churches meeting at Nicaea in Asia Minor.

The Council ruled that Easter would be the first Sunday following the 14th day of the Paschal Moon; and that is the Moon whose 14th day comes on or after March 2lst. Do animals spank their young like human parents do? Yes, parental spanking of the young is practically universal in the animal world. Among animals other than man it is usually the mother who spanks and she does it gently to train her babies. When an animal father spanks, he is likely to be cruel and to do it because he is jealous of his offspring for getting too much of the female animal's attention. What famous American battle started with snow balls? The Boston Massacre.

In the evening of March 5th, 1770, a lone English sentry on duty in Boston was pelted with snow balls by men and boys protesting the presence of British troops who were stationed in Boston to enforce the extremely unpopular British Trade Acts. The sentry yelled for help, and other British troops came running to his rescue. Soon a free-for-all flight was raging, and the British fired into the rioting crowd which had gathered. Three people were killed. This minor skirmish, which started with snow balls, became famous because it helped to touch off the American Revolutionary War.

Is whale meat edible? Yes. whale meat has a taste similar to that of beef; and it is used extensively as food in Japan, and in several European countries. One whale will furnish as much edible meat as 100 steers. Is professional football a rougher game today than it was ten years ago? No. it is less rough.

Don Paul, formerly with the Los Angeles Rams, says: "Pro football today is civilized compared to what it was ten years ago. In the mid-fifties Ed Sprinkle of the Chicago Bears was nicknamed 'the Claw because he would wrap his powerful left arm under a victim's chin and flip him like a hot cake." Y. A. Tittle says of "the Claw," "Playing the Bears of ten years ago was tricky. Quarterbacks would look with only one eye for receivers.

They kept the other eye on Sprinkle." Sprinkle was never penalized, but today a football player would be penalized by the referees. Do house plants grow faster if electric shines on them at night? Yes, even an ordinary electric light shining on plants at night increases their growth. And a sun lamp at a safe distance makes plants grow even faster. Experiments have also shown that lights which flick on and off make plants grow faster than lights which shine steadily on them. What makes an old piece of furniture an antique? The date it was made.

The Customs Department of the United States Treasury has ruled, that the year 1830 marks the line between old, secondhand furniture and antiques. Many antique dealers say otherwise, but the fact remains that only when a piece of furniture was made before 1830 can a piece costing more than $100 be brought into this country duty free. Is water harmful to opals? Very harmful. Opals are porous and should never be left in any liquid for more than a few minutes. Otherwise they will absorb some of the liquid and lose their beauty.

What kind of wood are baseball bats made of? Usually ash. The wood of the best bats must be strong and resilient; and years of trial and error in testing woods have shown that second growth ash trees from the northern side of a hill provide the very best wood for baseball bats. How fast does a volcano grow? Some prow very fast. Paricutin in Mexico was 25 feet tall at the end of the first day it was discovered Feb. 20, 1943.

It started with a puff of smoke in a field; and in six days it was 600 feet high and spou'ing a column of dust 20,000 feet up into the air. HERE'S HOWE By Pete Howe When is a person judged to be illiterate? When he cannot read and write in any language. The United Nations reports that 40 per cent of the entire world's population is still illiterate; and there are 20 countries in which over 90 per cent of the population can neither read nor write. In the United States today, we have over 3,000,000 citizens over 14 years of age who can neither read nor write although schools are available to them. How many letters are there in the Chinese alphabet? There is no Chese alphabet.

The Chinese language can be written, using about 36,000 different characters, but each character is a different word. What flower can predict rain? The morning glory, for one. Morning glories always close their blossoms before it rains, so when the flowers are open you can count on there being no rain for a while. Where is a person's skin the thinnest? On the eyelids. There, the human skin is usually only about one-fiftieth of an inch thick.

What Mickey Mouse cartoon has been the most popular? A cartoon called "The Band Concert" produced by the Walt Disney Studios about twenty years ago. In it. Mickey Mouse leads an orchestra playing the "William Tell Overture" during a hurricane. This cartoon is still requested more than any other Disney cartoon by both old and young alike. Sunday Crossword Puzzle 4, I 2 3 4 15 lb I 7 8" 10 IT" 13 I Il4 15" 16 17 18 19 71 22 7b 77 28 29 30 JT 77 33 134 3b 37 39 40 41 42 7T 44 45 46 47 4 49 50 51 52" 53 54 55 1 56 15 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 6b 6" 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 8" 82 83 84 85 86 JL 87 88 89 90 92 93 94 95 96 197 9" 99 loi 102 10 10 105 Jot" 107 "no TTi rnr nr rrr tti nr ns nr 121 122 123 animal of N.

Africa. DOWN 1 dancer. 2 Small interstices. 3 Agreeably stimulating. 4 French winter resort.

5 Son of Seth. 6 Armed scow. 7 Insignificant fellow: Slang. 8 Badger State: Abbr. 9 Conventional character.

10 deity: Egypt- Relig. 11 Repeating. 12 Food staple: Dial. 13 Celerity. 14 Pertinence.

15 German preposition. 16 Year during reign of Justinian 1: Rom. 17 Something extraordinarily pleasing: Slang. 18 Fuel gas. 19 Inclined.

28 Soprano Gluck. 30 Holidays: Hal. 33 Sec'y of U.S. Treasury (1913-1918). 36 Cult ceremony: 2 words.

37 Parts of golf courses. 39 Numerical suffix. 40 Noun suffix. 42 Invariably. 45 Fortune.

46 Boy's name. 48 Austerity: Var. 50 Boy's name. 52 Facial hair. 53 Vacation trip.

54 Songbook. 55 Wheel for polishing gems: Var 56 Pilots. 57 Folded over. 58 Confectionary. 60 Fish.

61 Authorizes. 64 Biblical name. 66 Operatic role. 68 Celebrated in verse. 69 Wager.

76 Old coin of Siam. 73 Utterly senseless behavior. 76 Irish potato: Slang. 78 Suffix: Abbr. 79 Settle again.

as a cloud, fog, 81 Expel. 83 Nonsense: Slang. 85 Bonds: Abbr. 88 Vessel. 89 Light vehicle.

90 Bring about deservedly. 92 Where Belfast is. 93 Important African mining area. 94 Occurred in). 95 Counsel.

96 Book of the Bible. 97 U.S. author (1832-1888). 98 Torts. 100 African lake.

103 Amerind. 104 Others: Span. 107 Bread. 109 Car. 110 Cucumber.

113 Cheer. 115 Skylark: 2 words. 117 Neck: French. By J. R.

Dwyer ACROSS 1 Telegraph key. 7 no runs, one error: 2 words. 14 Club. 20 Poetic name for Elizabeth I. 21 Listening device.

22 Lay monastery dweller. 23 Ahab's ship. 24 Music lover. 25 Japanese professional. 26 Gehrig.

27 Hunt 29 Marijuana cigarette. 31 River into the Vistula. 32 Ancient kingdom near Babylonia. 34 Jungfrau. 35 Forest 2 words.

37 Fowler or Kelly. 38 Holy place. 40 Gardens. 41 Marked. 43 Bristles.

44 Classify. 46 Name. 47 German article. 49 Wording. 50 Optic.

51 Noted lawyer. 55 Mediterranean port. 59 Bear. 61 Small finch. 62 Interjection: Ital.

63 Hem in. 65 Bulgarian coin. 66 Flowering herb. 67 Support. 68 Things which can happen.

71 Hebrew liquid measure. 72 Disrespectful. 74 Snare. 75 Girl's name. 76 Arizona city 77 Branch railroad.

78 Woodland deity. 80 Rodgers score. 82 all: 2 words. 83 Interrogatory exclamation. 84 Girl's name.

86 Big Calif. 87 vitriol: 2 words. 89 Swindle. 91 Ear. 95 Napoleon's birthplace.

98 Coops. 99 Cattle disease. 101 Punctually. 102 Clemenceau. 104 Kid jazzman.

105 Abominable Snowman. 106 28) volts direct current: Abbr. 107 Medicament. 108 Doze. Ill Palmas.

J12 Philippine headhunted 114 Relatively unskilled. 116 Geometric term. 118 Liquid hydrocarbon. 119 Comb form meaning old age. 120 Marine animal.

121 Book of the Bible. 122 Unidos. 123 Sheep-like (See Solution in Classified Section) 4-F Sunday, Fel. 9, 1969 The Shreveport Times.

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