Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas on July 28, 1987 · Page 14
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Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas · Page 14

Longview, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1987
Page 14
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4-b Horoscope TUESDAY, July 28, 1887, Longview Morning Journal By JEANE DIXON Universal Press Syndicate Tuesday, July 28, 1987 YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Instead of changing your whole lifestyle, make some new friends. A mistake can be turned into a wonderful learning experience if you keep your equilibrium. Negotiate for what you want. Trying Crossword to bully higher-ups or co-workers would be a mistake. Use your considerable powers of persuasion! A romance takes you in a new direction. CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DATE: pitcher Vida Blue, Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey, San Diego Padres outfielder Carmelo Martinez, former first lady ACROSS 1 Make known 5 Dispute 9 Greek isle 14 Blue pigment 15 French girl 16 Meat cut 17 Premed subj. 18 Bird sound 19 Moses' kin 20 Cretan king 22 Ontario city 24 Arrangements 26 Fish 27 Asian money 29 Humorist George 30 Stabilize 33 Restore - citizenship 37 Confront 38 Proverb 39 Three: pref. 40 Patronage 41 Rent 42 Adlai E. and Robert L. 44 Broke fast 45 Holy one: abbr. 46 Door sign 47 Secluded 49 Trunks 53 General's orderly 57 Dame 58 Misjudgment 59 Bathsheba's spouse 61 Hindu philosophy 62 - of robins..." . 63 Firewater 64 Actor Jack 65 Thomas E. 66 Gorge 67 Confute DOWN 1 Girders 2 1980 hit musical 3 Smiling 4 Suite 5 After Aug. 6 Young cadet 7 Nimble 8 Remedial 9 Art item 10 To the rear 11 Moslem 12 off: TV choice 13 Convey 21 Thwart 23 Swelling 25 Patriotic gp. 28 Park pests 30 Kind of palm 31 Ireland 32 Hardy girl 33 avis 34 Revise 35 Overlay PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED gr a YrfA s to sl y S.H RA L EJ IG O OTP P I N TIP a i dsLJru dhe attar s s itjliL N OlN jj T JRO NMA PIE RIC H E D F FjT FI ' I" "1h I ST R A G"EnsiMjU A TL A" SOD E C OTrJa T.0 Ft i Q.P ROH I V E SETS ONG JL E.1MJJE A. RD OC 6 P Sjl t"' ' Tt A LCOM rTllRlEID PIAlR S "TOIL IjtlO N f ALIKE LDJEflNijDJE C UTER NOJAjlLliM a m1a1sTsUgr i IdUbTeTdis 36 "To be" part 37 Tore down 40 Charged particle 42 Puncture 43 Outer: abbr. 45 Dressy 47 Revolted 48 cotta 50 Garment 51 Instrument 52 Wrinkled 53 Inactive 54 French river 55 Developed 56 Disorder 60 Mellow 1. Sheep for wimpy shepherds (1) 2. Drinks for actress Albright (2) BY TRICKY RICKY KANE Every answer is a rhyming pair of words (like FAT CAT and DOUBLE TROUBLE), and they will fit in the letter squares. The number after the definition tells you how many 3. "Bandleader Ray, meet Lonesome George" (2) syllables in each word. To win u 4. Ethical flowering shrub? (2) 5. Sticky candy with roasted bean flavor (2) n $10, send your original rhymes with your definitions to this newspaper. All entries become the property of UFS, INC. (?) 1987 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 6. Sid's or Julius's come-ons (2) 7. Ban against snails entering port (3) II Thanks and $10 to Madge Rice of Chicago, IL for 7. Send your entry to this newspaper. 7-28-87 0DHV8W3 lODHVaSJ L SH3SV3I SUVS3V3 9 333301 333300 S 13UnVT 1VHOW 13H00 31H0N t SV103 SVIOT 7 SdH3H S0.H3N I SH3MSNV D E N N I S T H E M E N A C E Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, band leader Peter Duchin, actress Sally Struthers, singer Rudy Vallee, comedian Joe E. Brown, producer David Brown. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Property values rise. You have much to do before this day is over. Business trends are changing rapidly. A relationship cculd be very intense this evening. Move quickly to cement an alliance. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Put out the fire before a domestic quarrel gets out of hand. Concentration is the key to greater success in the workplace. Be "bold! Big rewards await those who reach for them. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Learn to live with the delays you encounter on the way to your most coveted goals. Knowing how to handle people is more important than having a lot of cash on hand. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Make a break with someone who casts a shadow over everything you do. Although true love never runs smooth, this is one relationship you can do without. Be true to your ideals. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Losing weight should be easier now. Ignore the remarks of a jealous col-league. Do not worry about public recognition; go for the money! Prestige will follow. Give romance more time to develop. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You will need a brainy partner to make a complicated venture work. Indecision could be your downfall. Timing is everything when expanding a business or forming a partnership. Wait for a vhile. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Your friendships will be more meaningful if you seek quality rather than quantity. Long-distance phone calls will be appreciated and could bring new business or clients. Consolidate recent gains. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 2): Your powers of concentration are at a peak today. A good time to clear away clutter, answer letters and catch up on bookkeeping chores. A last-minute invitation gives you a lucky SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Take care of first things first. Consult lawyers before signing documents or contracts. You need to study the fine print with special care. Romance moves in a more positive direction. Be affectionate. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Keep your wits about you. Opjl tunities to advance your career arise. Get ready to grab the brass ring! Distant affairs begin to look more promising. Get in touch with a longtime ally. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Devote as much time as possible to creative projects. Such ventures could prove highly lucrative if they give you a second income. Influential people at a distance do you a special favor. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Go all out to make money now. Make your work a top priority. One way to economize is to perform more home services for yourself. Take pride in being self-reliant. . People 1 2 3 p I 15 6 7 8 19 10 11 12 13 . 77 '" Is Z Ti 20 ' 21 22 23 24 ' 25 ""I 26 27 2T- !""""! 29 r" ! 30 37" 32 33 34 35 36 '137 , J 38 39 40 44 'mm 45 """"" 46 ; a u 47 - 48 - 5Q 51 i52 53 54 55 ' 56 H"" 57 58 """ 59 60 61 62 63 64 . . 1 New James Bond wins libel lawsuit LONDON (AP) Timothy Dal-ton, the new James Bond, won undisclosed libel damages in the High Court on JT , Monday for a newspaper story which f wrongly alleged he was fired from the film role of secret agent 007. Dalton plans to donate thp Ham. ages received Dalton from The News of the World to the National Youth Theater, said his lawyer Oscar Beuselinck. Beuselinck said the actor was chosen to star in the recently released James Bond film "The Living Daylights," succeeding Roger Moore, and the allegation he was fired was without any foundation. Lawyer Adrian Parkhouse, for the News Group Newspapers which publishes News of the World, and former publisher .David Montgomery, expressed re- gret for the article published in March 1986 under the headline "Hello and Goodbye Time, 007." The newspaper also agreed to pay Dalton's legal costs, Beuselinck said. The sum was not disclosed. Rap groups help step up security PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) Security at Pine Knob Music Theater is being beefed up for Wednesday's Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C. show, and the music groups are helping out too. The rap groups have spent $500,000 for security and have hired a team from Contemporary Services Inc., a national company that handled the Jacksons' "Victory" tour. People at Contemporary Services say a Run-D.M.C. concert is as safe as a football game. "It's a carefully conceived set of security measures that we feel is necessary," a spokesman for the Beastie Boys said. Nevertheless, the Oakland County Sheriff's Department is bringing in a larger-than-usual contingent. Sheriff's department officials have said there will be 17 uniformed and 15 plainclothes deputies working the crowd at the suburban Detroit theater, along with about 20 members of the department's volunteer mounted division. Astronaut stresses establishing goals LOS ANGELES (AP) Dr. Mae Jemison, the first black woman astronaut, says that although she is considered a role model, children need to establish their own goals rather than mimic media heroes. "We need people who will take responsibility and do the best they can, instead of looking up to role models," Jemison said Sunday at a reception held by several community groups. "If I am a role n "rllYA.MR.WllSOM1." '4 SACS DOLLAR CINEMA HIWAY 259 N. KILG0RE-983-3848 ALL SEATS $1.00 Effiwf 3:10' Goes to Camp 5:10 7:10 THE SECRET OF MY- 1:20 9:20 success m hi M H 7:20 ri I .J fJTlBN. f T3. lilted H EDDIE murphy 1:30 9:30 BEVERLY HIU-S 3:30 bfrff 5:30 "A Pwtmount Pictuf" m 7:30 1:40 n.An Mel Brooks' 3:40 " ..TRAMPOLINE!' rJ wL a 325 Spur 63 r i n M DOW COUPON f riPA -v- NECESSARY U m , . m mx '- I, IT OFF D Greatest tone In Da Hills- i t ' TI ANY DOZEN DONUTS Excluding Donut Holes 315 Spur 4 Longview Sale Good July 27, 1987 thru Aug. 2, 1987 Open t AM-10 PM DAILY jl pw B'W reem riu w w "- ii J j-r' - fc-r - ) J - i i J TiritrrJ ni-lrj iiiftnii- a i - lir-J m ' 3 Bargain Matinee Daily Til 5 PM All Seats $2.50 DAILY 2:15-4:15-7:15 & 9:15 model, I hope it will be for those who want to do something different." Jemison, 30, is one of 15 new astronaut candidates who begin NASA training Aug. 17. The 13-man, two-woman group is the first new unit since the January 1986 Challenger disaster that killed seven people. She said she had no specific heroes as a child, focusing instead on her own studies and career goals. She received a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Stanford University and a medical degree from Cornell University. - French porno star tofifeO Unas I v narriers PARIS (AP) Ilona Staller, the pornographic film star elected to the Italian Parliament, said Monday she hopes her political career will promote sexual liberation but found that barriers remain on French television. During an interview on the French network TV-1, the top of Ms. Staller's dress gradually fell, eventually revealing one of her breasts. The host, Yves Mourousi, reached over to help her cover up, saying, "There are some things you can't show on French television." FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents & Their Children - CD. GENERAL AUDIENCES All Ages Admitted PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some materials may not be suitable lor pre-teenagers pgTH PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED . Some materials may be inappropriate lor children under 13. 0 RESTRICTED - UNDER 18 REQUIRES ACCOMPANYING PARENT OR GUARDIAN MPAA f PACKARD'S Luncheon Special! SLICED BEEF SANDViCH with V French Fries 401 Spur 63 758-5871 Packard's and Farrart's Private Club Memberships Available 7 t "THE MOST WELCOME SURPRISE OF THE SUMMER? -Michael Medved, SNKAK IW.VIKWS An American Success Story. IWARNERBWIS RTOMTtSWaiMmiHS L PG-13 QntM'.-iauKB, DAILY 2:10-4:30-7:10 & 9:30 BARGAIN MATINEES DAILY TILL 5:00 P.M. $2.50 WITCHES OF EASTWICK 'R' EVE ONLY 7:004 9:25 BENJI THE HUNTED 'G' MAT ONLY 2:00 & 4:25 1 STANLEY KUBRICKS FULL METAL JACKET DAILY MAT. 2:00 &4;25 EVE. 7:00 19:25 FORMERLY SOUTHERNMAID DONUTS BUY A DOZEN DONUTS (ANY KIND EXCEPT DONUT HOLES) Get 1 Dozen Glazed Donuts FREE OFFER GOOD WEDNESDAY, JULY 29 WITH THIS AD THE DONUT SHOP 204 S. MOBBERLY Longview, TX 757-3520 INNERSPACE PG DAILY MAT. 2:10 4:30; EVE. 7:10 9:30 ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTNG PG-13 DAILY MAT.:2:15 & 4:15,EVE.7:15-9:15 SUPERMAN IV 4PG" THE QUEST FOR PEACE DAILY MAT. 2:15-4:15; EVE.: 7:15-9:15 catc6eM Special Enchilada Dinner (2 Enchiladas, rice, beans, tostados and hot . r ' sauce) . f Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. ri fir if MURPHY MAT 2:00 4:10 EVE 7:00 9:10 cirlitos'Y00? 281 in the 0al Forest Ctr' DAN AKROYD DRAGNET PG-13 DAILY MAT. 2:00 4:15; EVE. 7:00 9:15 Snou Itfiite and tfie Seven Dwarfs DAILY 1:45 3:25 5:00 6:45 8:30 m V Restaurant (f Gantina Sun.-Mon. 1 lam-9pm , X. T' M Tues.-Thur.. llam-lOom 3 filiy Wf Fri.-Sat. Horn-10:30pm REVENGE OF THE NERDS II "PG" DAILY: MAT. 2:00 & 4:20 EVE. 7:00 & 9:20 ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGER PREDATOR r DAILY MAT. 2:00 4:20; EVE. 7:00-9:20 SUMMER SCHOOL ' PC MARK HARMON DAILY MAT. 2:00 & 4:20;EVE. 7:00 & 9:20 ROBO COP (R) 2:10-4:30 Eve. 7:10-9:30 JAWS: THE REVENGE MAT: 2:10 & 4:30 EVE: 7:10 9:30 LA BAMBA "PG-13" DAILY MAT.: 2:10-4:30; EVE. 7:10-9:30 "THE UNTOUCHABLES" "R" EVE. 7:00-9:15 ' rw At All Timet ERNEST GOES TO CAMP "PG" EVE. 7:15-9:00 ! IT? 1 ii 114. 13 m -nT JKn. 5 llPU' 1 o 5 I ! 4 i ! -7 ! 4 .. . 894 Pine Tree Road Longview, TX 759-9646 Hwy. 80 Gladewater 845-5447 EPICUREAN CLUB MEMBERSHIPS honored only Sunday nights and all day Monday & Tuesday. WEDNESDAY SPECIAL CLIP COUPON- FREE Buy any COMBINATION DINNER' on our menu and get second one of equal or lesser Value FREE! 5:00-9:30 PM Must present ad for special One Coupon Per Person EXCL. DRINKS, FAJITA, CARNE ASDA, CHIC. PARRILLA, TACOS AL CARBON. TAKPOUTS. Not valid with any other special. Coupon good Wed. 7-29-87 CLIP COUPON -------- '. i WE ACCEPT ANY OTHER MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT COUPONS ON WEDNESDAY! 1400 Block of Judson Road In Triple Creek Shopping Center NEXTTO WALMART ' rY .0 v O B

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