The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1967 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1967
Page 5
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Astrological * Forecast * By CARROU, RIGHTER- ffo determine your forecast, note paragraph opposite dates which include your birth date. FRIDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: Until shortly after noon very fine and splendid influences are in motion that give you the chance to make a whole fresh new start by a new slant upon whatever awaits your attention. However, the remainder of the day and evening can be very difficult if you are blunt, out- McNaught Rj*evn> (Ark.) Courier News — Thursday, December ZD, mi — Paj« Fivf particular talents during A.M., Morning is best time for doingyour abundance In A.M., buttons who are interested in your' IN THE PROBATE COURT'by law. you can derive much sallsfac-lwha! you most desire, but fore-:takc care you do not take any welfare. and slate your aims. ' FOIl THE CHICKASAWBA DIS-j All persons having claims a< lion, pleasure from them. Oth-jgo some activity that could cost forccfulness from pals. Do unlyjGel their support. Don't get into THICT OK MISSISSIPPI COUN. ' ers will appreciate you highly, lyou altogether loo much later, what you can for them. Follow | argument' between higher-ups • TV, ARKANSAS. Put all on a sensible, workable Safeguard your security. Take;advice from business persons. gainst tlie estate must exhibit Ihem, duly verified, lo the Lin- basis. Don't take any unnecessary risks in anything. GEMINI (May 21 lo June 21) You have a plan in mind that should have the O.K. of both kin and business associates, so be sure to get both. Attend to i personal interests yourself. Stop i being so lackadaisical and get busy early. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Morning is the best it easy in the evening after a most interesting day. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 221 wilh others tonight. Get some studying done in P.M. SAGITTARIUS (N o v. 22 I 0 Dec. 21) Be talkative with pals. Handle those civic duties in! and an associate. He diplomatic ; IN THE MATTER OK TUB ES- dersigned within six 161 mortha PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) i Deceased. iTATE OK: MARCUS EVRARD,: from the date of the first publi- Do what is expected of you byiin A.M. and state your aims A.M. preferably, but do not cn- NOTICE kin in A.M. arid forget own per- [clearly, get (heir cooperation, between one in official capacity Last known address of decedent: ! estate. No. 4613 cation of this Notice or they • shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in the sonal desires. After lunch is best j Seek out bigwigs later for same for the latter. Begin an up •, purpose. Handle all civic duties trend in your affairs. Taking:! a te r with t r u e enthusiasm, time for health treatments! Keep busy. you need is wise. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan.;TODAY ... he, or she, will be An instrument dated October! c/o Graham Sudbury LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) 120) You can accomplish a good 'one of those very intelligent 15, 1567, was on tile 22nd day of Get going with meetings, shop- deal during A.M. if you are of young people who is interested ~ ping, business etc., in A.M. that a confiding attitude with others in everything,and everyone, but mean a good deal to j-oii, but'and control that feeling of dis-j success or failure depends up- spoken or take any chances of any kind. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) You have to approach what you ! time to get that important work most like to do in a novel way I done, but take care your feel- _ „ , - —,. r now to get the finest results! ings are not hurt by some un-jthen get into the personal mat-'content. Get the data you need ion giving the right philosphical from them, but later take care | thinking person later in the day.; ters you like. Good news reach-1 early from right sources. Take i course to follow I hroughoiit the you do not get irritated. Don't ] Go out of your way to please |es you in A.M. Look over state-jit easy in P.M. be forceful with others. Your creativity is high. Make the most of it. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) If you are very efficient at your ad an ally. Follow, regulations! 1304 North Sixth Street, Blytlic-' Tills Notice first published explicitly yourself. Do not make ville, Arkansas. ' 28lh day of December. 1967. any difficult opponents.. i Dale of Deallr December 17 MARCUS Joe EVRARD. Ad- IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN 19G7 i ministrator with Will Annexed iy Abigail Van Bi Jealous Husband Has Disturbed Mind DEAR ABBY: When my husband courted me I was secretly flattered because he was terribly jealous. I thought it was proof of his love. Now that we've been married for seven months, I'd give anything if he weren't so jealous. He is jealous of every man I mention, look at, or pass on the street. He accuses me of winking at them and giving them encouraging signals and what not. He accuses me of meeting men on my lunch hour, and says he "knows" I have been with a lover if I get home fifteen minutes late. No one is safe from his filthy accusations. (Even the young boy who delivers the newspaper!) He keeps after me to "confess" things and there is nothing to confess! I will gladly go to the police station and take a lie detector test or truth serum. Anything to prove my innocence once and for all. FAITHFUL DEAR FAITHFUL: Sorry but even if you were to subject yourself to a lie detector test and truth serum, it wouldn't mean a thing. Your husband would probably accuse you of being in cahoots with the man who gives them. Your husband is the one who needs the help. Constant accusations without basis Is symptomatic of a very disturbed mind. DEAR ABBY: My problem is not another woman. It's a pipe. My boy friend is forever sucking on that blooming pipe and it is driving me out of my mind. He is either knocking it against something to loosen the old tobacco, or packing some fresh tobacco into it, or cleaning it, or looking for matches. It really keeps him busy. He doesn't even enjoy it. He says he only took up a pipe because he quit smoking cigarets and this gives him something to do with his hands. Help! co-workers. Forego pleasure for';ments, reports later, a while. LEO .(July 22 to A u g. 21) i lifetime. Your progeny could be- December, 1967. admitted to P. 0. Box 2-15 Blvtheville, Arkansas probate as the Last Will ol the GRAHAM SUDBURY above named decedent, and the; Attorney for Administrator 12-23, 1-4 undersigned lias been appointed I Administrator with Will annex-i ted thereunder. A contest of; The Danube River rises in AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 'come a real leader for good, the probate or the Will can be'Germany's Black Forest and SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) 19) Ideal morning to get in whether in own country or in efiected only by filing a Peti-i flows 1685 miles to the Black See what can be done to add to!touch with good pals and per-:another. Send to college. tion within the time provided' Sea. ALMA DEAR ALMA: Don't complain. Yon could be lucky. DEAR ABBY: Will you please explain why a daughter will ask her poor, aged mother to corne and prepare the evening meal for her family, and then, after completing all the chores, about 10 o'clock at night, this selfish daughter will let her mother walk home alone in the dark while j two cars are parked out in front. of the house? I would like to see this answered in the newspaper. WONDERING DEAR WONDERING: For the most accurate an- answer to your question, ask the daughter. DEAR ABBY: Re. the bride who divorced her groom of three weeks because he refused to use a deodorant: You said, "Too bad she didn't work up more of a sweat over him before they married." . I'll bet she did, but, like most women, she planned on "reforming" Mm after the wedding. As far as I'm concerned, a woman has never had better grounds for divorce. A man is not more masculine because he goes around smelling like an animal (skunk). Neither is he less a man because he uses a deodorant. A daily shower, or even two, is no protection against perspiration odor. Only a deodorant is. No matter how g o o d a man looks, it's how he SMELLS that counts. And the same goes for women. ALL MAN Problems? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., r 90069. For a personal reply, i enclose a stamped, self • ad| dressed envelope. For Abby's new bo o fc 1 e t "What Teen-Agers W a n t To Know," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Joe Lester Sharyon Cahoon, a freshman at M.S.C.W. at Columbus, Miss., is spending the Christmas holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hopper. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lester spent Saturday through Tuesday last week visiting in Memphis with their son and bis wife, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Lester. Mrs. Gordon Lorren is at home after spending several days in Blytheville's Chickasawba Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Littell and their family of B o 11 o n, Mo., spent Hie holidays with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Glenn ' Johnson. Mrs. Ethel Brown is in Cali- with her son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown. Miss Linda Samford, a student at Murray State College, Murray, Ky., spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Samford. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Channell Sr. spent the holiday!! with their children, Mr. and Mrs. John Pruitt flf Clarksdale, Ark., and Mi', and Mrs. Joa Channell Jr. of West Memphis. Mrs. Allie Hicks is at home after spending several days in Memphis with Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wattam, Mrs. Richard Burdine and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gestring. • Sonny Berry, a freshman at Missouri University, Columbia, Mo., spent the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Berry, his sister, Milinda, and his grandmother and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ott Monan, and his other grandmother, Mrs. Opal Wentzell of Cooler. Gary Coleman, a student at Arkansas State University spent the holidays with his m o t h e r, Mrs. Juanita Coleman, and his sister, Caroline. Mr. and Mrs. June Wallace spent a weekend in Russellville, Ark.,with their daughters and their families: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chalk and Mr. and Mrs. James RUSH. Mrs. Noble Capehart of Cs- ruthenvUIe is a patient in Blytheville's Chickasawba Hospital TERRIFIC AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE AT HAYS ALL GIRLS COATS GOOD PRICE ALL GIRLS SWEATERS & SKIRTS Va PRICE ONE LOT GIRLS DRESSES Ail Ages ¥2 PRICE GIRLS SPORTSWEAR i All Ages '/a PRICE GIRLS COTTON FLANNEL GOWNS & P.J/S Reg. $1.29 89 Reg. $1.79 & $1.98 $|39 LADIES KATZ Cotton Suede Sleepwear ¥2 PRICE ALL LADIES WINTER DRESS COATS V2 PRICE LADIES GREENCRAFT COTTON FLANNEL SLEEPWEAR $ 1 39 ONE LOT LADIES WINTER & LARGE SELECTION JUNIOR & MISSES SIZES Va PRICE ALL MENS AND BOYS DRESS AND SPORT SHIRTS ! /3 off FAMOUS NAME MENS LEATHER COATS FOR MEN AND BOYS • ALL SALES FINAL • NO REFUNDS • NO EXCHANGES • ALTERATIONS EXTRA ALL MENS AND BOYS »SWEATERS • DRESS PANTS «SPORT COATS • JACKETS • All-Weather Coats '/2 Off V3 off Reg. $55.09 $}/ II How only .. ...,.,.,. T .,...™,,.,. jQ.QQ

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