The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1950 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1950
Page 19
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THURSDAY, APRIL W, 1950' . BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 6ut dUR WAY By J. R. Williams FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY U£JUULJ Clearing It Up BLOfiSUI — So ITS JUST THT 5AMe,o«¥ xxj use A SOFT BAU..BUT THE SO* T BWJ. IS TCAuy /S.MARD ^_ ...» HMO MU- EXCEPT BK56S«,AMO THE PlTr.MlH& MASTb Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople eGAt>,OAKE/08Sfl006t.VJp>»«-«^^7««4ai YOUR eSKlMO PROTEee-jTHAK-KAPF/ ASl^YOOR Of •& AN OLD CPTIW- PONT GET SO SARCASTIC/ THE ASHTRAYS DO HAVE TO BE. WASHEP 5OM6 TIME.' ROMAN COULD SCHOOL' THE MAlO. YfH{ FOLD UPYOUR IN EXPERT TACTICS imt\ M6D(CIM6 LITTLE MOPFST.' t WEAR UGLY BAIL. THAN voo SPKN& SOMETWIN& CALLED , SOFTBALL ON ME/ .. Mf AN I *.DISHONEST? Oil, YCS, ANDTTIERE ARE K> PLAYERS INSTEAD V NEVER MM> OF 9.CXCCPT UKE IN 7WS LEAGUE THERE'S NO lIMe exptAMA- StlORT FIELDER ,50 ITS OUST 9 AFTER ALLANO /TK>Ni HILDA/ YOU CANT STFAL HOME/ rr-. . .,..,.... •/ I'LL OUSr MUPOLETHR006H T»IE BEST I CAN/ HEROES ARE MAPE-MOT BORN Political Announcement Tlie Courier News has been authorized lo announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H. Autry Kenneth S. Sulcer John .Walker, .an English apothecary, invented matches. Doiitlie By Rupert Hughes Cofn/nght 1950 hy Uf*ft H*+~ w«t. by HSA sttYKs. rnc F ur, Telephone Number -4438 Shelton Motor Co. K'tirckr No. 31 Fescue Pasture Mixtures, Alfalfa, SEED CORN State Certified rbN SEED an«L SOYBEANS ' 'SOYBEAN 00 W. Main Phone 6856 THE STOHYi rrlT»i Mnrlln (Lucriprl IM trfl I'nui Moody, ff <• «l«»r MBrdrr at pt«» r:iljm-r. iatarr of A Moody'a flatter. FlaK*-r»rlata found on la* ba»« •* • <«-lrph«*»e .*«• to l,ludi;r«» 1' I- .>a<fc • re claimed by p«lic« t« •« Moody**. Hnrrtpcl «XBmlH«« tkrke • ltd •»• dupllralr »rl»4» •' •>• O«TB lake* fritM avittlicr telephone. lie aliMt DKka »olle« defective Jnmeji StlTera t» eaM*par« mm mm- Idrntified prlat favnd •• the pnaHe wlta tao«e al »utber deteell»e I'ftp KrlJto. Cfcarrtpel lear«a tb«t Kel»o and a w«aia> KelO <>»CI had Irlrd la hlackMall Palmer. He httN built ap an el«h«ra4« the- •ry thnt K«latf'» prlnla weee •• that iihnne and darlvie the !•- Yratl^ntlim KrUo had aaballfvted IHnitdy'N i^hen -Stl*era» back waa ttirnr'il. A II (iaerlpel nreda now '!» prool lhal -I. Iheorj hi rurrecl. Stivers waited while Qucripe studied the enlargements of his own finger-tip patterns. He watched while Queripel put alongside them the eight prints of Pau Moody's labeled "telephone base/ Still saying nothing, Queripe covered a large table with the different prints taken in. Moody's studio. As he peered at them, and studied lliern with a microscope, he seemed to be shaking with excitement. Finally i Queripel said, more to himself than aloud: "Thank God!" "For what?" "For giving us fingerprints 'all unlike." 'Stivers laughed. "Your friend Moody may not be so grateful. ! xxvi "PROMPTLY at 3 o'clock Martin Queripel climbed the old stairs of the Crime Laboratory^ He found Detective Stivers awaiting him in i state of excitement as manifest as Queripcl's own inner turmoil was concealed. Stivers thrust at him the big-blown-up pictures of a thumb print. .', Queripel lifted his eye- again for that! Now look at his print of Moody's hand. It's aken from the bronze cast. Con- rast it with my fingerprints taken 'rom Ihc felt en the base of the .elephone. S«e how the fine mated hairs of the fell, and the soft fuzz affect my finger tips." There was no questioning the marked difference in the textures of the prints. Queripel went on: Now here are the fingerprints of Moody labeled 'telephone base.' Can't you see the hard metal of a bronze surface showing through? Isn't it exactly the same us those prints of Moody's labeled 'from the bronze cast'?" "My God!" Slivers sighed as his whole world reeled. : Queripel shook Stivers' world still further. "Here are my finger tips on a felt base. See what force I put on them, because T had to grip it hard lo hold It. That shows in the prints, doesn't it? Now where is there the least similarity with the prints of Moody marked 'telephone base.' His prints show no pressure, no soft fuzzy felt, but only the light pressure of one who "They kept harping tfll we got a television set, and now what? They want a pony so they can get bowlegged like the cowbovsl" PRISCILLA'S POP That's Our Gill AL VERMEER RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Mak* 'or Model Prompt Service.." , R«Mnonabl« Pric«« 2642 Mek.Up «nd Fred Callihan 110 So. First S^, Blytheville brows in query, Stivers boiled: ; 1 "That's Kelso's thumb! I warned the big stiff lo keep away from that telephone, but I must have been a minute too late. 1 . I "Perhaps you were an hour or two too'late," said-Querij»eU "What do you mean, an hour or two too late? I was at the scene of. the murder within hall an hour after the call. Kelso had arrived only a little before .me.. V^.hat are •you getting at?" .'; • ; "- [ i Stivers was worried, but Queripel said: I "Can't you take "Oh, but he will. And so will that wonderful girl, Azalea." "She is nice, isn't she?" said Stivers.' "I took her prints, you now. But why. should she, be rateful? .1 thought she was en-^ aged to this guy Moody." She is. And I'm glad she camt : me with her scorn for the veracity of fingerprints." "What are you gelling at?" "Ijx>k here, my boy. See these fingerprints of Moody that you ook in Iris studio! See the difference?" No! There's no difference." joke? fingerprints of Have you those fingerprints of mine taken from the base of your telephone? . "Yep. I've got a flock of blown up prints for you." WHEN THEY START WALKING IN A, CREEK, YOU SHOULD QUIT AND COME HOME! WE HAD TO DO IT, POP! WE WERt PLAYING FOLLOW THE LEADER! PRISCILLA,'. YOU'VE BEEN WADING THROUGH THE CREEK AGAIN! |H, but there is! Here's one you took from a brony.e cast. See how the dotty metallic surface affects the prints through the lines? and shows . Here's one taken from soft clay. Note the smooth medium beneath. Here's one from a veined marble. See the veins. Here's one from his sk—see the grain of the wood?" "Of coursel The background always .aflects the regularity and shows through the fingerprints. But it doesn't change the pattern." "Certainly not. And I'm thank- rests his hand softly on a bronze object." * * • S TIVERS toppled over Into a chair. The whole structure of his faith was toppling. He stared at Queripel in a cqrna of helplessness.' Queripel finished him off. I don't believe that Paul Moody, ever touched'that felt base. He swore to me that he never laid a finger on the telephone, and neither did Wendell Palmer while Moody was there. These fingerprints give no evidence that he ever did. Fingerprints don't lie, and they don't say that Moody lied." So abject was: Stivers', dismay. . nd so benumbed he was by the collapse of. all his works and be- iefs that Queripel took mercy on him. He had one last protest: 'But I saw fingerprints on the felt base of the Palmer telephone. I dusled them and • brought them out as clear as daylight, and then I taped them. 1 labeled them on the spot. And when I got baclc here, they were in my kit. VIC FLINT Christopher Obeys Orders BY MICHAEL O'ftlALLEY and RALPH LANS labels are still on them in handwriting." (To Be Continued) Joseph Smith, first president, of the Latter-day Saints (Mormon) church, was born at Sharon, Vt., In 1805. | "Say It With Flowers" BLTTHEVIIXE FLOWER MART Memphis Hiw»J Pbone ••« Chamblin Sales Co. " •, Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Stwtfebaker Dealer" \. • RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 "Okay— proceW, Docf The GENERAL CON- FRACT .PURCHASE CORPORA I/ON my* they ill gladly loan me money for the operation!" THE RAZORBACK PRESENTS \\ i r> Jamae at the Hammond Organ NOW PLAYING 7 NIGHTS A WEEK! . \ 6 p.m. to T a.m. Daily , Enjoy Your Food In the Pleasant Atmosphere of Our Beautiful Dining Room -•..-.; ' We Specialize In Seafood* * Barbecue Ribs • Barbecue Chicken The RAZORBACK KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 A IETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA STAND MCK, SI6BIO. I'll. HAVE A t'OOK-SEE THROUGH THE WINDOW HRST BEFORE I TRY THE DOC WHERE ARE THEY, CHRISTOPHER? MR. FLINT. 1 THEV'VE GONE AWAV AND LEFI ME HERE.-PLEASE COME IN AND UNTIE MB/.' I'M NOT STAYING BACK. I'M RIGHT A Surprise lor Niki BY LESLIE TURNER CftEEFUL. PET 1 . EMEMBEK MAUESlM WOT'EE YOU DO1W WITH THIS HUZZY'S PITCHUE HID IM SORE BUREMJ DRAWEE HUH? DUNMO... BUT 1'W GHOEE EWJOV1U 1 THIS! FOKONCT THW 4JWT BLAMIU' ME FOE SLJWTHIN'! AMD THBT 5 MOTHER \ GOOD MCMEN*, E»Sl! THINS 1 . I'M SETTIM' 1THM EK!JJ«!.rTfc MIGHTY TitfED HEAR I HI'I ONE Of W* TH»T I YOU VAPABOUT VO«E JmlftHHO InMOW 'J'.^X^ "XOjV WHIVT'S WRONG WITH MCS. COBS BUGS BUNNY ...BUT DURIN' LUNCH HOUR...MV TIM* P-PON'T I IT'S UKS ' G6T IT/ /. THIS—WHEN I'M WORKIN,' I GOTTA LOOK AT THIS STUFF WHAT'S TH-THATT FOR? THIS S-ST6W IS ) TIME PELICIOL*.' BY V. T. HAML1N NO BENGALS MET UP WITH M NElTHEf?-. SO IT'LL BE EVEN 5TALK TIGERS IN /I THOUGHT \HAVE WU ._ ON I THIS WAS lEVEe MET/W...BUJ FOOT T LOOK. KL.\ A. SPWETING < * BENGAL/ OX TH A JOKE'S A JOKE, PZOrOSniOH,') FACE TO I OTHER BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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