News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida on February 23, 1982 · Page 60
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News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida · Page 60

Fort Myers, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1982
Page 60
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80 Fort Myers News-Press, Tuesday, February 23, 1982 Movies today. Information on timet and movlei It ' supplied by the theatert and it tublect ' to change. Movies are listed alphabet-, Ically. "ABSENCK OF MALICE" (PO) Co-. lonlal I, Colonial Boulevard, Fort My- ert; 7:05, 9:20. Phone: 939-1288. Itland Cinema, Itland Shopping Center, San-ibel Itland; 7, 9. Phone: 472-1701. ; Lehigh Cinema, Homettead Road, Lehigh Acret; 7:15. Phone: 369-486. .' "ARTHUR" (R) McGregor IV, .' Boulevard Shopping Center, Fort My-; ert; 7, 9. Phone: 334-0044. 1 "CANNERY ROW" (PO) - Cinema I, . South Trail Shopping Center, Fort Myert; 7, 9:20. Phone: 936-4040. "DRAGON ON FIRE" (R) - McGregor III, McGregor Boulevard Shopping Plaza, Fort Myers; 7:25, 9:10. Phone: 334-0044. "GHOST STORY" (R) - Ceattland II, Coattland Center, North Tamlaml Trail, Naplet; 7, 9. Phone: 261-1000. Harbor Cinema, Punta Gorda; 7, 9. Phone: 639-2011. "HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP" (R) Northtlde Drive-In II, North Tamlaml Trail, North Fort Myert; 9:15. Phone: 995-2254. "KUNG FU MASTERS" R) Arcade cinema II, Downtown Fort Myert; 7, 9. Phone: 332-2739. "NEIGHBORS" (PG) Southllde Drive-In, South Tamlaml Trail, South Fort Myert; 7:30. Phone: 481-0775. Ursula Andress reports marriage plans in works with father of her toddler HOLLYWOOD Harry Hamlin and Ursula Andress are making wedding plans. " The 46-year-old actress has arrived In Hollywood from Europe with their 2 -year-old son, who, says Hamlin, "has reached the age where he needs a full-time father. Until now, Ursula and I have commuted as often as we could, but now Dlmltri's welfare demands more than that And If all works out as we plan, we will be getting married before long and raising our son in the United States." The handsome 30-year-old star of Fox' "Making Love" movie reports be and Ursula probably would have wed long before this, "but it was a matter of timing. We were both busy, and I have never fancied the idea of rushing Into a government office and getting married In 1 0 minutes' time." Hamlin now does have some time on his hands. "Making Love" has led to some lovely film offers, he reports, "but nothing is finalized yet, and I know I won't be before the cameras for a while." For now, he says, he's concentrating on being a full-time father to Dimitri. Director Robert Altman is planning to hang around Broadway for a while regardless of the longevity of his "Come Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean," which opened last week to mixed reviews. His next Broadway project: "Now You See It," a murder mystery starring Jack Palance and written by science-fiction author and screenwriter Richard Matheson. ' If "Jimmy Dean" has drawn less than an overwhelming response, Altman, at least, Is a big hit with Cher, Karen Black, Sandy Dennis and the rest of the cast, who reportedly adore him and are acting like groupies. That's nothing new. Altman often has that effect on his performers. Carol Burnett said about Altman when she was filming "The Wedding," "Working with him isn't like work at all; It's like going to summer camp." Madison Avenue quarters report we can expect Frank Sinatra to be taking over for Cary Grant as ambassador of good will for Faberge. The fragrance firm may not want to send 01' Blue Eyes to Australia where be has caused one of his bigger stinks. Ryan O'Neal might have the last laugh after all. He had been so furious when son Griffin was not cast In the 1979 "The Champ," that he backed out of bis commitment to star in the film. Well, Griffin, who's now 16, was finally signed last year to make his film debut In Francis Coppola's "The Escape Artist" and word escaping from Hollywood's inner circles has it that young O'Neal is spectacular In the picture. Gregory and Maurice Hlnes are being paged to star In a TV-movle version of "Stormy Weather," the feature in which Lena Home made history in 1943. And the brothers Hlnes are also weighing an offer to headline a big-screen production on the life of the Nicholas Brothers. Meanwhile, the Hineses continue to pack 'em into "Sophisticated Ladles" (Gregory now headlining the Los Angeles production of the musical, Maurice taking over for him on Broadway). Gene Kelly said that thus far he has caught the show eight times, here and there. Cable News Network talk show host Lee Leonard arrived on schedule at ABC to tape an Interview with Lynda Carter during a break in production of her "Takln' It to the Street" special. As things evolved, be had to end up literally taking to the street outside the Hollywood studio to record Lynda for his cameras. It ttl Floyd Theatres fturnup ft Sunt Company f NORTHSIPtjJ 7i30 -It- US 41 x em m jjm SHARKY'S MACHINE ond OUUAND RWOttTHSIDt II J tAUT MD MS-7M 5C THE BEAST WITHIN plus HUMANOIDS fROM THE DEEP SOUTHSIPt ) inside frsS HOLLYWOOD (fe S MARILYN VCjJ BECK Vft seems Lee felt that because his is a news show, he could show up with a non-union crew. The union representative on the set didn't agree and asked him to leave. If you don't appreciate slapstick, you might not appreciate Blake Edwards' "Victor-Victoria." But if you do, chances are you'll be as impressed with the Julie Andrews movie as much of the press-screening crowds have been. And reaction to the U.A.-MGM flick has been so strong in some quarters that IS magazines are rushing out profiles and layouts on Julie, convinced the comedy will wipe away the memory of last year's tacky "S.O.B." and mark her return to big-time glory. Margaret Truman is not expected to have an easy time enticing a movie company to buy the rights to her "Murder in the Supreme Court" mystery novel. FUJIYAMA Steak House of Japan FOUR STAR DINING Recently received the highest rating from Jean LeBoeuf of the FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESS. We offer the fineet seafood, steaks and chicken, all prepared expressly for you at your table. DINNER 5:00 P.M.-10:30P.M. MOK.-SUN. 2555 North Tamiami Trail Naples 261-4332 $ 2.50 SUPER SPECIAL MONDAY ... TUESDAY THEATRES I nrrm M00( CO PIUI . THE BEAST WITHIN (R) 7119-V: 19 IQHOI all I 3 SWAMP THING (PG) 7:00-9:00 THE BORDER CANNERY ROW (PG) 7rOO-9i20 SHOOT THE MOON (R) 7i03-9i30 "NIGHT CROSSING" (PO) - North I, Grand Union Shopping Confer, North Fort Myert; 7, 9:15. Phone: 997-9999. Beach Cinema. 7000 Estero Blvd., Fort Myert Beach; 7:10, 9:20. Phone: 463-5525. Gulfgate Theater I, Gulf gate Plaza, Naplet; 7: IS, 9:15. Phone: 774-4660. "ON GOLDEN POND" (PG) Coattland Twin I, Coattland Center, North Tamlaml trail, Naplet; 7:15, 9:30. Phone: 261-1000. Cape Coral I, S.E. 47th St., Cape Coral; 7, 9:15. Phone: 542-0391. Promenade! Twin I, 130 Tamlaml Trail NW. Port Charlotte; 7, 9. Phone: 629-2200. "OUTLAND" (R) - Northtlde Drlve- In I, North Tamlaml Trail, North Fort Myert; 9:30. Phone: 995-2254. "PRIVATE LESSONS" (R) - North II, Grand Union Shopping Center, North Fort Myert; 7:20, 9:10. Phone: 997-9999. "RAGTIME" (PG) McGregor I, Boulevard Shopping Center, Fort Myert; 7:30. Phone:334-0044. "RAIDERS OP THE LOST ARK" (PG) colonial III, Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myert; 7:05, 9:15. Phone: 939-1288. "REDS" (PG) Cape Coral II, 1629 SE 47th St., Cape Coral; 7:15. Phone: 542-0391. "SHARKY'S MACHINE" (R) -Northtlde Drive-In II, North Tamlaml Trail, North Fort Myert; 7:30. Phone: 995-2254. "SHOOT THE MOON" (R) Cinema II, South Trail Shopping Center, Fort Myert; 7:05, 9:30. Phone: 936-4040. "STRIPES" (PG) Southllde Drive-in, South Tamlaml Trail, South Fort Myert; 9. Phone: 481-0775. "SWAMP THING" (PG - Mall Twin I, Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myert; 7, 9. Phone: 936-4732. North III, Grand Union Shopping Center, North Fort Myert; 7:0, 9. Phone: 997-9999. "SWEET SUSIE" (R) - Arcade Cinema I, Downtown Fort Myert; 7, 9. Phone: 332-2739. "TAPS" (R - Colonial II, Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myert; 7, 9:20. Phone: 939-1288. Kon-Tlkl Theater, Goodlette Road, Naplet; 7, 9:30. Phone: 261-8306. Promenadet Twin II, 130 Tamiami Trail NW, Port Charlotte; 7, 9. Phone: 629-2200. "THE BEAST WITHIN" (R) Plaza, Plaza Shopping Center,- Fort Myert; 7:15, 9:15. Phone: 936-1116. Northtlde Drive-In II, North Tamlaml Trail, North Fort Myert; 7:30. Phone: 995-2254. "THE BORDER" (R - Mall Twin II, Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myert; 7:10, 9:20. Phone: 936-4732. Gulfgate Theater II, Gulfgate Plaza, Naplet; 7:30, 9:30. Phone: 774-4660. "THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN" (R) McGregor II, Boulevard Shopping Center, Fort Myert; 7, 9:20. Phone: 334-0044. f FURT MYERS ANTIQUES SHOW AND SALE 2nd ANNUAL "Exhibits From Thtoughout the United Steles" ' Fd. a Sat. 1 p.m. 16 p.m. Sunday 1 p a lo p.m. February 26-27-28 1982 Admlttlon $2.00 Entfra Show ALL EXHIBITS FOR SALE LEE CIVIC ARENA (EXHIBITION BLDG.) Bay-shore Rd., N. Ft. Myers "Nia Show with mforitr a qutlllf" CHAPMAN SHOWS P.O. Box 70 BalCaa. N.C. 28710 Phona 704 2S 261 - B03 851 327 ON GOLDEN POND (PG) 7:00-9:13 ABSENCE Or MALICE (PO) TAPS (PG) 7:00-9:20 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (PG) MJWW NIGHT CROSSING (PG) 7rOO-V!13 PRIVATE LESSONS (R) 7i2O-9il0 SWAMP THING (PG) 7i10-9'OO 111 0014 RAGTIME (PG) 7:30 FRENCH LT'S WOMAN (R) DRAGON ON FIRE (R) 6i30-8: 10-9:30 ARTHUR (PG) 7iOO-9iOO Irtt5 Yon owe yon rscl F t lie experience Ironmaster STEAKHOUSE&UHJNGE I VeeKeer droVi ne wiUialltliiii. This half Lb. steak also inchtdes baked potatoT'Gran Boards or the original Caesar SMad and sangria or soda. 8814 S. Timiimi Trail ( Hwy 41, one block N!f College Pkwy ) Dinner Mon thur Sit from S, Sunday from 4:30 AMEXVISAMCDIN-CLUB FAMILY DAYS! PUT THE BITE ON US... AGAIN! Three pieces of delicious golden Famous Recipe hned Chicken, moshed potatoes and grqvy, creamy cole slaw and two biscuits ... a complete meal) 2 CHICKEN DINNER (Our Reg. 2.75) TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY 1 1 a.m. to 9 p.m. 4409 Del Prado Blvd. (across from 7-11) 549-5640 .mmm Mtetim mm I A JOYOUS CELEBRATION OF LIFE! I HERE'S WHAT THE CRITICS SAY- "I bless 'Godspell' and love it. Chapter, Verse and Score. A celebration. Intelligent, imaginative and indeed a blessing. A delight for the entire family." - Newhouse Newspapers "St. Matthew's Gospel grooves in 'Godspell.' This is a loving show. Spirited and sprinkled with wry humor. The music and lyrics are excellent. Go and enjoy yourself." - Brooks Atkinson, N. Y. Daily News MAKE RESERVATIONS NOWI 0 1 imJ TODAY'S SPECIAL LADIES' CUT PRIME RIB Includes: Baked Potato or French Fries & Cole Slaw, plus our Famous Banana Bread Unmicarfd ladl$ tram Champagne 9 P.M.-2 H.M. 5 "-iUiJ i 1 :W 111 U ft -fl 'Km 1 yj I II lll-i ffn i r - Three gbod reasons, youHl lie "niad about Granchs. And mad about our prices, too! Whether you Ye hungry for bre;ikfast, luneh or dinner, theyYe all good reasons to he mad about Grandy's delicious home-style cookin'. Ycju'II be mad about Grandy's friendly service and down -home prices, too. Country Breakfast $1.89 2 scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, .biscuits and gravy. Country Fried Steak Dinner $2.39 Served with creamy skillet gravy, mashed potatoes, coleslaw or baked beans and 2 fluffy butler yeast rolls. Combo Chicken Dinner .' $2.29 2 Pieces of Grandy's Chicken. Served with creamy- skillet gravy, mashed potatoes, baked beans or cole slaw and a butter yeast roll. 2-PIECE CHICKEN DINNER '1 .991 (rtgular prltu $2.39) j Includes 2 Extra Big Pieces of Grandy's Crispy Southern' Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Skillet! oravy, tour cnoice or Beans or ioie olaw and a Fresh Baked Butter Yeast Roll. (With coupon only.) I Special Offer Expires: Tuesday, March 1 6, 1 982. J 2-PIECE CHICKEN DINNER 199 (rtgular prlc $2.29) Includes 2 Extra Big Pieces of Grandy's Crispy Southern ' Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Skillet ! Gravy, Your choice of Beans or Cole Slaw and a Fresh I Baked Butter Yeast Roll. (With coupon only.) Special Offer Expires: Tuesday, March 16, 1982. YOU'LL BE MAD ABOUT GRANDY'S m mja n k a a 3630 Palm Baach Blvd. InsraiaY 1 Block lt of Tarry Park IT-Jiai J In Inat fart Mvara .1 am.tOP'JII 7:30 It- Itfflii I ass. .1 Olna In Drlva thru Carry out Ut ! South 4t1.07rs NEIGHBORS $ lie STRIPES 1.00 Pll NIGHT CROSSING 7i 10-9:20 (PQ) "TtTTTTlTTn rri 7 T.T I n M T-T.'tTTTTTTJ I

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