The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1949
Page 11
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PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams RMS IN PRETTY BAD SHAPE — MO I TWO-HUNDRED POUNDER WtLL EVER &AA.KE (T BACK: HERE ON A PAIR &USTER6P DOGS/ I'LL 60.' WHEW A STARTS TK ACAIM, JUST PUT TK SUPPER. BACK I 1 STOVE.' Sri. 'mf i ELL MC ine TRUTH.' ICO SURE NOTHIM& ELSE HAS Ki,PP6MEP ID PEAR LAND (ARK.) COURIER KEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc ( .!_. VrONDAV, SEPTEMBER 12, 1049 PRuo'es IN THE ; OPFElslDSD 8V TUE IMMOC6MT YARD AROMA Of A GOAT.' — to- DRAT// I. MUST COlJCOCT A 553 NEUTRALIZING ASEfiT FOR PLATO —OO IfcXJ PC6P6R •-"•1«Se,P,>le OR ATTAR, OPBDStS COOKIMG WO4T FlAvJOC. VOOR SCAT AkJV MORfc THAKl A TEABAS in OSTARIO.' I'D PBCFER PtATC \fllTHOUT TH& FOR SALE Concrete culvert* lz inch u> 4* inch, plain or reenforced Aiso Concrete Building Block* chrap- er than lumber for barns chickeo houses pump houses, tenant houses, ton) slieds W« drlirex Call us. for free estimate Phone 69] OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. » BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS' That's why you'll save yourself manj a dollai by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us Kfl LT€RS • «L' r r SHOC SHOP Steps *> tte jHoori] C he.; ftmnt.t.J i, MA stlVKl, i •Tl Adelaide nphries :cT*' K ' ST<>HTl """ ••"T ••!•- . •««• ha* •«-r»B«tf*4 * f W | () MHrry htM | B torn***** r*r PHl* (;•;»*•! go f + da •*.•!•• *r*<k B.rrj «fc*y r«» )•!• TritK *•< • *••»»•-!•.. BrMtr Carter, wb. . M <*• !«•» *» Krfit. OB la* way M*M* Rarrj ki»*<>« Cajracl. Tfcin l*aria C«ym«l (• mm !•! eeuM pa *•!»*•• «*l(k a It!*. *h e VBer rerHvrd frn« Prim. ~\Ykai.» .kr a»kn *cr»*l<, "*• la* Baalifr with ai*r* XIX For the Finest Prescription Service Say II . \Viih Kluwcrt THE FLOWER SHOP iilcncuc rtuildlnj; Phon. M91 « nil 'AMI still in the dog- Frilz asked a few da: r-house?" days later, over the telephone. "I'll let you out. if you think you ran behave," Gayncl returned. Funny, the excited feeling she had at the sound of his voice- Every time the phone had rung she had thought it might b« Fritz. And told herself that even if it was, she didn't care whether he called or not. Fritz said, "111 or a paragon. A jewel. It you'll behave and lend me a helping hand. I need a helping hand. A pretty, feminine hand." Gaynel said, 'Tire away. Both hands are at your disposal, sir." "It's like this. There's a fellow I know who is fond of traveling and would like to go to Canada, but lh« last time he went over he lost his entry'permit and the customs guy would hardly let him get back into his own country." "How unkind!" GayneJ murmured. "As a matter of. fact this fellow is me. The doubling-Thomas customs man said that I'd better get somebody to vouch for me." " "So?" "T thought I'd take somebody along this time. Armed with nice- looking credentials like you, I know 1 can get back into my own country without my birth certificate." "Of course this country couldnt d"^ without you." Gnyncl said. "Shall I pick you up downtown?" "Of course — you're a great Packer-upper. Will Lliis globe trotting lake the whole evening?" "It may. my love. I know o( A spot on the othe^ side where they serve swcli sea food And a drive along the lake; there's going lo be 3 full moon; I called up the weather bureau to make sure. How's that sourd to you?" "It soundi loo good to turn down." Gaynel returned. You would have thought from the way her heart was pounding now that she had never taken a drivt along the lake beneath a full moon or enjoyed a shore dinner at a roadside inn. CHE was glad she had succumbed to a new blouse to perk up last year's fall suit and that she had worn it today. Fritz declared, as he handed her into his cai. that she was'• the handsomest credentials he ever had. Gaynel gave a grab for her hat. .is they rounded a corner on two wheels. "This seems more risky than flying," she shouted. "Aren't you afraid we'll bump something Fritz?•Listen," fritz shouted back, cocking a reproving eyebrow at her, "Jaloppce couldn't break a speed record il she tried." A MOTORCYCLE pulled acron in front so sharply that Jalop- pee settled back on all four wheels; • voice, angry and sardonic, wauled to kixiw where they thought they were going, adding that they had only crashed two red lights, and violated four other traffic regulations. "Only four?" rrilz's »oice sounded polite and respectful, but it held * tinge al doubt "How much. Ofhcer?" He dug in his pockets, produced the worn wallet and his most persuasive jrhi. "You're a fresh one. ain't you?" the officer said. "It ain't how much. It's come aloflg." "Oti. but, Officer," Fritz turned on all his charm, "we haven't got time tor that" "You'll take time." The charm had not worked. ' either, apparently as the officer sounded—and looked—even madder. "Time's just what you'll get There's a drive aRainsl the likes oi you. There won't be no fine; you'll have to work it out." "Ah, me," Fritz sighed and wagged his head. "1 knew something was against me. It'i the whole world That's why we. were steppins it up a bit You see, Officer—as friend to friend—me and my girl, we're eloping—to Canada." "That's an old story; it's been tried on me before." 'Hut it's true this time, Officer » Goynel said. Alter all. she had been brought along as credentials She gave him a kick that would have weakened a itronger man. "We were going to get married. We've been planning for so long and it has seemed as thougt. the whole world was against us and now . ." She dug in her purse and pulled out r handkerchief and applied it to her eyes. "Don't cry. sweetheart." Friti put an arm around her shoulder and patted her on the back. She buried her head against him and shook with sobs ac though her heart would break. "Fate has been against ue. But maybe. »fter I come out of jail, if you'll wait for me that long, we can" get married . . .'• "1 ain't said I was going to prevent anyone from marrying, thai was really going to get married," the officer said. He, loo. leaned over lo pat Gaynel's heaving shoulder. "I ain't Fate, but 1 ain't mean, neither. Vou go 'long to your weddiii'—only easy does H, my boy—and that ain't a bad thing for you lo remember, after you're hitched i i ." "I'll be good lo her. Officer,' Fritz promised. "If he ain't, you let me know,* the officer said to Gnynel. (T* Be Conttnied) In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In BJytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Mote than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct In the last 200 years RENT A CAR "rivr Anywhere VOD Plrase Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Wait, Hubert, wait! Don't jump! If «IL*° rftWTD^ orr( '"' 9et " loan from Gf N - r?ON'" wRCHASf CORPORA- SHRUBBERY SVe oflc- a complete line ol Stark Landscaping plants and trees. Order now for Fall planting Stark's 131 years experience In this fleld assures youi getting the most for your money Allow us lo give you a free csLimat* Telephone 554 today BLYTHEVII.I.E WILLYS SALES COMPANY Nichols Drug HIO NT 4M1 TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent •peralors! Use the protection afforded by the State and demand • licensed • peralor. Experienced, Reliable. Termites Household Pest*. IHjthrville's only licensed operator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rle. 1, Box *-W. East Mara St Fhnne 31*2 •STUDEBAKER 1 Have You Seen The 1950 STUDEBAKER • Brilliant New Styling • Increased Luxury • No Increase in Price You'll Agree It's the Car for You Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly SfooXieker Dealer* Railroad & Ash Ph<>(le TUDEBAKEM FRECKLES AND UJS FK1KNDS «Y MKRHILL BLCWSEB A JJac! Year b SW«T TMe sotooL YEAR. OFF SW«T e sotooL YEAR. OFF BKWIT. , CETS L30«c FW4NKLY AT OUR O/M FAUOS / LETS MAKE A LIST OF AU_THe "WINGS 1DU DO 1W If M* tCBVICt. IhC. T. M. frlo. U. I. fAT. W "Every time we start talking about our operations she n«ver fails to emphasize that hers was a ruptured appendix!" Kfisy {'«me, Go ItY AL VKKMEF.R WELL.' HOW DID ° FIME.' i WENT THE FOURTH THE FOURTH" GRADE?/ WHY YOU'RE A HA7EL, DID YOU HEAR THAT? /YES.' CAR) VLE \ I/ PRISCILLA WENT FROM THE FIRST GRADE TO THE FOURTH GRADE/ FORGOT HIS 1 UUMCH SO' / I BROUGHT / BY MICHAEL O'RIAL-LEY and RALPH LANE After she met my plane, Lett! Farrum went WE'U DRIVE TO THE PIEB, MR.fLINT. MAY84 VOU'LL GET A UXX AT THIS VERA CWRKUNS LIKE THEM PARBOHED/ EVER SINCE BUCK 5TALLCOP PVXSHT HER NIGHT-PROWLING IN HER YACHT, SHE'S BEEN BUTTERING HW UP TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT HE KNOWS. HOW MUCH DOES HE KNOW? HE KNOWS VERA QARKUNG'S A FAKER / STAY BtLOVV WHILE I'M ASHORE.attK.TMAt MONOCLE IS CONSHC»(Xli THATS HER. YACHT, 7HE- VIKING. VERY WCU, VTRA BUT THIS S\VC*Sf THAN SUBMARINE SERVICE' towLlt fTOuTsHt'sY TOWOTK.I AGOOD h WASH TUBBS I5Y LKSLIE TURNER WUM VOL SS.V ABDUr ME V I'M MO HMCHfOK- D06SWT MUTTER, JJkW... \VOU!W SCENESLM VOU KNOW IT ISN'T 1RUE! IHIS.SAni.IHMtNl BUT 1 CMl'T STAMP BV JKAD HIE PRACTICE! RMO HPfvp VOU SLAWOER/ WHEN WILL VOU GIG I A HWE THE OECEHCV TOIETUS HOME? , NOIHIUG TO SMISfy HER VAUITV...TO PROVE SHE COULD TA<e VOL) FROM ME! BUUCOtWED ONYOOK LOYALTY, GI<Jl L BUGS BUNNY I'M FINISHED/ MY CHECK, I GOTTA HAVE SOME- THIN' T' APP Upside-Down linsincss I!Y V. T. II AM I.IN TZYING TO C\JTRUN A. P-:ET.OF FLVINS 5AUCE=?S, BOOMS SPACE SHIP OVERSHOT Th= PONT AT Vn'CH SOCKETS tTOJLD B5 MOST EA.SH.Y D.?=CTED EA3THWA.1JD... HOWEVEC* ALLEY COPS MANIPULA.-' TIONS BPOOSHT THE C T SAFELY INTO EARTH'S BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES t)OPt V*,VSt6 tO ^PthVi. TO BY EDGAR MARTIN -b -aoovr SAW?

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