The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1951
Page 9
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THtTRSDAY, OCTOBER 1.1, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Tht World Today: Changing Rule No. 22— PAGE NINE House Is About Done with Its Work, But Senate's Cioture Rule Lingers Grandmothers Have Their Day As National Club Idea Booms WASHINGTON, Get 11. ^'j By JAMKS MARM)W Hou.w of Representatives is just about done with lt.s year's work. Not the Senate. The reason; 'the senators not only like to talk, but can, almost without limit. The talk- Ing slows thPin down, And the senators are so jealous of thplr right to keep talking thai they have through the years marie By T11AV1S \\AJ.S1I i Brown said. "Then I asked If there CINCINNATI, Oct. 11. <,]•,. A j wore any others present, and a irhisnn woman whose pranripar- lot of them stuck up (heir hands cuts died before she was born sun t- ;;mci yelled." ed an oruani/alLori Hint, is lifiina I so a Rroup of grandmothers be- !.enalor Lehman. New York Demo- .support, if any. lor their views many a erandmothrr out ot ihp'uau mcrtliiR for breakfast nt the [•rat-Liberal, and Is sponsored by before clnlure was attempted. rocking chair. H.V-PW conventions. " ' ' ~ ' Senator Morse's propreal would Mrs. Marie K. Brown, 64, of i "in 1037 the Associated Press txink weekly meeting of the club in Hotel Noble yesterday. Guests at yesterday's meeting days In the court named in the cap-] ptf. were A. O. Brlckoy and Herbert \ Reed. tlnn hereof and answer (he com-1 plaint, ol the plaintiff, Frankle E. H. O. Parties. Attorney Ad Lilem. 104-H-18-2S Shipper), both of Oweola, Harry Allen of Bast St, Units, III., and P. D. Foster of Blytheville. thc^e other Democrats: Brnton anrt Me M ahon < Conn i . M urrn y i Mont i , Magnuson, iWashi, N T eely and Kil- ore i\v V;u, Douglas ill]'. Hum- end a tililmster If a majority of [Centra! Lake. Miclv. recalled a picture of us. Hundreds of grand- majority had so voted, no sena- Ithai rules which make It difficult, and j some measure considered an emer- ! before they can ever get Rule 22 ' terview sometimes impossible, for anyone tojgency instead of the 64 out of the [changed, they must make a motioi those present voted for that. Once lit began as she sat down with more mothers saw it and wrot« us about 4n^ women today for the nu- it.' 1 convention of the National | That did It. one hour on the measure under i Federation of Grandmother Clubs' Thr national federation founded discussion. ' jot America. j n IMS with an clubs, now has 12!! But all this is still In the talk- ! "I always envied people »• 11 li with more than 10,000 grandmothers in? stage, off the Senate floor. But grandmothers," she said in an in- enrolled. phrey <Mmnt. Green and pastoreUor could then talk for more thaninual iRIi. This is what they propose by way of wiping out Rule No. 22: I. In case of a filibuster against shut them up. That's why when one of them, or a group of them, wants to keep the majority from artine on something, he Just goes into a filibuster which means he can talk til! he drops unless the others really want to stop htm. For example: almost all rtccijions of the Senat* are by majority vote. But In 1349 if the Senate wanted to stop a filibusterer It could do so only If two-thirds of those presenter! voted to do so. This Is called clolure. But in 1949 the Southern Democrats filibustered against a Civil Right* bill. They won out. They won somcthirjK else, too: the Ken- t makine if. i filibuster 196 senators, as under Rule N T o. 22— two-thirds of the senators nn the floor at the time could invoke cloture after the filibuster had lasted two days. 2. On a non-emergency measure the filibuster could be stopped but not until 15 days after it .started— by a simple majority vot^ of those senators on the floor. Why the Delay? Why the 15-riay delay? Senator Lehman said It would allow the titibtisterers time in which to appeal to public sentiment and arouse to change the rule. WARNING ORDKR In lh« Chancery Court, Chick a- nawh.i District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Frankie E, Herd, I'tf. vs. No, 11,832 Ear! Reed, Dft. The defendant, Karl Reed. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty Members wear pins with a metal In 1M4. a year alter Mrs, Brown'.; bar for each grandchild. Mrs. first grandchild was Iran, she went Brown said one member at. the I And that's where a filibuster ran' 10 lhp Michigan convention of the convention had 33. start and. apparently, go on end- : Business and Professional Women','.: "Look over there." she said lessly since Bulf, No^ 22 says there j Clubs. "I threw out my chesi and . pointing across a downtown hotel can be no cloture on any talk • qa " ! r was a grandmother." Mrs lobby. "Don't they Inok happy." against chancing the rule. This presents a neat dilemma for Lehman and Morse am! their friends or anyone else whn wants j to change the rule, if they ever make the motion, the fireworks will start. COTTON BOLL Dated this 27 day of September. 1951. Harvey Morris, clerk By Anlla Bytes. D.C. Percy A. Wright. Attorney for RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. But don't look for any attempt In this direction before the Lethargia Crew 'Would Murder Before They'd Woo on the Raft' Ann comes back next January. ate changed Its rules more difficult to stop than ever before. 64 Must Now Vote The new rme vnich the Senate Rpproved In !949, known as Rule No. 22. still stands. Whereas in 1949 cloture could be invoked by a vote of only two-thirds of those present, now there can't be picture unless 64 of the 96 senators vote for It. But. since It was the Senate Itself *-n1ch made this rule, can't the Senate Itself at any time change the rule and make it easier to invoke cloture? That's where a special gimmick in No. 22 comes in. The rules says: while fi4 of the 96 senators can shut off debate on wme bill before the Senate, or some | motion to taring up the bill, there tan be no cloture at all on any motion to change the nile Itself. So, tf tomorrow a senator got Up and proposed chancing the rule, the same Southern Democrats who won In 1949 could get up and filibuster against the proposal and the Senate has no machinery to stop them. H»g!Ts^r>na Are Tarled Birt now a group of senators all Democrats with one exception, Senator Morse. Oregon Republican— havfl gUEgested that Rule No. 22 ^w changed to make It easier to. invoke cioture. They've made vari- ottf suggestion*. The one getting th« most attention at the moment was offered by Huge Radar Network Is Installed To Protect U.S. and Canadians SYRACUSE. N. Y., Oct. 11. I/Pi- |"pos(.s" in a radar fence for the A network or Ihe largest radar |U. S. and Canada, the announce- VICKSBUKO, Miss., Oct. 11. i,l>,~ , Mnry Ellin McCrady. of Senate After BS days of crannied livinK on I Arbor. Mich., whn Ihouclil up the |a tiny r:ift a couple pairs of yc.mi» idea, said her mother objected too i unmarried people apree "life on this jMnry Ellin, a 24-year-old eradualc raft is not conducive to romance; jot the University of Michigan, is we're more apt lo resort to murder." line skipper. | The two men and twr. women said : Tl >e trip was originally billed as | today that a Int of eyebrows have a sociological experiment in close- systems ever prodticed has been installed hy the Air Force to guard the United against air States and attack, the Canada Genera] Electric Company disclosed today. The company said that it had men( said. GE did not reveal (he cost of the systems and said the locations and total number of "posts" were secret. The company said In a statement been raised over their I .fKIQ-mile _trip from New Kensington. Pa., do™ the Allegheny. Ohio and Mis- Rivcrs to New Orleans. Their 12X20 raft, mounted on u' cahjn qiiartcr living. Later Mary Ellin sairi it was just for fun, The two girls sleep in double- necked hunks one one side of the the two men sleep in , oil drums, is topped by a cabin i<luoble-d«lc bunks about three feet 8X8 feet. A smv.1 inboard motor j awa 5' ° n " w oth " slne ' propels One the raft, the Lcthargia. 1 ~ of the rrew, Geralclme Masonic Boys' Home filled the Air Force order for the [that an estimated 400 men were radar systems and that they were [ required to operate each Installa- the most complete yet to be turn- lion on a 24-hour basi: ed out. The installations are the' major and that each system could intercept several raids simultaneously. 'Twisted Hands' Case to End Happily Playgrounds for the Kiddies Show Starte 7:00 p.m. Thursday & Friday Also Carloon St Foot ball Short MOX Phon« 4fi21 Show SCarts Weekdays 7:00 Sal.-Sun. 1:00 LOS ANGELES. Oct. II. IIP) — j Marshall Morgan's "new hands" ave opened the door to freedom. Morgan Is the onetime baseball qucnt offender. Surgery mended Morcan'.^ hands and hi.s disponiUon. Morpan wa.^ granted probation on the check charges apainst him, who turned to lorgery when I only to learn that he was still want*. disease knarleri and twisted not >nly his hands but his outlook on ife. In Bakersficld, Calif. Those charges were dropped, too, yesterday. And Just to frost the cake, Mor- A few months ago. Dr. Marcus Crahan, county jail physician, gan already has been offered two ound a way to rehabilitate the fre- Jobs. Garcia, a 24-year-old commercial artist at a Boston department slon>. said her mother objected very strenuously and lolrl her she "didn't know what she was dome" Later' Mawmc Hnme (or Bo - vs '" Omaha. she cave her consent telling her' N ';'' lr ' "' ils shown »«""Jers of the daughter "maybe this will get all RI V'heville Kiwanis club at the the travol out of your system." ; film Shown Kiwanis A film depicting life at the i.\Tasonic Home for S^.' on North Hiway Phone 3570 COMING THURSDAY & FRIDAY Kolier'l \\'alkcr Rulli Hiirnaii 'STRANGERS ON A TRAIN" Plus C'arfoon — Ki<ls Free Guest Movie Ticket N'iles Men, Women! Old at When Torturing PILES Make You FEES. OLD: Afi ^60' CiCt ?6D »«. Wh, Do,,or, Ar r= mo .. Pll. W > JU J UU ' UCl fC P Haipllal Uio Thli Formula I huy that "comfort rf/-s. Dr>n't Feel Years Younger, Full of Vim everywhere— In IVoorij Dru^. tt*! o!<1? Try oitrfi lo led ccppy. yi ,M all (Inn; store; niythirllic. at Klrliy Thiirsdn\ Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Cnnimunily Cenler" MANILA, ARK. M.iliiiers Pal. & Sun. I'hnne 5S Thursday 'BANDIT QUEEN'; Barbara HrlUon Wlllard Marshall Also NYwH A- Shorts Friday 'LITTLE TOUGH GUYS" with The Dead End Kids Saturday 'NEVADA' Roller! iMildium Also Cartoon & Serial "DEVIL'S DOORWAY" Hnlierl Taylor Marshall Thompson Frid.-u- 'Kentucky' l.orolla Young Hichard Greene Saturday "SNAKE RIVER DESPERADOES" Charles Slarrcft B.F Goodrich • BUV NOW AHD SAVE ANNIVERSARY SALE C«lftfcf«i4nf fo Ftrtl Annivwtory of rh« n*w f«m«iM Yeungttawn K'rtcheni Jet-Tow* Dlchwathtrl TAKE YOUR CHOICE for a limited Hie wily Always a Double Feature Thursday & Friday Official Chirapionship Fijht Films I you buy Q new JET-TO VE!> DISHWASHER •Not ImiillM. Sliihslv hi;' r in iht «Vj(. • 'Where -MC nol c-:nira^ (o turrem locjl orilininrei 01 tuie Uwv Come in soon ... See the Youngstown Kitchens ELECTRIC SINK Features famous Jet -Tower DUhn-a«hingl Fifty-eight jets of piping-lint, hooMcr- Iiratecl walrr flirnr of! all foorl soil in lc?s 10 minutr.:. Vitrorons, lop-lo- Violtom Flflrci HriiOi Ac! inn. yofitflilowji KMir.t fotyi Waif* Di'^citr tarty "ttafiJ TWO MODEL*: Tf-.^-.r^w-Li; Kh tD sij'!lc.!.; ; -v-,k Youngstown Kitchens Food Waste Disposer Banishes garbage forever. The YoungMown Kilclicns Foo<l \Ynslc Disposer lets yon keep your kitchen clean as you po, ami it 1= 3 ways hcsl: Sell- o SeH-revefsing cdicti rnecm **• lo.ijer lile. SPECIAL LOW PKICfl A Genuine B. F. Goodrich BATTERY BUY HOW FULLY GUARANTEED SEE THESE OUTSTANDING VALUES TODAY! Coleman Heater .......39.95 Automatic Popcorn Popper 6.45 GE Electric Heater 7.95 GE Grill, Waffle Iron .... 21.95 Automatic Percolator 10.95 Dormyer Mixer 14.95 Get Greater Stopping Traction- More Pulling Power With B.F. 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