The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 4
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'' 'IKK 1LYTHEVILUIPOUlOm JHWH •' TO* .OOURIBI mm! oo. -H. --m. HAom^pubnikM BAMUKL F. HORHIB, XUk* • -JAIOtS-A.- QATINB, AdWtWBl IbMf« . Bate Nation*! AdTwUrtni R*»r«tenUUTM'. ! A oUfto* VWltwr Oo, <K«w Tark, CblM**.'- D»- reUUiM>»my .. <!MI matter it UM port- 1 ofllw tt'BlytlMYUle, 'Ailuau, under Mt oJ'Ooa- . October I, 1117, Berred bj OsfrMUf-fnm . : BUBSORIPTION RATH By curler In.the clty.otrBtytiwTlllik. ttt-.ftt ••i •«!, or dto per ownlQ. > By io«u,rwlthlni»-i*(JlUB.of M mlltl; |4N..Mr )»«r, «,00 for ilx month*. »1.00 for thrte moithi; -:ay m*ll,Dutilde W.-mlie icoe;|1CX» Mr? Mr . ; p»y»bls In »dvanc*. '*• ' , I IL_...J_I_I u___^______^^^_ Hssues and Personalities . . Intimate ncquainlanccs with cclcbi- '.' lies is a precarious pleasure .which most people escape. .They arc fortunate that ; : they do—(hat is, if they are interested • in a 'fair appraisal of r the celebrities' abilities, rather than in theiivaulo: graphs. For to know a famous person— crooner, baseball star-or-statesman— \n usually to suffer a warped judgment. The impression'.of his persoha)ity,:posi- - live or negative,-lends 'to outweighiliis attainments. . So perhaps Col. Kdinund "W- Star;.: ling, who died last week, was not the ' ideal man to assign places in history to "i the five presidents of Die' United States ;; whom he .guanlc-d for 30. years. Bui -; his opinion of them is nevertheless val- •j liable. For 'he'-had the -gift, -'so -rnre •j. among 'celebritjNknowei' ; to divorce.-fame and achievement, from v personality. Thus he knew and judged '--. the presidents as men. ': And whatalid ,this tnll^Kiuiet, stecl- .- eyed, soft-spoken Kentucky colonel •-: think of the White House residents he ..served? 'I never kncw..n ..president," lie ',i once said, "who wasn't subject to hu- : : man error,!like •any other "smaii. i-Bnt v-neither did Lever know one "who'was not a ; genUeman." The presidents he knew so well, and guarded so well were Woordow"Wilson, .Warren G- Harding, Calvin Coolidge, ! Herbert.Hoover and Franklin D. :. velt. .Perhapsi five-imorc'.dissimilar men irieye'r occupied'the executive 'mansion. . Colonel Starling knew them'in sickness ;;. and-in-healtii.'igood''temper and bad, hours, of incticision iindKdiacoui-ftgemont ami . triumph. He liked them all and •they, liked him. "._: ! It is quite certain'that he would ' have enjoyed the same friendship with Charles Evans Hughes, James M- Cox, r John \V. Davis, Al Smith, Alf Landon , and Wendell Willkie if the voters had ; given them -four-year leases on the ; White House. ; And what has all this got to do with ; the millions of Americans who never even shook the hand of a senator, let alone a president? Only this: a lot of these Americans in this, hot summer' . have been' making themselves even : hol- ter with highly personalized -arguments about presidential candidates. And since they don't know either candidate, they ; don't know what they're talking about. There are some clear-cut issues j in this campaign. But these voters are losing friends and failing .to influence people by skipping the issues in favor of vituperative remarks .about personalities, voices, mustaches, • blue serge suits, wives, dogs, and-\vhat have,you. Neither candidate is'an orge. Neither has a fiendish plot to throw the country to the dogs, the Indians, Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin- The presidents Colonel Starling knew.were falible, but gentlemen. They probably always will be, doing the best they can according to their beliefs and abilities. Straws irrt-he'-Wind Two items of • have .lately come out-of! Europe which, though not of world-slinking or even Tage One importance, i provide -/mother revealing glimpse of the state of the -stale of German strength and morale/One is an •ultimatum from Norwegian patriots to • their.Quisling countrymen of the Nazi police''force. The.other is.a statement by the German Confessional Church, said to be.the strongest denunciation of Nanism the German clergy has ever made. ;Hoth declarations are bold .and confident. Their-tone is. not that of terrified minorities, hut of men whose words are backed by strength ns wull as right, and who therefore do"not fear. The Norwegian, patriots ordered the officers not to seek out youths who -had fled Naxi conscription, on pain of meeting "Ihe same fate as that of Police In- Hpector I/indvig and Sheriff Horgeii." (Roth these mien, notorious Nazi collaborators, were killed by "unknown assailants.") 'The Quixling sheriffs were told'that, 'the order "is not to be regarded as a .suggestion, but as n command coming from the highest authority in time of 'war." Within Germany, the Confessional Church attacked the barbarous'record of the Nazis in words of eloquent and righteous wrath. Without mentioning the Nazis-by name, the message indict- :c(l them on all ''counts" of the Ten .Commandments, and found thcnvguilty. Granting; the state's right to impose death on criminals and enemies of -war, the message stated that "the, divine •-world order'knows no such terms as 'to expunge,' 'to'liquidate'-or vahilcss life' with.regratl-to human beings. To slay human' beings because they ure related to criminals, because they, are old or'mentally: afflicted, or because they -belong to-a different race is not the use of the sword sanctioned by Scripture- "We have often remained silent," the Confessional leaders recalled, "have snid too little or have been too timid to stand,up to our convictions that God's <• Commandments apply to us and to our ,. .time-"/, . ;13ut there timidity now in tin's "group, so long the target of Himmlcr's sneering attacks, nor among the valiant Norwegians who ' for four years -have endured and fought against death, terror, privations and insults at Nazi hands. Where are the dread Gestapo and the SS guard, that men in Germany and Norway can speak out for decency and right? When, after so.many dark years, men in .'Nazi-occupied countries dare to talk again of justice and ethical living, the Nazi bold must be slipping everywhere. SIDE GLANCES • SO THEY We expect Ihc invasion of Sibei-i.i vei-y soon. —Korean unidcrEround agent. v * « I've :gol lo ntlmil 7 don't think . much of Himmlcr. He's a butcher. If anybody steps out of line, its on the wall—they'll be shot.—German Elite Corpsmtui captured in Frnuce. » » » ' The ^'Amazing thing about America Ls that she has armed her Allies niul herself in nddllioti to providing her own people with iin actual, increase In civilian consumer purchases.—Sir Keith Murclock, Australian editor. • » ,• The Interval between the defeat of Hitler and the defeat of Japan will .be shorter--perhaps much shorter— than I had at one time supposed. —Winston Clnirclilll. •FRIDAY,. AUGUST 11,,194,1 i "Look nl me, ready to slarl third year Iriyli, and-my -par- f cuts slill harping iibotil loo many dales! Must! "spend j,.! my bid-age silling with ;rcal ami a spinning'wliecl?^''' THIS CURIOUS WORLD TONGUE IS LONSER THAN THE CHAMELEON ITSELF/ . • ^9 • ;'WHEN-A FIGHTER HAS HIS RRST BOUT, HE-HAS HISSECOND/'Jitf FRANK KAUTOK, /Vefr Vt-k Miffs, OF THE Bff/GHrfsrSTAGS' •IN'THE HEAVENS ARE VISIBLE THROUGHOUT THE * , UNITED STATES. Q-ll COPR. 1M4 BT UtA StRYlCE, lut j/ NEXT: America's air-attack on ducks. J3 In Hollywood BY l-RSKI.N'E JOHNSON NKA Stuff Correspondent EXCLUSIVELY YOURS: Al lenst one Hollywood producer, Lester Jowmi, Is so convinced of an early 'Ictory in Em-cue that he has or- icrcd a rewrite of the finish of the •Irnie Pylc movie "G. I, Joe." The list scene now has the Allies (locating Hitler, and Pylc leaving \meiict\n-occupied Europe for the ^nclfic wjii- zones. j Kny Kj-ser checks into Johns lopkius Hospital this month (or rcntincnt of the arthritis which 1ms tad him walking on a cane tor Months. Comedian Danny Have will get •> ruimuitic lniihhi]i in his next, Wonder Mini." Even wins Ihe pirl, Remember the Slate Brothers o( •nudcvlllc fame? We saw two of hem the other night. Juck and Henry are Army corporals, sta- ioned for Ihe last two years with the First Motion Picture Unit at Culver City, Calif. 'Hie third brother, Sid, who was 4-P. is mm- dodging bullets in Italy with a USO BEMD VOUR THAT CMARACTBti WASMT SHOOT- INS OUR. BOAT HAS SONiH TO 30IM THE .withMajor Hoople Out Our Way By J. R/Williams so HO\XKDO „ WE SET-ROME? All- I'ME GOT 15 PERSOHM.lTY-~ AKiDVOOSOVS STOP GTARIWS AT AW UPPER GOLDTOOT^.' , -— DMi.' COULD T / &WE M.V FAVORITE <, EXPLORER: s Lecruee, AND LET THE MW1MES SHAKE TvAE HMOD BEfVRlhiG SPLINTERS FROM THE MORTH YOKELS HERB VtoULDM'T PM FIDDLE, smi. THIS HIGH X/BOTH PRESSURE STUFF.) OF.US S GETTlM' ME, A VOL) DAVE--i CAN'T SEEM TO IT LIKElPiD-- I'VE FADED A LOT IM 1H' I POM'1 VVHV HE PUTS HIMSELF IM TH' SAME BRACKET . WITH TH'BULL O' TH' WOODS- HE'S NEVER DIP AMY THIUK IMG, AM 1 JUST EMOUGM WORK TO KEEP HIM IM GOOD HEALTH. CHANCE HE'S EVER H*D TO BE TH' BULL'S EGU -\L--HE COULDM'T GO UP WITH HIM SO HE'S COM- DOWM \VI7H HIM' (.EQUALITYAT LAST . camp show! ''Martha. Rnye is about to invest $50.000 in a new Hollywood restaurant. • * • Three studios arc liiddinf for the film rights in "Inrormnlion Mease:" TIlltEIM'I.y COMKBACK 'Pinky Tomlin is due-to return to the screen soon. He's up for an acting-composing deal at three studios. Add CiudereUa-in-Hollyvvood stories: Two years ago Vivian Blame played a one-line bit in Joan Bennett's picture "Girl Trouble." Now she wins George Haft awny from Joan as one of the three co-sturs of "Nob Hill." Those two bosom buddies, diaries Blilterworlh mic! Robert Benchley, were discussing Ihc shortage of male, film playm. "It's ;i break tor us all right," observed HeticJiley. "To think that we sbould live lo see the day that ' ham-was rationed in Hollywood." "Or," said lluttcrworlh, "I!ut- lenvorlh 1C points n pound." Tallulah Bankhead. back hi Hollywood for "Gnu-Inn," is lining up n cast for a Hollywood stage version of "Private Lives." • • • Wallace Ford's 17-year-old daughter, Patty, Is up for n screen test. Si;n on "The Great John I.." set: 'This bench reserved for girls with bustles." • * * Ann Dvorak becomes n feminine Bogart in her new film " of he Bai l»ry Const." She has a fist fight with John Wayne and breaks ip n gun fight between n group of desperadoes. Double billing for Johnny Mack 3rown in the future. They'll call lim John Mack Brown for those Monogram feature pictures nnd Johnny for Ills westerns. Sussmu Foster's next for Universal will be "Frisco Kate," a la 'San Francisco." I MENU: DITTO One of Charley Poy's pals has opened n branch of Ills supper club on Salpati. A sign over the door , reads: "Every night the same thing." 1 * • • Producer Hunt Slrombcrg Is plom- ilng a movie based on the life of Arnold Reuben, Hie famous New f America's Grtat Genera! , 10-H, Ann Wnod»««ri Mlllfri _PU<rllm(«<I,'KEA s«irvlc»j P1EBE .WHEN Ike arrived al West Point "he was jusl > another "Mr. Ducrot," "Mr. Doowliislle," or •"Mi 1 ..Doowillic,"-names applied to unknown p!ebe.s. lie / O und --himself, in a world of "sirs" where every upperdassman n»isl be so • addressed. He was pul through the customary plebo catechism. These, or a similar ritual in many changing versions, according :to the limes, are bul specimens of what "plebc knowledge" is sun- posed to be. What do )>!cb<?s ran),-? "Sir, ilie .Superintendent's dog, 1,he Com- imandant's cat, the waiters in the .Mess Hall, the Hell cats, and all ,t!ie admirals In (he whole blamed :Navy." What (imn is i(? "Sir, I am deeply embarrassed and greatly •humiliated, that due to unforeseen .circumstances over .which 1 have no control, the inner .workings and 'liiddon'rmechanisms ot my cbro- :nometei-,arc in such accord -.with ,lhe great sidereal movement, by ••which'time is commonly reckoned, that I cannot with any degree of accuracy state the exact time, sir ;but without Tear of being very far (off, I wilt state that it is so many Sminules, so many seconds, and so irruiny licks after the Xth hour," ; 1 do not understand! "Sir my [cranium consisting of Vermont 'marble, volcanic lava and African • ivovy, covered with a thick layer ,o£ case-hantened. steel, forms an :• impenetrable barrier to all Uiat : seeks to impress itself upon the iaslien tissues• of my -brain. Hence Uhe effulgent and ostentatiously cf- '/ei-veseeat phrases just now di;reefed and reiterated for my com- ;prehension, have failed to-, pene- ;. trate and permeate, the sornnifer- lous forces .of my atrooious.inteHi- ;gence. fn other words, I -am very, ry dumb and I do not uiuler- York vestanrateur. : i * ' * Edgar Kennedy's famous "slow; mm" finally makes Us ilcliut in technicolor in ^I-G-IVI's "Anchors Aweigh." Noiv we'll see if he's only been kidding all these years. As n schizophrenic in "The House of Dr. Edwardes," Gregory Peck says he's a natural. "My personal- 'ty Is split between David O. Kel-/lick and RKO." They share his contract. stand, sir." One of the current'questlons in the catechism is, How many days, Oil CVKuliiii-? And the correct answer is, "X days and. a butt, Oh noble Calalijie, and may Ih6 great Gcxl in heaven speed them more quickly by • (lie 'great Corporal Jupiter,.and may the coming days be more joyous, but not for mo, sir. May your classes be no soirees, and your sorrows negligible, and on your leave may there be some beautiful femmes, some cances, lots of skags, full moons, and plenty of Coca Cola; hot dam—bul not for me, sir!" * • * • * rPHE records at West Point prove that (his embryo military genius was not according to the glossary of cadet slang-a "bone file," striving to beat his comrades in the classroom. Me was neither a "max" (top rank in studies) nor a "goat" (in lower sections of his class). He was "hivey"- (quick to learn) bul seemed to be satisfied to remain with the "engineers" (a cadet in upper sections in academic work). "Book, larnin 1 " did not appeal as much to him as comradeship and activity. An examination of the scholarship Icrigers • gives Cadet Eisenhower these ratings. As a "plebe" in 1912 he ranked 57th in a class of 212. In 1913 ho was 81st in the ranks of 177 members. In ISM he climbed up to G5th. He was graduated in 1915 as Gist with 164 grad- uales. Thus he remained huddled in the center of the upper section. It was in military' tactics, strategy, mathematics, historic campaigns, battles, that he showed deepest interest. He reveled in problems of maneuver, organization and movement of armies, the scientific rather than the academic. We find bim in drill regulations getting 13.04 out of a maximum of 15—in -practical military engineer- lieir netting 8.D1 out of a maximum of 10. His total proportional rale was 697.04 out of a maximum 840. But all the while lie was absorbing the human knowladge of sol- 1 dfeiy am! warfare, contacts and . relationships with his fcllowmcn In which he excelled. * * * CTRONG disciplinarian that he later became, tempered kindness and a high sense of (ice and loyally, young Ike chr... under the rigid discipline of routine. These reaclions make an interesting study in the "Skin Sheets," or "Quill Book," in the records at West Point. As a "beast," or a plobe, in 1811, we find him: "Late to target formation 7:05; absent at a. m. drill formation; Sunday overshoes not arrange-d as prescribed at retreat; late at chapel; room in disorder aflerjioon Inspection; late at guard mounting; tarnished brasses at inspection; shelves of clothes-press dusty; chair not against table at 8 a. in. inspection." There were oilier, similar do- ( merits in later years. Simple as these "delinquencies" may seem, they are rigidly enforced in military academics. Here, for four years, youth is severely trained in rules and regulations. The slightest infraction is subject to punishment. Soldiers in -the making ;ue forged on the anvil ot discipline. Once Ike was barred from the dance hall for 30'dnys for dancing ragtime. The dignity and pomp ot waltzes and two-steps did not appeal lo this young man from the plains of Kansas. He could do them in a most gallant manner if the occasion required, but he much preferred to whoop it up in syncopated rhythm to the beating limo of stamping feet and clapping hands, advance guards of the ji v e and liepcnls which were to follow in the next generation. His courtesy with an "Army Brat" (.daughter or son of an Araiy oflicev) was Cheslerfieklian, and \vilh a "DJflj' (young lady) on bis arm he court? 1 compete with an English lord, .but his inherent fascination was that of the breezy westerner, the spirit of the "wide ouen spaces." NEXT; Cadet. Finds 'Perfect' Indian A.v KINGSTON, Mo. (UP) — D. E. Robinson, farmer near here, discovered one of the finest specimens of Indian relics found in this section recently. The ' farmer dug up an Indian ax in perfect condition and weighing 15 pounds. The ax was 19 inches in circumference and 13 ! inches long. Bake , Better Pastries With Shibley's Best Flour... This fine flour ACTUALLY REQUIRES LESS SHORTENING! 4 07 FAR /O LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE Gill AGENCY.- "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE;BLDG. PHONE 3131 GUARANTEED TIRE /RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy.'61 CEILING TRICES Phone 2291 I FOR BALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 -Otteota, 4A. WHISKEY I T T • •• • tea? a T& tasa w J? Ort Hand Af ALL TIMES MARTIN'S WHISKEY 112 W. Main 420 W. Ash SPECIALS! RUM—Pints 1.50 —Fifths •> gn BRANDY (values to 5.50) Fifths S3 f;iki f" 1 GIN Fifths 3.50 Slioes arc cosily— have them renewed where exacting care combined with supcr- •••«^—^^ latlve workmanship insure their being properly repaired. Every style o( repair Is raade here —HIGHT! HflLT€RS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP in w. MAIN ST. : ARKANSAS GRAPE WINE 40c PER BOTTLE Buym Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. 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