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News-Press from Fort Myers, Florida · Page 1

Fort Myers, Florida
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Tuesday, July 22, 1924
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rrn IS FEE OFFICIAL rAFtB FOB ill COCSTT AJfI FOBT KTIBS AU the Sew "Wall It l aew? "Tfcr It OBly one Fort Myers nil alaety mlllfoa people ore going to find H Oat,ut " ; THOMAS A. EDIsfox. FORT MYERS' FLORIDA, TUESDAY AFTERNOON,' JULY, 22, 1924. 40TH YEAR NO. 206." PRICE 5 CENTS FOE MYMI WEST COAST wiir- hue is utimuiEti Tallahassee Business Men to Back Florida West Coast Rail Connection Which Will Fill Loogfelt Want ' , (Bjr'T Anolitd Prrss) TALLAHASSEE, July 22. A group of Tallahassee business men announced today,. through D. M. Lowry, president of the Capital City Bunk, that Uiey.'would undertake to underwrite the construction and equipment bonds ot the Florida West Coast railway to the extent -of .$10(MK0. - A survey of the west coast; route between Tallahassee and Perry has boeu underway several weeka and the completion of a sixty-mile stretch between these two" points, will give this section of Florida a connection for which the west coast cities have been fighting for years, t AUKES'lTl) OK LARl'EJiY CHARGE Arthur .Morell was"1 arrested this morning on the alleged charge of the larceny of $22, from the room of an other lodger at Mrs. Wilson's board ing house on Hendry street. Quick Is Improving; Assailants Arrested Alvle .and Eddie Tiilhian were, arrested this morning, on the alleged charge of making an assault on ' Andrew Quick with a shot gun, and were placed in Jail. : Quick Is lying in the Lee Memorial Hospital with a broken leg as a result ; of being shot with a 12-guage shot gun at Alva on Tuesday night a. week ago. , His condition is reported to be Improved this morning. It is alleged ' that Alvle Tillman fired the shot, that wounded Quick. Thaare brotbers-in-law and it is said that they had trouble before the time" of the shooting. , In; the .fight- last Tuesday night Kdrtle Tlllroan was cut pn the left temple with a knife said to have been wielded by Quick. IS T Oil Kill VVIiHe Mrl In Attempt To Hub 7 Her Father's Store l t (By Tht! Associated Prima)'. CAIRO, III., July 22. A mob of approximately 300 men formed in Pu- on lynching two negroes tentatively identified as the slayers of Daisy Wilson 18 .year old white gir!, in an -attempt to hold up her father's store near Mounds, shortly after midnight. The negroes were in the custody of Sheriff Hudson.lwho is endeavoring to fake them fo safety. The mob tormed after the negroes had virtual ly been Identified bv the slain girls JMtner anq a neignnor. , Seymour Welch,, 50, a neighbor of the Wilgon's died, of excitement. Fort Myers Girl Drowns In Kansas Charlotte Cusworth' 11 year old daughter of Joe cus worth of the o. K. Barber; Shop, Was drowned, at Burlington, ! Kansas, where she has been living fortho last five years with a married sister according to a telegram receivod by Mr. Cus worth Saturday, j :.;':' . '' - r-'i: . No details of the sad accident were given. Little Miss Cusworth who had not seen her father since 1919 is survived by, besides her parents, two brothers, a sister Mrs. J. D. Poole ot East Fort Myers, and two married sisters In Kansas with ene of whom she was making her home. - - ILLINOIS MURDERERS BARBER SHOP FOR "MEN ONLY" NOW PREDICTED FOR TAMPA VjlkiVb'ary shops ."For "Men Only" will soon' male, their appearance in this city, In the opinion of a local barber. 'Men tare setting tired of waiting until a woman gets hejiwiob shingled," sighed a tonsorjal aiilst, as he clipped a Tampa Times' reporter's hair yesterday. ."Many of them get up and leava In disgust." . " 5 "And the women are so fussy,", he complained. "Just hvhen you think you'va done a good Job, they , find somethlrfg 'wrong with one side, and then you have to go over it again." At present, according to this barber,, feminine and masculine heads( ore being trimmed for the same price, i .if.;v;'J' -;; vr :" ' -: "' i FLIERS AWAIT WORD WiO" BROYGH, England, July 22. The American - aviators . will be ready to resume their whirl round the world tomorrow, but will wait in, this tiny village until Washing ton says the word, go. , , ' The process of converging their three land planes from overland types into seagoing ships will be completed tomorrow, when the landing gear will' be removed and pontoons' placed . under the fuselages. '.'.; NDIAN LAD'S EYES AT WONDERS OF E MS. Stanley Hanson Takes (lilei'K Son To See TniiiMiV Sights TAMPA, July 22. W. Stanley Han son, prominent. Fort Myers business man, arrived in Tampa Saturday from Tarpon Springs, to meet Ills brother- in-law, John T. Petzohl, . of Green Cove Springs. : . ; -Mr.. Hanson is nrobablv the beat ac Qualnted person in fhe country-with the Seminole Indians, He has "been in Lee county and South Florida for forty years and was one of the Ta mlami Trail blazers "who crossed the Everglades by automobile last year On his trip to Tampa he i accom panied by his son, W. Stanley Hanson, Jr., Milton B. Thompson, of Fort Myers and Llc--lee, ten-year-old son of the chief of ail. the 'Seminolea Nuwck-se-ha-chee or " Ingram Billy, whose camp is about- 80 miles southeast of Fort Myers ,,' 1 ' ';. ' ', Lic-e-lee is having a wonderful time on v this extended trip and Is much impressed by the ocean steam ships at Tampa and by the tall build !ngs here but he Is most of all overwhelmed with amazement at the mountains between Tarpon Springs and Tampa. Seeing land arranged in great waves;' some reaching an altitude of 50 feet or more above Bea level, is a marvelous change from the absolutely' flat Everglades. . Dinner Party Is Enjoyable Affair ; . or (iii.", ; - ..... " A flue 'o'clock' dinner -tatlfut the Bradford Hotel Sunday included, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hosmer, host ' and hostess, and the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. K. Briggs and Baby Bobbie, Mr. George Dunham and Miss Katherine Hosmer, of Fort Myers, Miss McCreery, of Bradentown, 8nd Professor Joseph Blaine Hosmer, of Atlanta. ( Baby 'Bobble,.' tho' only seven months ld sat Up in a high chair during the entire 'dinner,' and used his two pearly teenth on the handle of a teaspoon, evidently enjoying the excellent dinner as much as any one else. It 'was one of t "he Bradford's regular "seven course Sunday dinners, which was perfectly planned, perfectly . prepared - and -perfectly served, with Mrs, Hall, as is her cus tom, making it her special duty to see that everything was as it should be. It was an informal and enjoyable affair. . . "Brother Isaiah" Looks Oyer Lee Co. -f,'J, ; '. - In a large, fine "closed car, more like a house on wheels than a -car, "Brother. Isaiah" and , party are in Fort Myera. They came from Jacksonville where they have been .holding meetings.-. """"" "Brother Isaiah,"' according to his own statement, is &' minister . sent, from God and belongs to no denomination. He (is, accompanied by two men, and four women who assist him in his work. Some are singers and others musicians. The men wear their hair and beard hwg and the women do not bob their hair but wear it hanging down' their backs.'" ' There Is a large colony of these people at BUoxi, Miss.,- ot which "Brother . Isaiah" .is. the' head. He says that he has been offered great inducements to move the colony to Lee county and went to Estero today, where W is to look at a' piece of land. Land with a water, front is preferred. although the Job takes more time. , .' Besides, a man ' usually ' gets -a shave sianipoo and tonic with " his cut, he claims, while a woman comes in Just for a trim. . ..... "Since cutting womena hair. Lhave discovered that most of the women have coarser hair than men," he said. "Do you think I that bobbing will tend to i soften women's hair?" he was asked, .j w r , , ' "No," he replied. " 'Cutting thdBliair opens the hair pores and releases valuable 'Secretions, It is my opinion that bobbed hair smay cause baldness among women in the future." I fast 4Bs tie w-ai y &1Ju1m 1 - "' ; A i& set r ewcK i Lavi A ? rVv "''" ' ' '' . ' ' k : ' ' -- - V-nvV J SOUTH FISH CO. ACQUIRES CITY I lielall Sea Food Business On CRy IKtrk" Ih Taken Over By vw WbolcMilc I'onrerii The City Fish Market, on the city dock, tod-ay, became the property of the South Fish Co.,' Inc., one of Florida's largest wholesale dealers in seafood. . . a ., - The acquisition of the City Fish Market by the South Fish Co. will give that concern an opportunity to supply the home retail trade which it can easily do to the advantage of both from the boatloads of fish that come in daily to it for reshipment to northern markets. The South Fish Co., of which I. W. Riggs is . president, Fred Botts, vice- president tpnd Harry Botts, secretary, handlis over two hundred cars of sea food yearly and in one of Fort Myers most progressive business establishments. - " HOMO A mil' TOriWAMEST Win Piobiibly tn Held on Bold lar . rnnoii nun inijtoiui tourse . (llj- Tim Aoi'ltfl lr -DAYTOXA, July 22. The Sea breeze-Day toua Beach Association has voted in favor of holding an all-Florida golf tournament on both Claren don and Daytona courses before the summer ends, probably some time in August. A conference will be neia with officials of the Florida, Golf As sociation, however, before the dates are fixed. Belief is expressed that 100 or more low handicap players will take part -in the tournament. . ni;r:ivei m;w -skal Judge N. G. Stout today recelven the new 'seal of Fort Myers Com-niHiirtery, No. 32. K. T. The command-ery is now ready to transact official business. Fox worthy Leaves On Market Trip ' Ii. C. Fox worthy, of Foxworthy & Lee, left this morning for High Point, N, C, to attend the' southern ' furniture' market. Mr. Foxworthy expects to purchase the fall stock ' for the Foxworthy & Lee store. He. will visit furniture , stores in Jacksonville and Atlanta in search for new ideas for Fort Myers homemakers. In the county court this morning Sol Johnson plead guilty to drunkenness and was fined $25 and costs. Judge Frank E. Conners is here to try Robert C. Edwards on the alleged charge of practising optometry without 4 license and the case was on trial this afternoon. v FISH MARKE Court News CALLING IN THE EXPERT Crowing 34 Times Jn Early Morning Rooster Peeves Man (By Th AKriJd J1) WEST PALM. BEACH, July 22. Crowing roosters atwl squalling hens are fast falling into disrepute in this city where an edict Was only recently jeen issued' aflinst, the' keeping ;or . . . i . ;'n.fTa., in Hia -,nfrfll nogs aim ' touni .. I borough. iThe fate of 'the -feathery tribe has been brought . near tne i,rak!tiff nnint liv .nrolexnged herald ing, of the approach of daylight by a particularly loud rooster, whose efforts have aroused the ire- of W. Prouty. In a letter to the city commission Mr. , Prouty writes: "I am living where there is a; hen yard on both sides; and a rooster on one side that can be heard for three blocks. And at 2 o'clock this morning he crowd 34 tinjes in succession; and there are squalling hens on the other side that can be heard as. far; and start at daylight and keep, it up until dark. How can one get ; rest under these conditions-?" He suggests the advisability of ruling them out ot the city. - '.. '' ;.. , ,THE WEATHER Highest temperature yesterday !)0 Lowest temperature last night ........75 Rainfall, 24 hrs., to 8 a. m., inis.......O Wind, direction, Wind, vet.j miles. .6 Sky ...... Pt Cldy Barometer .'...30.08 For Florida: Fair tonight, Wednesday local thundershowers; gentle variable winds, mostly east. Time and Tide Table .MOO.V I'll SF.S FOR .11 1,V New Moon: July 2nd, 12:85 n. m.; July 31st, 2:42 p. m. ' F'irst Quarter: July !)th, 4:46 p. m. Full Moon': July 16th, 6; 49 a. in. Last Quarter; July 23rd, 11:30 a. m. (Crescent Beach) .i t -. '.''-''. Tuesday High Tids: 7:17a.m., and 7:30p.m. .Low Thle.i: 12:43 a.m., and 1:03 p.m. . & Wednesday High Tides: 8:05 a.m.'and 8:32 p.m. I,ow Tides: 1:38 a.m.'.and 2:17p.m. , t Thursday High Tides: 8:57 a.m.,Biid 9:45 p.m. Low Tides: 2: 12 a.m., and 3:24 p.m. Frldnj- High Tides: 9:50 a.m., and 10:59 p.m. Low Tides: 3:00a.m.,aml 4:28 p.m. Saturduy High Tide: 10:41a.m. . Low Tides: 3 : 50 a.m., and 5: 28 p.m. . Sunday High Tides: 12:04a.m. and 11:30a.m. Low Tides: 4:40a.m. andy 6:1? p.m. P59 HON OF IS "l iist-liisii Mudy of t omiiiunitj'J'roJ- 'viim Is One of Oi Kiiniziiflons Ktlitcx "Rotary education," said Wayne Gibson In opening the- discussion at the Ro- J lary Club luncheon at the Franklin Arms toiiy, "is a large sub ject. It comes down simply to this that to understand what Rotary means is to be able to apply 'service before self In business and professional 'conduct. "Rotary is an organization of business and professional men. It stands for ethical ideas which can be summed up as running your store, or practising your profession, or living your life so that you mean something good to the community." ' George Ardell, stressing the thought that Rotarians themselves needed to know more about their organization put "unselfish interest in his fellows" as the first duty which the Rotarian owed his organization. ' "Unselfish study of community problems, the application of Rotary Ideals to, everyday business are the things expected from us." Kxcerpts from the farewell address of former Governor Ken Guernsey of the 39th Rotary District at the Macon convention were read by Paul Franklin. That "Rotary was lad to share its Ideals with other civic organizations," and was overjoyed that others recognize the field of public service and the opportunity which "service to others offered was the chief thought in the Quotation read. Praise f(5r the activity of the Rotary Club in-opposing billboards in Fort Myers was contained In a letter from Mrs. Julia Hanson, president of the Woman's Club and of the Lee County Federation of Woman'B Club which was read. Mrs. Hanson pointed out the damage to the scenery in North Carolina, from where she wrote, by the erection of bill boards. George E. Hosmer outlined the plans of the program committee for the next three months. Al Williams was chairman ' of the day. Ralph Cooper, who has just come to Fort Myers from Jacksonville, and Joe B. Hottmer were guests. HEX MO UK IIOTKL ll.OSEO The Kenmore Hotel on Main street closed its doors today for two, weeks while Landlord and Mrs. Justin Brainard take a vacation at Crescent Beach, They have rented the Allred cottage. Mrs. A, Gorton and (laughter, Jennie, are also spending two weeks 'a t Crescent Beach. P IOTA WON (Hit TO MKKT' The Pentagon 'Club will meet Friday afternoon, July i5th, at 3 o'clock, in .the Pyihian Building with Mrs. Washburn and Mrs.: Leak ' as hostesses.'' "'- ;-'.' .,'" - '.'-.'";; ' All members of the club are requested to attend, ROTARY CLUB TOPIC TODAY I Hl'ST FOR ACCOMPLICES (By The AtiNurlntcd Press) UXION, S. C, July 22. In the belief that Frank Herrell, alleged accomplice of Mortimer N. King, confessed slayer- of Major SamueF H. McCleary, is in hiding near here, police and , dupties today, scoured the woods about Union. A man arrested yesterday afternoon, carrying a parcel of food towards the woods, is reported to have confessed he was taking it to Herrell. L. C. WIGHT IS NOW ELIGIBLE FOR CITY TARPON CLUB Land SO-Pound Silver Klnu In lat-laclin Push 'l'hiis.(Juiillijliitr . Another man has proved his eligibility to-membership in the Fort My era Tarpon Club by ' catching , 'and bringing to gaff an 80-lb. Tarpon Sunday at Matla'cha' Pass. .''') L. C. Curtrlght and Henry Turner were out with Capt. Frank Hibljle hs guide and the party had seven strikes. Finnaly Mr, Curtright's rod bent and he shot the barb of his hook into the fish and the fight was on. For thirty minutes the battle raged with success or defeat balanced between the; two contending forces. . : 4 Finally the brains of man won over the instinct of the fish and Mr. Curt-right brought to gaff an 80-lb. Silver King. Seven times the fish 'leaped into the air, clearing the water each time. ' .. ' : Mr. Turner has been out several time with his brother, W. M. Turner who had splendid success,1 but so far has failed to land a Silver King himself. He swears by ail the fisherman's pods that he will land one yet, KorliWh Kft'ort Lands Tarpon ' J. C. McDowell, . manager of the Western Union office at Punta Rassa, went out Sunday and . hooked and landed his first Tarpon. Mr. McDowell has long endeavored to bring 'a -'Silver King to gaff and had made thirty-nine unsuccessful attempts but Sunday was his lucky day and his fortieth trip was the lucky one. . . . . ". . .'. : ,. . ' After a hard fight he brought to guff an, 80-lb. Tarpon andiiiiJaow resting on his laurels as a Tarpon fisherman and wondering if his.llv- 'ing at Punta Rassa on San Carlos Bay disbars him from membership in the Fort Myers Tarpon Cluh? Last Minute News Flashes (KyTliti Atmoiiatvd Freud) TALLAHASSEE, July 22. The Florida tax millage for state purposes for 1924, will be three-fourth of a mill lower than the millage of 1923, it , was disclosed today by Governor Hardee in a statement' fixing the mill-age for this year at ten and three-quarters mill as compared with eleven and one-half mills last year. BABY HOY UlltlF.l) Benjamin . Tin si man SI (Hit Burial Takes Place Teduy ; . jt. The burial' of Benjamin Tiustman Stout took place at 6 o'clock this morning at the Fort Myers cemetery. The pall bearers were:, C. Hunter Brown, Virgil Sykes, R. T. Boa well and Porter Bartleson. . Benjamin Tinstman Stout was born on Februaryt 12, 192.1. and di;;d on July 20th'of acidosis. ' The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful. ; . - Surprise Party Is Happy Event When Frank H. Tichenor arrived home Monday night he found to his surprise some 25 guests, who had been invited by Mrs. Tichenor to an Informal dinner and bridge party iji celebration of Mr." Tichenor's "twenty-first birthday'.' A very pleasant evening was spent and all5 joined in congratulating Mr. Tichehor on the success of his "twenty-first birthday" party. ' , ENTERTAINMENT OVERLOOKED That the entertainment of the men will be provided for while the 116th Field. Artillery is in camp at ; Fort Bragg is -assured by the officers who are making plans to provide several novel features to nil in the hours when the . men finish their hours of training each day, according to the Tampa Tribune which says: - John Spencer, a member ,' of the Shrine band hag enlisted and - has been appointed song leader. He is busy preparing several catchy songs to be sung on the way up on tne train and at night in camp. George Grahn, the Shrine commedian, is also writing a song similar to the one that made 800 PEOPLE SET ADRIFT Coastwise Steamer Boston Rammed By Oil Tanker In, Dense ; Fog; Wireless Brings Rescuers to Aid Between eight and nine hundred passengers of the coastwise Steamer Boston, rammed, by the Tanker Swift Arrow, off Point Judith, 'Rhode Island last night, were on their way(a various ports, at noon today, aboard the several steamers that responded to calls for help, and picked up the life boats in a heavjf fog. , -'., F , Three persons were killed, and one injured in the crush according to reports received' by owners of the Boston. Details of the collision are fragmentary and other reports puA the death list as high & Ave. ', , The steamers PrlciHa" and Prove dence, with some of the Boston's passengers aboard are steaming to. Ne York. The steamship Plymouth brought several of the survivors to Fail River. It a mined Steamer Being T4 ' NEWPORT. It. I., J.uly 22. Strug gling back after a collision in a fog with an Oil Xanker Swift Arrow, the coastwise passenger liner Boston, was being towed here today, a stricken ship, while most of her 600 to 900 nasseneers were lost In the murk la life boats. - f -'. .:..',- : : It was reported, but not confirmed, tha t four passengers were killed in the crash. ' - '. -A - ' ' Most of the. uassengers were alHard the Fall River Liner. Prisii'lls, bound, for New York.- : " ' $ S ' ' . , :.': i,t Uh-eless Received lnV3,ew Yrk , NEW YORK, July 22-The .Steaui- (thin rtnatnn ltnitnil inn nAatnti i New York, .which was rammed in . a heavy fog last night, oft Point Judity, sent out a wireless message at Si 15 o'clock this morning stating that several of her life boats,, crowded' with passengers, were missini- - t - , ;- STATE TO PROVE THAT ; SHOULD B HANGED .Vuthan Leopold nod RU-hr4 ' Loeb Are At Coart'ii Merer ' 1 PHICifin In It, ! na,h r.1. Ufa' imprisonment or a penitentiary tern of not less than J4 years, fire faced by Nathan Leopold, Jr. and Richard Loeb, millionaires sons, whose pleas of guilty to kidnapping and killing Robert Fanks, have swept' aside the carefully prepared 'insanity defenses and thrown them on the, mercy, of Judge John Caverly. . - The only evidence tending to mitigate their punishment,'.- can be submitted without a Jury, at the hearing tomorrow. . , - ' ' "The state Is going to prove that not only are they guilty, but that they are absolutely sane ant) should , be hanged," said Attorney Crowe todsty. Samville Now Has ; Real Subdivision Beginning yesterday I morning R. H. Howell, Samvllle's postmaster, has sold fourteen lots In his subdivision in that town. He had the land surveyed some time ago but has been too-busy to put his lots on the market. He is selling these lots at very reasonable prices considering the fact that the new ., bridge and -sawmill activities are awakening everything in that section to new life. He, sold lots to the following pen-, pie Monday: John M. Boring, two lots; AV. G. Washburn, four lota; J. C. Barrow, two lots:'. Broward Pigott, two lots; G. B. Simpson, two lots, and R. B. Bowden, two lots. ; ' The work Of clearing some of the lots began Monday and new building are to be built soon.. ... FEATURES NOT AT FORT BRAGG such a hit when the . Tampa Shriners were in Washington but using army i terms with the Batne tune ', A- smok er, will be held in the assembly hall at the held Tuesday night when these songs will be practiced and' other fea tures planeml and discussed. - At this time It is expected that there will tie a large number , of recruits present as a result of the drive to be made by all of the batteries Monday and Tuesday. Committees have been appointed to have charge of the two dances to be given, one for th men and the. other for the officer. These are given each (Continued os page 6 iLion

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