The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1944 Winter Legumes Build Up Soil ^Turning Under Crop efore Planting Corn Or Cotton Dps Yield Soli improvement through the use of winter legumes hns become im annual pr«ctice on over half a million acres of Arkansas farms, Keltli J. Bilbrcy, county agent, says. Tests conducted by llic University of Arkansas College of Agriculture and demonstrations on farms in every section of Hie Slate show that turning under a good crop of winter legumes before plaining cotton or corn Ls the best way to increase yields, the county agent said. Hairy vetch, he said is the best Adapted winter legume for the wide variety of soli conditions found In Arknnsns. it Is well suited to low- liroduclng soils and will stand more cold tlinii Austrian peas nnd bur clover. Hairy vetch seed should be sown at the rate of 20 pounds per acre In September, the county agent said. Because of the shortage of hniry vetch seed, many farmers who have used vetcli in the past may linve to use a subslitulc Mils year Austrian peas, if || 1C seed can be obtained, will make a pood substitute although they are not as cold resistant as hairy vetch. This dis- ixlvaiitase can he offset to' some extent by planting (be peas early in September, using at • least 35 ssced |wr acrc ' thc count - v In Mississippi County where bur clover has become an important crop the acreage should be increased, the county agent believes. Seed ri'n -M, br(>a " ea «<. "i cotton or corn middles before September 15 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.),' COUBIEK NEWS County's Best To Be Shown At Duroc Congress Some of the finest Dnrocs from Mississippi County will compete for n total of $3500 In premiums at the National Duroc Congress nt Austin, Minn., Aug. 17-19. Caslllo Brothers of Luxora have entered Lady Blosroin, one of an outstanding litter of 10 pies from Blossom Time, shown at right, highest priced Duroc gilt in the United States In last winter's sales. She was purchased In Schubert Brothers Sale Feb. 8, at Woodbine, III,, by Castlio Brothers for $1230. Other Cast Ik) entries Include Ambassador Ann and Ambassador Lndy. J. C. Buchanan Is sending Congress Queen and Proud Cherry Queen and another out-"' standing local breeder, Joe Cagle, Is sending Square Cardinal, Miss Square Cherry and Square's Victory Pride. These are among 275 entries, thc aristocracy of Ouroc liogdom, tliat will be paraded before a group of nationally famous swine judges. Last, year's National Congress nt Mein- foods like dairy products, cues, meat, -fruits mid vegetables. 'J'luj etirlch- ni'iil of bread and Iho increased uso of milk hnvo both Improved thc na- lonal diet In Important vitamins mil minerals. This hill und wlnler food will be relatively plentiful. ThouKh sup- il es of meats and dairy products will be somewhat smaller, fresh fruits, vegetables, and cereal products will be considerably more plen- IAGETHRB1 phis drew an attendance of 1000 breeders and hoe producers from 't\ states. Thc Congress Is nn aniiiml event sponsored by (he United Duroc Record Association, 1'eoria, 111. Plcnty of Peaches Available For Canning The large crop of Arkansas peaches that are now ready for canning offers Mississippi county homcmakers an opportunity lo con- SOITC a good supply of fruit for use Cora ' steps for cunning Caches: Choose fresh, firm, ripe fruil. If the background is green, the prach is not ripe for canning, and wher it does ripen will likely have pixii flavor. Select peaches with yellow lor whitish-yellow background "color using about C bushels of burs per Never use one with a decayed spot acrc. This crop should be allowed for even though the decay is cut to mature seed next spring before out bacteria may be left oil thc it is turned under In order lo get peach to spoil (tic rest volunteer stands for the next 2 or t wash and peel the peaches. Take • „„ u , .i'" 01 ' 10 ™ li><>'> a camier load atone on winter time. For eas v iioellnE nliirn in n can be obtained at the wire basket or c ice cclo Hi in county agent's office. Publications boiling water ibout a m ,'» n Jo imiv are "f-iant More win- then nip quickly i,, 1 cold wa\er 'an? luilcn- skin. Cut peaches in rmlf and Further mrormution ter Legumes", Agricultural MSSB ss?y*iff ri=i s*Su'srjy?'jwi ra^ss^^-<*• ,,?«r;£'=,?-= WATCH THIS PAPER NEXT WEEK FOR AN PORTANT NOUNCENENT Miss. Counly Duroc Breeders Association "THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS" Top Pedigree Dnrocs For Sale By These Members: C. G. SMITH & SON STANTON PEPPER GENE BRADBERRY Blytheville, Ark. Huffman, Ark. Manila, Ark. J.C.BUCHANAN CASTLIO BROTHERS C. H. WHISTLE Biyrhcvme, Ark. Luxora, Ark. Whistlevillc, Ark. JOE T. CAGLE BURDETTE PLANTATION L. H. AUTRY Blytheville, Ark. Burdetre, Ark. BurdeNe, Ark. ROSS D. HUGHES JR. Blytheville, Ark. i Angus Breeders Plan Field Day At Imboden, Ark. The fourth animal field day of Ihc Arkansas Abcrdeen-Anuus llrcedcrs' Association will be held at Imbodeu, Uiwrence County, on Thursday, Aui;. 1H, ICeltU ,1. Dllbrey, county agent, has unnoimecd. following the day's im>nniin, breeders will hold a meellng lu tnnkc dual arraiiBei\ienls for the Duroc Breeders 3 lan Big Show At County Fair The Mississippi County Dtiroc Urceders Association are iu:iklni; plans to huve the larBesl Dunn; show In (lie nation ut the Mississippi county I'alr this Pull, l,. n. Auiry, president of thc association, annminci'd toduy, "Our show will top every show In Ihu country for cash prices, with u total of $H,UOl} ottered," Mr. Antrj said. "Wllli swll Ini'BC Mites we expect the teller breeders In mid- western and southern states to Ii/ their llncsl Durors." lie udded, Mr. Autry suld tlml, the nswilu- llon Is pnrllculavly Interested hi llu •1-11 and Future Fanners lu star preparing their hoss now tor (In show. fourth nninuil sale which will li held at linboden on Odober as, th county agent siild. Ktr,H "' C ° l " Uy llomc '!>Wd, drop them as soon ";!" u K °' ,' S " B8CS|C(1 lhls »>-e skinned and sliced Into a so- outlined the following | union of one gallon of water, two liable-spoons of sail, and two mblc- siuions of vinegar. Drain whcr ready lo prccook. When canning with sugar, pre- cuok In one of (wo ways: (1) U fruit is Juicy, add sugar—one-half cup to each quart of iinco<ikcd peaehes-and bent to (lie boiling point. (2) For less Juicy fruit, make a sirup by boiling sugar iiiul cither water or Juice extracted from extra peaches together [or live minutes. A thin, moderately thin, or medium sirup may be mndc. depending on (he siijjiiY supply and fiimlly tastes. To make a thin sirup, use one cup of sugar lo three cups of juice or water; for a moderately Ihin sirup, use one cup to 2 cups of liriuid; and for n medium sirup, use one cup each of sugar and liquid. Tlinii prrajok Hie fruit In llic sirup until it Is healed throughout but is not soft. Pack hot peaches evenly into hoi Jnrs, leaving one-half Inch head space. Cover with boiling liquid, still leaving one-half Inch nt (op. H usually takes three-fourths to one cup liquid to each jar. Taking care to have a good proportion of solid food and liquid, and leaving right head space help to keep the peaehcs from losing liquid during canning. They will not be left high and dry to turn dark. Work out any air bubbles by running a knife blade down tlie Jar side, and If necessary, add more liquid. Wipe jar rim with a clean, damp cloth. One sticky bit call keep jiir from scaling airtight. Put on inr top and adjust according to directions for tlie particular type of lid being used. Next, process the jars of fruit in a boHlng-watcr-bath canner. Have water boiling In canner and put each Jar in us soon as it Is filled and ready. When Jars are all in canner, add more hot water If needed. It must cover jar tops by an inch or two. When thc water bolls hard, put canner lid on and begin counting time. Process peaches 20 minutes. Keep heat even under the canner: if temperature drops, Jars , muy have liquid drawn out. Add morn boiling hot water If needed to keep jar tops well covered. When the time is up lake out jars. Finish scaling If type of jiir requires. Set Jnrx out to cool right side I up and away from drafts. F. S. AJSTews Mrs. Prank Roberts, nt. 1, Blytheville. put up 180 quarts of fruit and vegetables and 11 quarts of .pickles during July. The Lyman Moody family, Rt. 1, Blytheville, have good prospects tor iti successful year. Mr. Moody wants especially to raise his own feed. j HP has a variety of feed crops, in- eluding corn, beans, sorghum, an: liny. Mrs. Mooriy Is working toward providing sufficient canned foot! for .her family, she lias put up beets butter beans, okra. peaches, am some pickles. Since thc recent rnlus, and with the planting of fall garden, she will have enough vegetables to fill several dozen more quarts. A tew years ago, the B. D. Moor ings of WhiUon Community set oiiv some peach trees. This year, Mrs Mooring has already p'ut up 5? quarts of peaches off their owi i trees. Thc Moorings arc rlgiitfulls 'proud of being able to can fruil grown on their own farm. Mrs, Enlice Adams of<i] has put up 75 quarts of various vegetables and 75 quarts of peaches She is buying three more bushel.' of peachc.5 to can this week. Farm Woman's Column No need to tell you, you know your John Deere Tractor has thc built-in quality and strength lo deliver year after year service, but ii needs a ihorough check-up to keep going »t peak efficiency. Let our John Dccrc naineJ service man keep your tractor tunning like new. He'll replace old, worn parts with new ones . . . lighten every place that needs tightening make necessary adjustments . . • p"< u tractor in urst-cUss running order, has the "know-how" to make it per- form like new, bring back that power, punch and stamina. We'd like to talk it over with you and give you an ejtiroaic. \Vc know you want (0 mike that (ractor last and produce, »r-' - - want to help you. IT 15 MORE !• YANT THAN EVER THIS il OF ri.ii.vry Americans are eating well Hit; wartime year, both in cuiantily nut In nutritional quality, the latest figures on food from thc U. S. Department of Agriculture show. Civilians in 104-1 arc expected lo cat I at least as much as they did last year—may cat as much as In 1911, thc biggest eating year. When Ihc total home garden production Ibis year is added to the commercial production of food for civilians, thc per capita consumption may conic up to that of three years ago when Americans consumed more food and took in more calories than ever before in their history. From a nutritional point of view Americans this year are eating even tetter than they did In 1941. Larger Incomes have allowed them to use more of the relatively expensive Missco Implement Co. , . BUY BONDS* SAVE SCRAP Insulate Your Attic with BALSAM WOOL FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! E. C.Robinson Lbr. Co. wl»K mild iaa|t and wat«r. |«llMi ft paint. «Ji«tty GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QUICK TO DRYI EASY TO APPLYI • Think of r«<3ecornt!ng t room b»- tween bteakfa«t and lunctd You con with Tichld* — Pittsburgh 1 ! amazing ti«w development In wall paint. Two houri .U plenty of timo lo npply .Ifechlde. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYINGI You wve on labor cost»—Mve the expcnie of icrnplns off old wallpaper—»nd «av« on the coit of palnt.'ftchld* Is Ideal for painting over wallpaper, plaiter, brlclt, no. MADI IN I COLOM AMD M>>m PITTSBURGH PAINTS MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE : - : ARKANSAS H Is still 11 popular _.., i ninny country districts Unit H i unlucky lo cut your Imli- nnd nils before Hie moon Is pnsl full. According lo records for the last half century, Aug. 31 has been the H'ctlcst day of the year for Eng-' land.' • ., :"•'.''. •, , Published Hy The Delta Implement Co., Blytheville Vol 2 Friday, Auguai 11 No. 50 J.nrlim Odlnes him n K-S International 1 1-2 l(«i Truck for sale with good (ires und in mcdmnical condition. Truck can be i on. our yard- Sec Mr. (ialncs for price, DI . Wo Imvo a farmer who lius a Farmall !I will) cultivator, plow, disk, harrow and fer- tili/.cr distributor for siilo. We will give you liis name if inlerosiled. —-DI \Ve have (HI our yard for sale the following iiHcil ilein.s: Laic model I'anmill mower; 1 lehuill McCovmieh-Decrinjf 7IJ 0 1-2 disk harrow. DI y We delivered now equipment to Ihc follow- iiiK people Dii.s iveelt. Blue Strwik Express, 1(7; InloriHiUonnl Truck, Lucian Games, Hlylhcville; K7 hilcrnatioinil Truck, J. M. Slovens, Dell, Ark.; 2 7M Dry Rotary Ho'ea, H. A. HiiKif, Hlytliovillo; Disk Harrow, J. II. Wure, Cooter, tMo, DI We have in our shop for overhauling truck of Denver Alfalfa Milling Company of .Sfoclf, Mu-, and Mrs. A. 10. I,of tin's truek of Huffman, Ark. DI HAlfWA/" I *' • Kttflfl I Volers of Mississippi County it is with deep appreciation that I take this method of sincerely thanking all the voters of Mississippi County for selecting me as your Representative to Post No. 4 of Mississippi County. I am indeed grateful for this honor and shall atall times strive to merit the confidence placed in me. I shall try to represent the entire county to the best of my ability and shall . welcome suggestions from citizens throughout the county. Again, I say thanks, I am proud to be your Representative. E. C. "Gene" Fleeman Manila, Arkansas

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