The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1951
Page 8
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NBW8 THB COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Asitslant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Fxiitor PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertising Manager Sol* National Advertising Representatives: Wallact Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphli. Entered as wcond class matter at (he post- offlc* at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Con- October 8, 1917. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the eity of DlythevUle or any suburban town where carrier service Is maintained, 35c per week. By mall, vtthin a radius of 50 miles, 15,00 per ypar, $2.50 for six months. I1.2S lor three months; by mall outside 50 mile zone, $12.SO per yenr payable In advance. Meditations That as sin liath re turned unto death, even go might jrrav? reign through right runs MOSS unto eternal life by Jrsus Christ our Lord.—Romans ft: 2 1. Eternal life does not <lcprnd upon our perfection; but because if dor.'; depend upon thr grace of Christ and the love of thp Spirit, rhat love shall prompt us to emulate perfection.— Adams. Barbs 'Hie season approaches when dad should put up the storm windows7-50 he can put them back down next spring. * • * A school principal sayit children slioiilrl be given credit for their own Ideas. Do?* thai In- clucte pluylnj h no key? * * • What gums up most family budgets Is the necessity of borrowing from them until next pay day. * * » A Hn whistle was successfully removed from a boy's throat. No child should gti off on a toot, « • * If you want the importance of any election to register on you. be sure to register yourself. No Need for Us to Tremble Over New Soviet A-Bomb, When the White House announcement of the first Russian atomic explosion was made two years ago, it was greeted with some skepticism. There were those who rloiilitfd we could tell at this distance whether or not the Russians had exploded anything involving ntomic energy. Others felt that if there han oeen an explosion it might have been occidental. Many-months later, when the story of our detection methods finally was tolci. it hecame clear that the skepncism was unwarranted. The techniques cm- ployed by top U. S. scientists in defecting atomic activity anywhere on earth are regarded as virtually foolproof. They felt their IfMfl tests were conclusive. The scientists had neat if' disposed of the "accidental explosion" theory right at the start. They had staked their reputations on the statement that "if this (Russia) explosion was not an atomic bomb, then none of us can conceive what it might have been." Xow the While House has announced n second Soviet atomic hurst. Again, we must accept their carefully compiled evidence as convincing. The question this time is: What light does it shed on ihe present status of Russia's A-hnmb program? Most of our atomic experts explain the lack of other Soviet atomic, explosions in the two-year interval as due to Russian stockpiling of its original bomb, This makes sense. Though the information gained from t-oies like Klaus Ftichs enabled the Tom- munists to build a bomb much sooner than expected, it is unlikely they were equipped either technically or in materials to match American progrt-s* in this field Host guesses are that they have been making about 25 to 30 conventional A-bombs a yenr since 1!14P. The new explosion has lead to the immediate conclusion, however, that sufficient advances have now been made to allow the Soviet technicians to braucli out into more specialized uses of atomic energy. In other words, there is a feeling this means Russia, hke the t'. S.. is beginning to apply atomic force to tactical weapons and perhaps guided missiles. This may very \\ell be a correct conclusion. Certainly \ve cannot assume that .we alone are capable of atomic progress. There is nothing terribly mysterious about the elements of the atomic bomb, and the problems involved in adapting it to new uses are not considered tremendously difficult. Of course, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Russia has ex- ploded a second conventional A-bomb simply for its propaganda value—know- Ing that this would give rise immediately to a reassessment by ths fre« world of its whole defensive position, knowing that the result might be resurgence of timidity in (.he less firm-minded Western countries. Yet the safer judgment Is to assume the Soviet Union has really reached the. point where it can experiment with advanced atomic weapons. Even if we accept that, there is no need for tremors of fear. Everything indicates we are still far ahead of Russia in atomic weapons both as to quantity and as to quality and variety. One more explosion on the dreary steppes of Russia cannot alter that advantageous situation. Wise Economy Quietly but effectively the House- Senate conferees on this year's military appropriations bill have lopped off $4 of the ?r> billion extra tacked on by !h« Senate in a vague last-minute, maneuver a few weeks ago. The money was put into Ihe bill as a blank check for (he Air Force, in apparent anticipation of a greatly enlarged air arm. RtH plans for that expansion have not ye( been reduced to specific budget estimates. Thus Congress had no way of knowing at this stage how that extra money would he spent. In slashing the .supplementary sum to $1 billion, the conferees acted wisely. The money may eventually have to be voted, lint when that time comes, the Congress and the American people ought to know—within the limits of security —what it is to go for. Views of Others Another Truman Tempest Just n little over H week ago, when President Truman signed his executtvn order Applying curbs on Information Iroin civilian agencies, his press secretary, .lr>srph Shorl, drclnred (he regulation was not director! at terriers and rtid not (rrov. out of "Information getting info the news." But Thursday President Truman himself Inld hii news conference that the renson he had Issued his order was because "newspapers and slink maR»- zino.s" have published 05 per cent ot all the Information classified as secret by the Pentagon and .stole department. Whrn prppf-rrS hy repnrlers lo pxjilnln Mils statement, the President gave two examples of what he declared had specifically prompted the "censorship" order'. He snirt Fortune magazine had printed all the locations—with maps—of our atomic energy plants. The second casfl of what ht suggested was publication of information that might help EV potential enemy included A nnmbfr ot newspapers in that country that had printed nir maps of cities with arrows pointing to key point, 1 :. Wl.en the- President was told the FVirtnnc article wi\s prrprued anrl cleared, with thft atomic energy commission, and the city air map* wor« given out hy a federal agency to make people aware of the danprr of atomic bombs, he r«- plinri that he didn't rare who gave them nut. He sairi he would not have given this Information to the public. Laler a White House statement "clarifying" the Prr-.Mrtrnt's remark? to the press declared publisher? mu?t Judee svhrther Information comes from "responsible" officials or from those not having cjurUifirntlons to evaluate security Information. This rh.ii nrtoriM ip Tru man on I burst- perhaps \\rtF ptompteri by his ro < pntmrnt of not ion wide prtvs criticism of his "censorship" order. His statement that <!,=> per rent of all this nation's secret* ha\e hern published — apparently Riven out by Ir- rrspoiT-ihle of Mcials—sue Rests that, the President has an extraordinarily limited notion of what information should be sjivrn To the public. 'S TIMBS-F^CAYUN'E SO THEY SAY The Shot Heard 'Round the World Peter Edson'i Woshmgton Column- Strikes in Defense Industries Alarm Anns Production Chiefs WASHINGTON — (NEA) — In- CTea-iinRly serious .strikes In key defense industries are Flo win z up rearmament effort, worry in e arms production officials. Number ^of CIO auto workers. Tanks, tractors for European airport construction—Caterpillar Tractor, Peon a, 22,000 employes. This strike has just been setiled after new strikes in two months' Ititenass. by 13 ^ -cents- Auccmt — 42o —j an-huur Increase. CIO auto workers. Copper--Ali major U. S. prodn Fctrr WEIS samp a.s number of new strikes in July. acconUiiR to Bureau of Labor Statistics. But thft total of man-days idle increased by a million in August to 2.150,000, All .c( r ikc.«; )n pffnct i August.. nn«- and old, numbered 2.S and Invnived 350,(X)0 «-t>rkPrs. pi em her Mgures will be constrt- rataly hisher. Principal defense strikes in eifect 1 September were: Machine tools — Brown and iharpe. Providence. 5000 employes. niernntional Association of Ma- inistA. AFL. Jf t. ^nzlnpA — Wright Aeronautical, wo plauf,« In New Jersey, &500 err\- •loye.s. CIO auto workers. AirplAiie.'; — Douglas Aircraft. yirif; Beach, Calif., 10,000 employes. once over lightly- A. A. Frediickson Clothes make the man, It u said, and Uncl» Samuel appears to iave taken this to heart. What with the price of textile* so low that •ivilian* are paying only $flO for *SO worth of suit, Onclf has (lung t ape measure around his neck, stuffed a handful of pin* in his mouth md started making gestures like A couturier who's just discovered a *'ay to altor hemlines again. #, Suddenly, h* has discovered, hi* rmies are clothed in raiment which las .survived several seasons wfth- iii t the necessary changes that nark the fluid world of fashion, llors, Jacrjues! The needle and the bread and the tailor's dummy! And :et out one of those blank appropriation bout it. For the is Inn? as It takes to Impress ?ongrew:men -a brigade or two of infantrymen located within Im- request* while you're next wverM months- The DOCTOR SAYS Ily KDWIN P. JORDAN, M.O. Written for NEA Service Several quesuons have been received which have to do with night- distance of the capital will model some natty innovations in the way of uniformed (rarb. At least the Army lays they will b« natty. What Tith the heavy lid of security having been slammed on things, information that has leaked through to th« peasant* on th« nature of thes« uniform change* i.s still somewhat vague. Information appear* to have been smuggled out of the Pentagon by enterprising newspapermen disguised M THS.S employes. The changes i e e m to involve substitution of th» Eisenhower jacket with a "natty, greenish srey" item that resembles the coat- type affairs soldiers used to wear before Ike made his presence felt in the military fashion world. Added to this, the reports assert. wiVl be blue bands on prison caps <th« jobs), piping on the over- m a res and .sleep-walking. The first i h ' l!ed TWO questions today are typical ex-] 5ea * capfi : * apel lnsi * nla - shoulder 1 cords and a. neck scarf. up. involvinE 5B,CKX1 miners.: to work with. Much more interest- crs tied Strike settlement now before Wage Stabilization Board. Mine, mill and I smelter workers, CIO. Atomic energy — Construction workers at Padticah, Ky., and Dana, Ind., 2500 employes in AFL craft unions. A PL President William Green joined AEC officials in request for return to work. A? all Mrikpp have Involved pay issue, government's wage stabilization program is seriously menaced. Showdown on a new wage formula at possibly higher level will probably rome in CIO steel workers' demands for pay increase*. AFL, annual convention in San FVanclsco also served notice of further pay demands. On Your Sill*. Mr, President Just bofore retiring from his Job a* Secretary of Defense. General George C. Marshals had an occa- sion to Introduce (.0 President Tru man th« Defense Department's di rector of Public Information. Clay- j fon Fritchey. He was formerly editor of the New Orleans Itrm. To make talk, the. President asked Fritchey how he liked Washington. Fritchey said he likpri It fine. Always something new. N T ire people amp I os. Q—My daughter, who is not quite seven, .SPPIITS to be quiie nervous, and has taken to crying and sobbing at night, and walking in her sleep. How can I help her? —MRS. S. P. Q—I have a son, 19 years old, who gets up in the middle of the night and screams and Jumps around, moves furniture and rugs, but I cannot wake him, In the moruin? he does not know a thing about it. What .should I do? —MRS. K. A—.Many cases of nightmares and sleep-walking neem to he merely rcflpclinns of a highly or^aniied nervous system. It is important in such cases, however, that (he petit-mal form of epilepsy is not present, It h al» Importani thai th* *,«- ^toonln* "indicate, that/, ro-inlMtlnal trwl ha* » normal mi „,. have to be rea( , ,„ c [unction. Snmetimes the frequency or severity of nightmares or sleep- iv aIking can b« reduced bv stmplr means such as avoiding exrilemcnt. (!• P-—thriller mnvies or hooks). In many case* fatigue seems to j tna ( play a part. Fven when there (s j onP t o All of which means nothing. Tht Army says the purpose of the new pet-up, in addition to digging the taxpayer and reminding; him he's got an expensive monkey on his back, is to "emphasize the lm- j pnrtance ot the Infantry and to accentuate its courage and sacrifice." Very stirring prose and I hope that public information officer gets promoted to first lieutenant very soon. This tailored glamor is to b« sported — if approved — only by trained Infantrymen "considered ready for combat." Roughly equivalent. let us presume, of giving ft | man the opportunity lo admire thfl softness of the silk lining the casket he Ls scheduled to Inhabit shortly. A photograph of the proposed man combat if he walks the street adorned vith same. Just, like It is helpful if s kid named Sylvester also has ft ?ood left hook. ine than any job he ever had. Well, what had h« been doing before, the President asked, "Oh," said Fritchey, "I was editor of a pro-Truman newspaper in. New Orleans." Can't Do Everything Alomir rnergy is .sure wonderful, but If. can't do everything. For in- 5tanrf>, there 1 ? an Inconspicuous little ?i?n on the wall of the Atomic Energy Committee's office in the Capitol. It .says: "Do not vacuum clean these carpets, and do not remove ant powder from around edge. 1 - of room." Harrlman Is Busy Man First "coordinator' 1 of the present defense effort is goin? to be W. Averell Harriman. President Truman's foreign policy adviser and trouble - shooting ambassador - at Se« EDSON on Page 15 nothing vron£ with i h e system nr Ihe gastro-intr.Minal tract, professional help may bp advisable. I will go nlona; with the reeling an infantryman's life Is not cenfrule envy in anyone's heart, but I disagree with trie inference that such bat engineers and outfiis as cam- medics have «• .' •'•• •"• • '-•• •»""-• UHL eJiKuieurs aim meuics nave » It Is somclimcs possible to (five l so f!er touch. It also is difficult to sedatives or advice which will make the situation better. QMy husband has Just found see ho'.v a gaudy uniform is likely to improve one's aim or ability to dodge fast-moving lead a net steel. After brief residence in a dirt- nut That he has hypertensive disease j wall Ed efficiency apartment scoop' of the heart. What is this? Jed out of foreitzn real estate, the —MRS. M. i average infantryman would be hap- to wear hand-me-down ione Johns as uniform of the day provided h» could get back stateside. Even a A—This is Ihe name for one form of high hlood pressure. A person who hus this conrlHinn should b« under (he care of a physician who [South American general's full dress can a{ ]pMt check from to IN HOLLYWOOD R» KKSK1NK JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD — <NEA>— Exclu- , my wife UNDERSTANDS me." sively Yours: The doll of "Guys and Dolls." Vivian Hlaine, is privately ifin p a tune you'll never hr^r behind the footlights, on the air or in the screen. The UUp: "I Wanna Be Me." Hollywood clorified Vivian ciur- p the Bert I.ebhar Is actually a radio chain executive, but he made quite a name as a sports announcer. <The name he made was Bert Lee, If you want to know.) time. A calm life Is always desirable, Q —I have a friend who ha* halitosis, and wanU to know what she can rio for it." A—Rid breath ran come from de- See DOCTOR SAYS on Page 12 linjform wm| , d fantryman's morale a lost an infraction a§ 75 Years Ago In Blythevllle- Frank Wilhite. who marie his! home here a number of years ago.j has reiurne<l to Venezuela a(ter a j Sterling chmbme in "The Golden Hawk" at Columbia. Reason: Hayden'f stiff result of a recent leg \var as a sexy red-hpaci. i knee, the Then she became a blonde ! opera r inn. club jsmKinfl star. She 1 * still a , IN THK FUTURE blonde, but the voice thai once; - Wlll Uve TV 5nows f r0 m Holly- i whispered romantic din lop and ; wood be belter than N'ew York's In- : songs in dulcet tones now comes; the _f, rsh proriuct . ? - Ji^hn West, hand.some DOS.S of NEC s western division, whispered the answer to my o, 1 - 1 * 1 -' 1 ' 1 ^° n al ^• r ^~ nie Cantor's cocktail party rvr o( the Metropolitan Championship, at! 10 - vears ' He ls nou " resident engi- the end of thi? month to defend the neer for the company with headquarters in Cuidad Bolivar. Before probably the largest crowd The U- S is rrlytnc on cini5 ;ind rlollars rather thnn icir^5 . . , \Vhiit A^ia nerds is sympathy. u:':rir;>i,inciinc an arti'iKie o( co-ope r a Mon in the ihnii:^ the\ arp 1ry:ne to do. -\Villiam O- Doup]?.~, Puprrme Court jusnrp. * • » 1 cant ?re any lu>1ifu'^n^n for paying farmers fnr rinir.e some:hire ihcy wruld normally do. F^rtnirc shrnlri be a rr.'-pf*c:.ible husiiic^s with a JT-prciaolr in come foi nny.Mip tvho wants To wors for it Robrrt Mfik!^, farmer, nf Mirhican. tiiui, the CO:IKITJ-S ' t<xia> » is ,=^rt r[ mcip of rthlr? But the rrv- it nuitrnnrrri -irh The fsct That jarred V r^jiroi al'.vny?, MC TMr«i hy legality or en- rri hy law. — Hnbevi Hnn\n . Tlu tr,il dcmoriTif'.r Artreiituia will survive. Yr-i; c,\i\ cxpropi late 'he mnchsiiery of a new5- pnivr hut not Thr spinr Fiopdoni a i ways « Ins :hr InM hatrlp. "Albct*n Oamra Taz, publisher. piVutir,il refugee of Aic-^fli-.a . • » * Hairy Tunnflii i- 1 ^ rlevrr political Iradcr ____ H<= hfk« a hltlf fiur^r. .. ,f>rhap.t he is not to blame fnr the Inilnro i>f h;.« own party to cari7 nut us plrdRPA to larw: . i^t us cive him the brnetii of the rioub! . — UmiPl Tobin, pre.udent, Teamsters' Union. out a. 1 ; a hursh Brooklyn accent, ' It's all berauso of Adelaide. il\e [toll Vivian created (or the Broad- \vay hit. Vivian's playing Adelaide w i ih a nol her na me but wi th t he pa me Brrvklyn accent in "Skirus Ahoy." the new Esther Williaiivs dicker Then she coes bnrk c> Hrnaduay Fnr annther year of "Guys and Doll?." 'And then." .says Vivian, "I'm couna be mp and do a straight role in a mu.'H-al. t re'u?e to rii"> Arip- laide whrn I .'in? on TV shm^ and I'm Kcine in forpel her forever \\hrn T leave the play. Luckily, it's a crutch I ran hide." EGO DEFLATOR OIIP of Fr.mrhoi Tone'* old ni.iv- IP.I 1* brins revived. The tuir: "Lx^kmc for Trouble." Which re- m:nris me: MOM 1 * body beau'iinl. Fernando L.i:na=, received a telephone rail and a *exy voice ,<nid; "This if Barbara Payton. 1 sa^you in a bat run p suit ovfr th? weekend and yrvi are NOTHING. Thru shr hutij up i her mmr't Pa> ton * and. after a hn-,i 1, resurricri takinc dictation from th? MOM writer who dreamed up thr Marilyn M.i\'vell and Bill Mr- Carihy. Glenn's brother, are a .<Prio\i!= ne 1 * Hollywood rombmaf.on. TV comedian ,T,ickle GlfAAnn !vt< been nrrirrrH In lr>«- 35 pound* hy his nifdirs and K dropping t hr nounda^f In a hotpUal room, Vic Mat lire is back in Roman armor acain tor "AndroclP.' ,*sid :h" Lion" at RKO H'.s ariniunc rx- pianntion for Ins many ,-hoft mrt.i 1 . •A-nrdrnhe roirs: "I'm The rnly r;ian m lloll\ ic'.iii '.vho can carry 87 pounds of uniform." I asked him about his on-asam nff-as^m marruce. "l/K>k." said Vic. 'thp m\]\ \l\\i\f »Tong -x-ith our mirnAgt u thai on the the first wost-in-ca^'- cabl- : me of a In; video comedy show. ' "They'll bo bctirr only brcause i!'5 nnly 1'i nuniirrA from the stu- t dm to Beverly Hills -and nil !hr talent eventually will be Hvintr out here," wpst .<nid. "tlniil ihcn. New York's thr»\vs will be J"st is cood." Cnnt^r, nni^z:ncly \ 'ninz nf RO. •A'as bubblint li'-:e a jiivrnile over hi- f:r?t b:r TV effort in Holly- '.vood. V:in HrfhTi \«ill nmv ilrlivrr thf rlosins: sprrrh wrUIrn for the Intr Rnbrrl U'alkrr In (hr fin^l vrr«inn nf P.T r.imnunl's "My Pnn .Inhn." Walker in ^ tolrphnne hnolh at Ilir film's rlimax. The r.insrra thrn pirk*- up the ?amp shr»( 'A'lfh a dr*\iblp f^r pnb. '-v I v~> 1 r a '•f * ' he boo t h, r rrsj- r> t ho ?trret and i? mnrdcrcri by cunfire. team tirle that he won last year. The hand shown today helped him win the team championship last year. Lebhar won the first trick with dummy's Qurien of hearts and made a key play by leading the jack of spades rather than a low; spade. ] East won with the are nf span>5, and declarer then knpw the bad new? while he still had a finessine poMtinn over the rest nt East's tvumpj; East returned the neht. nf rliibs. South pur up the king, and West, won with ihe ace. WPS! Then , returned A club rn dummy's Queen. ; A low trump [mm dummy forced ?^,= t tn put up tile nine, and ! Lebhar won with the queen. He rr: turned TO dummy, with the kinc of , hearts to lead annther trump j thrnussh East, and then drew East's last trump ' There wa- still the problem of much as would the mere cessation of indiscriminate gunplay. Morale Is an abstruse thing and can be Induced by anything from a can of beer to a ream of discharge papers. Tt also appears to be a handy ^label to paste on a means of expending more of ths taxpayers' contributions to the federal kitty. A uniform is a uniform i and while the esthetic feelings of the wearer should be considered, * it is neither a lodee costume nor a commendation of thft bravery of the inhabitant. No one in uniform guaranteed that he will live to draw retirement pay and, anyway, we've eot a cltwetful of medals for that sort of thin?. A snappy uniform for stafesidfl display or rear echelon parades will never throw terror into the hearts ever to wifnew a football game here.j of an enemy or reduce his ranks about 4500, the Blythevtlle Chicka-I or keep our shores untrespassed lip- saws, rated underdogs in the pre- , on. Especially during a time when ?ame predictions, rase to the heights the taxpayer already is being bled last nisht, by defeating a highly] white to meet the exigencies of touted .Jonesboro Hurricane, 13-0, at j cops-and-robbers abroad and gov- Hnley Field, 'ernmental extravaganza at home. Bird of Prey • JACOBY ON BRIDGE B^ nsWAUl .IACOHV Writlrn for NKA Srrvtre Jock of Spades Lead Was Key to Success P0'>plp sometime vvondrr ^h biidc^ rxprrt rtopf \vhrn hf 1 - c r\p?;ln:t: Tnov rio iuM about •*i\-rhmc \oi .Mn rhink nf. nnrt ni^y- br .1 fru thinc= Hiat >ou mislil not think of. ?'nr rx^mplc. onp fxprrt K a plriywi icln . anothor Is a cotton pisnntiL^n o-.vr.rr. n ti^ilfl owns a rirpr*n:nrnt .irore. another i5 a famous lyric writer, several rtundrer! WEST *N'one V87S NORTH * -M32 V AKQ « 76 + Q7S2 EAST * A 10 9 7 »J109 SOUTH (I)) * KQ865 V fi 4.1 » AQ2 N'orlh-Soilth vul. Sooth West North E»sl 1 * P.iss 3 4 pa M < A Pass Pass Pass • Opening lead— » 8 8 Middleol the day 9 Ascended: 10 Tumult 11 Eternities 16 Light nils in baseball Ifl Numbers 23 Fury 24 Level not fv- losing only OIIP ri-.ani.ond trick. After some thoiicht. Lebhar Ird out h'.s rern.iimne trump. He n^xt entered dummy with the ate ol \Vrst rould save nnly three earns, and. Lfbhar had roumort ,-itrfu!ly andj Vne\v 'hat only one o[ ilit-ni -.ias a elub. He therefore l--rl a elub troin rinmmy to make \Vrst « in tl\e 1rirk. ! We.-=t had to ipti:rn a diamond up nie rirrtors. lawyers, snd rientistA.irn declarer's ace-f]i:een. thus en- and so on • aMinc Lrhhar tn fulfil] » very dif\Ve even hsvt s radio imioi.ncei.i ticuil contract. HORIZONTAL 5 Varnish 1 Depicted bird J n 3redient of prey " 6 symbol for 9 These birds cadmium about two 7 Lubricate feel long and very powerful 12 Scottish shcepfold 13 Wireless 14 River (Sp.) 15 Kind of verse 17 Beauty preparation 19 Haughty 20 Birds' homes 26 Against 21 Registered ^ 7 Versifier nurse (ab.j 31 Type o£ 12 Symbol ^f or puzzle neon 2-1 Pause 25 Fillip 28 Class of birds 29 Negative reply 30 Goddess of Ihe earth 31 Ratio 33 Within (comb. form) 36 Exude ,17 Pronoun .18 Exist 39 Succinct 42 Scorched 45 Form a notion 47 More facile 48 Legal point 49 Employers 51 Mine shaft hut 52 Abstract being 53 Wandering VERTICAL 1 Grasp 2 Period or lime 3 Compunction 4 Dry 32 H is found in 42 Foundation Arclic regions 43 Gaseous of and elsewhere 34 Compulsion 35 Bones 39 Weary 10 Paradise 41 Toiletry cas« element 44 Allowance waste •SfiEasl (Fr.) 17 Sea eagle 50 East Indie* fab.)

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