The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
Page 6
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- PAGE SIX ' DOPE BUCKET •x J. r. Many Entries In Horse Show Forrest City Event To Be Held Aug. 17; GerlachsWill Ride When the .bugle shrills out over Smith Stncllum, at Forrest City, jjust one week from today, opening Lieut, mm mrs. mnmm u, tna- the Forrest City-Maiianiia Horse i Clurkln were members of the vnst. Show, (here will be quite a number throng of more than 29,000 who of lovers of good horse flesh In the thronged, pnckcd and Jammed small show ring, among them will be Bud ShlUc Park In Philadelphia August and Betlye Jean, Oerlach of 4 for Connie Mack's golden Julillcc Helena. Tliey will show four horses, l >nr ')'. "Little G Traveler", "Nfajor Howes"! Ti] o former Dlylhcvlllo supcrln- "Oh My", and "Lndy of Lake "i'omtent of schools, who currently Is ' Bn Instructor at the U. S. Naval BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS WITNESSES BIO GAMB Llcul. nnd Mrs. William D. These two ardent young riders have' 1111 Instructor al the U. S. Naval wade quilc a record for themselves i p " 5llt Preparatory School, Unlvcrs- wlth horse show followers and al-l ity of Pennsylvania, thoughtfully ways come in for tlielr share of se , nt ll ; c *»° rla ^, ° r , ', rlle Ev ;?,- iis. Mr. and Mrs J K Ger-l" 1 " 8 m " lclln <" 1 l'"«<lcll)IHn) with parents of the children', have '""..""T! ,?,' .'l 10 S«»'c «"<! Inlcr- iraged them In their Hrtlmrl csll " g slghllielits when the 81-year isU most Sn ous v * ?" At ". Icllcs '»"'»>«'' ™ Anally honored. Tlic fad lhat the New York Yankees won the same, 1-0, and Ihe transportation strike was still In progress, didn't mar lhc occasion one bit. from all Indications. Among Connie's gifts were a check for $5,000 and another for $2.500. ARKANSAS GETS CAM, A prominent Arscunsas son, Llcul. Bill Dickey, participated Jn the celebration. 'Hie Ltlllc 1 Rock boy was picked on the nil-time nil star baseball learn inid was Introduced along with the others which In... 0 „,,„ „„.,.,,,(, *nji.LH..I, i**« guuu , eluded i Bnbo HuLli IVis Spctikcr going walking mare, "Black Angel/' | Waller Johnson, Lefty Grove, Hans She ts undoubtedly one of (he Wagner, Home Run Frank naker greatest show' marcs of the day Eddie Collins, George Sislcr, and and wherever she is shown you Ty cobb. Only the Immortal'Cobb can henr the crowd yell, "Watch was absent. Al Simmons was Intro . Magnolia Farms, owned by Mr. ond Mrs. J. Everett Pldeeon of Memphis, will bring five horses, "Miss Knight", threc-gaitcd horse, exhibited by J. B. Pidgeon, Jr., in- Ihe three-gait horsemanship clnss; "With Love Magnolia", beautiful fine harness horse driven by Garland Bradshaw, manager of Magnolia Farms; "Kalarama Delight", junior five-galled horse, exhibited by Garland Bradshaw lu the $280.00 stukc class. Blissful Farms of Marianna, owned by W. B. Yancey, is bringing two walking horses, the good that, black mare \vnlk!" She was reserve Junior Champion at the National Walking Horse Celebration at Shelbyvllle, Tenn., In 1242 nnd was crowned grand clmmplon at the 1943 National Walking Horse Celebration, In addition to mnny other choice honors. They will also show "Maid of Honor", two-year old walking horse owned by Dr. G. Garrott of Shrevcport, La. Mrs. W. L. Taylor, of Wilrtwood Farms, German town, Tcnn,, will show her fivc-gnilcd horse, "Spring Cheer" • In (he slake class. Horse shoiv spectators always receive a thrill when Miss Ellen Ramsay, accomplished rider, trots Into the ring. She will show her diiccd ns on oulflcldcr to fill his Position. "Thought you might h c Interested in ihis wrllcup of Ihe ccle- brallon", Lieut. McClurkln wrote. "It roall v was an Interesting and unusual sports event. All seals were sold out and people were stnndlng In every nvallnblc space, In spile of the transit strike. "The night before we had been fortunate (n gelling to a concert conducted by SlRinund Romberg and featuring 20 nulstnndln? song composers. Ench composer wns presented and had to sing or play his composition. W. C, Handy with his "St. Louis Blues", Hoffman nnd . ivingston Ihelr one of. Ihe besl junior walking mares iu the country, hey will be ridden by Jimmy Gray. Another pood entrj' in the 'two-year old walking "horse clnss is "Traveling Man, 1 ! owned nnd ridden by T. G. Home of Inverness, Miss. He is also bringing "Gang Buster", road horse. Arthur Fulmer, 'jr., well-known horseman of Memphis, will enter "Winter's Eve" in Hie three-gnitcd class and "Francis Dunn", flve- galled horse, In lhc slake clnss. GaiHier Dmley of Marianna will show "Dreams", walking marc owned by S. J. Denn of Forrest City, in the northeastern walking liorse class. R. M. Boon of Mnrianna is entering 'Trouble's Masterpiece," grand going two-year old stud colt. He will be ridden by Jack Kinkade of Marianna. Officials for Ihe show will be Henry Lyons, well-known galled horse judge, of Springfield, 111., Hunler White, of Rolling Pork, Miss., walking horse critic, Dr. J. W. Jeftett and Jack McDonald of Helena, ringmaster and announcer, and E. E. Salccr of Widener, paddock announcer. the hl<zhllt;hts " GODWIN ACCEPTS nin Ens. William D. (Bill)) Godwin, nled b v experts as one of the rcatcsl athletes ever developed 1n ir^nsas. will plav in the oil-star oolball game in Chicago the night AiiBlisl 30. His .mother, Mrs. - E ' - — ..... .niuinvi, ivus. n*. McCray, 'scooped' the ex-Chtck ml former University of Oeoreln real on the announcement. The wdown was given on n giant jwsl ird showlne Ihr- Golde Gate "for i.v collccllon", she said. The ycar- ' game Is a slrucglc between, the imon mire' collcglnns and the 'pr°- esslonnls. nnd usually | s m ,n e a «eolacle lo see,,. . . «.,'„ sooA nine that Promoter Mike Mcroncy earniaqed his wrestling card at lie Far Grounds Monda r nlifhl so s lo plvc a couple of Ihe boys a Itllc more lime lo get lo thnlr next day ass fnimenls at Louisville and ninnlngham, respectively. Boll, lust places. Travel Is Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUK . Chattanooga 9-7, Mobile V-3 New Orleans 10, Memphis 5. Atlanta 4, Nashville 1. Birmingham 1, Little Rock 0 AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis 3, New York 2. Boston 9, Chicago 1. Detroit 4, Washington 2. Cleveland 4, Philadelphia 3. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 5, Chicago 2. sllll prelty cojigcslcd. , . . Dldja K»OW Dial Al Zarllla, lhc hall lliumplng outfielder of Ihe leairuc leading St. t/)uls Brawns Is anolli- cr Northeast Aik:ins:is product? Yep, he was with Oscoolu and Batcsvllle. He played against Frnnk Mancuso and Tommy Turner, who now arc teammates. . . . IIKARS CHINA IIHOAIXJAST Lieut. Jimmy Lcc Brooks, son of r. and rs. Mel Hrooks, was IJs- JcniiiB to the news over his radio In Hawaii lhc dlher day. Dining the program a story of Ihe fighl- ln In Chlim and India was relayed nrict credit was given lo Wall Ixi- Riin,, UP corrcspondenl. "Dub" and Jimmy Lee were schoolmates al the local high school. . . . Pvt. Carlos Deal, co-caplnin of Ihn I). II. S. Chicks In 1941, has completed Ills course in radio gunnery at Yiinia, Aria., nnd assigned to a combat crew ns Fresno, calif. He wns home '°r a few days recently. . . . oar- rard CnitdUl, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Cnudlll musl be in the Dutch New Guinea area, 'He recently sent. Jimmy Snndm a few "samples" of their money. . . liuidcnt- ly, Garrnrd and a few of Ills hud- dies have gone Into the laundry business. !! c wrote Roland "Skcc-l- er" Bishop llial they had rit'Kcd up n washing machine. . . . Receipts totaled $9.00 Ihe first week, which no doubt will so a long way where they nrc. ... My kid brother, Ervlne, who is signalman on a mine sweeper, Is right back where he started—Hnwnll. He has asked for addresses of some lilythcvllle hoys who are In lhat neck of lhc woods. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Atlanta 28 H Nashville 2G 12 Memphis 21 14 Liltle Rock 15 20 New Orleans 1Q 22 Mobile 15 2-1 Blrmlnglinm 20 22 Chatlnnoogn 13 20 NATIONAL IEAGUE W. L. St. Louis .. Cincinnati Pittsburgh New York . Chicago . . Boston . .. Brooklyn . Philadelphia AMERICAN LEAGUE W. b. St. Louis 03 42 Boslon . . New York Detroit . Chicago „„ „.. Cleveland 53 55 Philadelphia 47 si; Washington 44 Boston 9, Cinclnnall 6. Pittsburgh 4, New York 3 St. Louis -i, Philadelphia 2 Browns Roll On Toward Pennant Trim Yankees, 3 to 2, On Homer In Ninth; Rookie Wins Tenth By UnHcd Press The American League |>acc-scl- eis, tile St. Louts Hrowns, arc off to a. good start on lliclr eastern trip Tlicy coiitlnucd their victory march with a 3 to 2 win over the New York Yankees. The Browns beat Die Yanks in old-tlmc Yank fashion on Al Za- lill.-i's home-run In the ninth, slg Jakuckl, rookie ilglH-liunder, took tcntli decision of the season. relieving Bol> Mimcrlef In the seventh Inning. fur (lie Ynulcs. The second-place Hank Dorowy lost Uoston ncd namcnls to Its credit •Fort Smith already'hns had lhc A iV , box "! 8 ., " lcct ' tllc Arkansas Golf Assocliilloii loimiey mid the Aiiierlcan Legion junior baseball run-off, The only top tournament h AAM°^ C l tV J fai!C<1 '° lB »" W11S Ihe AAU basketball mccl Little Rock may still be the political capital of the slate-but Foil •»»'•" deflnUely Is ll.c sports cap- cncc football will be much Improved Ihis year over liisl season. Meyer said that all o| the schools In the conference have a good supply of potential grlddcrs on hand, Urns the fans should see all Uicy expect In an v of lhc conference tussles. He went on lo predict Dial (lie game should be inticli faster. H was Coach Homer Norton of Texas A. and M. who warned last week that the Unlverslt yof Arkansas might be the surprise package In this season's race. And there are plenty of grid experts who be- Meve that Norton made a very wise prediction In that respect. "Gloomy Glen" Rose, the Porkers new grid menlor, still Isn't saying jmicli about the prospects of the Ra/orbaeks In the forthcoming season. We Is silting back with rrrwn- dile tears In hb eyes IhtenlrH) TwS/™ ''iT ^n~' lhc other coaches moan or gloat. ••>-••-'* °" - Ulc Southcr Til URSDAY, AUGUST 10, 19J4 wm, Willis At least ... -- ..., JJllle Rock T'ruv- eler pitcher. L, havln/tbebestsea- base,?,,.' 115 '° 5 '° arS *' ° rga '"< e(i indlins, 1 "—™ • Vl - th "" C1 "' rf! »" ! ' Joined the Pcbs in 1341 and had a tossing record of H wins and 10 lo.sses. "ihe followin,; > car as playing malinger, Hud had wins and nine losses-ami his Km won over the Chicago Willie tle;il " Aujr.,21 mid will continue Sox, 9 to 1. Hlght-hander Tex straight 0>rouj>h until the Rarar- llughson pitched and won his IBlli l)acl(s P' n V tllclr opener against game of the year for the Red Sox to "P h University of Missouri at St. —the first hinler in either i cn g uc Ixmls Sept. 23. to win 18. rt was Hughsmi's final Glen Is planning to put his boys game before lie enters the Navy i through two tough sessions ad" — (Jic 18th of this month. ,one In the morning and one In "lex Hughson Is the first pitcher afternoon. Thus the Porkers 18 victories. ------- ..—.... wl te ,u, lv . jiiiuuu npjiiiain. C.len seems to be pcrfeclly content came out with an n», n , ', lo let Ihe Texas coaches climb out wi , nnd •dx lossn, sc °">-' lx on (he limb by (hemselves. es ' Rose Is gelling ready for the most strenuous erld prnetlce scs-slons In (hn history of the university. Drills the will ... V3 27 ...55 4-1 ... 53 45 ...50 f>3 ...45 SO ...42 58 ...41 62 38 5D 55 -18 53 49 53 50 lO 54 CO Pet. .770 .081 .59D .428 .'119 .385 A1S .333 Pot. .7M .550 .540 .485 .479 .42(1 .398 .332 Pet. .000 .538 .520 .514 .•181 .-me .450 .423 _ —„---,— ..- ,,..., in.jv in\,\,iti^i — .1^....^—ii. A iiu.i tnu j ui Kcrs win in cillier league to come up with have lhc equivalent of two months 18 victories. Tim's right. But Do-, pmcllce before Ihe fireworks bc"In trolls Ha] Ncwhouscr got his IBtM The canny Arkansas coach will jiisl a few hours Inter, winning a have al least 10 leltcrmen on hand •1 lo 2 night game against the when Ihe drills set under way Washington Scnalors. Newhouser They arc Allon Baldwin Bob Cone granted only four hits. Early Wynn Carl Jackson, Latnar Dingier lien- was the losing pitcher. ,ry Ford, Charles Jackson,' Leon Al Smith outpllched Bobo New- i'ensc, Earl wheeler, James Young win ,-inrt, as n result, Cleveland and Marvin Lfncisey. Besides that levelled the Philadelphia Athletics, a whole crop of outstanding fresh- 4 to 3. Smith drove In Iwo Indian men ore nt Hie university rcadv to uns and manager Lou Boudrcau prove their stuff when the drills ill safely three times, ,open. In the National League, Frily, Fort Smllh lias laken lhc snorts Jslcrmucller of Pottsburgh won his headlines away from Little Hock tenth eamc of the year, licking the Ihis year, and as far as sports wit- New York Giants, 4 to 3. Rube cis are concerned, the Border City Hscher, Andy Hansen and Ace Is the sports capital of Arkansas Adams all pitched for New York. | H usc ( | to be lhat all of the stale After a ivarmiip win against the toiinuimcnts, be they golf iWbill powerful Great Lakes Bluejackets-1 tennis, checkers or what-'havc you' Brooklyn stayed hot and knocked were played in Little Rock All of off the high-riding Chicago Cubs. Ulic big sports stories bore a Liltlei The score was 5 lo 2. Hock date line. nut things have changed during Luis Olmo homered for Brooklyn In the llilrd. The Boston Braves rose up from sixth position In the Nallonal this year. Practically major tournaments place In Fort Smith. all of the arc taking League to take n B lo G game from I liccn four major Arkansas tour'in- thc second-place Cinclnnall Reds, mails so far this year— and lhc Al Jiivcry and Jim Tobln pllched.norder City has been host to tliioi- Inl.nt-,, .,f tl. ...... ._.,., __ . Lylvl, BOSlOll hard-luck Javcry -. -------- ......... BCtJlng his fifth win of Ihe year. The St. Louis Cardinal backed pitchers Marry Brechccn and Max Lanier — vvho combined for a three hit triumph. They won. 4 lo 2, defeating lhc I'htladclpliiii Phillies. Today's Games SOUTHERN I,KAGI;E New Orleans at Memphis, night. Nashville at Atlanta. Birmingham al Little Rock. Mobile al Chaltanooga. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn at Chicago. New York at Pittsburgh. Boston nt Cincinnati, night. Philadelphia nt St. Louis, night AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland nt Philadelphia. St. Louis at New York. Chicago at Boston. Detroit at Washington, night. RY JOHN II. BELFOKD I United Press Correspondent LITTLE ROCK (III 1 ) — Dlltc'l" Meyer, who Is resixmslble for making Texas Christian University the grid power that It Is, predicted the other day that Southwest Confer- On the Sidelines of those. And the Hardscrabble Country Club Invitation golf meet is due lo come up soon, giving Fort Smith four out of five major tour- IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Arno pimples, cc«cm», factory rferma- litu, simple ringworm, tetter, suit rlioura, wimps, (Miwkhcads), nnd ugly lirokcn- . out skin. Millions relievo itching, 1mrn- I ing nnd Boreneaa of thwo miseries with piinplo homo treatment. Goes to work nt once. Aids henling, works tho antiscplic « ay. Use Dinck and WhiUs Oin[mcnt only ns directed. lOc, 25c, 60o sizes. K yenra' fucccss. ,Moiiey-l)iick guurauteo. Vitnl in cleansing is good Bonn. Enjoy famous 1)1 ack oad Wliilo Skin Soap doily. rlalloi) pennnnt. rn Asso- Last season he Part owner of the Travelers, the owerlng right-hander is now Itutl- Ing all Southern Association huil- ers-despitc the fact llml t) )D j. c bs are struggling in the second riivi- '•i 0 "', ^ '",''' Hlul lll>s I' 1|C <1 »l> 10 wins agaiast three lasses Hiidlin has a secret which'enable him. al the age of 38, to keep in lop playing form. He always takes a long rest—usually a week — between games In which he tosses And he avoids tiresome train trips by' flying Ills own plane between Playing poinls. Arkansas sportsmen will have a real friend In the governor's scat when Ben Lancy takes over Jan 1 The Camdcn business man-farmer is n great one for outdoor flshiii' ncl "" inB 8 ? lf ' hunliiiB and SWIM COACII IlETIUKS Evanslon.—Tom Robinson, North- weslcrn swininilng coach for 35 years, relircs Aug. 31. New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Smyrna Beaten By Blyfheville Pornell Strikes Our 14 Tennessee Batters In 6 to 1 Victory In (lie first game played yesterday by Blyllicvllle Army Air Field In the Euslcru Flying Training Command tournament', the local team defeated Smyrna AAP on the Tennessee diamond by u score of 6 to 1. When Lint, the southpaw pitcher for Smyrna, struck out the first) five batters to face him, things began to look tough for the riAAF men, but before the game was ovei they had picked up six hits, all of which were transformed into runs. For the locals, Panic!! pitched, striking out 1-1 hatters during the game. Until the sixth Inning- the l,:uno went scoreless, but in thai ,t;nreji McWliorlpr poled out ;i homer to hreiik Hie streak. Max Vick- crs was Die lending hitler, l;t)ly|»g a Ihrcc-bagger and a double, while Wlolkn slugged onl a long drive which he played sate for three s cVs ADAMS IN 11 <JAMKS j New York.—Keller pllclnjr Ace Adams has been In -11 games for the ] Ciliuils Ihls season. i 1O CHECK I Last Time Today "HEAVENLY BODY" with William Powell & Hedy Lainsir Fox News & Shorl Friday "OVERLAND MAIL ROBBERY' With.Bill Rllioll siiLBL'KNAGKI, & CO., INC. I.illlc Rock, Ark. Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main Thank You Dear Mississippi County Folks: Please let me use this means of thanking you for your vote on August 8th. 1 feel deeply obligated to each of you for your kindness to me during the campaign and for your vote. I know that this obligation can best be discharged by a continued effi- cient, economical, and trustworthy administration of the Treas- urer's office. That 1 pledge to you at this time. The days of the campaign have been happy ones because of the opportunity of meeting you and visiting with you. The duties of the Treasurer's office will prevent my seeing you so often now, unless you return my visits and come to sec us in the office. I hope you will. Sincerely, Puttie So Cool to the touch you know it's- tool to Wear!... Goodall sunfrost Tropical This new Sunfrosl suit is even cool to look at! And \vlicn you slip one on know you're in Cor ;i cooler, more comfortable summer. Woven of "all-cool" fibers by America's loading cool-suih specialists, Goodall, superbly tailored, in siimmcr-comforl .styling; in ]9<M practical summer colors. Come in and Iry oue on! The Suit with the 'Cashmere-Like' Feel $24.75 Goodall Springweave Tropicals 29.75 Palm Beach Suits 19,50 R. D. Hughes& Co. Thai beyond lhc care and pro- tedion of children of veterans of World Wai- I or II, The American l.cgiun is concerned with all rhililiTii. CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sal. starts 12:45; Bun. starts 1:45 '. Night shows G:45 Eicept Monday, opens (J:45 Conllnurms shows Sat. and Bun. Last Time Today Double feature 'DANGEROUSLY THEY LIVE" wilh Julm Giirlield & Raymond Masscy and "FRISCO LiL" with Irene Ilcrvcy ft Kcnl Taylor Friday and Saturday Double Featur#i NORTH OF LONE STAR' iiilh Kill Klliolt "DESTINATION UNKNOWN" wilh William Gargan Serial: "Adventures of the Flying Ciiilcis" Comedy THEfTRE Manila, Ark, WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Ho\ Office O|icns 8—Show at 8:15. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Slarts 1:15 Thursday and Friday "TARZAN'S DESERT MYSTERY" H-itli Johnny Weismullcr, Nancy Kelly and Jolnniy Slie/liuld I'AKAAIOUNT NEWS & COMEDY Open 7:30 Show Slarti 7:45 Last Time Today M-G-M's BIG KIN SHOWI Rictard AINUY itia DANE • Sam UVENE News Of the Day Short Friday and Saturday 'South of the Border' wilh Gene Aulry Serial: "Desert Hawk" Sclctlcd Shorts

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