The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 8
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$fr fe?:. THE COURffiE NEWS oo. H. W. HAtMBS. PubUfetf JAMES U YERHOErir, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Adrertteil* Ifanaetr Safe National Admtkfnc RepracnUUTes: Wltmer Co, Mew York. Oilc««o, Detroit, PuUtahM Brery Afternoon Kxwpt 8und*7 Entered M weomt claa» metier at lf>e post- office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under »ct ot Congress, October I, 1911. Served by the United Pren SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city or Blythevllie or any ' suburv^n town where carrier service Is maintained, 20c per week, or 85c ptr month. By mail, within a radius of « miles, *4.00 per year, $2.00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mall outside SO mile zone, 110.00 per yeaf payable In advance. Meditation Thus saith tlie l^ird, keep your Jndb'msnt, and do justice.—Isainh 50:1. • * s « American people once lia<l a keen sense ot jusllc*- Indignation over uiijustice brnneii America into all itfr wars. But today too niUJiy individuals do not become insfnscd Iiy injuaii-e to otliers. High Crimes in the USSR Russia's abolition of the clontli sentence is interesting to Americans as nn indicittion of tlie current Soviet state of mind. The action seems to signify an increased self-confidence on Hie part of the government and added public support of that government. But perhaps move interesting to Americans is the knowledge that the death sentence formerly was reserved almost exclusively to punish crimes against the state. Under tlie 102(> code premeditated murder carried only one to 10 years' loss of lioerty—a precedent which reportedly continued under later and broader laws. V this is only another exnmpl > of the individual's status tinder the suprcme- statu setup which the Soviet government is pleased to call democracy. Congressional Humor In a footnote to a recent article by Sen; Alexander Wiley in the New- York Times Magazine, the editor.-; explain that one of the Wisconsin senator's pet ideas is to dress up tlie Congressional Record in a snappier format nnd have it sold to the public. • Mr. Wiley's article, we assume, is a sort' of trial balloon. Titled "Congress Has Its Fun," it consists of nifties culled from House ami Senate debate and now available only to the Record's limited readership. But it is possible that (lie senator's samples have kicked his pet idea around in the head. Maybe today's Americans, nourished on the one-line gag, aren't geared to the tempo of frock-coated congressional xvisncracks. At any rate, it's hard to imafciue the New Yorker's editors feeling perturbed after reading them, or to pi-edict a stiddcn public clamor for the Congressional Record, The senator seems to have some doubts himself. H c starts out with a provocative bit of promotion: "Clovm- repartee, witty punning, funny yarns these are grist for the congressional humor mill." But a half doze*; lines later he loses heart: "To he sure, some of them (the jokes) may appear comparatively flat in print." (Senator, you ain't kidding.) "Congress Has Us Fun" contains such mirthful moments as the time when Representative A starU out, ."Does the gentleman think—' and and Representative B interrupts him to remnrk; "Occasionally." <B, 1(1 of jl)ke-) But the real show-stopper should be included here in toto, complete with names. It happened in the Semite when Mr. Barkley had been discuss!n- the Green-Pepper amendment to a "labor bill. Take it away, Senator \Vii«-y Mr. Tobey. "H ns the senator'been reading seed catalogs lately? He s ,,ok P } of green peppers." ' Mr. Barkley: "j llavo nol T , );ive been so busy lately that I have not been able to do any garden planning. Therefore, I have not been interested • •• in red or green peppers." 'Mr Tobey: "The sector has some not h-tuff now." Mr. Barkley: »i rejoice in hot stuff." Mr. Pepper: "Mr. President, will the .senator yield?" Mr. Barkley: "I yield," Mr. Pepper: "Should not the senator say to the senator from New Hampshire, 'Tobey sure".'" Mr. Barkley: "I nm not interested in whether it is 'Red Pepper' or Tobeyasco," both of which 1 enjoy." Mr. Wiley says that even "tame jokes" relieve congressional tension and dissolve them in gales of laughter. Such jokes, we feel, will also tend to give the average radio comedian u new stature. Having digested "Congress Has Its Fun," wo can only say that -we care not who makCH the nation's laws it only the making of the nation's jokes can be entrusted fo capable- characters 'like Fred Allen and Hob VIEWS OF OTHERS Youth Has Its Greatest Chance It is :> strange paradox, if yon care to call It such, that wliile juvenile delinquency Is on Ilie Ircrease, youth lias its chtincc to lead a inu./led world out of tlic wliKlenics-i ol Ui- moiTcw. Youtli is ihc real ho|xj of tlia world today in the opinion ot Jrwln Ednr.i'i, proie.vsoi- of ph'lc^iophy at Columbia University, anil niilhoi. Willing in the June issue of Cosmopolitan masn/ir.i! in the form ot an address to n tjraclu- ntlug, lie siiys that a (rcsli st-i-c for the youiiir men and women ({rndnntliig ii. June can mean n fresh slarl for a sorely troubled world. Now. Hint Is hardly a new i<)L>a. fn I'jict, it Is alony Ihe lines uf gradual ion addresses for a. score of years or more, nut it lias a nev,' potency as the Columbia proleKsor expresses it "Cranlcd lhat v.e may be living in Ihe worst of times," ho says. "Bin it is not n bail time in winch to be young. The old rigidities me Rone along with the old securities. The world is looking for fresh solutions because the old ones h'tvr. failed." He iciuinds Hint new ideas an.I uc-. v visions could never h:'.ve had a more hospitable reception. There Is a premium these days upon intelligence, and a new cordialily to men ol Rood will. focnily a century ago Horace Cireeley said: "Co West young man." That was the land oV physical opportunity, while It hasn't, Dcen completely exploited there Is a grc:ite r iroi tier. a. spiriu.r.i and moral continent open, and new worlds of science and social orgnniaiilnn Io | )C explored. Tl-.e.l inventiveness which has pro.lucecl the scienllflc ilnd dreadful miracle of tlic atomic bomb may produce healing miracle;, ion. in medicine. That scientific method which has produced the wonders of modern fl:iy:ncei-ing, may, applied to the problems of human reia- iions, produce intrudes, too. Moie than any other Bill needed in our time. sayr. I'rofessor Kdman, aro the ['.ills: m Bi'nero.'.ily, forliludc anil vision. These, united in intelligence, he believes, may see us Ihrourch even (lie- worst of times to 11 more Denial and lrano.::il life for lh c human race, "rue fresh start of the young men and women can be a fresh start for the world Yes. the graduates of old |;av'e lil.'le heed ' to thoic "Beyond tho Alps lies Italy" addresses. Perhaps the world would have been . v little Defter off had they Unmd :l llslemiu? ear": uut cerlalrly today youth should h m t nnci ponder deeply such advice offered by the Columbia professor for "he ain't kiddin' boys ant, jjals." —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. BARBS BY HAL COCHRAN Eleven Yokohama Japs were fiiied from 20.COO to M.OCO yen for unlawlully pnrc-hr.siiie Amei'icrm cicarets. They probably have r.o yen left—fnr smoking. • » • CH>]f scores likely would be lusher if players told the truth, lhc hole I ruth nnd nottvin.. hut the truth. Evc.i after wiine waiters come, you si.I! feel like ("illini; them. * » * Tm much card-playing can bring 01. heart attacks say!; a specialist. Especially if you catch, a royal Hush. • •• « In n brewery fire in England 480,000 bottlr.s of ben exploded, n brings back nicn-.orii-s o! «licn ne made our own SO THEY SAY *••••*•••••»••••••••••••••••••• Coirmunlst."; have peneiratcd every field of activity in this country.—FBI Director J. Edoar IToovtr. • » » N.-ui.mal unions arc (he backbon" oi the whole union structure, if yon cripple them you ore going a long way loward complete- disintegration of organized labor.—Sen. In ing M. Ives U!) of New York. • » * Hie country Is now experiencing Die creates:, concent!ation of economic power in its history. —Wendell Br-rge, former Assistant U. ri. AiMr- ney cvcneral. * * • The development of atomic energv dcpeiKis upon l-.ow Imironanl forward strides In atomic development appear in th p American : >cople nnd upon how well they understand the essential fr.cts and the human Implications.—David E. t.lllenthal, chairman U. S. Energy commission. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.y COURIER NEWS Now We See Through a Glass, Darkly 'FRIDAY, JUNK C, 10-17 ;ifc-F Committee's Reluctance to Pass on Biddle For UN Post Seen as a Favor for President 11V I'F.TGU KDRON NBA WusliillgUlli l:oircs|MllHU-iil WASHINGTON. June C. ('NBA) — Tlio Eitnulo l'\>iei;;n iMiUicms Com- milli'e may bc> Uiklnt! President li:ii'iy Trninnn of! of n hnrlu'd and rusty hook by refusing lo do ing up nn embarrassing situation. SKKI.HTON niC.CilN'fi J.N' OltlHilJ What Harry Truman knows—what every senator who served under his the War Ttive.-',- knows—Is thru clifiiimnnshi]> on Relations tuiylhiiiB about con finning former ligoling Committee Attorney General Francis Middle for if tlw Sen-lie F< the $20,CO» it year tax-free job «s Committee Had to w into an nll- U. SL l-eprescnlalivc on Ihe UN.So- ,„„, investigation of" the former at- cl:il ami iM'oiioinic council, to sue- : lomcy general, il would have to cced John 0. Wlnant. I dii; „„ ., Iot af skplp i niis . Tlic President nominate:! Biddle: Twice before eongrcs.sional com- for this job last, January, liepubli-j mitlees have been on the verge of cans in Hie Senate gave it silent nvesligaling.Biddle's administnitiim treatment for n few months. Tlionjof Ihe Depnrtmeiit of •iTuslice in Ihe President was asked to with- i wartime, lloth case.-, were outdraw the nominal ion. He refused,! growllis of the Normal Lillell and anotlicr shuwdo\vn fight as the president had with frd Pauley became necessary. Under urging from Demo.-ratlo alfair of |OU.! lind been assistant attorney aencrnl in charge of the lands division under Biddle. Frank Senators >All>en B. Barkley of Kui-1. phy. and nob Jackson. Littell had lucky, anil Tom Connally of Te? Chaii'miiu Arthur Vamlenbcrg Michigan agreed to hnve Biddle before the Foreign Hclalions Committee to explain his political vle'A's. 'IBiddle is re]iorterl to have let on that he wasn't the 100 per cent^yards. Elk Hills. Canol Pipeline, and New Dealer lie was supuoscd to be! surplus property disposal. All wo-e il. was known Ihntl notorious scandals of the early w;:r given off Hie record testimony to or | Ihc Truman committee on a num- the Ue- Bieak<-rs Hole] cnse. Sterling products. Em- pirn Ordnnnce, Snvamian Sliip- ber of eases liartmenl of handled bv Justice— lie - oven he and llnrokl lekes were ringleaders with the OIO-PAC in supporting Ifcnrv Wallace fur vice president nt Cliirai;o in Ifl-H. niddle'3 defense was lhat lie had opposed Roosevelt's romt-packinn plan nivl the NRA. This apparently got an "nii-lmb" frain the UcpuWican mnjovily of the coinmittnc. which decided to ins about Die nid<llo apjioiulmcnl . years. The In faet. much of brunt of Udell's testimony no great credit on nidcllu. Iliey atteiuplrd lo ma 1 -'.' ' . liiddle'.s close connect ioi.s knowing all this hackgromul- lost r.o lime in needling Biddle's resignation which hinl b?en submitted as a formality. Bill then the nres- _ •- „ - sure began lo be applied to Trvi- i o^nie of t'ns br.ckgronntl lias re-|nien to find Hidd'r- nnoih^!. in',\ pursue Us past policy of doing noil,- cenl.y been dug into by Howard'He was given teim»rmy work £ >es trial judge. This is perhaps the kindest thin the committee conid do. The fear U'ith 'I'onimy Corcoran. Coiroraii and associates reiircsented Sterhnix Prortiirl.s. Umpire Ordnance and iSavannah Shipyanls among others. AmbrnsU-r nm! put between covers,:, Niirenhprf war cri' "' " ' failure to pvosccue (hi s conibiua- liun, forcing the resignation (jf IniFt-buster Tliurinr.n Arnold the process, rims all llirougii Am- bfi^ter's e.vpos'e. Till': COAT GLTS THE f,AST I,AUGII For ]iis tcstiiiK)ny before llli! Truinan Committfc, Littell wa s ae- rused of disloyalty to the attorney geueral, who askprt for his resignation. When it was refused, Biddl carried tile case lo the While House. President Roosevelt sellled it by firing Liltell in December IS-i-l. Democratic Sen. Uarlcv Kilgore of West Virginia and ctthcr members of lhc War Investigating Com- uiillec favored opening up th whole case and doing a job 01 Biddle. to purge the party. But Harry Truman had in the meantime been elected vice president and sen. James M. Mead of New York had succeeded him as chaiv- iuan of the .war Investigating Committee. Not wauling to wash his arnty's dirty linen in pnbtip, Mead dropped the issue. Littell was. therefore, made the goat. He went into private law practice in Washington and is a'j- parently f ]oing all ii<;]it at it. Also, he is entitled (o the last laugh in the situation. When Roosevelt died. Truman Water-Hating Pepsi-Cola King Wants End of Sugar Rationing Sunday School Lesson »y WILLIAM E. OILROY, I). I>. Scripture: II Kings 23:10, II; Mil- Cue of tlie mysteries of life Is why good men should sometimes have eyii sous. However, it Is a compemallng fact that sometimes evil men have very good sons. Holli facts are strikingly illustrated in the history ot tlie kings or audah who came after Hezckinh., as we have seen, was a relatively good king, and his long was marked by safety and prosperity. Included was the remarkable deliverance when (he hosts of Assyria were destroyed and turned back by the plague that struck their camp as they were about, ( 0 overwhelm Judali." Hut tlic impressive influences of (hut, deliverance wore soon forgotten in tlic long reign of Hezekiah's son, AL-inasscIi. who was a corrupt and evil king. It is recorded lhat he not, only shed innocent blood, but that he sought to overthrow ami dfts-lroy the religion ot Israsl. He set up altars and practices of idollry and • turned to nil methods of sorcery and abominable practice. His .son, Amon. proved no b:'U?:'. becoming king at tho age of : 22, but. Ju> reigned [or only lv;o yar.s when his own servants conspired against him and slew him. Then came thr. good st>a of a bad father. The conspirators against. Amon were themselves sl".ni by those who took Josiah. Aincn's son, then a boy of 8, and made him kiiu;. He ruled Judah to,' :;i years, aud he must have been linear good influences from lhc first, I,",- as boy and man he was conimendalily great and strong. Good" and weH-intent'.oned men are often lacking in inil'-r.ive and lorccfuhiess iu action, but King Josiah was aggressive ami coii'pe- tenl in his goodness He vigorously attacked the idolatrous Places and practices, threw down and destroyed the altars of iniquity, n:»l i'C- slored the Temple as the place of iriic workmanship. It vas in this restoration of the La'.v," the liook of Deuteronomy in our Bible, was discovered. It became the occasion for an ininrcs- sive dedicatory service in which king and people made a covenant to obey its precepts and serve the one God. Centuries later Jesus proclaimed the spiritual nature of lhc true j God. whose worship is in spirit' •' and in trulh and is not confined to temples, mountains, or other professedly holy" places. But Ihe effect of the reforms under josi.Ui was to purify religion of its abuses- fn its emphasis on (he holy place By FKKDKKIOK C. OTH.HAN (Uuifeit Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, June C. (UP) — Tlie clerk of the Senate BanifiiJf? Committee placed in front of Waller S. .Muck. Jr., of New York a glass of water. Plain iv.-iter. No buWos. ,\'o .sweetening. No flavor. Jusi wet. This put the president oj I!)e IVpsl-Coln Company in sometliini; of a spot. Seas, nalpli E. FJaiiders of , %L, G'harlos W. Tobey of N. J .-sJvy-' W, Brickcr of Ohio, and JmnWj H. \fcCaithy of Wis., had calkd him in to see what lie thought of ending sugar rationing at once. They sipped their iralcr as if they liked it. The cautious PfpFl-Cola kin? eyed them. You could tell he was cautious because he wore a heavy Bold watch chain across hi 1 ' well- tailored vest; on his loll wn.sL was strapped another watch So lie looked at his own glass of plain, old, non-pasteurized tap \vater. His nose wrinkled hardly at all. The man who ion clear days) writes Pepsi-Cola in the skies, serves same lo his stockholders at their annual meetings, and who never has been seen drinking anything else, lifted up his iflass of pale fluid. Then he put it, as far away as he decently could, and lold the senators that if rationing didn't slop instanter. supar would lie running on', of our ears. Mack uses a mountain of sugar to sweeten his favorite l;cvrni r ;e. lie said (he warehouses are bul'iins;. Every ship from Cuba is brinr-in™ more. There is so niuch s.uear on hand, he said, that brokers are trying to sell him the stuff at less than OPA ceiling price.-;, Yot, the Agriculture Department wants lo keep on rationing sweetening he said. "Why?" he asked, giving his glass or water a sidelong j;l'j^^';. He said lie believes Secretary Vif Agriculture Clinton p. Ancler:;^ is a fine man: honest and iiblcp^ "But he is being misled by the figures presented by his underlings." the Pepsi-Cola president added. Anderson had just, been felling the committee that he mieht son;: be able to end the rationine of r-u- gar for household use. Ife implied he would 'continue to ration i! to industrial users like Mack. Mack charged.'that agriculture underlings were 'fooling the head man with nhoney farts simply to hold onto (heir jobs. Then lie left the room, and I nin sorry that he did. I. wish he'd stayed (T puep.s i am cruel fcllOiv afhcarti for the testimony of Harold O. Smith. Jr. Washington reproseii'alivn of K.Oon confectioners and — for the purpose of -siignr hearings - n Kit of other people. Smith took a swig of his n-ntnr. it destroyed the unholy places; and ! T ! is confectioners siicar va- indioiiness, whether in place or in prrpnn. is Ihe <lenial o[ essential goodness and of a!! true worship. lioning to continue nt leas! nn'il Oct. 31st. So do the conri-n^ecl mil!-: cannrr.s hud. — Smiili s.iitl — the bottlers or scda pop > Some of these latter make Prjr.i- Cola. They don't care wli^i President Mack thinks. A.s i.'iilftcr'; of the Association of American Bottlers of Carbonated Bcvernees. Uie-/ authorizpfj Smith to say they'd go along with Srcrclary Anrlerson. So smith took anoMier drink. My own thirst was iniolcmb'e. T beat, it and T hate to inform President Mack that the Senatorial I soda fountain had-no pepsi-Cola. Keck, V. G. Holland | T !lr , d tn settle for oraivre juice, unsweetened. 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — A platform price of 30 cents a hundred pounds was quoted by two of three ice companys supplying Biyltieville with ice today. This re- y.iTscnts a reduction from CO cents in two clays. Judge G. E and Dr. Paul Tiplon are expcclcd home today from Hardy where Ihcy have been spending several days at the Keck cottage. A meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary was held yesterday ftcrnoon at the home of Mrs. R of a book. "Treason's Peace." It's] MOW he needs another, Oniv out that Hiddlo ,s too ardent a Mew c^nian 1°£ fS,™ &,£ tlian Sdd^a sktat''^'^ £"^ lealcr to be _confirmed for a UN, it is about Diddle. But Sterling dra ™, nnd" ,o to«ork i,, ^r vi e job is jus, window-dressing polfe ,p,'odu-ls was a snbsidiarv nf Far-1 law practice' a" h°« pred,- ess ,r stuff to show the public in cover-'ben, and lhc record -" " '" '"•^•""••. as ms pient-cssm of Biddlc'r Homer i nn,in, Im done IN HOLLYWOOD Ky KKSKlNi: JOHNSON NEA Staff Corrcsiiiinilrnl HOLLYWOOD, cNr-.'Al There will be more musical Rhosllnp in JI-Ci-M's "A Love Story," with Artur Uubcnstein playing the piano both Katie Hepburn and Paul Hcnrlrd. when this thing readies its logical climax, music cz:\c IV- Irillo probably will have Ihe piano ghosts oignni/.cd. When Ruben- si cln plays Rilbenslcin. us in "CTar- iicj'lc frail," Pelrilo will r.n a stand-by ghost on lhc set. It's only a rummor. but TMly- wood rumors have a habil »i~ u-.u- nlly coming true. Tins I'M,- it's lhat Pat Dane, wife of Tommy Horsey, will soon c.ct a <i'i'r!: divorce, probably in Mexico t.iiiila nnrncU's slmlio finally crackcil down on hrr iiili'rvle'vx abr.ul the lark nf srx in "For- cvrr Amlicl." Linda. - n I'.iris 'in vacation, received nuter* not j to ilisruss tho censorship au^tc. During Philip Dorn's recent convalescence from pneumonia, no. wrote a story based on a tiger limit which will run serially in n national mat;a/ino this [all. it. will be signed Philip Van lloine'.i. IMS real name. !IIS lilGOIt MORTISI-:i> Producer-Director Fritz l,:ing i adds fuel to the fire in our cam-' i Puigu against double features bv (moling a fan who lold him: "I I thought your last piclure was fine. Hut I came In at the wrong time and snl through n double bill until my rigor was nenrlv mortised " The California real rsl:i(r Immii is unlliing new. Hack in inllt. lloil- al't Pi'isp hniiRht IS acres wlicre r.iran-mml and ItKO slmlins nmv stand. The purchase price was S32nO, u-liirh included n thriving aprirol orchard. n furnished house, ami two CDH.S. Tiro years later he stild (he land fur SfiOIlO. well satisfied with Oi,. |i,) v profit. Today the lam! is worth millions. Jimmy Stewart can't get Indiana off his mind and Is thinking nf paying his liome town a visit. I his summer. The annual convention of the Brotherhood of Magicians in Pittsburgh from June IB to I!) may also be (he lure, no "was an active member before Uncle Sfirn <;o! hini manipulating :i bomber instead of a iiia<:i 0 wand. 'CONTf\EXTAT. COMMl'TKlt Glrncla pari'ell will cnll Hrewstev, N. Y., her home town from now on. She and her husband, T)r. Henry Ross, jus! bought n •tG-acre farm i there, she'll live in Hollywood only '.' when appearing before Ihe emu- j eras. "The Double Take" is her first movie in two years I The I'lince and Vrincess of Paria, onn nf the major Indian stales, Innk the lour of the Slav I'acior makr-np slmlio Ibo oilier day. The rrinre Is checking iml- (vwotnl production int-tlmcls with (lie thought of Roiiis; inin film rrodiicdun on his own in Imlia. The Princess didn't give'a darn about niake-ui) procedures as they affected Ihe film Industry. She was just a woman intent on learning how lo look like a Hollywood gla- mor doll. Johannesburg, South Africa. wants Knlhryn Ornyson to give a concert llieie -and they'll nay O ff In diamonds ....Lucille n.iii ' niid LVsi Arni(t7 are thinking o; adopting n baby. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE End-Play Forces A Necessary Lead l!y WILLIAM E. MrKINNEY America's <'ai<l Authority Written for NEA Service 7 " t!ln AIi(llvcst men's pair evrllt at st " T - 011is ' 'i 1 " 1 lllp Pleasure of l> ' aylllR ' lifl1 "" ol<1 frfcll <l of mine, Ja?k Simon, as-socialcd *•:;!•. one of the oldest lirokcrage in ins in St. Louis. But the best ive could do was third. Simon's play heupcd nt to gel good rrorp on today's tiau.l dcc'.irors |iu', tod in ro,>-,fs vulacir.'/t. fi(:u:vd lilac i.'h ••• ;he kin,-- or •i Many of the much fai'.h overc.-lll. They had I" II.TVC Read Courier News Wont Ads. A AS V J 1007 < • A874 V K Q n 3 • 10853 2 *G > AK6 !kKD72 N W .E S Dealer .simoa A K Q J 10 92 V54 4 J 9 * 10-13 AG3 * A 82 « Q74 + AQ J85 Tournament — E-W vul. Souili IVcst N'orlh East 1 * Pass IV 1 A Pass I'ass 2 A :i * Pass 3 » 3V Pi P.1SS P.1VS 5S 5* I'O.-S Opening— A 8 G he king and queon of hearts wore, le won the opening sP'Jdt lea.l in iummy witii the see, took three •ounds of trump.-, then cashed three rounds of diamonds. Now In; simply V'd :i spade. East von Ihe trick with ihc niin-s^ot and came back wi'ii a heai;. \Vcat ivon \\-ith the queen, b.i'. he found himself cnd-playctl. Binion had stripped his own hand and dummy bolli spades and diamonds. T? West returned n heart. Simon would lose no more heart tricks. A diamond nas tlie return West made, nnd Simon rutted in dum- Srarch in J;'il SPOKANE, wash. IUIM_.\ uvo- month search by flieriffs deputies for a thief who stoic an electric chain from ;i Spokane pole company ended when thev caught up with Bill Beneficlri. S7. licr.ffis-ld was found in (he county jail, where he had been sentenced on a P"tty larceny charge. Navy has a "canning" process for surplus planes Hint will keep moisture for a decade. ottt- U. S. Senator N. Ware. £j-: Mr. and ifrs. John C. McIIariey, Jr., and children will spend Sunday at Kennelt, M o .. v.-ith relatives. my. discording the loshu- heart, form his own hand, . ' nvcr to Prcvlnii^ Vtii-.*l« HORIZONTAL 2 Passageway- 1,5 Pictured U.S. 3 F.ra FCtiator II Vessel 13 Wakens 15 Irritate 1G F.agcr ISSloiy 10 Lamprey 20 White poplars 22 Times of prosperity 23 ll.ilf an em 2-1 Alop 25 Laughter sound 4 Negative 5 Prison G Press 7 Artificial Iniif'nagc B Woody fruit 9 Jacob's brother (Bib.) 10 Barked 11 Releases 12 Seize (coll.) H Italian lown queen of hearts to .iustify his bid. Hut Simon did not cai\> whvic 2GHe is chairman of lhc -—• services committee 29 Atmosphere 31 Mimic 3-1 Melts ITEnrlh goddess 3S Epic 27 Plural ending 20 Horns 37 Barters 28 Begin 21 Moslem devil 38 Detests 30 Tilled land 24 Lower deck 'HSuaoaqle 32 Sick ————— 33 Small devil 34 I'oug M Cogs 30 Pronoun 40 Pair (ah.) 41 Advertisement (ab.) 42 Sun god 13 Exist 45 Fabric 50 Obese 51 Grub 53 Excavates 5-4 Load 55 Bitter compound."' 57 Is merciful S9 Ointment CO Poems ^ VEMPICAl • 1 Lnwyer'j v re'.nincr .-,fr •!fl For example (ab.) •I!) Worm 50 Papfage *' money ' Parent

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