The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1946
Page 12
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PACfc BLYTllEViLLB (ARk.) COURIER NEVPS THI BLYTHBVILLF COUKOS1 KtWl YVB O66linBI MBWB Od JAMES L. VBtadCFT, Kdttor nOMAfi B, ATKINS, WttdM* Intt. Aitenta, Oo, N*w Ti Oblate* O»- ftotwcd u Niccbd dug m»tt*r at . •On at Mytherilto, Arttnoi. mvtar »ct gt Ooo- «Mi, Octoter », I»i7. ^_ ••Ted by UM SUBSCRIPTION RATBS eanlet In the dtf oi Blrtherffl* or town wber* ciuTfcf ttrrlM K teteed. Me per week, or Me par month. By ihUl, wtthta • ridlm of 40 mttei, *4M pei f«X, Hop for itx month*. H.OC for tiuM month*; bf mail ouiild* M mil* .MM, «10JO per r**r Mjrtbte i* wlwx*. How Sacred Is a Contract? The Hobbs anti-racketeering, Inw, it will be recalled, was drafted primarily to meet a local situation in New York City. The Justice Department in 1938 investigated complaints llial roving bands of union Icnmsler.s were halting out-of-state trucks in New York, giving the driver a choice of joining the local, paying a union member a day's wage, or taking 11 beating. The Supreme CourL eventually ruled that these practices were within the scope of legitimate union activity. Congressman Sam I idblji of Alabama, . this'.mdrsel of justice handed down by the high tribunal, intro• duced a bill defining the New York local's • join-up-oixilse routine as robbery and extortion. Now, after a long .. period ^of hibernating and being kicked around, the bill has become law. Whereupon the New York local's counsel predicts that the new law won't make any difference. Otil-oi'- stale truckers will still have to employ local drivers before they can / make pickups or deliveries or have their goods handled by warehousemen, who are members of affiliated unions. -- Why? Well, says the attorney, that arrangement is part of most truck op. orators' contracts with the union. Al'. so, he says, most employers in inter, : state truck operation welcome the ar; rangement because it allows their drivel's to rest while the local drivers •dtvthe work (at extra pay.) All of which is likely to be a little confusing to the lay minds of most of v Us. For instance, how sacred is a con-- tract—sacred enough to make its pro, visions binding even when they con, travene 'a duly enacted law? How about the truck farmers of New Jersey, who grow so much of the • food that New Yorkers eat? Are they going to insist upon the letter of their Contract (if they have one) instead of being permitted to bring in their own - truckloads of lettuce or tomatoes, get their money, do a little shopping and go home—all without the paid assistance of Local 807, International Brotherhood of Teamsters? Arc these Jersey farmers going to insist upon being compelled to "rest," in their role of truck drivers, while paying a member of Local 807 a (lav's wage to do (heir work? We doubt it. Ana we further suspect the union counsel of legal mumbo- jumbo when he says that "acts of coercion iind violence have always been subject to the exercise of local police power." Maybe the cops could have made nn arrest. But whiit good would it have done when this business of "jumping on trucks," as the lawyer delicately puts it, was sanctioned un* til very recently by the highest court of the land, provided the jumpers were union members? It remains to be seen now whethe- cr the Hobbs law. will be applicable to practices which it defines -as robbery and extortion and which it was written to curb, if those practices are already in force. Logically, one would say it should. But we're betting no money on it, as of now. Soft Punishment The trials of military personnel accused of beating prisoner*; at the American guardhouse in l,icht'i«kl, Kng- land, drag on at Bad Naiiheim, Germany, even though an officer arrived there some lime ago from Washington with word from On high that the trials were to be hurried up to get them over with and "out of the papers." And the accounts of them sign- nificantly meager, continue to hiake unpleasant reading. So fur, since the trials were moved from I'lngland, one enlisted man has been acquitted. An officer and five enlisted guards have been found guilty. But there has not been as .single jail sentence given to these six men convicted of boating prisoners of of ordering them beaten. There Has been sickening testimony of brutality. But punishment has ranged from.a reprimand to a $250 fine. There were serious charges, such as being AWOL during combat, against these guardhouse prisoners. And you can't run an army the way you do a lawn fete. Granted. Still, there must be other means of dealing with such men than the Nazi-type cruelty brought out in the testimony. There are prisoners convicted of serious crimes in our civilian prisons, but we don't find it necessary to beat Ihein. Public opinion would not condone such uncivilized actions. And if they occurred, it is likely that the offender would receive something worse than a scolding or a fine no bigger than what many CIs have lost in an unlucky evening of cra)>-shooting. THURSDAY, JULY II, SO THEY SAY Our future and thai of oiir children depends on our rccagniKtig tlml Ihe world must survive as n whole or we will perish as Individuals.— Dr. M. Stanley Livingston. Massachusetts In- slitulc of Technology. « • • How can we expect other countries to accept our protestations of peaceful Intentions so long us tlie military retains control of the atomic Lomb?—Sen. Uricn McJtahon ID) of Connecticut. General Duty By LUCY AGNES HANCOCK C*inrrigM by LIKJ Agnts Ho««k Cistrrbulcd by NEA SERVICE, INC. XXX "WHAT'S the matter, my clear?" Mrs. Bacon asked. "You look ES If you had seen a ghost. What is it?" Sally, shook her head, recovering her poise with difficulty. "It was nothing. I just remembered something and was startled." The tour returned to the house and Sally, took a seat where she could watch Richard Gregory's face as she related the incident of the stranger's visit to Receiving. She saw the man's gaze sharpen for a moment then become amused as she went on. ' "I'm sure I should know his voice anywhere," she finished. "You only think you would," Carolyn laughed. "Bui it makes a good slory. I suppose you have a great many such experiences up ther* on the hill," she went on, rendering, no doubt, at the inter- e'st her fiance was showing in her guesl's story. "Not too many," Sally said. "I suppose, subconsciously, I have been listening for that voice ever ^ince. At the police station they paraded some dozen or so shady ftharacters before us—Margaret Adam* ind me—but not one of the »olc*« *as right. He walked with * soft 5f svift glide, too, as if h6 \fcert young and slim and agile. Of ^course it was dark—he was merely T THINK I can lell something quite as strange as Sally's," he said, and Sally closed her eyes and was convinced ho was the man. "It was during the present spring that I was on Ihe trail of gang of international crooks—s close to them in facl 1 even accepted a lift and rode with them for several miles. I was suspicion!' but not at all sure of my quarr> until the car skidded on a slipper) hill and went into a ditch. No one was hurt.but from the angry mutterings, the sub-machine gun tha suddenly appeared in Ihe hands of the driver and a bulging bri case that landed squarely in my arms, I knew I had hit the jack pot. Why Not Give Him a Chance Someday, Boys? 7 / ^,Ti4o« \imffigmf' XL * .IN HOLLYWOOD . .. By I:KSKI\K JOHNSON NEA. Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, July 11.—Soincoiip nsked Betty MncDonriltl, who wroie Tile Egg and I," whom she'd like 0 see playing her Jn the film erslon of Ihe novel. Lamarr teih." WASHINGTON COLUMN dnla for approving the price rise Joan Bennett, who kills Bo'j Pres- Ion wllh n miming ii;ie j,, —J-IIB Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber." Bitted him with the gu"n.' There v;as a notch carved lino it and the Inscription lead: "TO lh"' Man I Killed."...L,lase boulevard-; "Oh," replied Betty, "anyone—, iers got a chuckle out of life when- list so she's as beautiful as Heriy the very cosmopolitan Ida Lupine '--'-- and as intelligent as Bin- visilcd downtown Los Angeles 'anil got n ticket for Jay-walking. ..Just , lo be different, ClaudeCle Colberi . will wear 11 pink wedding gown in M-Ci-M's "The Secret Heart " NO-WOMANLY WOMEN? ( ^j Francis Lederer is complaining • that Bollywood is sadly lacking in '• "womanly women." "Hollywood's aclresses luck." he told us, '-Hint wondrous, angelic ' Grade Fields Is up for the le'id n a Him version of George Bernard Shaw's "Mrs. Wan en's Profession." ..Lew Ayres is planning to do a leries of Bible recordings with drn- nntize<l backgrounds ... Producer icldle Small lias the long-nwnllcd lutdolph Valentino life story In script form and ready to snoot. I quality which places above But he's still looking for n Valen- the ortltnarv tilings of life '• line. I1OOART COLLABORATES Humphrey Bognrt Is helping writ- Steve Fisher with some clusst'.- dialog for "Dead Reckoning." Ono of Bogle's lines which Fisher will use in the script Is: "1 wish that all women could be converted into compact little 11:,'- ures two inches tall, so you could IHit them into your when you get tired of them talk." vest pccktt I' to Before Anne Baxter could per- suiiile John Hddink lo shale her Hollywood mm riage, $100 a month rent. . Carmen rniuln just nixed S40.000 :i week lor M-.uirecn O'Harn will wear n mere 13 mini: emits for her role i:t "Hoinc.strctch." Apparently, stie knows the right bookie ..Rod Cameron anil F.lla Kahu-s are preparing to stroll down the aisle together... Doterl Montgomery is Itfoking fur a leading lady lo play opposite him on Broadway this fall, in "Chrtst- llla:> Upstairs." Samuel Ooldwyn and Danny Kayc are the latest honorary niinnbs-rsul "The society for , Hie Prove—Ton home, after their recent ° f „ DJsparaBlnfc' Remarks About he insisted on pay.MR ! ««>Dklyn. ' liecause or "The K,d From lirooklyn. of course. , .Jerjy Colonnn will introduce Emil Colo- personal appearances in Mexico j ™ !lu ' s llllcsl SO "B. "Little City.. .Veronica Lake's director hns- \* band. Andre DeToth. has puich.iseci a coal-mining story. "The Bitter Years." fur an indcpendeni procluc_ lion. Don't Cry. You'll lie a Luvury arid Iiv." Read Courier News Want Ads. Greek Premier Washington News Notebook Iiv 1'KTKIt l-:i>S()X NKA Washington Con csii WASHINGTON. July 11.—A control renewal legislation which President Truman vetoed. When recent increases were given lo the Incl of black market may develop j canned-food industry, it look hook- '• : ihadow- swiltly moving ' C»rolyn laujhtd again. "You've W«n seeing too many mystery ,lhrlH«n, Saliy,"'sb« ehided. "Now you Mi one, Dkk," «h« - 1 and the young man «el«Ud himself in his comfortable "It u-as pilch dark and sleeting. I jumped a hedge and bending low ran past darkened houses over lawns soggy with wet leaves nnd at last reached a large building hat was still dimly lighted. I ashed up tlio steps nnd tried the door. It opened nnd I slipped Snide and shut and locked it behind me, and then—ot all things—the ishls went out. "But I had seen I was in a wide foyer with steps leading down to another level. Somehow I fell my safely lay in that direclion and I descended the stairs to the door at the bottom where I heard voices. I entered and was challenged by a woman. By that lime I recognized Ihe smells and knew I was in a hospital. Evidently the voices belonged to nurses—there were t*0 oj thiim. And then I heard stealthy footsteps approaching and slipped over to where a door sure It would be oh such on eerie night. The rest is obvious iiuu- nuicli as 1 am slill here!" * « 9 '""THEN il was you!" Sally said, immediately relieved. "Bui lell me how yon knew where the loor was? I hnvc been harboring he belief thai one of the staff was a practical joke, except for the voice—it didn't belong to any ot the staff." : 'And you were the challenger, T lake it," Richard Gregory said. He turned lo Carolyn. "Remember the morning I so unexpectedly dropped in for breakfast with you, darling? That was Ihe morning after." "And the gang, Dick? What about them?" Carolyn asked, her voice worried. "There was enough evidence in that brief ease to hang twenty people," he told her. "We got most of them." "Hut you didn't have a brief case that night," Sally said. The man eyed her approvingly. "I hid it in a hedge near there. I salvaged il after I was sure they had given me up. It they had uy began,. ______ _^__ t _Sh9Bjd be. It \yas. locked Vs.! known about it ray life wouldn't have been worth a plugged nickel. So, as Ihe Rood old saying goes— 'All's well that ends veil.' " Sally sighed. The man laughed. "Now you can lorget about the mysterious midnight visitor vith Ihe voice," he teased. "But let me tell you, S.illy Maynard, I think you're quite remarkable. Not many people could remember nd place a voice so accurately. Particularly when you were so terrified." The man smiled. "Oh, I know you \verc trying very hard to sound calm and unafraid." "He's a lawyer, Sally," Cifolyn poinlcd 6ul. "No on* can ;66t him on voices. It's his buslntss to f*sd meaning into every faintest shade of tone and color th« human voice may adopt. So, watch your nuances, darling, when you'rt in the presence dt this young man." "I shall," Sally smiled. ;„_ (To B* C**<hiM4) sugar -slays under rationing, bit', vithuiit price control. While -sugar nn legally he sold .at more Tiian eilhlK juices, ration coupons lor ugar could easily become inerm- nuless if sugar went "umU;r the ounler" lo be sold only lo ]ire- 'crrcd cuslomers iCnd those why lad coupons and we^e willing to >ay premium prices. For small quantities ot sui;nr, household con- umers \\ou!<| be willing to sub- nit to this .saucc'/.e. .. }v Uakers, load processors, -soil- :hink matuiliictureis. and candy- linkers, as well as ouiluw moon- shiners, ai'c the sui;ar u.sei.s with lie greatest demands and Ui£ greatest ability to pay inllalcd .irlccs on the quantity pllrchaso.s necessary lo keep llicm in business. Prc.ssure lo force Ihe price up. a.^ ong ns supplies remain .sc;ir;:e, would come from tllL'-so sources. Never mind the thermometer ihis summer. Just keep your eye on the Bureau of Labor Statistics cost. of-living and wa^e-rate indexes which will gKt 1 the best forecasts of npproachlntj heal waves and storms. Cosl-of-livinfj fiuuro.s show si 33 per cent increase .since 10!t!). ihc year Hie war began in Kuicipiv ' Straight-lime hourly wage rates are up approximately the same percentage. So whar happens to the cost-of-livinj! index from here on in will clelermine whether there will lie new wai;e demands tl^ini Inlior. and probably whclhcr tlH-ro will be another round o[ KlriSes. ATTORNKY CIKNTKAI, CI.,\HK I)ISrl.i:.\SKS COMMUNISTS Attorney General Tom C. Clark of Texns is Ihe newest pet peeve of the Communists. The day atler his recent speech before the Chicago Hur Association. Ihe "Daily Worker" attacked Clark, charging him with lax protection of civil liberties. Ills under Ihesc liberties, ot cours'-. (hat Ihe Commie.s do most of Iheir agitating—in Ihe United Slates. Later. Dr. rrank Kingdon. hend of Ihe National citizens 1 Political Action Committee, look up me chant In a speech in WashiniUdii In which he said. "Henry Wallace must be a very unhappy man. having to .serve In th<» cabinet alon^ with Tom Clark." On Ihe platlorni with Kindlon at the time were such notables as Secrot.iry of Labor 1 Sehwellcnbach. Undersecretary the Interior Oscar chapman. Senators Claude Pepper. Hush Mil.- hell, and Glenn Tnylor. arf^ several left-wing congressmen. While Senator Claude Pepper low Ihe darling of the !nbi>r and Ibcnil forces, supporters, of tV movement* \\ish they had another stronger leader. Henry Wallace bowed himsch nut with his sta'.e- ncni that ho would stick by tno Democratic Parly, regardless. Hut f -serious inlhitinti develo]i> a? result of all the late, last-rr.inutc monkeyini: nround \villi price c Irol In congu-ss. tin- llbrrn's hope thai Chester Howies will rise as their hero and man of the hour llowle-s. however, will probabl> not declare his future political tendons until August. If he doc loss his hat into the rins; for Ilu Connecticut gubernitiorlni or .semi icrlal nomination. It will lie as i straight Uomocral. The prospect o Bowies' being in Ihe U. S. Senate along with O'Daniel of Texns. Tnt of Ohio, wherry of Nebraska, an< Moore and Thomas of Oklahonu Is something to look forward t with delight. OPA CHANGES COULDN'T 1IAV FEKN An.MINISTKKK'S Price Administrator Paul Porte has given the best tipofl as to how unworkable were Ihe Tali and Wherry amendments to the pricc- keepers six months' time, nnd it. cost $300,000, to set nt the basic 'IJomiii- KiiU'S' llus to Job KULPMCNT, Pa. (UP) — It's about a two-miic slrelch to Mays- vllle, where chow dog Bonnie has a job \vatchiny a gasoline station by nihgt. so she takes the bus. Bonnie boards a bus alone here each afternoon, rides to May.sviMe. ki ops an eye on Ham and Tony Plttellos' tilling station during tlie night, then returns home by bus early in the morning. HORIZONTAL : 1 Pictured Greek leader, ConsUmlin ; !t Desire ;Ki Indian H ConiplicLiliun 15 Among •!<) Behold! 17 SubslEinces 20 Chinese ' measure '21 .track . circuit •2:t Uninlerrupled -2-) Wager '25 Red Cross i (ab.) -27'Him •2i! Perfect '3! Endures Florida cily 35 Willow l\vig Steeple 37 Uncloses a«Easl Indies (ab.) 39 Specific gravily (;ib.) 40 Neither 42Cuplikc spoons •18 Is (Fr.) 51 Sloth 52 Public S4 Polrn lily r.5 IslantI 57 Leave out 58 Miinicker 60 Native- of Latvia Knier VERTICAL, 1 T:ix 2 i'orlico 3 Army order (ob.) •i Sheltered side 5 Dill G ii;iltan cily 7 Notion 8 Dispatch !> Possesses 10 Myslii syjlnblo 11 Heap micduct It! LoiiL 1 Scout (ab.) 19 Suflix in numbers 22 lie is of Greece ?.-! Beset rj Millie nr.t« 'lv Mcdilen-anetin j|:i Above , island ^7 Ytirn .spindles 2U l j >el<jiigs lo i' t 2!) Oibh!.; 30 New CjLtinea purl 31 Curd game 32 Number 33 Seniors (ab.) 40 Brad '] I French rivc-r -!5 Me:it cut l •JCCJlMl'led (her •i" -Synihol for satiULriuni -ID Let il .stand! fit) V.'e:.ry TiL! Seine S3 Gibbon DU l.ietitonanl (ab.) yj father SIDE GLANCES by Gdlbratrii JUT Boa rd i ng H ouse w i th Ma j . H OOP I IT CLASSKS LIV(E:\^ A CRftTE OP WAR HOLD IT-' EVERYBODY'S TKMELING HOBO D YOU /f MOME OP VOUR EGAD.' VOLT RE AS rJOSV AS AftKDVARlCS.I MOST FOR OMC& T,'M PUTTmG FOOT TJOVAJM WHKV ARE YOU BRINGING, A PORTABLE SMITH SET, ^80X- CftR TRUNK DOES fVCV CftR LOOK LIKE A CASEY JONES SPECIALj 7 -> AMVIL.TOSOFT- "He w;is my fnvorile of nil Ibc lie-men movie stars unlil 1 rend thai he could cook!" THIS CURIOUS A CAN OUTRUN A IN A HUNDRED YARD DASH. PLUS TRUNK LEQUALS «/A TOM Out Our Wav BvJ. R. William IF YOU AVUFFED A WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOIN& ? NO MATTER HOW.UANYVARIETIES OF BRU-LIANr BLOSSOMS 5IOE BY SIDE, THEY ALWAYS ground ball, in baseball. ANSWER: You'd be fumbling NEXT: Why don't all tlow«rs blo»m_»ljmce^_

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