The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1946 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1946
Page 13
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THURSDAY. JULY 11, 19-10 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •LTTHJBVILUI COURIER NBW8 Services . ? ) *"^ l «* *<lT«ll»I«« ' »PT Mk» oul.ld. ft tk. ' JJJf ( *« «ullj .1 * d *» I J t « l »f dajl UkM ih. 011 . No rMpoEiRlUt, will t» uk«B lot . fr<M , ,i, lrr*r»Ut For Salt •V da pln<lcr ivort al all iiii'uiV. Bl.n- i-hiifd i fl'arlii., i-iU KoMnaoti l.miibfr HOLUPA mnvrj arid faoiidnlioue r^|Ja!reil. (.'all t»'f at set Prank Croiskrtl. ISlli '», and Vine. llnvo j-oiir yoirc jrcorded. \Ve hav* rhi Imnd And orpfirstrn nm*K- arid mo<- ^ finiros. Iniloor And outdoor itcmml sx*- Iriln (or rent ami tot ffilf. HIM'" 1 '''' 11 ' i Aadio -Suptilj'. yyhglfgr.le oul> 11? So. I First, jiliorif 407. ';!F-cl;-S'H [ House moving, leveling, re-; ' pair of foundations. 12 j years experience. Neces- •, pary equipment. Virgil! Foley, Phone 3292. ! 0-18-pk-7-18] GI LOANS If you want a 4% GI Loan to buy a home, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH UIJ)G.| I'hone 2034 or 502. ,,|,MU . i> fsce^n foriJilKiu. nag \v. Af!,. 0-i.k-li i| 6-14-ck-tf! = 1_ N*w 7.f,,un. I.OIIFI- ir. Hnytl. Writ.! JV.M f'liy, Hnyij. Mo. :i.|.k.!2 LAND FOH K.U.K—1 havu tiruki-n 1111 11 law (ran o( llic Unfit <-y|in>«* !>•;>!• l«ti.l on Hi,- banks of ,0,1 |.[|,|,. Kivi'r. Doi-s nut «vorriuir. Clu<,' lu lllyHi.'- \illi'. Vrry IK-MI of improvnm'til*. un lianl n.od. .sdiool ous. nmil riiutL' :in,l nil tiiius,-* iviriMl (or I'li'i-trii-ilv. i: : in U' sold ]n 40, .SO, I (10 acrt-s or ]arui-i v/ i:, y,-: t rs in r,% hiti-ri^l. If y-iii li.-iui n i;iii,,l fnnn home, stf, cull' IT "rili- KI.M.KS LAND OOjIl'ANV, llali' IlldK.f u|j|,usitc I'lty llujl. bllylji,,- vill,- Ark. I'liom; Li:>'J2. Cull l.,-i. 1'. .Sli-jJivnr, ri'i.iilrncr |ilu>ru' Kilo,- ,,r l),n I), llf-unn-r. 10-|.k-fJ Htor,. l,ui],lli, K , |oi. stock uml fixl kiuiilt living riiiartcrs in ri-ur. t*in,d ' lui^in'i-ps. liy o\vjii-r. Ajiply i:lijckti>nivt>tt SI., |iUoji,r IlOlll. 10 lier hour. Call 8«3fl or 403. 21-dk-ll Wbe& you oil tlor» iitadi cltaQloif or repaifiuj wll 1984. All work tfimr- ) • nteed. 17-ua-Jl j WA mowen tkfttpcned »ud rep»in. All l;po »nd klndi. W« it>«cl>!li» i" pow«r tuow«r •h«ryigi^ug pud motor overlikulLUK- Y«t, w^ pick up BUI! <lel!«ei. UlylLe.ill« M»cklne Hki>ii. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene! welding. Blacksmith work., Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf; wb&t you iitve and dun't l-rr.- is a newly il^veluiiod f<mm cl L 'an fur rnys and uphoUlvry ttiul j.- 110 h titaiiu^ ti> your ] inn its. Inn t^U-iu HU tut^oily'x Ijuhhivivs. -Xsk fi»r Fi r',1.,11, K ( Denis l':iir,l X WuLI|>:>I> Slur,-, !04 S. Firsil St., U]yt)i4'vitK>. Have house that we must move lo build. Located 212 4^ North fir.^1 3t- $ rooms and bath in excellent condition. Purchaser must move house within GO days Tom Little, Realty, Phone 861. 7-8-ck-7-U Isfictiuu Kuar«»te«J. KILert lluffiiiu.ii ^WKIJ Slioij, 401 Kait JU*ia Street. J'lioutf 8&9. B ck-lt For Rent ISt'ilroom xvhti kitchen iJnvl ilM. . , Ol. KDii \\'lu-»-l«-r 40 A 170 ft. lol, l(! x f.G (t. lion."*', south a 1st Sirftit. suiilli of ' liutewuy Hturc. DoinK good Uusint-ss. Two tliiril.* o( irad« culorfil. Owner's ill tiiNiUli reason for M-Htn*,'. I). A. Ri»llli. liuv - " MO CASH MONTHLY TERMS FALL TKRMS Paint Body Work, Hecondi- i lion motors, Simonizing and Seat Covers. Wrecker Service, Nijjht and Day. IJHILLIj'S ftlOTOR CO. Ford & Mercury Dealer 5th & Walnut Sts. Phone 453 70-ck-U •For Fine Portraits It's * O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-tf Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tt orn ho i ISP on rLnke ion will. i.t'H. .fiiH , Uray, sole aircnt, ne 513. &-]ik-L^ A Jerauy niiEk cows T>jtii young cal W. A. JfciikiDS. Stccle. iltf. rhone :Ki iir.-lioiis.-, aljuiil 5 SOU si|. ft. U.K. Irviu Frisco pi'i-ut. L\«ll ooiu fnrnitiUea tiL*l. rhpin* r.O.'i. 7' IO i-k-lf rouiu for livo men or k-. I'honc 'J511. * room a]iartuifint \vilh Lalli and Rink ItiuuoJLutu |JUSJ!OSsLt>n. 1 1^5 W. Kyai " liftth. Call 27^0. •ilce large beJroorp, close la. 310 West "V«lnut. 25-|ik-7 ~" Hell, Wanted Millwrights & Mechanics for regular maintenance work Contact Superintendent. Swift Company Oil Mill Ulytheville. Ark. 7-10-ck-7-24 Experienced young latly for general office work. Short hand necessary. Write Box 310, Blytheville, Arkansas giving' age, qualifications and references. 7-8-ck-lf Two good mechanics wanted familiar with all cars. K\ cellent working condition. 1 —good salary guarantee Phone U10, Osceola, 01 write Louis George Moloi Co., Osueola, Ark. 7-9-ck-l- ijml Bn>lh L -rH rurn |ii«ki-r. Xcw. 10 Fl Strain ([rill, grass seed Mladmifnt, A-l ' [o-r^itiori. K.ilary hoe, ^mnl Vmulitl.!!!. :> i:uoil furm vrv^otiR; L L;it£ fouil mil); 1-1 HU feiMl mill; 5 rnutnl watt-ruiK troiiflis; 3 sit 1 el wiittfrinj: Irouylis, ^' xG'xld'; 2 y20-n»l. t:iifoline wntcr inniips; 3 lun sH-am liuiu- iiual ^ ininiT^l ^alt. Vnriniiii Lorsf .Iraivn t:itui|i:ni'nt. Jlarnua*,. cattle <J,'horiiur, Intt.K. sv>. otc. Phone 29'23, IU>'t!i«vil!r. •Buy your water softener ' from ii dealer who does WANTED—Young lady, 2 lo 23, to contact publi and do clerical office work Congenial surroundings au< working conditions. Slenog raphy helpful but nut es sential. Must be h i g 1 ' school graduate. Permun ent work. Write Bcpt. 33C P. O, Box 380, Blytheville giving full information. 7-G-ck-l Wanted to Rent their i»yn installation and [ In - f|i ^^^ ^"^f guarantees soft watj^r rvnm innrtJii.-ii from now on. Planter's i " r u " f " rf >^ 1 "'' 1 Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-tf r' 1 '"-^ rumn '/»» itiriTtur u-nn 5 room house & bath, Gar- 1 age, Nict garden spot.. w "J N ' I ' KI) — l " nlll ' r " i . 1 ;'"-' <1 . I !J"" C( , ?. r ,."' I'ricc -140 or 2!);iO. H. C. i"r ."•'»',.. ll,"'," 'ir.'"" ' "TIH-,ti."t'f Campbell. 7rlO-ck-7-1 LAN I) KOH SAt.K 10 rxcfl'1 iimally \njatl lo (\crc Ir.irl* "f Liri'l on On- banks <if c.]il J.iltli- KiviT, .lots not overflow, rlitst' lu Ml.rtlu-vrlli'. l.i^lils. >iant r^a<]« < school lius riinl Mini! ...ill,- Will ILLI hnvi- to s|,vr.,l .liiin< it, IIU<VL> in. In A-: condition. ', down, lo yrs. jn )>»Utnrr. ~,*7 f in- Irri'st. HI.U.KK ),<-.M) COMl'AXY Rnsjoll K. Ki»U->. Offiri— Hal,- ncr.»i. from Cilf Hull. Olfi'-o Plume 335J. l.en IV Stfvpin. bi-ii I). HAiinit-r, srtlesinen Arioty ol home m>(-«ls nn,l nii-ctt-'j'. ir^' i-lixliiiK eleclric \vnflk- iron and .-iter lititr silver. 1'noiu- '^219. — IO|>kl NVw 0 lulii" Str"Uiliern I'nrl.'on rndi-i J>y\.-,r,. 0.1'.A. Tin- Hadiu IIo$|>ilnl. Business Opportunities HOME AND AUTO Sfl'I'l.V STORKN— Prjinr>iiFtf ftnd iiicrcliandrse R\'»ijalilo nmx 1 (or m>w Associiite Stores. ]nvps- liiintp Injure you Invi-st. Write or wire KEN-VOX AUTO STOKKS. l)cl)«s 1. Tens. Personal Phillips Super Service Yt's Sir: You'll find the best service SEUVICH possible by just driving to Phillips Molor Co., al 5lh and Walnut Sis. hero in Blyineville. Our Service Station Iklanager personally directs (»M the service activities on the station front, and makes sure of bumper to bumper service to every customer.. That's jusl one of (he many reasons why our slat ion sales are increasing; daily. We have (he lulesl and most modern luhricalion t'<|iiipment and our lubrication specialist doesn't jusl grease a car, he knows where and how your automobile should be lubricated lo jc've you much .smoother operation and better performance. Bring Your Car In Today tor a Complete POLISH and SIMONIZING JOB ' He Give You One-day Service PHONE 453 24 Hour Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. TeL 45S—454 Political Announcements Tb« Ootutar n«*t HM bMb MlUiortMd to uxiouuo* th« (olkow- IM ;«jniiil»t««, iub]ni to Uw M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Main I'lnmo Day 22GO; Night 2808 Land Owners- If you are troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Get a Supply Today , Special Prices On Quantity Lots! PLANTER'S HARDWARE Phone 51 5 CO., INC. 126 West Main St. $'J5 Reward ir information IcailinK lo Erasr or nnl:il of sninll IUMIM- or 4-roo p^rtntcnl. Cull Uouricr Nivvf. I'lm. 101. 7;S dlj-'.l Wonted to Buy DONT TAKfl A LOSS. Gel the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-tf KtuJio. lor pfcrti r'« p«f c**h for Qird f urn Mare. On* piece or •' koa»f fall. 0*11 2302, At- vln Ifkrdr FurnltDTe Co. 4)IO-ek-tf Read Courier News Wanl Arts. Radio Service "Pig" Anfel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. Phone J8«71 2W-D8 W. Slalu l.oRvintr fi-r T.os Armeies Salnr.laj- morn- in^r iliarii. \Vanl one r^llabje r!vl,ur. fan U rcAdii-il at 1130 Holly. iu-lk-i:i Bcinf sinx'*' n^'I t jy^tcliclor, J will net hf rvspoiisirile for uny nets nr ilfhti of iiny one usiii^ ihn nsmc nf \Vrir. ,Si t *lied Jimmie £>. \Vcir. 10 pV 17 CITY GARAGE & Weldir.g Shop Auto Bcpairs, -Welding Ph. 87J 400 E. Main DO YOU NEED TIRES! We Have Tires For Your Car or Truck ... the Popular 16" Sizes Are Now Available And They Are U. S. ROYAL See Youi Buick Dealer Today! Langston-Wroten Co. Soler Buick U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICK Telephone 55H SHERIFF AND COLLBOTOB JAOK riNUBT ROBINSON WILLIAM BKRRYUAN COUflTY JUDQI OENB E. BRADLKT ROLAND OREEN rOH TAX AH8K88OB CWYloE HENDERSOH W. W. "WINK" WAT8OW CIBCU1T CLEKK HAKVEY UORHW COUNTV COURT CIJEU EUZABETH BLYTHM COUNTY TREASUKU DELLA PURTLB rrATB KCFKESENTATITI ALENE WORD K. O. KLEEMAN UB6UK "DUKIE" BFKTK U H. AUTRT W. J. WUNDEBUOH (Fur n-clKtlon) STATE BKNATOB J. LEE BEARDKN JEFFEIISON W. SPE»K CIUOU1T JUDGE E. Q. WAUD I. M. QREER CHARLES W. LIGHT FOR SALE Concrete Culvert- Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. (il. ut'State Line 1'jhon: Klylhcvillc 714 ARE CALL! FOR fl PLEflSROT URCRTIOI1 Tlic hiuhwnys tire jammed with csri crowded with folks going on a summer vacation tnt>. Most of tlitsc enrs are 7 or 8 years old. Natur- ully, tl\crc is a lol of cnr trouble and the garages along these vacation route it juut can't lake cnre of the demand for unto service and repairs. W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly applied. I'honr 3545 (Iknriic Motel llldg. :V&8&fW&»Z "^••-^ •'•-'S"'. 1 ' •WT-;::.: If you are pl.iiminK on nn nuto trip, be r.ure to jet your car in ai near perfect uliapc as possible before you start. We nre anxious to help you n;\vc a trouble-free trip ... so NO^/ brititf your car to us for a complete and thorough inspection and "Checlc-uu," J^ LET US CHECK YOUit MOTOK aid i.. If a\\ th. part* art wqrklofl • Ik ulriQlit. Look over your qanorafor, y»ur tparfc [llugi, yc^r battery, fW baUcry cnMo, fan Licit, cooling lystom aid 1^0 that vvcryfhliig Hr lj In good order, ' ' Kgk KRAKES aro mo^r Important. Poor brc-fcts ar* dangoroui. To* mo*y W*jf rccltlcis driven ciro on trio road *<vr you la tod* cltantc*. Yeir "'/ farukci sjiould bj In proper odluilncnr . . . and If »ed>d b« relliwd. HEADLIGHTS lliculd bo eorr«e|ly focultd D*d koadllghts aro one cf tho greatest road kazordl, Favriy ' «k STEERING WHEEL AND WHtEJ. ALIG.NMEMT. If yp«r tl«crl»9 )»ho«l R& li loo(o gncl your cqr ^IilmmTci arid phok«3. yo>i ihould h* tur« to KT hav« It corructcd befar* yo« itort o«t on a »*orf or l»m trip, Spend your time and motley bcfprt y«u «t»rt on a trjp and HAVE MOKE TIME and MONEY to spend on your vacation. Easy Payments OH REPAIR JOBS 1-or your convenience, we now will rcpnjr your car and put it up in first cluss condition . , . and then ins tend of paying the bill all in one lump sum, you can pay il in small weekly payments. Drive In now for n thorough inr.|iecttoti nnO FUIifcl liST^MATE. WE PUT SMILES IN YOUR MILES LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Texaco Gas & Oils Phone 578 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blythevitle" I'lionoKriiphR — Rocorrls and Accessories. Daltery and Electric Itadios 21 fl W Main Phone 3445 Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main Local & Lonf I>l<iUne« IMovlni Corap«t«»l 'Help kQd wjulpmetit. Adi- CMitely . IniureJ. pputrftct U*ulln< aud M]*n. s«rvlc*A. Bonn Srnle* Ic 8tar>(« Co. i'liou. 3801 Perfect repalrhJC (or today 1 ! «x- tiuLslle foolwear Kisurtd whiD r«- b»aU <ji »or ioodcra aliop. URUITY SMOG 5KO • ifcr w Mfl i M' S T. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" KOVAI,, SMITH. COKONA l-nrl KFM1NGTON PORTABIX 110 N. SECOND ST. I1IONE 3382 (Every Trnnsncllon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Krcsh Stock CimninU'ed Itcst Prlfes Kirby Drug Stores THE BEAUTY CLINICj Marfiret Uecn Smltli, O.-MT : (nfryim Bldf. Phone ST74 '-£'-, See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We corry all sires of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Compute Stock* oC rarts For Ctrjsln Protaete Main fbun zizj BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES RGO, I How About Thai BUT, SAY. JUKI'S ' BUT VOU'Ut eo •svc.iv.v. fii THE ftftaV Vi -50 ] HOVO Pi MPiTTEREOl ' iW MW-SV SUGSESIIOHS FROtA VRUl^OS, VIA MOIlt COHVUSE TBftM t\)t«. '. , Sft-ft-W, BOOTS ! I KNOW SOWtOHE V!Y\O'U_ HEV-P 119., BY EDGAR MARTIN ftBOUX BOOTS' WftRRift&f TO ROO '. SO, \F YOU O UVCE TO W6LP NftMt •^Ht SON f\KlD WtVR., I'\A- VJtUlOtAE VOOR. FRECKLES AND HJS FRIRNDS Sec AT THESr . O35PEMT1AUS ' .' | Vtow BY V. T. HAMILTON] GOSMi ADVANCE ORDERS FOR. j COW. MRS. KAMES DOUGHMUTS / J HOW'D you GET SO MANV, THIS SAMPLE AND A GlPTOFGA'i! NOW ALONO WITH MS AMD I'LL SHOW YOU HOW 13 6U5RIFY A OOUSHNUTI ALLEY OOP Fun Xl'-it's BY MERRILL BLOSSEB 'i

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