The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1946
Page 11
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THURSDAY. JULY 11, 1046 BLYTHEVILLIO '(AUK.) COUrtlEIl NKWS Bountiful Harvest Looms for Nation Record Grain Crops To Ease Shortages Of Food and Feed, Too. WASHINGTON, July 11. (TJPI- Ilie Ayrlcullurc Department, said ttxlay ctmiiccs 111C Boot | tllc American fanner will proiTuce another Jumper food crop this year, includ- M C a record corn crop of 3,341,040, 4P..0 bushels. "The current outlook for totul cri)j> production ha.s seldom been surpassed," the Dciiartinenl said. A record corn crop iind neirr-rcc- onl cro]>s or wheat, oats, potatoes : "nil rice appear in prospect. Ex- ci'jil for 1942. the reported condition ol nil crops Is the best in seven years." The optimistic' fore-ens; was based on the Department's July 1 survey of crop ittii'.diiions. Offifiii'.s warn. <•<!, however, ttat bad growing ;ve:>- thcr could drastically cliuiiBc the outlook. The anticipated 134G corn crop :>t 3.341,646,000 bushels compared with 3,018.410,000 buslicls, year and the 1944 record yield of 3,288,000.00,) bushels. The wheat crop, Including both Spring and Winter varieties, was estimated at 1,090,092,000 bushels. Thus represents nn increase of about 57,000.000 buslicls over the . June 15 estimate, which had plaeed probable production at 1,033,139,000 bushels. The Winteer wheat yield was estimated at 851.163,000 bushels and the Spring yield at 232.929,01)0. To Ease Shortages -A reeord corn crop ana another wheat crop o f better than 1,000,000.. 000 bushels would help case Uic critical shortage of livestock fee<! PACE,ELEVEN Scrubbing Away Atom Bomb's Effects House Refuses Huge Sums for River Control WASHINGTON, July 10. — The House has passed and rohtrned to UK- Ki-nate rnmpronilM- mid llailwis U'Klslulltm cullliiK projects Mniini; $5' llseiil 1[!I7. The House ncllon followed inent i>t Ki']i:i(e confe » Mouse- HI-HI u f $5r>,. Arkansas river inslead of tin 000,000 orli;inally propose;! Senaie. Tlu- item niiisl be appro by the -Senate before uotni dent Trillium to he sl|;»eil and probably will mean more meat, A scrub-brush detail aboard the USS- Pcnsacola, one of the Bikini ntoin bomb tost "guinea ships, washes awny residual radio-activity from the wooden cleeU. poultry and dairy products. Estimated production of major food crops included: Oats. 1.471.020.000 bushels; barley. 230.278.000 bushels; rye, 20.897.000; flaxseed. 20,149.000; dry beans, 15.270,000.000 pounds; dry peas. B.322,- 000.000 pounds; potatoes. 431.027,000 bushels; and sweet potatoes C5,'J2(i.- 000 bushels. Production of these crops last year totaled as follows: Oats, 1,547,063,000 bushels; barley 203.9C1,- 000; rye, 2G.354.000; flaxsecd 3(i,1)88.000; dry beans 13.578,000,000 ixnmds; dry peas, 5,594,000.000 pounds; potatoes. 425.131.000 busli- els; and sweet potatoes 60,830,0110 I bushels. other A near record rice crop of G8.- 829,000 bushels was forecast as compared to last year's record crop of 70.160,000. Fresh Fruits I'leiltiCul The Department, said the fresh fruit crop probably would be larrjcr than average. Last year's fruit production was clown sharply, largeiv the result of a short apple crop. This year's commercial apple harvest was forecasl at 108.405,009 bushels. Uist year it was C8.042.UOO. The !94(i peach crop was I'sti- mntctl at (>2,ii:H),oOO bushels, a little larger than year's record yield of HI,364.000. The pear crop was estimated at, 33,087.000 bushels, grapes at 2,713,000 tons, cherries a r . 89,000 tuns and apricots at 331.000 tons. Hfei su^ar production was t'stt- nuled ill. IO.!)li;.IHio tons cumpar«! with IMiliS.UOU tons ill 101:5. Snrjal cane priMlnction was expecled to •cnMi «.l>5H.roo Urns, or under the . G,7u7,000 tons prixliu'ctl last year. I I'ROl'OHGD CONST AMENDMENT NO. 38 SUHMITTEU BY •irrY TII'TII Ol-.NKHAL in: IT;i> nv TI AMI imi'si: on iiKi>i(>-'Ki >!•' THK KTATI-: 01* .Mil I „!] I ArkmiKM, rl.fli.iii fu .nlnra. !f A l.'fl,H» voihiB llirri'iiii ,,,, „,!,,,,, m,.] Ml -Inll I, ,.,-., 1110 « |.nrl inn ,,| (Uo liUI.-a tnl '1'iii- tame hay crop at K:i,2i;t.i]0o Ions, down .vear's 91,. r >73.IIIX) Ions. TI '•lop WHS estimated at 11,095.000 tons. n.s compared with 13,;i78.00i> toils lust year. ff\r ror 3/ lelurni'd e lilvers Illim for ,0'iO for 'd aurop- to accent 0 fur the Iv S1T.O.- 1 by the li> I'ri'si- Inlu lu\\ I UN Mi )8 \HHlIMBIj l| SKNAT AN SAM, Ulfi'lisl <NiiiNli[iLM niul 11 [i i>ra Ol I Moil M t lli'L>ri I Ai > nt iinjnrlly uluu'Hl, I of tin* C'i \vn,s p]»c from li e wild h In- r.iiiiH v oi)ii r It of tlif Htalti in ij.,.li>- u( 0'..' )M-|M. •. .il ^L,. m>ni« MI fh run ill i 1 , hr inlilll^ m |t,t inu . ,1. ^I'jill liiivn tbi- I'.IWIT tt> li^r .•x. rr.Mm: l<<n inilti nik tlic 4u1ln» Jill l.'ivuMn ju'H'i i (>• nn lln-lr ri-njii t- I.-t d-.l hl.^H Li- ii^i-.l In llio n *!"••! * i< t-iiiitilU-,4 fur tin- put I.UM- t>f jinn- ami rt [>.ih Ink' |aili)ic inn-is mix j;t'K nf llif n-Mi"* 1 ' 1 '- -mintU'T sun »r uti i>lliiT I»I>III>M<, uiiil kliulL }>« 'l I«V fit. i.l il '» 'llliljuilly nf H r iiNfii>,L .-li-cloo i-f MM li nuinly t^l.JiH 10 Vill.'ll |.ulilll' U.ll.l llt\ ILt (Ik- in'riil I'l.-olkiii (or St:id« HIM 1 t'liiiniy (I.'ITS i'U'i\-(Hiii; MM h ti-vy ul »mn rn«-.l' lit tKo o(fiu- ..I Hi'rn-lfiry OT CHAMBL1N SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service Wo liiiv :intl Sell COOi) I'SKl) CAKS Railroad & Ash Sts. K||>I« nn llni 20tli ilny nf Mnnli, l»l '« my IIHII.I nii.l ,„») 0 | ,,rr, ul] I)I!M Ihi) ^filli ilny nf l-'obruftTy, iVl< <J. a. Hull. Hecn-liuy ut Vlnle I'JHNVEK (UP)—Denver residents not only are proud of llic "uxli'V- 11:1!" aiipearaiicc of Ihelr city, but tin! seldom-seen alleys yot plenty cf care us well. A complete repair and resurfacing project. Is under way on nil downtown Denver alloys. not fLASHES? Women In your '40V— tills (I "inn 13 /iimoiu to rcllt-ve jiot nervous Iciialoii-wl.en due . functional 'mlUtllo-nKu perltxl pccu- llnr to women. Wurlh t ]. LOUIS CHERRY Rcprcwnllnf York Life Insurance ISIythtvlllF, Ark. Co. Pass it with the full pride of knowing you're serving the very finest that experience can create, skill can blend,and money can buy. It's smooth,mellow, and satisfying, delightfully fragrant, full-flavored and rich. No words can adequately describe the luxurious flavor of this wonderful blend. You have to try it yourself to understand why for more than a quarter of a century it's been the Southwest's best seller. Don't delay the thrill. Try it today. J5 fi# v\ t?r ^^l«$$drlp ^VlCtf^ ^sl *$o » -^^fK* 3», m -%_ AN F*,. & pe> ft? * ^••»tt%a 1'lumc 21 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVI1.LEARK. KROGER'S SPECIAL BLEND OF.VARIETIES BEST FOR ICED TEA Ib. p a c k a g o KROGER'S CEYLON for fragrance... ' SOUTHERN INDIA for flavor NORTHERN INDIA for color Throe fine lo«i specially blended for E re. froyronce, fuller flavor, richer bcr color. Enjoy belter Iced tea 1 m Kroner's. SPECIAL OFFER GLAMOROUS PRINCESS PATTERN • TEASPOONS 2 foR 25 c WITH KROGER TEA BOX TOP Mail ,25c, and' box top to: KROGER Box 1122; Cincinnati 1,0. I Vanillii CIGARETTES EGGS SUGAR KAFFEE HAG SAMKA COFFEE KIDNEY BEANS COOKIES CEREALS TOMATO SOUP DILL PICKLES CREAM CHEESE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE OLD DUTCH CLEANSER PUREX QllHrl 15 e PARLOR BROOMS PRUNE JUICE POST TOASTIES BABY FOODS Advertised liramls JJ (,'arlon 10 I'li^s. JOc Km. (inule A (Jriidc li Do/. *tO'KL- Clii. Do/. 1 Use SiHt're Stamps (t, H) & .10 5 I'miiiils I I'ntitid Si/.e 1 I'oitnd .loan tit' Arc. No. 2 din Towne Tavern Trny Variety Trny Ik'ill/. II ()/. Cilll Ileil'utx, Koslier (liiiirt I'liiladolphia 'I Ciiinlry </UiI> •Hi O/ 2 for Vi (ialliin Siinsvvoel .'12 Ox COKN l''l,AKi;S 11 ()/. I'kjj (!t'H>er's .'! Tor Ho limit to purchase! / G-27...23c G-20..G6-20..28C G-16..G6-16..32c SUinncd H & G WHITING , Di'liciotis RED SALMON COb FILLETS ,,,39 ICxlrj". 1'iincy HADDOCK FILLETS , 4V Alildlv Sweet HOSK FISH FILLETS DRESSED CARP , 35 C ROUGH CARP M 17V Kavni-itc—Tasly SPANISH MACKEREL ,35 ''rcustonc PEACHES FOR CANNING liushvl : 2 Lbs. 25 C Vine Kipi'netl CANTALOUPES Sliced—Halved or Whole WATERMELONS Lb. Lb. 1C 4 C LETTUCE California Sweet Juicy CHANGES Lb. 5 Lbs. 59 C Fresh Tender Idiifio ENGLISH PEAS ,,„ .• 12i c HCNEYOEW MELONS 11

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