The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 10
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FACE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNK G, 1047 Hank Wallace Sees Sinister Moves Ahead RALEIGH, N. C., June 6. (UP) '—««nrj- A.'Wallace today declared the resignation of Spruille Bradeh •4 assistant secretary of state was •nether Indication "Dial we arc getting ready to co-operate with •uy reactionary country in the world which Is opposed :to Uus- 65»" iThe former vice-president said : he "knew too much about it" to comment further on what effect the Bradcn resignation would have on 1 South American relations. Wallace brought his natlomviite speaking ton r.of opposition to President Trlmian's foreign policy into the South will a full day's schedle in north Carolina. ' 'He told reporters he will nut support president Trunmu for another term, but* "I can't imagine myself supporting a Republican." •Wallace gave his usual brush off to third party talk and insisted he iras "doing everything I can lo make the Democratic party a liberal party. "When the DcmocraU become a war. party, -I shall no longer be a Democrat." i The . former cabinet member fired as secretary of commerce by the President for his row with Jesse Jones, said" he did not plan any prc-convcntion opposition lo Mr. Truman'? renominatioii but tltat if the election -were held to- ilay he could not work for the i?resident's reelection. Terpening's Mother Overcome Read Courier News Want Ads. ' J Mrs. Alfred Arnold, left, mother of Oliver Ti'iprnnii,', jr, confessed slnycr of four children, nnc! Mrs. Unnsikl Tcrpci'-ina aru omca;\i? wli'Jii Ihcf meet in l.apecr, Mvh. Mrs. Terpeniui; is tlie wife of Oliver's Imlf-brollier, Uannlcl. (NE.\ Telcphoto.) 1'owerfnl TJiou/;h l>ihitetl , One p:\rt of mnslurtl yjis in M,- COO.ODD rinrls of tiir is siiilinieut to make any person n gas casually from eye inlhmnnnUon v>'ithin a few hours. Mi'km Supplier Water There is no pcrmunptil \vuler supply during the dry season i'l Darfur, .Afiica, sa natives vnluc the watermelon for its llili'st- cincncliina qualities. Flour-Making By Explosion Given Trials KANSAS CITY, Mo., (UP)—The Midwest Research Institutj Is planning a $100,000 |>ilot plant, to make commercial scale tests of it s new limcess for exploding cerial grains into flour by compressed air. Harold Vagtborg, president ot llic orfjiinlxallon, called the pro-/ cess one which has "possibilities or revolutionizing the milling industry to the advantage of both the miller and the consumer." Vagluorg said the significance of the experiments was in the fact that preferential separation of the component parts of the grain thus can be obtained. Ho said wheat flour can be made free of the uenn, .something exceedingly -STfficull under conventional milling standards, f Two Years of Tests "We have, reached the slapj;," he said, "where we shall need a large- ."Ciilc pilot plant at the institute to make commercial tests. We are proposing to invest $50,000 in equipment a»d $r.0,000 In personnel and supplies to cany out the tests for two years." lie said plans had been drawn for a continuous process plant. with a series of explosive dlssoci- alers for cycling and segregation processes between each so that the finished product will l)e ilour and by-products, or merely scparalei? parts of Hie grain, wheat, oats, sor- gliuins and other cereal grains will be used. WATEEL FARNHAM TUB STORYi T -wnn off In tlir 'rii i- y »(I-IIM tlr*t en 1*1 « to Father vsroi* thnt In n tlMc Mr*. TolHvor iiml ln- daBjchter* hnd nlremly iir »le»tr of food tor K»*"ii>. k«4 rented the liift CU '' bo«Be next to oiirx, iil every owe knew tHi-Ir fl Wrre llmllpd. 'J'lic- iivi. yi KlrlB — FJtirn and were hcnulIrN und npi-nly itink- IMK n play for the nvo \vfll-1n- - A» and mlddlr-n^. ,i lKiirhHor»: ftann and »Nim Fc-ilii-w. I IYJIX konc on vacatiiiK whim Flora •U>|fed vvllh younc Holt I-'iu- Meran, who WHK K"<>tl~ I nuking fc«t only Hittklnic ¥-- u \\tM-k. For a ^vhilc they ^vcru hnmiy. :, "tfccM PJorn'H exlrnvnKiiHcc xtnrl- '"'.«* ' » BfrK-H of iiunrrels. "\\'lirti vrar broke uut Irt the Hiinitnvr tit 1»14, Rob rnlUtfd In the Cciim- ;dlam »rn«y. l-'lurn MIICI! (nr itl- • VoTce. She wn* vlniiliitt in rvtw , Jerney «t the time. . • - * * * : 1 .; XII JT.. was in' March, I think, that Flora tame home and immediately rushed over to sec me. She was as pretty as ever, as gay and affectionate as ever. She told me With a -little sigh that she would have her divorce in a month. "It will be such a relief to have ft settled," I remember she said. ; "Do you ever hear from Bob? 1 j asked. '' Tlora flushed, as I thought 5Why ask such a ques ttriii?"'sfii parried: [t "No reason. I just wondered." f "Poor Bobby," Flora said softb •He is such a child. 1 feel so tcr ribly sorry }or him." And talka pf something else. :• About a week later sli« came ir to rny room so early one mornin ;that I was still in bed. After firs ; pledging me to secrecy she askc | If I would lend her a few dollars :She said she needed it dreadful i but she did not dare ask her moth ier or Amy; already she had pu itherr. in enormous expense. I saic to be very wise and bus icss-like, that 1 thought she ought tell me what she wanted the loney for. "I thought you could guess! . . . want to go to Huffalo to see Bob. [c's got leave, and he won't conic ome. Not, of course, that I could ce him here." "You are certain you want to ce him, yiora clear?" 'H'.n not that I want lo—I've ur.t got to. lie thinks he will be rclcrcd overseas soon. 1C I don't ec him before lie goes I may, never cc him. Darling Louise, you will, - ou will?" Siiid of course I would lend ier the. money. Flora made me by covering my hand with riisses. She said no girl had 'ever lad a friend like me. We cried ogc'iher. * * * DON'T know what excuse Flora made or what she told her nothor and sisters, but she was away for three days. No one in Olscgo but Flora and me knew hat she had been with her lins- i:md. When she came home she .old me that Bob was well, that lie oolcccl divine in his uniform, that .hey had stayed at the Iroquoii Hotel and danced every night unti one o'clock. She said that neither ic nor nob would ever forge what I had done Tor them and (ha Bob would repay me in a fev weeks. Ho did, too. A month later we heard througl Mrs. Finncran that Bob w.ns ii England. Mrs. Finncran was ex trcmcly bitter about it. She im plied that Flora had sent Bob tc his death. A day or two aflcr the new came I said to Flora: "Surely yox arc not going on with th: wretched divorce?" "But I have to, Louise darling. Flora's face and lone were strickei "The divorce has cost such a ter rible lot. I can't bad; down nov It wouldn't be fair to Mother o to Amy or Annabcllc. They ha\ given so much to help me." "How about being fair to Bull nd yourself? After all, you am till married to Bob." 'It doesn't matter about me, m not much good. And poor obhy shouldn't have gone off that :iy without telling me. Bob knows- in not strong and brave like j'ou nd Sister, lie shouldn't have gone way, . . ." I thought T had never seen any- ling as pitiful as Flora's pinched ttle face with thn dark shadows nder her blue eyes. I hugged er, petted her, tried in every way o convince her that she owed moro 0 her husband than her mother. might have saved my breath, 'lorn was certain that Bob would ever come back. The divorce went through on chcdule. t t t N less than a month Father come -*- home and threw the evening iapcr on my lap. "Did you know about this?" he skcd. I read: "Mr. and Mrs. Justin Varrcn Tollivor announce the engagement of their daughter Flora- ln Finnernu to Mr. Samuel Hart •"orbes. The wedding will tiike ilncc at an early date." 'No, 1 never dreamed . . . but t can't be true. Flora wouldn't . . can't marry Cousin Sam." "Why not? Anyway, she's gong to marry him. I rode home with Sam. He's only hitting the gh spots." "But 1 don't understand. Flora would have told inc. There musl a mistake." As soon as I could I made an excuse to get away to my room, lesl my face betray me and Father pry my secret out of me—the secret 1 had promised Flora only yesterday on my Bible that I would never, never tell. Flora was going to have a baby —Bob's baby. She had been lo a ninglianiton doctor, and he had told her so. Not even her mother knew, nor Amy nor Annabelle. Atid certainly not Cousin Sam. I read Che announcement over and over. . . . "The wedding will take place at an early date." How could Flora marry Cousin Sam?. .(To Be Continued). .;/: Concrcie slabs used in road- huikling today average eight inches thick. nmmmrn RADIO REPAIRS I AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OB MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAH Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Bales and Service IOC South First St. Today's free MGM Record Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BFTTNER HILL WILSON PPEftRftNCE IS MftMMIX itl THE >ESERT.' XN6 PURCHASED A AMD VOL) CAW B6 \TS XCLOSW& CHAUFFEUR.' VIHW- BecAME OF THW RES- fVl( -" " <fe'^ RSll^G SMILcS T& \W S«OL£-L)P FEETS/ GOT : PASSED AWAV \AllF A&& -«-ALL L GOT LET^ 1 19 Trt 1 CAP.' 15 YOU 6OT GAS DOESN'T WANT TO LOSE MOMEV OM TWS30B=- -_ -.VL: MAV\SP HIM BULLCT--NOT CU7. HE'S SECO.MP TO 1H' BULL. OUT CU7- IF OH. NOT THAT BAC?-BUT THE.V SEMT TO AUSTRALIA ONCE. AN 1 WHEM ASKED IF TH' OCEAM W'\S ROUGH. HES»MP. WHAT OCEAM" ALL BU&MESS HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. is pleased lu announce that Mr. Richard Holt has joined our stiil'C as carpenter and maintenance man. Call us to <!o that job you can't do or don't ivimt to do. Telephone 2801 Rend Courier News Want, Ads. corn. 1M7 8* NE» StRVICE, IM. T. M. RrC. I). 3. PAT. OFF. fe-6 "You'll hiive to excuse me if I seem a little nervous today— I have an appointment with my own dentist this evening'." FUli'CKLES & HIS FRIENDS ME1UULL BLOS3ER It's a Plague SMITHS' !HOUSE? I I'LL COME RIGHT OVER..' FINE ! Ire HUSH i TIME WE DEW WITH THIS SITUATION / L DOM'T MEAN To BE AM O(.p FO6EY, BUT THIS GABBIMG HABIT/' IS 6£TrifJG- OUf OF HAND/ '" ITS MORE A HABIT- ITS A , DISEASE! River Sqnd and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H. Webb Phone /! 4 Radio Repair Let our college t mined experts ku'J|> • your radio working willi guaranteed , serviee . . . no job too iltle or too bi}{! Speuiiil- sis in clumgo-ovw i'roni to electric set. Musical Instrumental* Supplies and Kepaii'H . . . Special orders handled promptly. Gift Goods — Office Supplies — Variety Items Call SI I J. Me 11 Brooks Jr. 107 E. Main St. BEN WHITE & SONS MAIN -NORTH TENTH HUH? UM HUH---UMH-- UNH-— VEAH-NATCH / CALL ir TELEPHONE SQUATITIS T)\ £-£ RFC. li-'S PAT .OFT CHAMBLIN Incl Sales STUDEBAKER Service Cars and trucks of outstanding quality and ocrmomy. Ktudebakcr builds cars and trucks that can take it. ASK the man that OWNS one! Summer heat is tough on cars und trucks—lei our skilled mechanic handle your car when in need of attention—Promptly and expertly! Factory-Approved Methods arc employed" for all service and repair work—Complete Truck Repairs M;ide Any Model. i:XI>I-:UT I'AINTING AN1> BODY WORK Complete Line of SUiilclinkcr Parts, Seal Covers, Fii:; Lights, Electric Clocks, muiipcr Guards, Truck Kclkctor Fl.irrs, ISallcrics, Tires and Tubes. We Buy Good Late Model Cars! CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Your SUulcfoaker Dcalnr "First by Far With n Postwar Car" Bill Clurrnl)lin HR & Ash St Lex Chaml)lin Phono 2195 WASH TURKS Wash Up, Folks RY Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopleQut Our Way By J. R. Williams _ THOUGHT MOUB DAD VtlE K6SS& GETS t:!IK VAS DOWM HEee TO \FECk\ HIS OMtt St»GET WVi\V FEOf.V BU5WESS JPftSSlOM IM UFE- TO FOE. k FEW CMS, PM^Xsat SOXf: WJD M AP 1 . W«6N HE'S OUT OF NEW SOKX. ttE'S EITHER. PHOVUNG BY V. T. HAMLIN FLINT COM'T IET THAT PHONE C4U BOTHER \l WO TOO MUCH. BUT. FIGHTERS HAVE ,»TO EXPECT SCREWY THINGS LIKE / I THO(T. THE &UY WAS PROftABW A CRANK. C]_ojinic Is Culdiinsr On 3ut 1 wasn't Tight. 1 was dead wrong «Y i\IICHAHl, O'MAM.llY ami RALPH LANK YOU KNOW WH.M 1 MEAN, 8ABV. Mt'S SOOD lOOliln: YOUfiE ^SV(ElL CS5VI-- MAY6E THE 6UV MADE A PASS Al VOt'. llf'S /•>• -T^VvAV^^-^^* fei^teS BOOTS AND JHER BUDDIES There He (Joes BY EDGAR MAKTIS ViUT OUR MCT li'btD TO Tt\_V- JAO TrtOT f\ VmotK. OM THS HtftO WeVPtO TO ROUSED <Xf TrtS COKWt\?=>, CftUStO •SV.t \f V«l OM U\<5 HtftO j- ----- '

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