The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1946
Page 10
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f AGB TEN BLTTHTEVn.LB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Gem Smuggling Suspect Held Officer* Question Former Army In Quintuple Click THURSDAY, JULY 11, PJiaOALEPHIA, jjuly U. (UP* — A' man'-who said he *as » f6wu«r Annv intelligence officer »U«;^pi*4 TO end Ills life in a polk? station cell as detectives -sought to unravel his story of smuggling jewelry n.ri<4 trllveiware fi;o;n .overseas, s The suspect, Barry. K,?iijrina'.pn, 31, Boston, who (old jioilce he 'was discharged us n sei'^nd llciiVvant last April, slashed hUf.. left »TlM, v.ith lens • from Ins • eyeglasses, police said. -He wns 'liieat.ed at Orad- itate KospItM and thcn-t'^ken to detective- headquarters for questioning by city police, and government authorities. Kauflmann was quqtcd £s say- iiig he served in the European T^U- a(er about four months, du^iig v.liicii he' became involved In black market dealings . and purchased £37,000 in money orders which he brought- back to "tills count J^ Hi; taid, according, to, iwlice. that iic has a cache of jewelry and silverware in' warehouses In, Boston. KauU'mann was arrested in a central-oily bank uy Harry Ncb- Ingcr. chief of the bank's detectives, who said Kaiinimuin had $9,500 in ' money voi'dcr stubs and $5,000 In cash, together •-•with J phoiostntlc copies Pf.his Army discharge vender 11 different names. Nebin^er said that , Kauffman rpencd^nccounts or S1000 each in ti:: central-city banks, using the natsjc ^f. Terry BnrXer. and that he seized Kauffmau when he np- psared 'to deposit six money ordeys. Under questioning by FBI agents, customs, army intelligence and postal Authorities, Kauftmann said he was a German refugee and that 'he arrived in tlin United States in 1539 foBrn Stuttgart where his parents live. He said he joined the Army in April, 1941, was sent to officers' ^'training .school and then went fiitb the infantry at Ft. Sill. Ckla., -where he WHS placed in Army .Intelligence. , Workman, Imprisoned in Plant By a Machine, Shows Fortitude I MAIDEN, Mass., July 11. (UP')— this thing. I'll show you how.* Qcorge ROSS may win his silent no.,., explained he had sl>ut oif ; buttle for life In « hospital nnd if , Jw , powci . ^. reach |ng' a pile 01 cans and firing them til n. power 'he does it'll be on sheer grit. Ross was working slonc yesterday 5W i t eh, The 50th can hit the ''stoo" i t till l>r\l Ifir- T~tr-tin .(.. f*Mior»ilr» J*" f *fl \.._. . -^j* Buyers' Strike In New York Starts July 25 NEW YORK, July II. (UP)—A i the 1'otler Drug i: Clipinlr C Co. button. Innt when he was onuiOit'l" «i r>^ onveyor. ' directed the dismantling. . He chain-smoked until lifted put, < 'd r hearla we ' **te™ *lng carrU*. fro m th « end ciK-s of "llclp." I.', 11 " 1 ' HosK "B""'^, consciousness. Police battered down a door and Be r ""'' * e »Pld of scaicon* found Koss, bleeding 'and fn i nt . •nnd his legs twisted hct\veen two conveyor systems thnt operate In op- IJUsile directions. "Cver here. Kci'BCimt," ho ca)le;l ° K<H ^a.u up here lu thc morij- Ing." he said. Then he tainted again. Today, only semi-conscious, Ross, 46. had n chance to recover nnd perhaps Aleman Holds BigrJLeac/ in Vote Js'ornia Jean Doughcrly, blonde, blue-eyed Los Angeles model, poses,in "bplhing suit" made o( covers of five national macazincs: Her picture was (eatvrctl on oil of them in one month. lo Police Sgt. William Butler. Then ere " ill> Mnputalion woii't .be nee- —"tlot n clgnret?" essary. "Don't t'tl excited," Hoss said after n couple of puffs. "You can't Bet me out without dismantling Read Courier News Want Ads. buyers'strike to protest rising prices [the Consumer-Farmer Milk onstiatlons u.l five or th c . city's i '.Spliiac|i> f« r n en . busiest shopping districts, Mis-jJ ' s Cutwilllg said. Consumers will be] TWIN FALLS, Ida. (UP) — Evrjn urged to purchase only essential l«e hens in Twin Falls county foodstuffs. think Popeye's favorite rood— In a Cther sponsors of the proposed ' slightly varlated form— Is prelly strike were: Veterans and wives, jgood stuff. thc Congress of American women, | Fanner S D. Peri ins tosses in . the American Veteran., Committee, j sonlc darl(ie) i ou the League of Women Shoppers, feed and his flock lays eg KS nearlv -—« ...« ».~vr. lays eggs nearly "Co-1.95 per cent, one day he forgot it Forrest City Man Robbed Near Marion MARKED TREE, Ark., July 10. (UP)— Pvt. Rolftnd Brewer, Forrest City, Ark., today said he was robtx-1 of $16 Monday night at Marlon. Ark., by three armed men wh<> mid they robbed the Bluckfish Lala- club in St. Francis County. | Brewer said the trio forced him i Into a car nt West Memphis 113 he | awaited u bus. He was en lotitt; to Forrest City to spend u 15-day f'l' 1 CITY. July 10. (UP)— lough. Miguell Alenian, presidential catidi- 1 Tlie Blucklish Lake Cluo date of the , government-supported . robbsid of a reported StOOOOO c-n pni;ty,~ forged ancad of Izequiel June 23 by several tinned men. Ar- Padllla today and appeared virtu- kansas authorities claimed tlu-y clli ally assured of election on the sis ,of incomplete aud unofficial re- tiirns.4 - « ••'-.•; Scattered tabulations'- 'from -various Mexican states and the -^cderKl distritjt shiwed: Aleman, 516.500; Padilla, 115,000. Pndtlla's party, .Partido Demo- cratica. Mexlc.ina, raid it w:is stucly- ins reports from its representatives concerning alleged election irregularities. Pndllla charged yesterilry that tn» government party (Portidp Rbvolucionario InstltucionaD hnd engaged .in "fraudulent" practices in the federal district and other areas." ' - sol receive u repurt of the robbery. Blythevllle. Any |>rotest should be In .vrilini, and Hied In the office of the Cit Clerk. JOE CARKKY. City Unyinctr. 7iU-ia NOTICE Notice Is . hereby given that Hughes and Co. have inaclc ?pplicution: to erect rne.tal bins for the storage of sand and gravel, on tiie east 125 feet of lot one of the J. W. Owens Sub-Division to tile city of HOW'S YOUR We Giy.e'1- Service on We'll Make to 2 Days I nny Make. It Work! Fred Csllihan ; Phone 2642 We Call Fo? and D.eliver | Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service 106 South First SI. Baking Made Easy! For all. round baking success, you'lf find THE MAGIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR Ills most reliable. Also, you'll be de- Ji^hled with the many handy things \txi can nijl.e from the colored piint sack. MAGIC MAGIC MII.I.EK brings you the best flour oblainablc the present national wheat emergency. I'll f - LUMBER-All Kinds! 6" & 8" center match No, 1 red shingles Composition shingles Weatherboard drop siding Framing, oil sizes Flooring. Plywood Tile board, masonite Our Ji;Jy Special: Aluminum corrugated tin $10 per square £ v Wc make cabinets, window frames & door ,-4 frames to fit. • SMALL BROS. LUMBER CO. PII0M , Mo. was called today to begin July (operative, and various labor unions. an(J the fEg yield dropped 50 per 23, and 11s sponsors predicted Ilia', ft would spread to other parts ol the Nation. Tlie proposed strike was an- nquneed by the New York 1 City Ccn.siimcr Council, comprising <i5 civic, labor and social welfare or- gnnl/iitions, and five Natlon i ,iid f ? groups. The Council claims a loo / membership of '250,000. Mildred Clulwllllg, r:|mlnnuii of the council, said the strike would be singed whether or not Congress passes an OPA bill._ "It would make no difference, because that bill is so terrible." she suld. The strike will begin with dcm- Savc Money Twluy, Any lla STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 401 K. Mala Phone 859 Vou Must Be Happy or N« Deal Used Ice Refrigerators - 50-75-100 Good Used Singer Sewing Machine—sews like new NEW CEDAR CHESTS—New Pcr/ect Sleeper Innerspring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. KM BEDBUGS MOSQUITOES 301 East Main All our Employee* are War Vetertni. Phone 2302 Phone 2001 We Deliver Always Better Values at Quality Merchandise HAYS STORE 200 E. Main Blyrheville, Ark. 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