The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1946 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN leniencyFavored Toward Austria President's Policy In Sharp Contrast To Acts of Russia. VIENNA, July 11. (UP) — Gen. Mftrk clark told Chancellor Leo- iwld Figl today that, he had boon directed by President Truinnn 1.0 start negotiations toward renouncing the United States' share in Ocr. hi«n assets in Austria. ' Okuk in n Idle;- satrt the American government will not recognise any transfer of property from -Austria under the Polstlam Agreement unless the transfer conforms to the United Nations declaration o' January, 1JH3, on forced transfers. "Tne aiit;ounj.'-iei)'. of ClavV letter followed a stormy session of the National Assembly at which Figi said Austria demanded a clarification of the recent Hessian or- dor to take over nil former German property. 'Communist Leader Ernest Fischer told the session that the government "has done worse than nothing with its policy in ivRttrd to the rolsclam Declaration." and that the government "only wanted to start a hatred campaign against the Soviet Union." Socialist Deputy Paul Sprisci snitl that if all German assets were taken from Austria "we will uoi be able to restore Jewish claims In Austria." He said Austria's claims against Gctmany include ••2,000,000,000 schillings in money and 1,000,000,100 in property. '"We don't want mercy, we want our rights," Speiser said. "We need our own ore and our own oil." •Fiel satd that "assets which belong to Austrians or members i>f the Allied Nations In Austria should r be restored nt once." The assembly adopted n resolution supporting the chancellor's rn- Wtirks with four Communist members as the only dissenters. The Russians appeared today to have halted for the time beiiiR their deportation of Germans from tliu Soviet occupation zone of Eastern Austria. BLYTJ1EVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Interference Bared in War Profits Probe ^WASHINGTON, July 11. (UP) — tjric Senate Wur Investigating Com- irdttee was told yesterday there '*ns "interference" from Washlnc,- 'tbn when Chicago Army officers proposed to demand refund tor $1,000,000 overptiynient to one 'the companies In a "paper empire' 'of war plants. Lt. col. C. W. Cheatham of Hi inspector general's office tcslitic' Hint a "Mr. Jacohson" in th Chemical Warfare Office said letter of demand would be "unpre ccdentcd" and that a scltlemerr should be worked out on" a "giv and take basis." The committee Immediately sclicd uleil Albert W. Jacobsoti of th Chemical Warfare Legal Office n ah afternoon \vitness. tJheatham testified after Undei secretary of War Kenneth C. . all told the committee that AiMircw J. May, I)., Ky., had ac cuscd the War Department of "in- TIIUUSDAY, JULY 11, 19.10 /Filipinos Honor Their American Comrades FBI Arrests Suspect in Auto Thefts NEW ORLEANS. July 10. <U,P.) "Sum," tile elusive used-ear dealer and alleged leader of :i Chtc'iiBO-to-Ncw Orleans sloU'ii car rliiK. was brought Into the open today with (he announcement by tli c FIJI here that Sinn j Drulkin, 38, hud been arrested In Laredo, Tex. diaries E. Weeks, special agent In charge of the local bureau, s:iid 13ruikin was returning to this country from a motor trip to Mexico when federal men appro- hendcd him. "Sinn," who had been described with transporting to be transported lavish drcssoi- who wore a charged SH.5CO v.alch and a $5,000 rliiy,! i-mslm' allegedly juJd two Chicago broth-1 .' , ers (o drive several new, stolen'" 1 " clli ' s ' " ls ))tmU w:ls linicks from Clitcago to New Or- » 15 ' 000 leans. Hero they were sold to local dealers at ceiling prices, said uvo I ill Weeks Oruikin mn USO juni "' '! >C ™"l>r> ! "J Is'?'" 1 '* entry inlo the f.-,mily ot nations as an Imleper.ds.-.t republic, j or volunteers in Manila decorate graves of American servicemen who died in freein- the, .<£ cily from the Japs. • Jnderwater Atom Bomb Test May Hurl Ships High Into Air OFF BIKINI ATOLL, July 10. UP)—The underwater explosion ol e atomic bomb, .scheduled tcntn- vcly for July 25, Is expected to irl fragments of .shattered tiU'iicL ip.s nearly Uvo miles in Lhe air, ice Adm. W. H. P. Bluntly dls- osed lodny. Bluntly, overall commander of ic operations crossroads project. id after the first "test bilker" onfercncc with his officers that ic burst in liikinl Lngoou ^ will reduce a ulBanllc waterspout. "It is believed," nlandy .said, "that column of water 2.000 to '^,500 eel in diameter will raise from he lagoon 8,000 to 10,000 feet .Igli." Commander Roger Rcvclle. Task Force One occanogrnpbcr, estimated liat the spout contain about ,000,000 tons of water. Blnndy salt! the ships in the icarly half-mile circle of rising cater "are going to get un awful ;olng over." "Those vessels in the center •Ise with 11—In pieces or Intact,3 continued. "Those on the fr will capsize. Smaller fragments of smashed ships might rise 3,000 to 10,000 feet." Surging up even higher thau the waterspout, probably to 20,000 feet will be a jet of steam, atomic fission products aiu! gases, Dlniulj said. He disclosed that some scientists of Joint Task Force One expect the. Hakcr Day bomb to produce waves Joj^.jip^j 100 feet high. But the average call- ,„....„., .,.._ mate, he added, is 70 feet. ' J imhitsh to 10 feet by (he time they It IJIkint island, a'li miles awiiy. ic said lie expected the waves !ci •ash over the lower part.' of iJiklni Hit doubted there would be notice- ble effects on more remote Islands if the Atoll. Hliindy predicted no danger to he force fleet from the ratllo- ictive lower of water, spray syul steam, bul he said radioactive huiutcr .showers might occur lu the iVcst. Because of Ihls danger, Enmelol: Atoll, nearly 2:>0 land miles West of Bikini, will be evacuated as it vns for the first atom bomb test. Howard Hughes Battles for Life Following Crash nnVKULY HILLS, Calif., July 11. (Ul>) — Penicillin, treiitincnls to ward oil the threat of pneumonia were continued today as sportsman Howard Hughes kept up his utu!;- hurn flfiht to .survive the crash of lii.s experimental Army photo reconnaissance plane. Dr. Verne Mason, Hughes' physician, siilcl his patient's comli'.ion remained dunyerous hut that he had no .skull fracture. He sukl Hughes 1 left hint: was injured, but nut punctured, as early examinations indicated. Dr. Mason fuikl attempts to set a broken shoulder or perform syrs- ery would lie deferred until Hughes is fully recovered from the shock of his Sunday nlyht crash. 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Oldsmobile Bast Main St. CMC Trucks Phone 519 Malvern Seeks Facilities for River Traffic ARKADELPHIA, Al'k.. July II. <U1')— A nine-foot navigation channel from the mouth or the oin- chita Diver to Majvern will lie asked by (he Omichlta Valley Association :iiul the Ouachita Area Development, Council. Meeting here last night, (he two groups decided on the deeper channel after w. C. McClnrc of Cain- den said n six-fool channel was too shallow for heavy river trallic. Col. 1!. G. Lovclt. icpu'suutii'K the U. S. Engineers office at Vickc. Blnndy expects this wave action to sink many ships which might otherwise survive Baker Day. "I think there will be considerable damage from wave notion as well as the blast," he said. "Waves 70 to 100 feet high will cnpsi/e smaller craft. Larger ships could vesligatiiig him" last September s i anrt sln . h wiivc s if they were free in connection with another key i () m aneuver. But they will be hit l progress. It will lie forwarded to Washiiiijton later this Hummer. Cost of the project lias estimalcrt at $50,000,000. been Read Courier Ne»n Want Ads. — ... in the Midwestern combine. Soyall said May made the accusation after thrice calling him in regard to renegotiation of war profits of the Erie Basin Mela! CT>. TEric Basin is a parent firm in Ihc i6-company syndicate whose war profits arc under committee scrutiny. Rnvall alsn disclosed Iliat he had asked the Justice Department six weeks ago to investigate a govcrn- 1 liicnt overpayment of approximately $1,000,000 to Batavia Metal Products Co., another parcnl firm in the "paper empire.^ Chcathain said Chicago officers with their anchors down, making il harder for them to ride. "Some may have their anchors carried away and be driven ashoic. 11 Blaiuly said 100-foot waves would concerned with the ovcrpayo %^t earlier had telephoned Jacobson in Washington to ask whether they should serve a deuuind letter on [Dr. Henry Garsson. a key executive, lie quoted Jacobson as replying that the "differences can be wryjk- ccl out on a give and lake f/isis, ami that a negotiatccd settlement was absolutely necessary." Announcement Starting Sunday , July 14th The Undersigned Florists will be ,•.£ Closed on Sundays Starting Sunday, July IJUi, and on each Sunday thereafter, \vc will be closed. No deliveries will bo nia'le nor will any business be transacted. We solicit your continued co-operation ... which will enable us to service your orders of flowers Monday through Saturday of each week. Signed: The Flower Shop Hcoton's Home of Flowers Bryant Floral Co. Osceola, Ark. M I L L 1 0 N TO LOAN 4'" Farm Loans "G.I." City Loans F.H.A. 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