The Town Talk from Alexandria, Louisiana on June 1, 1939 · Page 9
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The Town Talk from Alexandria, Louisiana · Page 9

Alexandria, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1939
Page 9
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3 nJ H;: i viatnx uets Keaay lor i our as sieruvai . . f ALEXANDRIA DAILY TOWNJ TALK, ALEXANDRIA. LA . THIIPAV JUNE 1, omanFlierQuitSun- Rathina for " Safety ne ANGELES, June l.-(By LBf Bemardine King whipped 'P: 7nty little biplane through v rnZ maneuvers today and -just about ready" Li she was J".. ,,, a "Um a iive-i - 01) a" King, recognized by fliers 13 f ".inn aer "flip-1 Mis , ,,'s greatest Bwu,"hati,. oilot. is the wiinine flu, . Mnnth decided fffiwTn the in. f!. nf safety. Twice' she was Tt in motor difficulties and uu?fi have bailed out, but could souls " r u.-ncn't nronerlv "because Hressea- W D ,.inriJpnrv land , last actiuri.u 4 ......-v. ... - ne.' ..bin first nroner- haT eicu ""'r LnH a broken femdaged finger, still and a I. ... . .... A stunt filter IS one wno juai nn ana jrwAts a js UP ; j Mtss Kin2. "hut r. .... o,:icp find has a a i out in -- - i.n nf nerformance. It's fi dangerous work, but it's not flying " . , , , , She'll fly uPlde down' do loops M rolls and one-wheel takeoits id landings- She'll pick up i-ndkerchiefs with a wing-tip and he'll smoke-write in the sky. sh' the nation's only woman isv.writer.) One of the few to do her own ,.i ...-b- h fall, slender, dark est u,- : , ; . . . iaired flier put her rcd-white-ud-blue open-cockpit, single-er through its toughest paces k,n for government inspectors ltd her own satisfaction, it's almost a new plane, re-ranbled from the one I cracked a:d only if I test it myself can .'(ally get tne -ieei or n." BLl'SHIVC HERO COLUMBIA, S. C. June 1. !By A. P.) Bruce Harris is a Ming hero who says his ears rill be red for a long time. The isiith leaped into a Jake and win swiftly to the rescue of two toys struggling to get to a boat, iivards from the bank. He haul- dtHem into the boat as a crowd 'ttlkted. Then Harris suddenly Miei h had on no clothes. MAVERICK SAYS HE WON'T SEEK NEW OFFICES Takes Time to Discuss 1940 Presidential Race ' p- TIT iVllSTFR MAX. Vnn aniinl W to let so-called "spring fever" to you down ... or r you down! 'iii Tonic may be just the "lift" Kneed this Shrin In maU mini look bell'cr. itn that tired-loMnwn lake hold and you slow-down wrwork and thinking as the day UN OH, U is Well In rfmfmlr PJ red-blood-cells may have been 'wum numocr and irrntih "hit CaUlM lllil I-linnnA strain nf nd sickness often reduce one's m strength. Jwtoumiy rebuild this strength by 'Until WUr WnnH , I ?.. .ul i,Zl inrSa,w trouble, with the -'.j.j. ionic. lt ."" tne appetite hr (oods taste better... natural rupees are stimnlatwl. 9nH fir,.i. 'TF euh of more value interesting booklet rce "c!'t!?,dadrirc"on P0" "rd to SAN ANTONIO, Tex., June J. (By A. . P.) Maury Maverick stepped in as leader of San Antonio's stormy city government today, denying he was using the mayor's office for toehold on a climb back to Washington, but he took time out to discuss 1940 presidential possibilities. Maverick unseated C. K. Quin who led the campaign that gave Paul J. Kilday victory over him in the last congressional election. I haven't any intention of running for anything," the new chief executive laid. "I'm going to work to be the best mayor in the United States and I'm going to be active in state ana local politics." On the subject of Vice President Garner's presidential possibilities ne Doomed: "In times of distress people develop a grandfather's complex. In 1857 they elected Buchanan, who was 65 years old, because he was a man non-committal on the subject of slavery. He was elected as a Northern Democrat from Pennsylvania and the Southern Democrats supported him. The same thing is happening today. They want to put up a conservatice Southern Democrat with h Vinnoc of getting the conservative vote of me norm, it would result in the same distress. "I don't mean ther uIU V civil war, but it would result in chaos anct coniusion to elect a man who has taken no stand, No president has ever been elected in his seventies," The announcement of Senator Arthur Vandenberg (R., Mich.) that he would run for reelection if not pressed into the presidential campaign brought from Maverick: "We could beat Vandenberg easier than anyone else I know." Maverick already has stuck his finger into state polities. He went to Austin to fiffht i San a tonio civil service bill he didn't like and stirred up a brief word war with a hometown legislator. Pat Dwyer derided Maverick for getting into the mayor's office with less than a majority (there were six candidates) and said Maverick didn't represent the whole city by a long shot. the mildest portion of Maury's rejoinder was: "I haven't anything to say except that I got elected by a big plurality and Mr. Dwyer represents nobody but the race horse interests . . The chances are that even in the hot summer just ahead things will be popping politically in old San Antonio. . Advertising is "the salt of the earth in business. Will King, Greet All Members of U. S. Congress? WASHINGTON, June l.(By A. P.) Freshmen Congressmen were worrying over a mathematical problem today will the King and Queen of England havetime to greet all the 531 members of Congress in the 45 minutes they will spend at the capitol? If their majesties, following a rigid time schedule, have to leave before all the Senators and Representatives Brc ni-PsentoH 4 them, it will be the new members, last ' in line, who may miss out on the greeting. Senator Pittman (D-Nev) said the arrangements committee had been so disturbed by this possi bility that it had decided not to permit former Senators and former Congressmen to join in the line. Just how fast the King (md Queen can greet the lawmakers is the puzzler. If they offer their hands, it probably will take longer than if the Senators and Representatives merely bow on presentation. White House attaches;, who are good at that sort of thing, estimate that the President and Mrs. Roosevelt dispose nf about J5 handshakers a minute at their receptions, Jf the royal visitors greet 12 a minute, everything will be fine. During the World war the average number of letters censored in a day by the British was 375,517. Ride a bus to Dodson 917 German Jews Denied Entrance to Cuba HAVANA, Cuba, June I. (By A. P.) Police in launches and aboard the German liner Saint Luis kept close guard today at the request of the captain who feared a series of suicide attempts among 917 German Jewish passengers denied entrance to Cuba. The passenger refugees were to start back to Germany this afternoon, unless a last minute decision permitted their immigration here. The ship's representative was instructed to deliver a memorandum signed by women and chil- 1939 dren aboard the Saint Luis to the wife of President Federico Laredo Bru, requesting her aid in seeking permission for all to land. One refugee slashed his wrists and jumped overboard Tuesday. He was rescued, but Captain Gus-tav Schrocder informed authorities -he feared a "collective suicide pact" was being considered and declared that a "state of mutiny" might result if he were forced to take the Jews back to Germany, They were refused permission to land when they could not show Cuban consular visas, passports arid Cuban labor department permits. They carried only provisional permits of the immigration department to land as travelers enroute to the United States where they hoped to gain admission later. PAGE NINE MAN HALF DRUNK" FINED FLORENCE, S. C. June 1. fBy A. P.) "I fine you $11," said the city recorder ' to the man charged with drunkenness. "Say, judge, you can't do that tfl me. I was only half as drunk cs I was last week when yon only lined me $6." "The fine stands. A man good and drunk if often less a nuisance to society than a man half drunk." . 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It was noticeable in aDartment huiMinne and upper floors of houses. a snock in Okmulgee, of sufficient intensity in rati ! xj i Jows, was reported to have lasted ten minutes. Mnskiw uy.a Holdenville also fHt th miaL- A Holdenville nol 1C Krffpnnt csit It shoved his desk about six inches. The last tremor in Oklahoma was in September, 1938, when Missouri. Arkansas and Tinnic also recorded light shocks. HONOFFE OF LELAND COLLEGE Amone those rprivlns Hirrc of doctor of divinitv at th an nual commeneempnt nf T 1anrl college, the most outstanding col-lored Baptist institution, was the Rev. W. M. Grimble, who is pastor Of a WPll-knnun rnt-rH church in Alexandria, as well as the president of the Progressive Association, president of the L. H. A. F. M. B. Convention and Corresponding secretary of the National Baptist Convention, (colored), of America. Foot Choice of patterns! 6-foot widths! Ideal for kitchen, bath or sun rooms! Save at Sears! 3 PIECES BEDROOM SUITE 1 $39,95 Values! 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BRAME, Principal Telephone 709 Tube ALEXANDRIA, LA. PHONE 16 1122 THIRD ST. Repair ff Q I K I TS j

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