The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1949
Page 10
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TEN* COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IJaUjr r»U p4< nn* ror cOQ&ectiilvr •DwrtioDi: Minimum cfi&rf* .. Mo I tlm« per line ]$c I tlmw per line pet day 12c 1 time* p«J line p*i day »c • time* p«r line p« day Ic 13 time* p«r Una per day Sc Month p«r Jin« . w« Count (Ire *i«r»g« words to the lint- Ad ordered for ttice« or sli time* »nd Hopped btiore expiration will be charged for th» numb* i of time* I he aa »pp«fcred *nd adjustment of bill made Ail clarified. Advertlslog copy sub- in it tea by person? residing; outside oi th« city must be Accompanied by cash flue* may ««&!!? b« computed from the Kbor* tabi« Advertising order rot irregular inser- MOn» (Bleep tfi* one time table Ho responsibility wHl EM taken roi anor« than nne incorrect Insertion o! any claMiried «a AM adj ar* restricted to t&eli prop*i elaMlflcatton Kty[« and type T b * Courier New* r*serT«» the rtghl to edit or reject any ad Apartment tor Kent 2-room and bath fmnlshfd Ph. 43J6. 9.12 ck 9,15 Pitrntshed 3-room apt. with bath. Butane gas heat. UtllHle.i furnished Ph. 3440. « 10 pk 9,14 Furnished apt, Highly respcr table. GlrLi. Near High School. Ph 2087 9,10 pk 91-' 3 room furnished apartment &•• ba'li N*!¥,'fy deroraip.;!. Klercrlr r?(rl sermon and gas equipment, ciood f-.sruttut* V. Stmon. Phone 3192 or 33i;i. 10 ck tl 3-room apt, upstairs. Call 49]2 9;iO ck 6|I7 by we Ph Sit 8,19 pk AUTO AND rUR.VITURe LOANS Prompt Personal Serilce U«neraj Contract Purchase Corp, ll» South 6tb Pan u* 6ULJ PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call '1159 Blyllieville or 407 Osccola 9-ii pk 10-fi Expert fall cleaning of ceilings, walls. Moors, carpets windows ami upholstery, fill's Diira-CIrati, I'll 3606, 93 ck 103 We tlfivf plHsler men who will rfo Ule work lor mcmcy Oil flulUlert, Supply. Ph '24;:4. 97 pk 9:H For So/e, Ureaklnsl [able nnil elialrs. h'lo/ence mnelO|i rook stove, KJirheii cnljliurE, rtox ami lipiilliig stove 10) K Ctieriy. Ph. 3535. a 8 pit 15 It boats all how this new Qtlnrlvas Una fr'oam rJpHiis a u t n upimlMery Deals I'jiini Store B 3] ck 0'M If there'* anything yrm need call W5], McUAN'IKI.S - AUCTION 99 |)k 10,S 1'arl Cocker f'npple.s pi,. 3706, 9y pk 9;1C SltlJ.pEllKEK impi.lM. referred. Jlsunclly individual, Iil^hly IntelllKent Joveable, ai-votod. disease resistant onw lived. Positively ml do* odor Mts' IV. N. Orr. l' a jmlrn wm or Vnihro ••m. 9 ,0 pk 9 1V Modern cabin & apt by week or 'month C*f« tervice Ph 9il Business Service Directory 12-tl fVilcral moat Display eiim One 0-8 WHlkln Collier 1650: .Sanitary SC.-UPS S175: • , HP lie,,, Chopper 5175 Call ^1900. 409 W, Main St. 9,9 CK tr Slightly vised Duo-Therm Hrctiiainiu "eater Reasonable At Freeman II,',,- ley^Oroeery ___ 96pk:l,n WestlnKhonse cookslove. Ph 633« _ 10 pk M Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W« can tilt all your needJi Uei gemiln* part* from DUX oom pl*t« line I LIB POOL!, O W N'KR * O P E R ATOH South HtRhway 61 at Sleete Uo Phone Steel* « ll|12-ck-tl CHAPMAN SERVTOB STATION kin A Division Phonr 2 Don't endanger 50111 Imnllj- with KUlty Ure«— BUT LEX TIRES 12113-ct-tr Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 1M W Ash HI HOTKL BUILUJNG <,S-ct-tl Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Royal. Smltb Coron* »od Remington PortabJe DON EDWARDS The Typwrltei Matt 31fl M. Second 3t Pbrme 3384 Loons .Money to Loan Oo you need ft loan Co repair 01 r«- modelV Wo down payment on mortgage, no rea tap* FKA APPROVED RATE'S 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phon. 2034 L j. ncl) Bulldlnj BlJthtTlll. Atk «123-CI-tl FARM LOANS See us for one of the best long time, easy payment farm loans to be had. Low rate of interest. Money to refinance your farm or help in buying one. R1ALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hat! Phones 3322 or 4139 7-8 ck tt Bead Courier New* Want AI.KAI.PA SUED Oklu:ioina Hppmvecl sn .W Also HaliT Jeter,. Rye. Oat.,. Barli-,- .« WIIMII see.l Vetrh A: Alfalfa litnrciilnllan Blyilievllla Soybean Cor,> I'l, 85« 9,6 ck 10.B Drue Co 203 W Mam 8:25 ck tl In ancient tiine.s pearls were S}'m- nols of sorrow. They were believed to be tears of God 9 SO p'K 9.14 For Sale, Real fstate 811 «crc.l 5 milt, fast or MuMrn. wltli nice 6-room house a i,h b«lh. tmsu- i'«nt. big rfl i ),,„,_ „„ tftlce(l «. in acres ol (too,, „„„ ]Mld , vl nice 1-room house. Email ij arn ,,. ^n ' ,.' 1 ' l ,' ese "™ """• '« '« "•"its we hare ;or sale '- " ' or the HAMPTOX REALTY co MAI, [JEN, MO. REAL ESTATE Bcauliful 5-room house and oath. Choice location on (lolly Street, Fireplace, gns heal spacious closets, large, well arranged Youngstown kitchen, screened in back porch On corner lot. 6-room house and bath. On -illy Street. Price $5,000 100% GI loan. Perfect location for that w ranch type house you arc ?oingr to build. See or call JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone -I111 or 2S96 Russell .Marr Ph. 807 3-18 ck If There- are thr>UKaiHi<; of different inds j>f mo:.r[tntos. Nobody Knows THE VALUE OF A USED CAR UNTIL HE SEES IT • Inspect These Cars • 1917 Rnick 2-door Sedan, fully equipped, wilhnul question Hie cleanest used car in tliis city. 1918 Chevrolet Stylemasler 2.d<> ( ,,-" Sedan, has Ihe accessories you want. 19IS DeSolo Cuslnm l-don, Sedan, fully equipped I9 : ll l-,l,,,,r Sedan in perfect condition citv driven, ne«- Urcs. lias radio * healer. 1939 Buick .Moor Sedan, excellent condilion. vcrv low mi!ea K e for its model. Low priced. 19 IS Kord Super Del.uxe Sedan, verv low mi | c . nee. in lop condition, has boll, radio & healer. 19:W Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. And many others for your selection. Langston-AAcWaters BUICK CO. Walnut ,t Broadway Oial 555 for Service DOLLAR for DOLLAR MILE for MILE You Can't Beat These Values in Good Used Cars 11I1S Konl Sillier Del.uxe Club Cmipe, grey, has radio & heater.. . .$121)5. J1II7 Kurd Tudor, black, has good healer. . . .$1095. 1(117 Chevrolet Fleetma.sler .(-door Sedan, 2-lone grey, has radio boater. . . .$111)5. 1017 Fi.rd Super Del.iixe Club Coupe ,maroon, has radio & healer, seal covers. . . .$1195. ]!)I6 Plymouth Coach, grey, runs, drives, and looks good SI 015. 11)17 Nash "B(l(l" l-door Sedan, e.vfra nice, has radio & heater... .S1M5. li)il Ford 2-door Sedan, equipped with radio & heater ....$-,15. JD.'iil Ford 2-door Sedan. .. .$2il5. lilKi Find I-'l'on Kxpress Truck. .. .$795.' 1M11 Chevrolet 1-^Ton Truck, platform body. . .$:i!)5. rbompaiiy 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 For Sale, Real Estate Real Estate • anus — Cily Property LOANS LI intoreMfjd 'n , Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - F. B. Joyner Gleucoe Bldjr. Ph. 819 cfc II MY HOME FOR SAI.F . . . S-rooms .nd hi»th. well In.sulated, hardwood lloors: nawlv- palntpd cquliipeil with Hutrtnr. Lot 62'^ l>y l-lo. Nlrc [awn ]7ilrt blocK Clilfknsawtin. Cull ownur m J256 or sec your real estate hiokpr. 9 10 pk 9 14 5 room wuli biith. located it .(W S. IBUl St. I(JO I I'M ft corner 01. I'll. MJ. 9 ,0 |]k 17 store, (i-room \{v- rs. Block of Alum St. Price reduced. Ill health, must sell. Purcelf Grocery. 125 ' SI. n-6 pk 0-^0 Wanted to Rent couple unfurnished litiuse or <ln- II possible with electric store water heater Ph, 4ifi2 or 7I<>. 5,3 pt 9,15 Position Wanted Private Rooms Nice bedroom adjoining bath Men inly Hli «32 a , ci lt Bcdrom. Jcltchen prtvtleges optional *'"• - 5l< 8..11 jit 9 : M Bedroom adjoining bath Phone •"" 823 pk 9:23 Rnom.i with fans Bljthevllle Hotc/ B!15 ck 9|I9 Bedroom, prlvati bath Ph SIDEWALK SUPERINTENDENTS-Dairy-farmer Fred Newton of Sparks.. Karis.. always has plenty 01 compuHv when milkimS .me roli, around. The sound of-f^h milk ilaJhing in ihe paU brings ends and kutt-ns on the double. Their interest is rewarded by a pan of warm, frothy milk, which Ibey promptly lap up Lost Lost black .V- -A'hup liosioti Terrier. 'J niO[itJi.s old AII.SWT lo nnnir ot Skipper. Rcwn/c. Ph. 2207. 9 to 9M White terrier v,ilti hro\mi spots. weartiiB iinnow blown rolkir. .Strayed irotu 11J7 W. IJt-^ru lust ^ cfk Reward. 'Pft. B^l. 99 pi: n 7tb DISAJ'PL'AKEU: From 210 at.. Cannlif-r:,vti:p, A!o.. a Ulack fr- rnitle Koston lltsi] t«-rrirr H^R blaxod lace, white under left Iron I loot while, wlme «[i rLftiil Iront toe I'D is doK i rtt. or wfts in ken from I lie ahovr addrt'm on Frlikiy. Aug. ^6. and was Wfarin^" a trm ti.trnes-S with ttiimioii \ay 61 ii no c-Liy in?. To yone sums us hilorin;mon l(?iiclinvi to nur rofovf-ry. alivr. we will pay n rewarrt ol S25IMJ; or )[ lite person who lias tier will deliver ht-r to the nbovo address they will native this rewurd HtKJ no (] lies t Ion will be asked Call 61 -W. Mr.s L t: Thruiip, 210 West 7th at,. C-HriKhfibville, Mo. 96 pk Ki Notice Driving [or l.os Angeles. Can/orniii } - fj>l '23. Want 2 or 3 passengers to nare exptnses. J'h. 150 Steek 1 . Mo j 9,12 pH 9 ill j NOTICK: All repaired \vat- ] clips, unclaimed for more than j a year, wil! be sold for charges | within 10 days. . . by Sept. 1G, ! if n«>t failed for. PAT O'LJKY-i ANT, JK\\'I!:LIJ:R. O-G ck IG| Personal DrlTUin to New York about Sept 22 W it n L 2 or :i jia^cnE p rs [ t> share ex - peases, Hcltrences cxchanttetl. CulJ HollAiitJ J381 an*r 4 9.5 pk i2 Thirty minute phnta-sEjitlc service USTEKNS STUDIO l|H-Ck-tl LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free ol charge in sterilizer) trucks. Call collect, 6142, lilytiie- nllc. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6.23 ck 9.2K Wonted to Buy William P. Cody, known as '•Buffalo Bill," was made a colonel by the goven or of Nevada. Used Spinet plnno. Ph- 2698. 96 ck 9 13 Comfortahle room 2675. We need £nrxl used pianos i*h 811 316 C'A it «ilB|49 Female Help Wanted Girl for general office work. iMusl be fail- typist, no sliovl-j hand. Pleasant working conditions. Write Box RFC C'-o Courier News. 9-L2 ck 15 i Hl?ne-M. price paid lor CHItlKENS--- hUUb Asn Street Grncery fc Market 11' w A.^n eiv ck tl For Sale, Cars and Trucks Experienced Stenographer for llgtit nictation *nd [airly heavy clerlcitl duties. Age 25 or over. Good starling hiilnry. Blytlierllle. Fertiliser Corporn- tlon. Pnone 3105 10 clt H ly4<> [lodt-e 2ii truck with trailer In 50otl conclttlon, driven oulv 2 -ifiO nulr. CH|| 7M. Mrs N. J. Jones.' 9 12 ]>k l!l Iriil Hilled 4-<loor Sedan tiimii siiiipt 1 owned, Pilced to sell, rti KO.i (Uy 3 9 pk (t T.t Salesman Wanted Wanted A good reliable man to supply r-iiatoniers with Rawlelgh PrcKltic'-s Central Mississippi County, Wrlif vlKl«h'B Uepl. AK I -'^10- 127. X!»>:ii- is, Tetinp.isee. 9 u pV 9.IJ Help nrrico Job. Spvrr- . Ph. 325!). Wonterf Reliable man with car wanted to jt on farmers In FT. Mississippi county. Wontlnrful opportunliy, $15 to 32'p In H day. No fxperlrnrp or capita! rccimrcrt. f'eriiiftnpnl. Write todRy. Me- NRSS COMPANY. Dfpt. A. Frccport. Ill pk Wanted to Kent on J or 4 room unfurnished houw «lth ».» ck 9.1:1 ontn tiooil location. Ph 3363 6 pk 13 '18 Oldsmobile, with radio, heater & hydra- malic drive. Very low mileage, j See or Call Lee Motor Sales Ph. 2050. 9-(i i-k If. I:HH K-fi Itupr-N^tLnnnt lr:*ctnr ;tnil J^ It Caiu-r Trailer Can t>f srrn ftt Mrs W. A. \VliLstle HnselLiiu] a 7 pV: 9 14 Before yon buy. see these USED CARS FOR SALE CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Crvsts ynu less yet 3 a sis lons l)i:in :iny nlhcr bridsc* jiuilrrii Si/.<-s 8-10-ri-lf>-18-2l-'»l-'-!7-3 CJONC'KK'l'K SKWICR TILR tti/.os 4-fi*S I (idles CONCRETE RKI'TIC TANKS • Best I'rk-cs • \\'c DelLvrr A. H.WE Highway fi] .it,SI:tlp I'linnc 711 ™™^^^^^^^^^^^™^«^« Headquarters For Clean Used Cars ISM7 Chrysler New V,,,-ker .|-door Sedan, blue color, equipped wild radio and healer, low mileage. MM 7 I'lynioulli Spechil Del.uxe 2-door Sedan, has radio and healer, a g<md buy. Mild Ford 2-dnor Sedan, a red hoi bargain. 1!)3S Buk-k 2-diKir Sedan in perl eel contfilinn and priced In sell. I!I32 Cheviolcl Coupe, as clean as a new car, you'll like Hie price. MM1 Chrysler l-door Sedan, completely reconditioned, has new lires, new paint, and radio, heater At seat covers. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Deoler" 12] East Main Phon . 2 122 19-17 Kaiser Sedan, has radio &. healer. The price is low. 1D-I8 Jeep with J-wlicel' drive. Just like new. | 1911 Pontiac 2-dn«r Sfiil:m,! raflio & lieater. Very clean, j 19-10 Plymouth 2-rfoor Se-,' dan. Priced to sell. | 19-16 Chevrolet l\'-> Ton! Truck. Completely recondition- [ cd. ' | U4b uodRe ',4 ton pickup f:*ccl..m conintton Price right I'niisiial (Jifls Dislinrlivc Cnrlains SPC Tlictn :tl the Linen & Curtain Shop 108 So. l-'irsl I'honc HIS Fresh SI nek Giiitranlcod Best Prices Kirby Drug Store? r; v s ,M A D E f-KCK'S LOCK SflOP S'U W AT.iin. I'himc 387 Hvhinrl Johns IMol ll.iil buys TO chr^i«;e (mm } 61 MOTOR CO. | North Hi way 61 Phone '>\ Ui' 8-5 ek tt 1048 Do-itr |iLrh-i:p I. Rr-R] buy. C. K Milb:.i n For Rent n cameras lur »ll ocastnni :KNH STUDIO 45-ric tt FOR HK.NT: Kro/rn Kood Jiwlnck .i }||«hw-a>- Q\ I'hntic '. cX u Wen rurnifihcd hrmsp. Four bcclrcwm^ ."M locixtion. Near hlph .^riicK)! :mu tiurrhos. Artnlts only WrLlf ROK XY/ Courier New*. 9 ]2 rfc t( -' PW 2 -room house fiirnKhrd Ph 2 [,uther Oann 417 So Jiltli ST 9 li> pk 9 l ; PRESCRIPTION ! SERVICE Oui years ol experience 35. >uie you that when you present a prescription ordci io \i3, U will t>r exporth com- poundeci from fresh pure (fi tn;s Voi. can be sure al Kolhrork's ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE THE GRAMS COMPANY Refl! l*tdtr - OSCEOIA BLITHEMLli Phont 3075 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1949 YOU WILL BE HAPPY With One of These FINE USED CARS 1!IIS Chevrolet Fleellint 2-door Sedan with many «• Iras, clean as new. .. .a honey. 1917 Buick Super 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio, fug lights, seat covers, white sidewall tires, heater and defroster. City driven only 19,000 miles. .. .$1695. 1!)1S Chevrolet Fleel master 2-door Sedan, 2-tone blue, radio and heater, mofur and tires perfect. It's a honey for only §1095. lU-lii Oklsmobile 2-door Sedan, original blue finish, large radio, clean inside and out, perfect. .. .$1295. UKiS Plymouth 2-door Sedan, new motor $395. 11)11 Ford 2-door Sedan, a honey ?695. 11)17 Jeep, only 19,000 miles runs good has good tires 11)37 Ford 2-door Sedan, black, runs good... .5195. 19311 Ford Model "A" Pickup Truck. .. .$95. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Kern ember, You Can Always *lak* » Good Deal «t SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company Phone 578 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES IAD type, Cieept Cancerl Clinic 3H »Uln BlythevUlt in Pttoat Come In and See These Cars & Trucks 1947 Dodge Club Coupe, very low mileage, like new... equipped with radio and heater. 19-11 Buick Super 4-door Sedan, thoroughly recondi- tioiied, newly painted, has radio, underseat heater and spotlight. 1916 Chevrolet Cab-over-Engine Truck with 2-speed axle, in A-l condition and priced right. .19-19 International 1'/j-Ton Long Wheelbase Stake Iruck, very low mileage. A good price. 19-18 Ford Super Deluxe 4-door Sedan, low priced in lop operating condition. 19-IH Buick Super 4-door Sedan, like new. new motor radio & healer, white sidewall (ires, and good seaj covers. ' 19-17 SIudebaker '/,-Ton Pickup in A-l condition, drive tins truck and compare its price I9IS International I'/,-Ton Cab and Chassis Truck, in excellent condition. Blytheville Motor Co. "South'* Fines: Service" Broadway & Chickasawha Phone 4122 See for Yourself It's BARGAIN WEEK ot Still fc Young Motor Company .13 IB Mercury B-I'assenger Coupe, equipped wi(K bolh radio and heater. .. .$1815. 1919 Mciciiry Sedan, has radio, healer, overdrive !<) 17 Nash .Ambassador, a nice, clean car equipped with radio & healer. .. .$1335. 1917 .Mercury B-Passeriger Coupe, low mileage, radio & heater. HI 17 Ford, clean, has radio &- heater. 15110 Kurd, good condition, radio &- heater. I!>17 Lincoln «-Pass*ng«r Coupe, radio, heater, overdrive. I9:ifi I'onliac Coach you can sleal (his on*. I!VV7 Sludebaker Sedan, new paint, priced lo sell. 19:i(i Chevrolets. . .3 lo choose from. 1938 Uuick, fully equipped, better hurry. 1931 Nash, runs good and you can buy it. 19IB Chevrolet Coupe, clean. .. only $995. 1910 Packard, new paint S125. 1348 Olds Hydramalic wilh rebuilt molor, a honey. 1916 Mercury, clean and priced right. SPKCIAL: Model "A" Convertible. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY . First at Walnut Phone 4333

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