The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1967 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1967
Page 6
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The Boom's Hangover If you were not on North Sixth or South Division sometime during ..Christmas Eve, you missnrl an excellent opportunity to participate in some of the larger traffic jams the city has been host to during the holiday season. If this privilege was denied yon, take, solace in the fact that it will he available airain. Actually, it is almost joyous news to bring, this business of pointing to blocks of bumper to bumper traffic. Just think of the quite nice little communities whose big problem is that they have no traffic, problem. What has happened has been some £!) million worth of commercial dcvcl- 'opment in north Blytheville and continued upgrading of commercial property in south Blytheville. Together, the development Of these two areas (one obviously triggered by Urban Renewal, the other totally the work of the private sector) represents the largest com. mercial building boom this city ever has seen. The size of the older shop- ping area has been doubled Sixth Street, »t its intersection with Chicknsawba, has become an unbelievable focal point of automobile traffic, notwithstanding the very handy traffic device which the stata Highway Department installed there a number of years ago. Lining of lanes on the city side of Chickasawba would help traffic flow here, but obviously the Sixth Street intersection must ba widened to include a left turn lana coming off Sixth onto Chickasawba. It is somewhat disappointing that Urban Renewal with its attention to detail and planning did not anticipats the necessity for more traffic flow down Sixth at least to Moultrie. . Now, however, both the South Division and North Sixth traffic problems are city problems. Obviously both approaches to the center of the city need to be four lanes. Both are eligible for state aid (as part of Highway 61), which leaves the city with the nasty matter of right-of-way to handle. Of OU Stop Wallace Gov. Rockefeller opined recently tliat a .third party Presidential race by former Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama would hurt both parties about equally in this state. "I think be will get his suppport from reactionary elements of both parties," the governor .Mated. 1~T That seems a fair assumption at this point, . rbut the leaders of both parties should steel .'"themselves for possible surprises. National commentators generally believe '""that a Wallace candidacy would weaken the "Republicans more than the Democrats, de• v'priving the GOP of many LBJ-protest votes it ""would certainly receive if the Alabaman were , : hot running. Someone has even offered the '"."laughable suggestion that Wallace's effort is • 'actually a campaign to help Lyndon Johnson. i 7 But Wallace is likely to run. He seems to ' "believe he might win. A New York Times re".porter quotes him as saying, while scanning ' : the Cascades from aloft, "Just think, some ••day I'll be President of all that." Arkansans can expect to see much of him. This state will undoubtedly be one of his main targets, and, as Rockefeller noted, he will suck in much of the chronic aginner element and those who are susceptible to skillful emotional appeals. And it appears that the Democratic Party in this state has possibly more to fear from Wallace than the Republicans. After all, the Democrats' last candidate for governor was a high-pitched Wallaceite who grabbed the nomination in a brushfire primary battle. That candidate, "Justice Jim," seems ready to hit the trail for Wallace in Arkansas. Wallace could split the Democratic ranks enough to give the GOP a Presidential victory in Arkansas, or, if the Democrats, who are still lopsidely the majority party, do not efficiently organize to counter him, he might even carry Arkansas himself. No possibility can be ruled out in this time of national upheaval. The task of responsible citizens in 1968 will be to prevent the worst from happening.—Baxter Bulletin •••»••«•••••••••••••••••*•••••••••••••»•••§«• Show Beat by Dick Kleiner HOLLYWOOD (NBA | and a pheasant. Whoever Heard Besides everything else, "Bon- of a grouse with all the trirn- nie and Clyde" is the first mov-1 mings? .. There's talk of mak- ie in years to have an effect on styles. Bill Travilla, who designed the clothes In 'Valley Of the Dolls" (and the clothes are the best thing in that pill pic- ing "The Apartment" into a Broadway musical ... And ABC wants Lee Hazelwood to musi- calize George Bernard Shaw's only western "The Shewing-Up ture), says.already in England I of Blanco Posnet," for a televi. "Bonnie" duds are fashionable.!skin special ... The same peo- I wonder if they're wearing j pie who have made a televi. their bullet holes lower this sion success out of Daniel year? Boone will try another historf. . cal show, with Ricardo Mon- Some thoughts from Joseph ta' ban ™ Murietta. E. Levine, the last of the old-I time (or maybe the first of the) John Anderson, craggy-faced showman - produ- usually go around raving about my own pictures, new-time) cers: "I don't with a voice to match, is one of Hollywood's most successful character actors. He started out on one, of the last showboats — but I think The Graduate' is i the "Winona" and Kathy Nolan tlie greatest American movie ever made." (Private opinion — it's good, but not great, because of one fatal flaw. Anne Bancroft and Katherine Ross are pictured as was also in that company. Anderson says when she was four they called her 'Holcha." He came to Hollywood 10 years ago with a touring corn- Tin pany of "Cat on a Hot falling instantly in love with j Roof" and stayed. His first role Dustin Hoffman, but there is j was a showy thing on Gunsmoke no motivation for their actions. | and he's been in demand ever Hoffman is certainly no looker and the character he plays is totally devoid of charm.) 'Names do not box office since. 'The money and the soft Ufa gets to be a problem here," ha says. "You become trapped by FELLOW, YOU EXAGSERKTE.THE SIBERIAN &EAR \$ HOT tNW^ENOUJTO-WE MIW>LE EAST/ make. Witness my own 'Woman it" Times Seven' which had 1i tre-| To avoid ^ ( A d mendous cast and was what Ij does as muc!l theat £ as he c £ call a mediocre success. Rules j This is what the Driver's License Manual .."published by the Arkansas State Police says; '' "Every person, other than a chauffeur, 'who drives or is in actual physical control of r a motor vehicle upon a highway, or who is •Exercising control over or steering a vehicle •being lowed by a motor vehicle" is a driver or operator. •:.~ The manual also states: • -•' —Any person who drives a motor vehicle on the highway or streets of Arkansas must have a driver's license. The only excep- 'tions are those driving vehicles belonging to . the armed services of the United Slates when ; :on official duty and those driving farm or road machinery while temporarily OB » highway. —Persons under 16 years.of age may not be licensed to drive except that those between the ages of 14 and 16 may be issued a restricted license. Anyone under the age of IS must have the application for a license signed and verified by parents or a guardian. THE GLOBAL VIEW BY LEQN DENNEN Mao Charges Soviets Use Bible to Toison Minds' By LEON DENNEN NBA Foreign News Analyst NEW YORK - (NBA) Publication in Russia of a book all, merely a tool of imperialism. The Bible is a "majestic lit- erarv document," said the So- latter course. As one of Moscow's "experts" 'There's no more room for mediocrity in movies. The corn- around town. But he works so often in movies and television that it's hard to find time. Cur- .... . , ,,, ™ "iai us nara to imo tj petition is too stiff. The exhibi- rent]v he> , snoo t inB 'A Man 'T^V^^r' ™ GaVnon" ad §aApi f oa I think Mike Nichols I. ani based on ,, The Little ^ \ authentic genius. pers „ They)j . e ^ ^ ^ Oxfordshire, England, turkey for Thanks- tion in wanted | giving — but Oxfordshire is not ' noted for its turkeys. The Duke of Marlborough rode to Hie re ,. . _.. , , ,J VI .'iculuuluugll I UUC LU Lllc J es- religion, A. Kashdan said m gnd « RtHIa c mnvit ac a lirpmFV - °° ° "*"entitled "Biblical Tales" hasjviet literary journal Novy Mir provoked the accusation by to an obvious reply to Peking. _ •, —.. ,. . ,1 /-!._•_, n__ "Tt tton/1 nn a IflVPl uitrh rni* Red China that th« Soviet "re- i ' visionists" are even promoting! 11 It stand on a level with the iiad and the Odyssey and has religion "to poison the minds of the younger generation." This time, it seems Mao Tse- tung really trapped his Russian enemies red-handed. Did not Marx and Lenin warn that "religion is the opium of the people"? According to Peking's news—If you are learning to drive you must | paper People's Daily, "The So- have an instruction permit and must always jviet revisionist ruling cliq.ue, have a licensed driver seated beside you. The restricted license also states that youngsters under 16 must be accompanied by an adult when driving a motor vehicle. There are the rules of the game!—Paragould Daily Press which wears the 'cloak of Mar- jxlsm - Leninism, is today openly peddling religious opium." for many centuries exerted an influence over the minds of philosophers, poets and painters." The book "Biblical Tales" which has arounsed Mao's fire was originally written in Polish by Zenon Kosidowsky. It was translated into Russian only after it became a widely acclaimed best seller in Communist Poland, However, its appearance in Moscow hardly denotes a new I sign of religious tolerance on Ever on the alert lo defend:the part of the Soviet regime, ^he purity of Communist ideol-|As usual, the Communist offi- jogy' the Red Chinese singled jcials were motivated by their JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH (D) 28 A Void tf 2 « A K 8 7 5 4 *AKJ952 •WEST EAST A8432 AJ Id 9765 VJ97653 VAQ *,ID3 4102 * Void A Q 8 4 SOUTH VK1084 •»Q6 4 10 7 G 3 North-South vulnerable West North East South 24 2* 6N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — A 2 after diamonds. When that suit broke all Tannah had to do as to lead a heart toward his kind in order to make his no- trump slam. "Lucky discard," said North. "Not at all," replied Tannah. "It was the correct play. I could not make more than six no- three spades plus three dia-!° ut the stor y of Noah an f hi f ° wn considerations. r r i ArL- ^o ft cinicf Ar ^vamn'o nf mi. _ _. . LI 75 Years Ago —In B/yt/ier/7/e In a double • ring ceremony the Bible's merit as a literary masterpiece is far more important than its "historical veracity." He cited, among other things, the extraordinary ability of the Bible's authors in portraying periormed"yesterday morning the "psychological dimension or at First Baptist churchj MiM its heroes." [Lavonne Portlock became the For instance, the scene of the : bride of Robert Smith Garrett death of David's son is a pas- oF stee)e T1 , c Rev _- E> c _ Brown sage "remarkable for its psy- O ffj c i aled chological depth and profound Misses ' Blytheyflls (Ark.) r our ier Newi Thursday, December. 28; 1967 Page Su . COURIER NEWS VHB COUniOv NKWS CO B. H HA1NES roDLISHEl HAR AT A HAINEg 4MJgt0nt ilhlNt.. . Pditor GENE! AUSTIN Adrertising ManafV S«lB Nai.i.n.u /luvertlslng Representative WaUard Witmer Co. New fur*, ChiMirn. Detroit Atbnta illTnp Se.Mmrt-cbiss posute onto tt BljthtAlle. ftrtt Member of tlie Associnthfl Misses Sally McCutchen, Gail J? • Ark as a sinister example of monds would represent 11 tr,cks how (he Wes , ern iraperialisls „„,,„,„„, and East was marked with the and their Sovlet " S t oog es" cor- j sia and ln tne communist aca of hearts for his spade | rupt the minds of the innocent. i t j res „( Eaat Europe .Students, lated in the Bible," Kashdan said. He also commented on t h e fact that "Biblical Tales" is a translation from the Polish. Ignoring the fact that the Bible iwas ruthlessly suppressed in Kenzie will return tonight from Hot Springs where they spent the holidays with relatives. Richard Lum has arrived home after receiving his discharge from the Army follow- They now concede there is a S Russia for 50 years, Kashdan j mg two years of service several strong religious revival in Rus- soid: "How significant it is that we (Korea, begin with a translation, as if I —— I months of which were spent in tear payable In udtance, Mall subscriptions are not dccent- ef *« town* and cltlel wlirnt Tht Cotinc. News cturier aerrto* Is maintained Mnll Mibscrlptlons tre NOTE* Tn* ecmrm mm* umna no responsibility for pbotoffrapb* raarnscrlFts. engraYlngs or nuli loft wttb it for possible pnbUeatloa. overcall. If neither suit broke I| Said People's Daily in an an-;writers and even young army [there were no one in Russia in wasn't going to make my slam;8 r >' editorial: j officers, in an effort to escape j a position to relate the Old and in any event If clubs broke 11 " As for ttlat slory of N ' oah ' s ' {rom * e aridity of Marxist-i New Testaments objectively ,,..,,. i Ark, which was Khrushchev's | Leninist society, are increasing-' and, at the same time, scien- could spare a cub, bul II clia-, favoHte this js evident iv tolly turning to the Old and New jtificaily." mnnn.e: hrnkp anrl rliihs nin nor. i .. _ i n _ _. j .L. mi. ... i_ . i monds broke and clubs did not, ; spread [ ne nonsen se about the' Testaments or solace and cre- I couldn't spare one of dum-j poss j ble extinction, of mankind jative inspiration. my's diamonds. trump unless I could run both ! Fine analysis and a most un- minor suits. Clubs figured to — to make people stop oppos- The hopeful fact is, of course, that the Bible — whether as the Word of God or as a lit- Hotel Bit Antw»r to Prevtoui Pmtte ing imperialism and throw in The Red Atheists thus facedlerary masterpiece — is again I usual hand. We wonder if many their lot with the imperialists a difficult choice to con- being read and circulated In i break but I didn't really need players would have made that on (ne sanle ark ." j tinue the ban on the Bible or {Russia. six club tricks. Five clubs plus! winning play at trick one. J ne Russians, to their credit,!strip the Old and New Testa-j Mao's wrath is another clear [refused to honor Mao's creden- j ments of all religious nieaning indication of the deepening ideo- Itials as a critic of the Bible, land "rehabilitate" them as lit- logical gulf between the Chi- Nor were they impressed by his erary masterpieces. It t o o k : nese and Russian Marxists-Lcn- claim that old Noah was, after I them 50 years to decide on the! inists. ' lannah Hirsch, the associate editor of the American Contract :• Bridge League Bulletin, plays a ' lot more bridge than most mem- •"'bers of tile league staff. One : reason is that Tannah, who :- played top flight bridge in Eur- "ope for many years, wants to ";become a Life Master in this : country. •"•' He writes very scientifically 'tor the bulletin. His own bld- •ding is of the simple style as ' 'may be seen from his six no' irump call with, this hand from ^'a recent tournament. A scientist's scientist would have taken up to a dozen bids to get to : the eventual slam and if that ; slam happened to be in clubs, ' the scientist would have had no ;jolay to make his contract ^..against a heart lead. TV A spade was opened against : (he six no-trump contract. Tan" 'nan looked over dummy a while ; and called for Hie deuci of . clubs discard. Then he led « 1,'cl.iib lo dummy's ace. East thewcd out and Tatffiah vent the Doctor Says By Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D. Written for Newspaper Enterprise Association Th« only thing that is better ed, but recent studies suggest than a prompt recovery from an attack of viral hepatitis is not to get it in the first place. that it is not very effective for this purpose. cramps. This treatment has helped some persons. It should not be used during pregnancy. Chloroquine phosphate is also helpful. These drugs should be ACROSS 1 Hotel future S Enroll as a guest 13 Land meaiuit 14 Additional ' duration 15 Modern school of painting ' 16 City in India 17 Cocur d'—. Idaho 39 Ceremony 47 Exhort 49 Scindiniviin woman 1 ! name 50 DiBivowals • J3 Lively plac« 54 Outer— 55 Near Eait prime 56 Saver's extra 57 Proportion DOWN IDetecling device 2 City in Florida 3 Command 20 Most uncommon 4 Most malicious 24 Chess piece j taken only under medical super- is purpow. , vlsion _ Fcr imraediate tempor- ,„. ™ S v.,. .1 .11 ...- .— i i Q — Is a cold passed from one : . , i Since there is no vaccin e|person 'to another or are the< ar 5' relief . nothing beats get- against this disease, prevention! germs picked up through the i ting up and walking or massag- largely a matter of com-! air? ! ing the cramped muscles. 23 Greek fabulist 25 Pilfer : 27 death 39 Oatekecpers 32 Female sheep 3.1 Cyprinoid fish 34 Priestly discourses 38 Erse 40 Networks (anat.) 41 Incline 43 Historical records 5 Defraud 6 At all Units 7 Cheerful * Angry 9 Accent 10 Bind 11 Printtr'l measures 12 Musical note 18 Italian noble. family 21 Three Umd (comb, form) 33 Bread spread 26 South African fox 22 Word of assent 29 Domesticated animal 30 Rooms in seraglios 31 Revolvable device 35 Greek letter 36 Bowling green division 37 Hotel VIP 39 Spend time laiily 40 Entertain sumptuously 42 Monastic dignitary 44 Fragrance 45 Lawful (slang) 46 N'ightty sleeping sound 48 Ancient Greek city 50 Russian river 51 Adjective suffix 52 Perched 541,001 (Roman) munlty sanitation. There are, lowever, a few preventive measures that can be applied within your home. To prevent the A — The common cold virus I Brewer's yeast is a rich is present in the secretions of j source of vitamin B and is not the nose and throat of persons; harmful, but I know of no evi- the early stages of the dis-jdence that it will help your spread of hepatitis by contami-j ease. It is borne through the cramps, nated hands, every member of | air in tiny droplets when such ;he family should make it a j a person sneezes, coughs, laugh labit lo wash hands thoroughly I or talks. It may also be trans- sefore meals and after each milted by contaminated articles rip to the toilet. For this pur-1 such as ealing utensils. In deal- lose, the use of a soap that j Ing with anything so tiny as a contains hexachlorophene he best protection. gives I virus, tlie relative importance f Children should be taught to ;e«p dirty objects out of their mouths. When any circumstance ! one means of transmission over another is hard to determine. Q — I am 70 years old. I get cramps in my feet and legs cv- such as a flood, endangers the ery night. What can I do for ocal water supply you should j them? Wo'iW brewer's yeast >oil ill drinking water for at east 12 minutes. Giving gamma gobulin to persons believed ,o have been exposed to this help? A — Small doses of quinine sulfatc, with or without ami- nophylline or other drugs, are disease was formerly advocat-1 ofte,n prescribed for muscular The Saturn S rocket made its debut Nov. f) on a flight designed to test the various systems i that will be used when the craft I makes its first journey to the] moon with Americans aboard the Apollo capsule. The scarlet ibis, a dazzing native of northern and eastern South America, has found a home in the Sunshine State. The last saconds are ticking, away for Greenwich Mean Tim«i rBitain plans to conform to European time on Fcb, U, 1968, by advancing clocks one hour.

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