The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE G, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUIUKU NEWS UN Needs Russia, Mrs. FDR Says Eleanor Warns That By-Passing U.S.S.R. Could Wreck Set-up LOS ANGELES. .Tuna 6. (U.P ) —Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt warned ye.'Jgnlay that "Ame-ica's tendency toTWpass Ihe Hiissiuns" could wrccl^che United Nations. She- called for a IH-W meeting of the IBip, Three to "nrrive at i common, overall undcrflarnlJne." "The United NaMuiu nonld not exist without Russia's pailicipa- tlon," slie told a news conlcienie. "The. League of Natio'tn didn'L last ions without tl'.e United Stales. No mutter how much we disagree with clli-ir nations, we must live wilh them—even if our patience is sorely tried." She said Russia feois it has the! same right to proie-;i its sphere of influence in EuruHe as tho U. S. lias to protect, its Latin Ajnerican sphere. "My impression is that ue are handling or trying to handle Ihe affairs or scparaie IIHIIO.--S and the problems of areas of the world without a sufficiently clear overall undcrstanili.ia between Ihe leading nations >. f tne world," she said. The United States and Great Britain would be making n serious error in leaving the u. S. S. R. out of the Enropca i peace treaties," : she sai:i. "Leaving Russia nut, of agreements would create a situation similar to thai, tallowing the other war when the Uiu'.ed States was not a member of the League of Nations or a party to many of the major agreements," she said. ftMft Americans believe strongly HiatTthe United Nations i.i essential Ak world pence, :hc sr.ij. "and 1 fcx^\!iat it wa:; I!ID pci.plc who brought about a material change in our outlook when they forced . . . tin; administra- Delegates to Girls' State Encampment Ann CaOicy Dorothy Luiu Van Winkle Thcso five Girls will reiircs4-n Itlvlluvillo at tile annual Cilrls' Slate in IJlllc Itock, wlitrii he tins tomorrow und continues (hrflilftli Jlint- 14. Auu C'atliey and Marion IMnycs lire sixmsorrd by the Amcrlran l.oulon Auxiliary; Ililllc Jane Uoil^i-rs, by . the Knlary C.'lub, Tesgy Van Winkle, Lv i| 1B \Vinii- an's (Miih anil Doro'.liv, by llle Kiwanls Club. They were sclecteil as imlslnncl- in^ ^Irls nf the junior class at lllytlievillc High Scliool. Tlu-y will study Arkansas (,'oveinuient at fiirls' stale, to lie held in the School for the De.if. McLaughlin Facing Hew Charge at Spa "OT SPIUNGS. Aik., June V. JP>—Leo j'. MeLiiiichllii. dethrone,! till,, Spring ufti-r ao years ss mayor of tile Spa, today faces chui'Kc-.s of robbery grovvliiK cnil of an election Incident lust Summer, Charges amiinsl .Mc-Laujihlln. nlonK \vllli sinilliir churiies nmilast Kit S]Wiir. long-time political lleu- teiuint of the dapper fx-mayor. were illed yesterday by Prosivul- ins Attorney Sidney S. McMalli. The liKoriuatlon tiled bv McMiU!i In Garhuiii Circuit Court i-hargnl that the Iwo men "advised and I-H- eouriiRed, aided ami nbettcd" two oilier men in forcibly Inking a number of affidavits from two political campaign workers Insl July. Victims of the robbery were siii)- IKirters of u oi iKilltinil slate, led by McMnlh .which was engaged at c in 0]:p»»lng (he eslended rule oi MeLaii|;hlin. PAGE TEREK 2 Lonokc County Youths Killed in Plane Crash CAIil.ISliK, Ark., June 0. (UP) — A youthful Lonokc county couple wns dend today, the result of Hie crusli of n llBht, nlrplnnv five miles .southwest of here yesterday utter- noon. They r.i'e acorRo A. Pi-fry. 20-yi>:ir -old son 01 Mr. mid Mrs. Henry I'erry of Carlisle; and Hosiille Sullivan. 17-yi'iir-o| ( | d;iughler of Mr. mid Mrs. Joe Sulllviin ol Ixjnoke. The Klrl wa.s Krmlmitcd Munday from Luiiokc Hliih School. Wltne.stcs (old Slute Police Unit the plane struck a hl|;lilliu> and ijU'd to earth us the pilot apparently iiltei»|Ucd to buy. n house. Perry was killed insiaully. The Sullivan girl died later. to Fre,| Wilson—are scheduled to Irlal here today. The new charge is Ihe Kith fil'-d McLauglilln sln-.-e ilui (il won In Oarland County, lie lace previous grand jury Itullrtim-n! ranging from aece|>Ui]|; bribes to imnfeii.sauce In office. Marion Mayos isillic Jane Hoilutis tion to back down on unilateral action on behalf of Greece :ii:d Turkey." Don't lot hot weather dull your appetite . . . come to our air-cooled restaurant and enjoy the best in specially prepared dishes. We feature fresh seafood — fried chicken — sizzling steaks and chops! (2) Two Big Dining Rooms Open «fc For Your Convenience! Congratulations, C. G. Smith, and Welcome Visitors of Smith Walking Horse Sale! So. Highway 61 Phone 3685 Eclectic Doctors Elect Blytheyille Man to Office LITTLE ROCK. AHK., June 6. (U.P.)—Dr. PI-BUS O. Smith of Little Rock today heads the Ark- nnsns E'ecti- Mcdlcnl Association, following hi.s election here yesterday. He succeeds Ur noy A. Lonfe of Payctteville. Other officers included Dr. P. K. Cnonzo of West Memphis, first vice president-. Dr. C. P.. Dickinson of :Little Rock, second vice president; Dr. G. S. Atkinson O f Dlytheville, third vice president; Dr. C. H. YOIIIIB of Little nock, secretary, ami Dr. R. O. Morris, treasurer. Assault-to-Kill Charge Filed in Stabbing Case Lnvene Mayfield. NCR™ womnn held in connection with the stnlj- oinfi of Claude C'.ic'irs. Negro, here Wednesday itiorniin;. win dockclPi' in Mnniei'.n! Court, this morning en charges of assault with fnteiit, to kill. Bond \vas set tit $5CO. No plea was cnle/id today :imi Um ease continued for licarinr until June 14. Cond'iinn of Cheer-.-, st il.ljid hi i!.'! i.pM :n'/: uminr left arm. continued lair today ac- toui'p.g (o hospital ;Hic;i-ii:ints. Brotherly Act Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, June 6. (UP)—Livestock: City Super Mkt 109 West Main Street Phone 2668 DREFT Lgc. Size 22c With Coupon Pink Meat Grapefruit 5c ea. salable 7.580; market Hogs 7.700^ uneven bulk 160 to 240 Ib's mostly steady to 25c lower; heavier vvciglits and lighter weights 25 to 50c lower; sows about steady. Bulk ICO to 210 Ibs 2403 to 24.50; practical top 2450; few lots early 24.75; 240 to 270 Ibs 23.2S to 24.00; 270 to 300 Ills 21.75 to 2325; few 310 to 403 Ibs PINE BLUFF, Ark.. June C. (U.P.)—Quick and liberal thinking on the purl of n Cnr.idcn. Ark., cleiiner brought some 'in pairs of men's trousers mid almost as many women's druses to the tornado-stricken area ne:ir pine Bluff this week. Freshly cleaned and pressed the garments were laketi from tho Senator's Brother Dies HOT SPUINCiS. Alk.. June (1. (UP) _ Funeial .services were scheduled nt 2 p.m. today for Kl*le Mnncr. 38-year-old painter who died of n heart attack while driving u truck In dnwiilnwn Hoi Kprlnus He wus n brother of Stale Bcnator Ernest Mnncr. School Plans Building CON WAY. Ark.. June C. ill.l'.l ••-Minds allocated to Atkaim: Slate Teachers C'olltM? from (hi .'Unte's lu'iicral .airphiii fund wil be used for conslaictlny 1111 in dustrlal nils hinldhiT. Dr. Nolei M. li'hy, president, said today. Tin money tnlal.s $Gl,H3S. 13r. irby snld (hi imlldmi; plnn have been eoniDleted anil con :>lriifllun will Ijeiiln July 1. One-Man Army' Marries WHKATLAND, (Wyo., June 0. UI')— Arthur Wcrinutli, Die "onc- n;in Army of Uiltaan," und his stlinl-flylni; |,r|d c , I'atrlcla Stcclc, lieaded for a secret honeymoon lildeoul niter a marriage. They were innrrlcd In a Mclh- odht Uhurcli ])aiMjiui(ju here line Wednesday with the Bev. W»rten W. Maxwell giving < the .marriaje VOWS. i cleaner's nnclaimod Gent to. Pine B)ulf v thnnigh Red Cross. and the 'Read Courier News Want Ads registrar. .tion, Spare Stamps 11 and 12 SUGAR 10 Pounds 93c Monarch TOMATO JUICE 46 Oz. Can 29c Baker's .Shredded Cocoanut 1/4 Ib. Pk 3 . 23c ' Ideal DOG FOOD 2 Cans 15c 'Your Home-Owned Store" -We Deiiver- <20.7o to 21.25; 130 to 150 Ibs 22.00 ..„.. to 23.75: 100 to 120 Ib pgs 19.00 toj'sition 21.2p; 270 to 503 Ib sows 10.00 to'Flavii 2B.J5; few 20.50, heavier weights' 1800 to 18.75; stags 14.50 to 1650. Cattle 2.D30; salable 703; • calves C03, all salable. Generally steady in active clean up trade. Few choice yearling steers at 2103; medium l.o noort heifers and mixed yearliiK>s 20.00 to 24.00; good c ows sparingly. 17.50 to 18.00; common and mcdi'.mi beef cows 14.00 to lfi.50; canncr and cutter 10.00 to I3.SO. Gcts College Post CONWAV, Ark., June 0. (UP) —Victor Kill. • business manager of Hendrix College the past year, has been appointed col- •Hill, nn almniui s of Lhc Inslltu- ill take O-A-I- Ids new 1M- MigiLst is, succeeding Miss 'IVecd. rcslijiicei. Announcing ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring • Farm Wiring • Repairs ; Phone 2397 500 North 5th Street Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed it'-.. . . Business Appreciated Announcing the Opening of the New E.B.C CLUB Largest in the South Seating Capacity 500 Highway 18 Blythcvillo Special June 17 Johnny Long and his 10-Piccc Band with ANITA NANCE Singer 9 'til 1 wild (ulUMlnllon. Ap- .unu, I'rlco »IHJOO.OU. Ml. \MFKV lul, t'wxy u fJ(lllll.Ol). 'IVriiw. N. mill',SI. I'rico 10 iiai'i H. u( lown 'llll'lll , NltW 0 I4IIJ1LI D'RElFU o DIAMOND BRIDAL SET Make Reservations at Club E. B. Chitwood Good Used Furniture Is Found ,ol JIMM1E EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 E. Main Phone Z187 ALL METAL LAWN CHAIR "As Shown" $ 3 95 These chairs have buen on order for over a year and jire real buys. This price is nationally advertised listing ;, m j gives you your r.ioney's worth. Base of the chair i K constructed of one solid tubular metal piece. Solid metal seat and back. The jicrfecl summer lawn chair. We have seven dozen of these for sale. Get yours while Shey last! HUBBARDFURN/TURE CO. Phone 409 Blythcvillc I B. F. Goodrich | fm ^ • vixtr S'^ft!^0S>'^ 'li'iS8^ft*i ll ' : S^ISll5? ! '' L '*-j • Silveriowns ESS THAN DIVIDED PAYMENTS Each beautiful ring i\ g!on- fied by 3 sparkling diamonds An unusual value opportunity . for all popular sizes of the fire that OUTWEARS PREWAR TIRES BLAN 419 West Main ciy't Prr'c* 16.IO Prvivar Pt ic» 14.75 TODAY'S PRICE ONLY 8.50-17-14.30*, 6.»0-16-17.4S», 7.OO-1S-!».>$* 1 i H. F. Goodrich announces a big reduction in the price of ihe famous Silvurtown tire! . ^ Yes, you can now liny nil popular shcs of the tire (lull finttfctirs prewar lircs :\l acliMlly fcss ihiin prewar prices! And ties pile higher manufacturing costs too. One of tlic things rliat m:\kcs possible this li»gc| price reduction is the tremendous tfcwttntt for tlici nc\v Silvcrtown—greater than for any tire U. F. OiOHilricll ever prodnceil. In fact, more mites bate been tlrh'cn on ffois new tire thiln any other tire intro-; tiutcil since the tear. ..-.^ -.Ti Easy Payments Arranged AUTO & HOME SUPPLY CO. Phone 828 B.F.Goodrieh VALUES IN BRIDE AND GROOM WEDDING SETS l.aily 7.50 Man"? Hand ^-^ $15.00 Superbly styletl In licavy UK yellow R«ld . . . lo artfl new ;lory to the double ring ceremony. lavishly carved iti new designs . . . anil jiricc<i for greater savings. Convenient Terms DflEIF! ,'i in, KIM \ City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Expert Repair* 324 East Main St Felix A. Carney

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