The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWO PACT Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the FARM NEWS-FEA1VRES Suggestons For " Better' Featured For Thig Section's gressive Farmers. Cross-Plowing JGajning Favor Farmer at Burdette Changes Spacing on j Plows; Beats Chopping R. A. Wixson. farmer on the Bnr- Idelle plantation 1ms added a new I touch to cross-cultivation of cot- Iton which he claims will aid fnrm- IPIS in this vicinity towurd solving Itho farm labor situation. I Mr. Wixson ringed up' his plows I with a 14-Inch space between them liDKtvad of the rcgulHllon 38 inches I used by most farmers in cross plow- lil.ig cotton. According to Mr. Wlx- l«bn the shorter distances between • the plows enables him to plum • more cotton ami cut down on-chop ini! costs. The shorter distance also keeps • the top crust of the soil better • broken, enabling young cotton to • make a better stand, he said. 1 Mr. Wixson farms 105 acres on Itlie plantation and has cioss-en!~if- |vate<| -15 acres of cot Ion as a trial. •"They can say what they want to • about cross-plowing, but I think its • the coming thing," the vetercv.i • farmer: said. "Last, year it took a • field full of Negros lo chop an ac•re-a-day and In three days 11 •choppers and this tractor have fin- shed 24 acres by sundown". Gosnel! Boasts Junior, Senior 4-H Clubs ' f^*- i -*\ 7^ ^ ^, v/'.fj' ' *'l:/< f ^f, V 7 4 U* xi *T" *'h ^j . Ciniriei News rhalu Shown above fire Hie officers or tile Junior and senior l-n clubs of Gosni'll Left to riulit I rout row- Joe Hntcs, song captain senior club, Ployit wiiltc. president senior Hub, Kyle Jackson vice- presutent senior cluh, Irtey. While, reixvlcr, junior elub, nrd Miulge Dc.wnlnn, secretary ind livnw-cr imiior club. Front row-Wan<la Cirhues, !:0 ,i B cap- tain, Junior club, njla.m MeMillln. pre.-H.enl Junior clul.. Mona Williams, reporter, senior club, Jewell i.udu.:, vi.e-nrcsidcni, junior club, :u-,i Jackie Cbristnej 1 , secretary, senior elnb. Tlie Gosnell elub is one ol' the largest.ami most active •!-!! dubs in the county, in 19!f> the Ciosneil tor North Mississippi coinity_ Members or II:e ('iosiie.ll •:iir lasl year, with Sylvia Swain brine crowned us club WES selected as the chn'mploiisliiii club Club placed in several contests at the sweepstakes winner. Flat Lake 4-H Club Leaders Faujnn Agents' Tips JIT'S AklE TO: I ComTbl horn flics .with DDT. •Use 50 per cent wctmble powder as li spray or wash. Six ounces to |hree Halloas of water. Mo-.v weeds in pastures. Complete plantings of soybeans, |:owpens and peanuts. Keep roses sprayed to control all Insects and diseases. Remove all •Slower stalks after petals have fal- CROP GUARD prefects crops from icy/fivaf/on damage C'cnirier Ne^v; 1'hnti* Offieers cr the FliH l^ikc 4-u Chili are pictured above Ui^ht to left, Fred Abboll, club repoiler, jewel May. secrelnry. lic-iu'-on atallii song captain, Viola Bums, president ami Peggy stalling:*, vice-presi'.lenl. Altl'.ough one or Ihe siv,,-:ir. T club.-, in North Mississippi county, the rial Lnke Club is very .aeilve. Several o( its members Imvc taken imlividual re.'m projects lor this year and plan to demonstrate them at tlie Connly Fnir this Fnll. Tlie Flat Lake girls sofllial] team placed seecntl in the Mjltnull 'toiirlin- ment last year and is mnniut' for the cliampionship tlii; vear. Fred Abbott, participated it- thr -I-H Council Com E.ilnbit an<l uie corn Variety Show nt Ihe Counly F:iir last year and won several priH-s. 1 len. Don't cut foliage off iris and tulips until it begins to die down. • PROTECTS YOUNG PLANTS • SMOTHERS SMALL WEEDS • INCREASES ACRE YIELD I Tlie only perforated guitd. Firs any c model irjaor tuliiv-jior. Speed of tractor governs .1 mount of din j;oini* cmjgli holci. yy z " ckai^ncc when ini; on ground. Gu.nd docs not ppniiir liiinjis or nit>l>ish to get ' nis. Gives f^Mrr, liciicr cuhnaiion of corn, pni.nocs, cotton, to in a iocs, bjge, inbjcco, soy beans, Impl " ement * '61' o. lli(ihway C>1 tori Wallace I'hnne 214? Bob Smith Whets you buy insurance, a reliable agenl is as import tant as a Bound company. Our experience, knowledge and diligent watchfulness is full evidence o! our ability to serve you well. NOBLE GILLi AGENCY GLENCOE NOFCL LOO. Mrs. Lloyd Lane New President Of Women's Club The Progressive Home Demonstration met Thursday, at Die home or Mrs. Lloyd Laync with 10 mom- bers present. The meeting was pened with a pmyer nnd Bible reading with the regular Ijusmess session following. Mrs. Layne was elected president of the club at this nieetinj. Reports on canning of greens were given by Mrs. clarence Laync and Mrs. J. W. Wortham. Mrs. R. T. AVhite gave a report on her flower garden. "~ After the business session games were played nnd refreshments of snmlwiches. jello and tea were served by the hostess. The next meeting of the c!;ih will be held June 10 at the home of Mrs. Roy Wortham. This year's foliage Is needed for next year's vigor. • Fertilize after blooming, cut out flower stalks. Here'* hoia — be sure to make periodic inspections . . . lubricate regularly . . . Jceep tires properly inflated and, above all, let our factory-trained service man give your John Deere tractor and equipment a thorough check-over. It will come back to you just about like new with plenty of power and, pep for many additional hours of hard work. Remember, these are days of equipment shortage. New goods are hard to get. What you have t be made to last. Come in the next time you're in town. Talk with our service man about this complete overhaul service. You'll be leai with tlie completeness ... the good . . the results you get. Don't delay us about this service today, lissco Implement Co. Osccola — ttlytheville ONIY GENUINE JOHN DEERE REPAIR PARTS If Bossy Comes Home 'Drunk' Dallls Grass May be Blamed LITTLE HOCK, Alk.. June 0. — Caltle owners in Ihe Southern states were warned today to keep u careful watch en cat lie. aiming on IDuHl.s iji-iuis pnshires, "When Uallls grass Ls in ttie Wax or seed singe, it nmy cause tin acute lorm or Intoxlea'lUm In faille «[ nil a B es," said a bulloUn from Ihe American Foundation for Treated Seed Increases Corn Yields FAY,ETTEVILLE. Ark., June C.— From 5 lo 10 pre cent higher ,'leltls o[ corn will bo obtained If ^he corn is treated before planting. So the Arkansas Agricultural ITxrjeriment station reports In a Corn seed treatment, tests rrom 1943 to i!H«. He planted corn seed which had been treated with several different chemicals at the Mnln Elation at Fayel.leville, the Rice riranch Station at StuUiptrt an t ] the Cotton Branch Suustatiou at Claikednle. Hybrid seed corn which luid b»cn treated with Ar- asan and Spergon gave from 5 to 10 per cent belter stands and yields than untreated corn. Since Ihe severity o. r the seedling diseases of corn varies from year to year donendinR on weatliur ami other, fuctqrs. treating the. f-:ee,| may be 'of great value In some cases and not in others, the bulletin points out. However, since treatment costs little it is recommended that it be used cvev.v year as a form of insurance. Another bulletin 'just published gives Ihe results of the corn va- rietal lest s carried on in 1!M6. at tlie main station and Iho four branch stations. The lesls again showed that while many hybrids yield better than onen-pollinated varieties, not all hybrids are better than all varieties. They nlso showed that hybrids adapted to one section of the state may not cio well in another section. Copies or both publications may be obtained free of charye from Ihe Bulletin Room, University of Arkansas College of AsrlniHnrc, PaycttcvIllD. They are Bulletin 4B5, More Counties Selecting 4-H Cluh Medal Winners 'Fifty-throe counties in Arkansas named medal winners In the 10It; 'National 4-H Field Crops awards prouram, as compared with 33 In tlie precodiiif: year. The nationwide total lust year was «80 counties In -13 slates, as compared with 7:13 In .(•> stales in 18 is. l-\iurty- iour stales are taking pan in tito program this year, O. l,. iNoble. director, Nniioiiiil Oiinmltlee on Hoys and airli Club Work, Inis announced. "These naln s reflect, the nrowln<: interest aimmn Turin youth In learn- ini; efficient crop production methods," Nolili- .Mated, "lly tiikliiK purl In the I-H field craps prouram. they also receive special Irutnlni; In selection of seed and Ihe most proficient use or available farm' machinery." j - In adtlilion to county recognition or superior records in 4-H crop' produrlion. awards are provided by International Harvester on state and nations! levels. The state winner receives an educational trip' lo the National 4^H club Consrftis ' in ChiraBH. Four stall- winners ar( sclecled for nitlonal honors, each receivini- :i S-CO Riw'.er McCormlck scholarstiip. [Ijiist year's state winner in Arkansas was Raymond Dougim ol Prescott. Animal Heiiltti. Affivtt'd entile show a niniiUv?' uf peculinr symptoms, Ihe state ment s atd. "When the animals arc I moved abonl, (he front legs luiviv a tendency (o move miuitor than] the hln,| lens. Also, the poisoned cattle may drop to I heir knees nf-; ler a .short run. Sometimes I hoy' roll over on Ihelr sides, and etc-, velop Ills or convulsions." i Veterinary aultiorllles believe the lnntl)ti!-iuakei' Ls an cr^ot (uiiBiiji in the seed lieuds of D.d- lls t-rnss. the American Foundation said. "lies! preventive for l)alll s Brass polsonlnn." the statement added. "Is lo trim pasture* below the head hel«ht or the. yi-nss Just before It reaches Ihe wax slain 1 . Olberwlse. cnllk! should be kept on other par.- lure uiUII llu- Uallls Rrass seeds are fully mature.'' •Recovery from this tyjio or pol- soiling Is usually promjil if a vet-. I'rlimrinti admlulslers ! antidote/;, either by mouth or by injections nil the blood stream, according' to'the F''omuiaUon rej>ort. HELPS KIDNEYS Rtmovm Harmful f.-npurHfct f>U;lkt9, uikil lirudjiclitr urc often cimaed by nothing more limn imprcHirr. kijncy action due to cx*ci» acid ii\ liie uiinc. Th« kidneys ur< one t»f Nature's ways oT removing Impurities from (lie liloud. And when thcsa impuritici back up. trouble niuy ilniI. ... So ir you have llietc troubles. Rive your kidneys ami bladder u |£i*Kl Hushing out by taking Pr. Kilmct'i Swump-Root. It woito on Ihe kidneys to lluaU Lhviti, out . . . incrcasmit the Mow of Xiriiie tn help relieve Mint cxccil uculily unit en« tkiut tr.uiuMK scn!iiition wlitm you pun wuter . . li«l(>i Ifiut bluddi-r initiitlgii thut nuikrs you ml \i|> niidila. Mmlr of 10 hcibM, loula, vcKrtablci, nnd Snhuini. Swanm-Koot Li nbsgkittily iion- hnbit fdnnitik;. Millions h:ivc taken ll for three eriicrulionit . . . often with wonderful icnulti. Citulioii; take u* directed. . For flee ulut supply, acrid to Dept. X. Kilmer fc Co., Inc., Ilox 1255, ~ " ' Eastern Post | soi' at the University of Arkansas i College of ABriciiUiirc. lift.s resigned I in order to become head of the nl. Rliode island Stale College. The resignation becomes effective Jimp 7. Mr. Wiley lin s been at Uic University of Arkansas since August, 1(137, except for one ycnr of graduate study nnd llircc years or military service. He hns tutttriit cour- .ses in iwnltry and anlnial (jcne- lics. -A s ii.ssisltml aniinnl luisbnnci- .ni(Ui on tlie staff ot the Agrtail- .ttirul Espm-lint'iil SUllon. he IMS nlso carried on research work In tin; field or cuullry bruccllng. In announcing Mr. Wiley's rcsig- nnllon, Uean Lipped S. Ellis of tlie College or Agriculture staled he regretted tliat It was not possible to ofi'sr Mr. Wiley a comparable position In Ihe College of Aniicul- tnre. Mr. 'Wiley bus demonstrated outstanding scholarship and gene-' ral 'ability In tbo field or jxnillry. brceking, Dean Ellis sal-.l. Slnniglheiiril Sight Emeralds were credited by snge.s of ancient times with tlie power i of slrcngllieninu tlie sight ol I who wore Hie benntifnl stones every day. . ~ "Corn Seed Treatment." and Re- V°' ! - Sories No. 0. "1040 I Corn Yield Tests." Honv to make OLD TRUCKS LOOK NEW • Here's a way to mnke old trucks look new—quick. Drive them in nnd say, "I want an Appearance Reconditioning Job done on these fellows." And you'll get it. You'll get perfect fitting new International fenders, radiator grilles, liood sheets, doors, glass, hardware, headlights, bumpers, bumper guards and seat cushions—just what you want to put your trucks in shape. Next, paint jobs if the trucks need them. The cost? Not great. The result?,Marvelous. Act now. Get your trucks "Appearance Reconditioned." On TNfK TOO, WHIN YOU OIT TOUR T DUCKS "APPIMANCt MCOWHTIONIB" Hoi Water Hteltr and D«froil«ti • Srat Covtrt . Ehton Elxlric Bo«J SanJ.ti • Snf-T-Slcp- SOS Flr« Gvaid • Whii Aulomotiv* Ck.mkcli • Spot Ughlt, Fag lifhli and Driving lighti • Clearanc* Lights, FTagi, Floret, Directional Sifnalt, other Safely Devkee, DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks fOK K£AL HSKCUKy SfWCf ALWAYS Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer I'lmni- .'H7!l 'Itlylhevillo Ark. 112 Walnut SI. VACCINATE KEEP 'EM HEALTHY WITH WILKE'S ANTS HOG CHOLERA SERUM and HOG CHOLERA VIRUS 5 Reasons To Always Use Wilke's Scrum t— '/ 1. Mutle frow) fresh country pigs only. . 2. Produced wilh go<xl equipment and by \ trained lochnicinrts. . ' : 3. Manufucdireil under strict supervision 4 liy trained Rovornment Inspectors. ft 4. Each scrinl thoroughly tested for •:•• your Hsaurance nf purity and potency. ^! 5. Your Wilke dealer keepa hla vaccine < ~ under refrigeration. FOR SALE BY Wood's Drug Store — Your Veterinary Headquarters — VACCINATE I.ct a Singer ex- |x;rt [Hit youf nuchiue in first class runnlne onier.• t~^^ . h Reasonable charges. Estimate hip. * 'slicil in udvuni'c. . V ••( SINGR SEWING CEMTB T <H W. Main' Kt; ARt THE MOST PROFITABLE V j Cash in by getting your pul- .' lets in the nent EARLY.,.f • v ith growth and vigor for! { lasting egg . > ['reduction. A vomplole feed. PCBINA L. K. 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