The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1949
Page 3
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^TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1949 Preserving War Surplus Big Job Army Depots 'Con' Serviceable Remains Of Much Equipment By Ktnr 3. Cappon AP Newsftatures CHAK1BERSBURO, Pa.—If like a Western European general staff you were shopping for war merchandise 5-ou could start with a visit lo this tranquil Pennsylvania Dutch countryside. Sprawling between rich farmland «nd the tree-clad Blue Ridge mountains, the Army's LeUcrkenny Ordnance Depot here gaet about the business of preserving and rejuvenating a huge pile of military goods /The visitor finds a self-sufficient IB sl!lte of 22 ' 000 ac >' cs . preoccui- P 1 * 1 with a persistent .struggle against persistent foes—lime and weather. Storing quantities of military reserve stock returned from war use and maintaining it in the best possible condition U the joh of col Robert Daniels, commandant of the Depot which also supplies Eastern army posts, . Vehicle* Fill Fields .Most impressive at first sight are entire fields crowded with thousands of combat vehicles—tanks halftracks, armored and scout cars' jeeps and trucks. Some are spick and span. Others, fewer in number «re rust-eaten and battered. Preservatives cover the most sensitive parts. Throughout the United States, an army spokesman said. 39,000,000 square feet of land is used for such open storage. LeUerkenny, employing 5,000 civilians, Is one of [he big ones among 80 or so depots which store surplus military equipment. Defense Secretary Louis Johnson has told Congress that some of that material will go to North Atlantic; pact members on approval of the European arms aid program. But a spokesman in Washington said most of the stuff poured back from the battle fronts at the war's end and placed in reserve is "not service- ible." In the serviceable category at! Wtter-kenny is much of the equip- «ft.t at the tank farm, a system rfeembling the Navy's mothball fleet. About 300 containers encase entire tanks, jeeps, trucks, and amphibious "weasels." Unspecified equipment slumbers, embalmed in nil and preservatives, in the dehumidified air of the tank farm. Shells Stored In "Igloos" Ammunition is stored in "igloos," concrete molehills that dot a large area. There are more than 800 of these carefully scattered to minimize effects of a possible explosion. Signs reminding personnel that, "Death is so permanent" add a trim note of caution. Besides storing ammunition, the oepot conducts a big salvaging project in which thousands of obsolete bombs and shells are (aken apart. The TNT Is preserved. The cases go for scrap. Television has been adapted as a safety measure hi this process of "demilitarizing" ammunition, while « mechanical device slowly unscrews the base plate of a bomb or shell— with the danger of friction touching off a blast—a television camera Is focused on it. From a distance, and behind barricades of concrete, earth, and steel, workers watch the process on a television screen. AI. Daniels' domain has Its own polfce and fire departments, about 150 miles of roads, 60 miles of railroad track, 35 warehouses, machine and repair shops, garages, farms and farm houses—even a 200-year- old box-shaped chun-h. BLTTHiisVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Birth of a Smile Polio Is Serious Business Police Checking On Youth after Suicide Attempt LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Sept. 13- W—Detectives are checking the story of an Akron, o., youth whose troubles ied to an attempt at suicide in the Little Rock city jail yesterday. The prisoner, Cecil Smith, 20 who was arrested along with a 16-year- old girl, identified as Delores'Sar- Rceno. also of Akron, and charged w i t li contributory delinquency slashed his wrist with a razor blade Oificcrs provided first aid in time to save his life. Detectives L. w. Biggs and R. E. Brians said Smith told them he was married and the father of two children but that he had fallen in love with Delores and had run away with her last Thursday. Smith was quoated as saying Delores also was married and the mother of a daughter. The girl was turned over to juvenile authorities. After his wrisl wound had been doctored. Smith told police he would try to take his own life again "if I get a good chance." Time-Talk Tames Time BERLIN. Gcrmanv (API — A newspaper in the American Zone reported the Esslingen city council Must Just a yd,,. HMK I , _ Liule Diana Sue Corse is typical of thousands stricken „,, ,, 0 |, o , hl5 year. Recovering nicely at a ho.spKai ,„ CBpc Git . nl . (lcal Mo „, Sue was aided by (lie .oca! chapic, of th, Nailon;,!-j-oundat'ion <or inlantlle Paralysis. Polio treatment is expensive. Devour! the hiiclRcl- aoihty of most families, so the majonty dcpcllrt on (ma|lc;ial as ~ e JioHUlie fund created by the annual March ol Dime,,. Denu,,, (ls oi Uns year's of Happiness unprecedented polio epidemic have drained this fund dry To as sure adequate care and continued lament for curr[mt e , 5cs t])e elation I., couductinn a nationwide poho emergency turn! drive contributions may bo mailed to "POLIO," care of any u 5. 1-ost Olilce It's Hi PUf.BRIGHT TO SPEAK—U S Sen. J. w. Fulbrlght or FaycUcville' will address a four-state public re-1 lations conference to be lield in' Memphis October 3 and 4, it was i announced this week. | He has been scheduled as the principal speaker at the first Mid- Smuh Public Relations Institute which will be attended bv represen- lalives of industry, business, agri- MHture, education and government 11 om Arkansas. Alabama, Tennessee ar >d Mississippi. IS MAKING IT THI NO. 1 COFFEE IN THE MIDDLE WEST TUT T- Scientist* Study Effect Of Tropics on Worships SINGAPORE (AP> - Scientists are at work on experiments at the l^ing Edward VII College of Medicine to determine whether warships in Far Eastern Waters should •tropicalized" to suit climatic conditions. Surgeon Commander F P Ellis who heads Hie unit, explained the' work: "The Admiralty was interested in climatic problems durin<. the war. when reports for warships In tropical waters suggested that seventy of the heat between decks was hkely to interfere with the fighting efficiency of the fleet, if it was involved in prolonged action with the enemy." Naval ratings volunteered to undergo the tests under which actual conditions aboard certain compartments of warships are simulated held a lengthy session, addin»- "Again the question was discussed why the city hall clock had stopped. Opinions were widely divergent " Mexico and Italy Plan Added 'Barter' Deals MEXICO CITY _l/p,_ Mcxk .n would be glad to trade more eoortb with luily. She might, even Hike small complete industries from Italy, machinery, materials and workers idib tjie knoiv-hOK-. , One of tiicse barter deals—Mexi- . can sugar for Italian rayon yarn— ! lias successfully concluded, it was [ for a value of "several million I dollars." Both sides were satisfied but the deal will not be renewed Mexico now produces all the rayon she I needs and Italy has found a cheap- jcr place to buy sugar. | Barter deals are not as wasy , to arrange as they seem. Two coun- i tries must first find products they can export and which (lie other needs. Then they have to agree on trie value of these goods for trading purposes. . nt, and it will help create more happy smiles. Livestock Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS III Sept. 13. MV-<USDA>—Hogs 10500'' ; Heights 180 Ins up opened US to 50 1 lowr than yesterday's average- few ! later 50 lo 75 off: "lighter weights j and sows steady off 25 lower; bulk Rood and choice 200-250 Ibs •>'> 25 | 50; lop 22.50: .some later sales down to 22.00: odd tols 2GO-OTO Ibs '015- j 22.25: 180-190 Ibs 21.25-22.00; 140- I 170 Ibs 19.25-21.01): few 2!'>5- 100[130 Ib pigs scarce at 1625-1875| Mod sows 100 Ibs down 18.50-2000-' ] largely in.75 down e:avier weights 151)0-18.25; stags 11.50-14.00' 'few H.50. Cattle 5,500: calves 1,000- rehi- i tncly little sold early but generally ! asking higher; some early steer deals strong to 25 higher including choice medium weights at 29.75; few good heifers and mixed yearlings a5.00-27.50: cows strong; common and medium beef cows 14 25-15 "5- odd head good to 16.00; canncrs and cutters 11.00-14.00. j Ancient Trees Planted I Along Western Coast , BERKLEY. Calif. _M',_ Thous- I amis of .seeds of.a tree once sup| |io.«ecl to have boon extinct for 20 million years have been planted on the west const. The tree is tile Dawn Redwood. Many fossi] specimens of the tree have hcen found in the West. II is thought It is the ance.slor of the modern California Redwoods. Lust your Dr. nnlph w. Chancy went tn chiiili and found the Dawn Redwood growing there. He brought | back rmir seedlings and thousands of seeds. 1" a trip up ajid down the coast Read Courier News Want Ads 'his year Chaiiey planted many of Ihe seeds in ureas where the same ^ 12 Fliers Escape Death in Crash Crew Parachute* To Safety from Flaming Superfort , Ap) SAN JOSE, Calif,, Sfj •Their H-29 swept by-flames, iz Air oice fliers parachuted to wfet. yesterday, seconds before The hugj Suncrrorlre« cra.,h<«l and burned? The plane was on a routine fliitht from Falrfleld-SiiUun Ai? Ftoro. lo|i 15 miles northeast of San Jo»e! U. Mclburn J. Jones, 38, Chlcazo co-pilot, suffered a minor back R Jury. He wns the o ,,| y ca-suatty. I he crew members Included Wav- isator U. William Carpenter, Jr, 24. Columbia, Mo. When the plane hit, o nB report said, It bounced a quarter of a mile and exploded, other reports said th. me ship seemed to explode Just before impact. Burning wreckage was spread ov«r an area of about two square milt* It .ilarted fires which blackened ser- erul acres of brush and trees. The parachutists, showing up rt> various ranchers' home* through, ...v, t i,,,.. „;,„„; out the recoil, were rouinlcd up and type ol tree grew millions of years returned to Fairfield-Sulsln. °8°- It was the first parachute Jump for all hands. Antiseptic' Ointment Soothe: SKIN IRRITATION? For holpJiil anliiap.ic *nd medicinal ai - eKleiniJIy camed «kin iiiilalton* lh< Ich, such it letior, lash, iimplo linrjworr "neii ot eczema, us« (jidyi Oinlmenl t cled. Medicated lo cling longw (o more Ihoiounhly relieving itching. BIG TIRE SALE! «!>« DISTRICT SALESMAN WANTED The l ihe ,ld«« "* b l,r, M | music !,„„« ,„ ,,, e », ld . Solllh '" '" r "" r - v ldja « nl lo »« *•"»• O. H. HOUCK PIANO CO, Music Headquarters Sine* 1883 121 Union Av«. Mempnis TRAIL BLAZER Wards low-priced qualify lirs r.ow cul-priced) "Cold rubber" coded for longer wear; Every ounce firsl quality ma- leriofs lo provide ,-sol jofet/l No safer low-priced tirs mads I WARDS RIVERSIDE Mot only made of first qval- ity motericls bul if's firsl quoJih/ in tread depth and v.'idfn — cross-ssctron ajid i i z s. N r o w i/r. n r o v e d v^i (h 'coJd rubbe;." Cornpnre Riverside on!/ \vftn besl first- line tires! RIVERSIDE DELUXE Wards PREMIUM QUALITY lire that's belter than firsl- Ifna Hresl Now, longer v/eor- hg than ever becouss ii'j mode with "co'd rubber" to p'vft ex'ra mUecg*. Gef txiry sovingi on Deluxe now I CHECK WARDS LOW TUBE PRICES! "" 4.75/5.00-19 Sl . 3.23/3.30.17....^.^ 6.00-16 4,50-15 4.25/6.50-14... 7.00- U... THAU. KAZIft* \ 9.53 »-95 1.61 } 1 85 mvttsiDi* 10.43 ».93 U.75 MLUXt* $11.43 U.JS OEtUXt TUBE $1.10 1.97 1.33 2.33 1.65 Ixtr* TIRES MOUNTED FREE_$J.50 WKKIY BUYS FOUR TIRES ON TfRMS 30.55 22.63 You Are Cordially Invited to Become a Member of DREIFUS' Sterling Silver Club So That You May Own Sterling Table Silver for only 50< a week for each 6-piece place letting » Make your selection from nur vast array of silicr patterns—all of which are open slock. • You may slart wilh one or any number of plate seMiriRS. A slanilnrd six-piece place seltln? cnnsisls of one each: knife, fork, teaspoon budcr spreader, .salad fork and cream soup Hpnon. Or you may have place sellings (o meet your own p;trliciilar rtt|iiirenients. '• Kiir each six-piece nnil yon select, you pay as III lie as 5l)c a ucck for each. There is no cai-rynij,' charge. • Vim receive a .•\le)tihers!tp Card which Hlcnlifics you as being enlilled (o receive credit under our Sterling Silver Club I'lan—and makes .subsequent payments and purchases easy and convenient. 3 30.55 Priced Per Place Setting Federal Tax Included No Extra Charge for Credit nREIFI S

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