The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JUNR G, 1947 ~- -- - — — CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION "* Mliciiuuin Obftrit , _ l t'mi ner UKI ___ ; J timci nor lint ft, »iV 3 limes l>« lin.V.rdi, « tlniM uer 11» D.r a«J 12 "»•" »« «"» e«r cui ; Month ner line. Count f Ira ««r«j i V .... «* •• _*{* ~"" . Bites , "ton «B«t nitr. the cue time rat* » n »"'ll«» will b« uk.o for For Sale illy property in Carulhers- ville, uinipr Sixlli & Ilijrh- f land. Mary K. Joplin Clark Iily!!icvi!lc>, or telephone ">!(> CaiuthcTKvillo. 6 -I Pk 7 -1 For So/, EI.7mgYn.lB (ARM 5|^S'Ct'o|2S al lifdraam furuflur* inrlmllnL- 11 "" ]|. J., Xo ; ,' ' 1l :: _ijr.,,,,if,,i i,,,,,,,,! „„,,„:,.,. (.„„„ „„ •' l»" ". I'-n'l Wnlk.T. llhrk j.-' Tun 1:. <:. Ifullis,.,,, (Nrolv,, K,,,ol. l-riili. A.l.lilinn. ct|.|-|ik-7 , , ,, , „ „ , n:i.,,v-7 r .liny your rnr. llrini: H 1-inilK ,isc.,l ,. ; ir INI. W,. S | A s |, „„,! l'an)< usi'.l < lol. Lilly .•;• M : ,iu _ A fe\v used show cases ;md fop display tallies ;iml ji. J. Mell lironkl T07 East Main St. sn. r. 2 ck tr i'vv \'> fonl Ijiml nn.l trnilcr. t ton. 00. .*l=.i farm Irnllurji. Wail,. Aula s'tl- v:i:,'i>. Ihvy. IH Xorlli. I'linnc a?sr. 5lni-I.k-r.l3l l.- ,,...,1 Coinpfctc stock of Softball eriuipmcnt, including flashy colored uniforms. Price Price $fi..|5, S«.05, $8.95. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck tf (•'a/Vs for Knlc. rlmi.o 2012. Tcrl Grrcn. ' r>UO-pk-fl|10 CHICKS Q..«rlr,,,,l 0 A $13.75 per kat.dr.d Brown Slorr nii., SO, -10 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Klements arc available for any power lines. & 4-21-ck-tf. : r 1 small Kin. :l ,,,,,li[i,, r | „,,„ ifc null ^Innil. 1 .Snii rll | j^k n|> , , in .•or.l ,,lay,.r ,,,,,1 7-, rntor ,l,. \vi|, ,,| : , y '"" For Sale of Trade ''u>r 0 'i,|.*v" k '-r'T-' ?''•""'• '''"""'i' «<•!• For Ren* mom. I'll. 0;-,2. 1[)6A. K. Mnin. KEWO ^•P ~^^H ( D Lubricate chassis • I* ( O Change engine oil D Replace oil filter v D Refili'transmission •v,. D Repacfc~£and adjust bearings £•>$& •. ' ; ">- D Tune-up engine D Adjust brakes PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 ^.irjr^WK'^n.^ ! '°;'i?™. i a £ niul °'' hor<o< » i " 1 "in .-.. S""?" .t-l^a. Gil \v. Alain lic.Irooin 314 If.. Oth. Ph. 2!!3a .'ilU-pk-Ot Hrtlmom. Close in. 310 W. Wnlmil 5|2!-,ik-C| "'i', r ","'|"' K ' 1< ' 1 "' 11 pnvilfKOs. S17 ci,;. "thing_you rton't nct'il 1 Tr '•' 9 - 4130-ck-t'i Servleet f.iii' housr in ,.. n n,I rrm.i;. .n. .1. O. Si.r.iu. C.l Ilii;|,,vny Koiilli Grocery slnrc, we'! located i n .Mississippi Cotni(y. Owner is moving and -will sell building, stock ami fix lures. Business will pay for itself in less (linn one- year. Owner will finance p:ivl of purchase price. This is a lar^e bnildiii". in a good (o\vn, nnd there jare living ruiartcis in the Ttar. Rooks can I-e inspected. }f yod arc interested in owning your own Inisi- ni-Ks, contact me. and I will % into full details. ii-Room HKUIKC, i.ldcl; Idea! location. Onlv .?:!,«nO §1,000 down, balance on easy monthly payments J. K. STJSVKNSON. 3. IVolilc (iill Agency 0 '5 ck g ',iS"'n,'?,!:"™ i! !7 r " fi "' "•• HI', t.k-s Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20-13 10-14 Chickasawba One _,lay Rffvi,-,. ,,n roll film. ;,:;: ,1",. ••'•""- »•"" <™ -" MASON'S STUDIO :i'^0 Lakr Slr.-ot Tor bplli-r liunturalii; MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need a loan to repal or remodel? No down pay ment, no mortgage, no r«l tape. FHA approred rat 5*. Ask for detaib. Ma Logan, Realtor, phone 20S« Lynch Bldg., BIyth«rille. 9-23-ck-tt laslilns anil ironing. ItouKli-rlrv or islinl. Quilts rin,! blnnkcls Bliinlrci- clollics. Willie Hollo Oroe'n 111'' S Oil Klnvo Hppalr. All work B n,» ra nti ickdil u|r. 1'honc 9.^1. Announcement lii-iiini; .fiinr flili. N'nrscry sdinol Morn 1111; nn-1 afti-riinr.ii scs.sium :i |ij..i K irU Ln r)iar K o. Trim I to T. ]{rnsn[inbl<- |.ri>i>s Fr.r mfor Iilnlinn r.ill 211'Jt; or ^Ofi.4 Cll-lll.-.' LADIES Do Your Wash Automatically And Save! 35c up to 9 Lbs Dry Weight We Furnish Soap nicach & Hiding Free! THE Washerette Crosstown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clolliinjj in Rendix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take cloilics home in 35 minutes. Monday, Tuesday, Friday Open till 9 p. ni . on ' Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Site T. L MABRY 123 MISSOURI ST. PH. M'i Wanted to Rent or 4 room lurjiljsliril nr ni.f,ini[.<li->l rnrlninit Itosl of rrrrrcnc.w. Wiilu • I'.I). o|n Courier Nonii. •6-an-ir or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-ti Loans Children should have their rirs sm:ill|)ox i-ncciiKilion before (hpi first blrllidny. nccoulini; (o nil am i-nt physician. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel BIdq 124 W. Ash St. LADIES - - - Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY MArmNn °" Ollr mndor(1 MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday ;1 t iVoon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9pm 32.1 North 2ml SlvccL - P New, Longer Lasting CAR FINISH Retains Newness of Lustre, Makes Your Car Radiantly Beautiful— What docs lhi s , 1CW treatment ,lo for yom car? PORCRI.ATNIZING hcaulSrira nml protects the finish. Rut, uiiliko other "waxes.... or "/inishcs" iwrcclainmnc docs not harm the -surface itself, nor <loe S it pick up dirt, B roa SC ami olhc forcer, materials that arc common to most other fi tl j., hoK . 7l ,_ Rlosul, this niarvoloiis now finisl, hardens DUy. lenv- ing a clear, transparent view of fh c ,,, lillls< j . sl|r) - 1C( , in all ils Position 'Wanted Wanted to Buy ( o»m<r >nii>ll '« or \v,.ll | 1>C!>|1 ,,| * „,„,,„„. ''! rvntnimlrlii. Ailing 10 __ _ »l! nrnviKU nrtir Illyllici lltv. __ C.-isli In,- wrecked nr junk automobiles. Watle, Auto Norlli Hivviiy (II. Hc/p Wanted Girl (o do office work. Sunn 1 l.viiiiiK. I'hone HliKi «]• :I70S. , M<m W»nlc<l • i-"' ,„] . I L ,, 1l,,,,v ,,f n,,. ,,..„;„„. Wl . ,„„), ,,.„ „„, 'V '"-"'I "'"1 'I'l'vlf,' nil' .|,i.ik.'«.. Many t ,,,,,| .i,.. ,„„,„ in W| I..K ,„, t ,.,a(l..,i t,.fh.,l .(,.„, .|-i,., air (yiiani.iiiliii; i n ,|n«lr.r It In-ti). <l .'••'••<l I.,,- tli,. In.'k nl . r ,,l ..... 1 ,,i,.i.. l-r full •Inroriniillnn vvril,. :•' ;. (!„„. ri.'M. A,,il,,,,i,,.,l n-|,r.-»,.ii1nllv,. ,,f ______^ WAN'I'Kl): lU-auty o|ierulor, ivvjic'i'k'nccd and wild rc'jr- nl;ir cusloiner I'olknvini;. (•'IKK! salary and coiuiuiri- .sion arranjreiuDiils. liox 1 '• : Courier News. (> :! ck (i An lunnRp miner will protlurn nlinnt ]|)0 tons of mil cverv six wrr>ks. Wo Guarantee J RECAPPING | with | Hawkinson Treads ! i Let Your Next Tires Bej GENERALS j Cost More — Worth More" MODINGER TIRE CO. 111! F, Main Plum* 2201 ! | Hmdo | 01 . (hi. If.iwiillau Jshiucl.s \viis the H:\iuHvlcli IslnnUs. We Deliver Meats' Groceries I'asloiirixi'd Swift's U'o Cvciiiu Sweet. Cri-atu Food Lockers — Meat Curing — Wo Make Sausage Frozen Foods Main :il 21st <->(. Phono 2602 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Gsceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver I'lione (i!)l Walnut St. at Railroad 4 A CORNER -f Made Famous ^ by CHEVROLET andLOYEICH CHEVROLET * COMPANY I'Vir If. yOHrs we hnvc orbuuicil our present place of ImalnM* a( (he corner or Wnlmif nncl Rnil- roa«l Slrocls, where we have mlnhli.shvd n repul '"lion for friendly, oni,r(e,ms ll-ealment nnd l, <l<nnMi<!,,hl,. Rcrvit-e. Visif us soon. \\c fill your every mn(orli w LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Z Wreckers Texnc-o Products Phone 578 Z4 Hr. Serrte* Selbcrllnt Tin* A common clny. cnllcd hcnlou- Hc, is iisc ( | in niolils I'M rmmiinrlcs nilrt us "mud" in hnrlni- droii oil wells. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guarnnlecil Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores AS A NATURAL AID FOR HSGH BLOOD PRESSURE usixTlalpd wllli \iii\ ne y dispose !"'" 1 kWl " !y " n'»««'«'l»» ! P« - tms luivr prcs.'1-ibnl llih ml i " CROSSTOWH WHISKEY SHOP M;ifn nnil Division Blyttitvillo, Ark. I DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M»n- ROYAt, SMITH, CORONA mud HUMINOTON PORTABLB UP N. SECOND ST. - ' . PHONH »S (Every Transuntlon MUST PB BATlSFAOToiftY) Let Us PORCELAINIZE Your Cor! Langston-Wrofen Company Walnut at Broadway S. JICOHEN (imfector LYNCH BLD6. BLyTHEiU T. I. SEAY -MOTOR CO, Radios and Hedfert " -'&'• Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products , New Factory Motors v Batteries '•'••" •-'?•* Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMfrJTYdU* i SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phono 2122 i . Save 50% Chopping Expense | Plant Chemically Delinlcd, Fuzz-Free COTTON SEED A '•' Snvc Moncj—fi to 10 Lbs. per Acre. Any corn, pea or$ lican planter will plant these smooth, slick cotton seed. | Can lie plowed n to fi days after planting. =Jj ROWDKN <I!1! - STONEVILLE 2C — D P & L 14 I For Sale I?y BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.! Phones 856-857 PHTOII,I,A'S POI That's Dirfcrcnl Gy AL VERMEE1 Hazel we better keep sn eye on Pnsci/Ij. f hate . to see fftt/e ffrb \ mai «? s get conceited!/^'™ s?y See? She al,Va\v sings along with Tiie radio •just as if she fancies herself 3 singer! ' ^ "„ 'But, hdo/ There's no harm in ihat' Why, you often do (he same thing yourself/

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