The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1950
Page 17
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PAGE SEVENTEEN BLYTHEVILL1! (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 13, Needed: Steak, Stove, Courage Seasoning I important In Preparation of , Nation'* Top Treot By Gaynor Maddox < NEA Staff Writer. How about a steak? I mean a thick one marbled with fat,;ehar- TA on -the outside, red to pink'oh tnl inside and as tender as a filrl's heart. . . :'., • ' '. Any man knows. there's nothing better to eat. Only three things" are needed: the right steak, the kitchen range and courage. Courage b important. . .... Broil that steak forthrlghlly Don't be afraid oJ it. Just light you broiler at least 10 minutes befor you plan to use it, grease the rac' with a little fat so the meat won' stick and place the '. steak thre< Inches from the flame. Give it high heat. Turn it on! once when half done. If you are no certain just how things are colng make a little slit and peak. That against the law of course but n'.ves a lot of disappointment. When broiled'to your heurt's dc sire, swing to a hot platter. Carv around the bone, lift out the bon press meat together nnrt slice aero, grain from edge to edge. This meth od gives everyone some of the te derloin. For an inch-and-a-half-thic steak, allow about nine mlnuti per side if you want it rare, 10 minutes for medium and 12 for well done. For a two-inch steak (ah, let's have ill) allow about 16 minutes on each side for rare, 18 minutes for medium and 20 for well done. Seasoning Important f -, at our house, season It be- broillng—at least an hour be- tore time the steak is taken from the refrigerator. Meat should be at room temperature for broiling. We season It freehandedly. Freshly ground black pepper and garlic salt Is one form of benediction. Another is black pepper and hickory salt, or Just plain pepper and salt. Invite your friends and buy your steak. Be sure your steak knives are razor-edged, nave a large bowl of green salad waiting for its dress- Ing and French bread (that's for dunking). Exhibit your steak, well seasoned, on a small table. When your guests arrive, let them ogle it Nothing starts a party off so well. Never rush your guests. Ask them when they want the steak. Then broil it while they relax In antlci pnlion. . Your sauce can be just plain but ter, or chopped fresh chives am butter, or you might try this—rul the platter well with a cut clove o garlic, sprinkle with a little dr; rr^jtard, a dash of cayenne',_sol a^P' freshly gvoxmd pepper. Do platter liberally with butter, then place plater in oven a few minutes until butter melts. Plunk your broil ed steak right on top of this ne tar. . join of, Pork Not Coddled By Good Cooks At most houses loin of pork gets reated with affection. But there'« o coddling. Sprinkled with salt, «pper and garlic »alt. It ReU push- d Into the oven, rat side up, and here It roasts until done, done) one. No cover, no water, no bast- ng, no nothing, r Pork must be In the plnlt when ou buy it. Under a layer of nowy fat, the lean should be any•here from grayish ntnk to dell- ate rose. The cut surface of the x>ne should be pinkish, too. But 11 these rosy tints need to be looked away before that pork Is eady to eat. . . • • Give It from 35 to 40 minutes pound in an oven set at 325 degrees. That means a five-pounc roast should cook for about 3 1|3 hours. For » meal that'* quick, 10 pork, Allow about a.haJf a pound of meat and bone per s»rrin». Ask he butcher to saw backbone free rom ribs. Remove backbone be[ore placing roast on dish and turn smaller end toward the carver's right (unless he's a southpaw). It's a cinch to carve between the rib bonea. Combine Liver, Sautog* for Cfever Servings Strips of liver and sausage are Joined for clever serving. Cook the bulk sausage over low'-heat until brown and crumbly. Combine .with, bread crumbs, chopped onion and seasoning, pile a spoonful on each slice of liver, roll and wrap each liver roll with a slice of bacon. Brown the rolls in a' frying-pan, then remove to a baking, dlsli, add Vt cup water and cover. Bake In 350 degrees P. oven for 45 minutes. During the last 15 minutes of cook- Ing remove the casserole cover to brown the bacon. ., • ' Fish and Potatoes ' Famous as Team; Like Ham, Eggs The t«am of llsh and potatoes is as famous as ham and eggs. Lei's consult tlie Fish and Wildlife Service ol the U. S. Department of th» Interior on this matter. Here are their suggestions: New Entland Fi»h Chowder (Serve* C) One pound (Illets, 1 tablespoons bacon ; chopped, 1<2 cup onions, chopped, 2 cups hot water, 1 cup pot'atoe^ diced, 2 cups rich milk. S]4 teaspoon salt, and a dash of pepper. Cut lillets In about I-inch cubed. Fry bacon until crisp and browned. Good Meat is THI SECRET OF A Add onions and brown slightly. Add water aud potatoes andicoolt 10 minute* or until potato** are partially Under. Add fish and .cook until It can be flaked easily when tested with a fork. Add milk, «a- sonlngs, and heat. Serve Immediately with chopped parsley sprinkled over the top. Ffch.Pattln . (Serve* 4) One and one-half cups 'flaked cooked (or canned) llsh, 1 1|2 eupe dry mashed potatoes, 1 tablespoon llnely-chopped onion, 1[2 teaspoon salt, 1 egg, pepper, flotir, fat. Combine all Ingredients except flour and «alt. Shape mixture Into pattlei, roll in flour, and brown in fat. Fried Fish (Serve* 6) Use 1 poundi fillets, steaks or pan-dressed fish, 1 teaspoon salt; 1!« teasixxm pepper, 1 eg», 1 tablespoon milk or water, 1 cup bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, eornmeal or flour. ...•••Cut fish Into serving-all* portions. Sprinkle both sldea with salt and pepper. Beat egg slightly 1 , and blend in the milk. Dip lUh in the egg and roll In crumbs, Place fish in a heavy frying pan which contains about l!8 Inch melted fat, hot but not smoking. Pry at a moderate heat. When fish Is brown on one side, tiirn carefully and brown the other side. Cooking time Is about 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish. Drain on absorbent paper. Serve Immediately on a hot platter, plain or with sauce. Serve with French filed potatoes. A poisonous snake eats rlctlms of Us own poison without ill effect. Man Fined $100 For Disturbance El, DORADO, Ark., April 13. (AP) Paul McCusklll of Norphlct hius been fined (100 In Justice of the peace court in connection with a Norhplet cafe disturbance In which a man was wounded seriously. He also received a suspended Jail sentence of 60 days. McCasklll was chnrged wllh assaulting nn officer, drunkenness and disturbing the peace. Police said he and Clifford O. Downs resisted arrest, by Constable T. B. Bcrryinan and Marshal C, H Stngncr. Downs wiw shot In the abdomcr and Is still In a hospital here. H< has been charged with assault, be kill. Enjoy tfiit flavor-rich goodness for br«*kfMt, lunch or iupp«r. Approximately 145,000 members o S,152 farm youth clubs in new Japa are now actively engaged In pur suits similar to those of American 4-H Club members. : Choose from this wide variety of Mayrose Pork Loaf with Barbecue Sauc« Mayrose Braunschweiger Mayrose Baked Meat Loaf with Stuffed Olives and Pimentos Mayrbse New England Specialty Mayrose Baked Meat Loaf with Pickles and Pimentos Mayrose Lunch Loaf " " Mayrose Headcheese, Cooked Ham Minted Specialty, Thuringer, Salami, Bologna tn4 many others Get Mayrose READY-SERVE MEATS ST. LOUIS INDIPENDENT PACKING CO. ST. IOUIS, MO. GAY'S CITY SUPER MARKET 109,111 West Main Phone 2668 I Good and meaty Good grade I PORK CHOP? r, 390 SALT MEAT lb 190 F* Gold Band Bacon Strips or SLICED BACON ....,, 370 BACON SQUARES 190 Best grade beef CHUCK ROAST Pure fresh .... ib. 490 HOG LARD 50 : '6 ' 9 Home Dressed HENS & FRYERS 5 Lbs. of SUGAR dodchau* Pure White with the Furrtuue of SOUTHERN DAISY FLOUR 25 i b ; 1.98 FRESH OYSTERS and LAMB FRIES Fresh, firm CABBAGE A A Put More Away For A Rainy Day... i/thAese APRIL SHOWERS Liberty Cash Grocery's \RtClPEOFTHEWEEK C«ff«« Cako •roWcMl AfM IS, 195O w •"«— Yi HUM" "k ~.»s.r i wu.;,, ... »». •*«•• j«fa« Turn. on. OVM[ MC «t motkrateljr to* (•400° R). GK«M • round B-in. cakt pan, 1 'A bs. d»«p. Mix 1 A cup MgAr with, ciiuuunon. A(U 1 tmblWp. nilk •nd th« mclud bucoM-. L«t Mand. Sift flour with Kmkinfpovdvr, >wk aiui 3 uiblMp. »ug*r. Work •homntng In with. fork. Scir in quickljr •. mtxntr* of V» cup milk Mwi prutt* , juie*. Spr**d dough, in p«n to vwrf *>>dfli. Anrnng* pruna* •round *ots>r *da». Arrange circU of nut* ia ••near. Spoon tugar mtxtur* owr tea. B«fc» on bottom, skalf of «VML asbooC 29 rafn.> oc "until brown. notsr, •nlng, Bakisifl Pi>wd*r andNotth Mountain Grown Heil's English Brand SLICED BACON Wilson's Certified CHUCK ROAST Country Style ....• PORK SAUSAGE CHOICE MEATS DRESSED HENS 380 "riskel of Beef STEWMEAT Lh 29ji •?'••' ' ' ~' ' : ' ' r ' ' :* •"" T ,•"•"'.'For ah economical meal FRESH WHITING 130 All meat, fine quality BOLOGNA ,,:.... ft 390 BUTTER CHEESE OLEO EGGS SUGAR Fresh, Glenwood Fisher Americon 2 Ib. box Mar-GolJ Uncolored Fr«sh Country. Domino Pure Cane TO Ib. bag 7 ib. 67c 67c ib. 19k doz29c 89c Folger's Coffee t 73c <fe«^rv NOW Always usi nourishing PET MILK 3 tan cans 35c AM Good Y-C PEACHES-large can 19C Libby's Sliced PINEAPPLE r 28c Ideal DOG FOOD - 3 cans Fam-Lee—2 cans Vienna Sausage - 25c 30 SARDINES ........'£• 110 Jack Sprat cream stvfe WHITE CORN Argo GREEN PEAS for Mtxed vegetables 100 JACK SPRAT Sweetheart, the purest 250 TOILET SOAP Sour Pitted—No. 2 can Red Cherries - - 23c Nr/ PUSTK,"NON-SPIIL- JUICE «LASS 4 NO EXTRA COST «C Ifl Florida Sweet Juicy ORANGES 5 £ Tender, fresh white SWEET CORN Ear... Top quality new POTATOES 4 "< 25< 360 size, full-of-juice SUNKIST LEMONS Doz..,.,... Fresh, crisp RADISHES Bunch. .-.'. Red washed POTATOES Fresh, bleached CELERY 10 Stalk.... Seedless, mild GRAPEFRUIT 8 £ 49<z bars 220 FREE DELIVERY-PHONE 2668

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