The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on July 23, 1991 · Page 16
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · Page 16

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1991
Page 16
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8b DAILY TELEVISION GUIDE The Times Herald Port Huron. Mich. Tuesday, July 23, 1991 Lifetime livens up summer offerings Gannett News Service In the free-for-all brawl of television, this is a key counterpunch. Tonight, when the networks have their guards down, the Lifetime cable channel will take its biggest swipe and launch two hours of new series. "This is a big step," Pat Fili, the Lifetime programming chief said "It's very big, very risky, but it can do a lot. "Yet, it's also a natural evolution. How do you build a reputation? You do it with series, not movies." Lifetime's reputation involves drawing women. Now it hopes to do that with an odd trio of shows: "Confessions of Crime," at 9 p.m., is a reality show with a twist. The criminal has already been caught. Interviews try to piece together why it happened. "The Hidden Room," at 9:30 p.m. is sort of a "Twilight Zone" for the soul. This anthology drama digs into dark fears and pain, without pretending to have solutions. At 10 p.m. is "Veronica Clare," starring Laura Robinson as a sleek private eye works out of a jazz club. "It's non-violent," Robinson said. "It brings to mind the mysteries of the '40s." All three shows aim firmly for Lifetime's natural audience. But they also seem biz-arrely mismatched sitting at opposite ends of the emotional scale. "Confessions of Crime" and "The Hidden Room" pulsate -with strong passions, "Veronica Clare" is the the mellowest. Certainly, "Veronica Clare" has a smoky sweetness to its music, its look and the soothing beauty of Robinson's narration. But beyond, the first two episodes have emotions so cool that they're on the verge of freezing. By comparison, the "Confessions" opener quivers with emotion. Edith Mendez describes the events that led her to stab her abusive husband to death. "Hidden Room" could be the real find. The half-hour stories have intense emotions, powerful camerawork and strong performances. The second "Hidden Room" has Lara Flynn Boyle ("Twin Peaks"), as a coed plagued by the incestuous relationship with her father. The opener has Alice Krige unable to shake the , memory of her stillborn baby. WEDNESDAY DAYTIME TALK SHOWS 7 a.m. Q E2 This Morning Scheduled: Rob Reiner; author Erma Bombeck; actresses Isabella Rossellini; and Kate Capshaw. Q O Today Scheduled: immunizing children; the 75th anniversary of America's national parks; affordable alternative housing; jazz musician and author Willie Ruff. Q CD Good Morning America Scheduled:actress Kathleen Turner harvesting salt from the San Francisco Bay; actor Robert Patrick; buying a second home. 9 a.m. Q Q Live Regis & Kathie Lee Scheduled: Mickey Mantle. Q Geraldo Scheduled: interracial relationships. O Kelly & Company Featured: psychics and criminal cases. 10 a.m. ' O Dayna Scheduled: best of the best Q Donahue Scheduled: a review of female strippers who have appeared on past shows. 4 p.m. O Oprah Winfrey Scheduled: women concerned about becoming just like their mothers. Wo 9:00 PM 9:00 PM, CH. LIF Confessions of Crime Chilling journey into the criminal mind 9:30 PM -ADV. 9.30 PM, CH. LIF The Hidden Room-Eerie tales of unconscious desires 10:00 PM -ADV. 10:00 PM, CH. LIF Veronica Clare- A sultry P.I. with secrets of her own -ADV. . i f Q Over-the-alr channels I tLt VISION S3 Port Huron, Marysville cable GO Downriver cable A In stereo P Close-captloned SPECIALS MOVIES SPORTS (V) On vldeocassette 'FT MPAA rating l (MIGHT imfejL m j1-tej w iiefcji; :hu.-m:ntii... nwami j-l-i i " . . , , i i News CBS News Hardcopy Current Affair Rescue 911 Santa saves a Movie: '0of-(1965,&ama)(Pal2ol2) News Night Court Cheers Bor- Arsenio Hal ft P QWIRIffDmm fi P Mysterious choking boy; loggers find an Meryl Streep, Robert Redfort. After splitting up with her Harry plans a rowed dia-wdor4jLiJlJ disappear- abandoned baby. (R) ft husband, Karen seeks to develop her relationship with enig- colossal mondear- ancesorved. Q maaic hunter Denys Finch Halton. ft Q (V) stunt. rings are tost. 63 WEYI Peopled cBSNews Family Feud Current Affair Rescue 91 1 (R) ft Q Out of Atnca'j 1965) Meryl Streep. (V) uveCon. Eile "Bad Choices- ft Mgh Heat "Mean Business-News NBC News Wheel of Jeopardy! Mattock The Trial" Matlock In the Heat of ie Night Har- Law Order Stone must News Tonight Show ft Johnny B Late Night OWDIV mmm P For" P prosecutes two judges and a riet DeLong's ex-husband is dismiss a gang rape case on the Loose With David " utJLiJULJ g lawyer n a murder trial (R) arrested on a murder which the detectives then ft Letterman ft I ft(Part2ot2) q charge.(R) ft P reinvestigate. (R) ft Q I I Q WNEM News P NBC News MghtCourt CosbyShow Mattock The TriaT (R) In the featot the Night (R) jw Order (R) ft P Newt P TonightShow ft David Utlerman 'l"C"""""""j""f" - j News ABC News Entertain- Who's the Davis Rules Roseamt Coach Hay- thirtysomeWng lie Class" News KSqhtline Matlock The Annihialor E,DJ.: Enter- QWXY7 mmm P ment Tonight Boss? "Tony Dwightand Dan con- den's e-wile Eliot! and Nancy's mamage Matlock defends a pro wres- tainment LUUJUJ np andthePnn- Cosmofind fessessexy reentersthe sutlers further strain; Hope tier. P DailyJoumal I I j cess' (R) ft romance. (R) dreams. (R) picture.(R) is overwhelmed. (R) p Q WJRT News ABC News Jeopardy! Wh. Fortune Who's Boss? Davis Rules Roseanm(R) Coach (R) ft tHrtysomethlng tile Class- News" I Cheers lughtline Into the Night ft M-M i l I CBCNews DegrasslJu- Raccoons Adrienne Clarkson PresenU ICanJumpPuddtos-Star- National Journal News SCTV Special Squad "Child of For- (Off Air) OrRFTfcnrcn nior High "End ot the "Jessye Norman Sings Car- lightCrutches Are Nothing" tune Two extortionists force wdci izjlxJ -Food tor Line" (R) men"(R) P a wealthy businessman to . Thougrrt"(R) P steal $6 million. "Growing I Head ol the I Who's the I Family Ties Movie: Deliberate Stranger W, Diana I News . rA"S'H lirA'S'H I Hunter "Investment in Movie: En WKRnfTl m7l PainsSeav- ClassGirlf- Boss?Tony Stevenworks (Parti of 21 Mark Harmon, Frederic Forrest Handsomelaw Hawkeye Kbnger is Death" Hunter and McCall "S. V rDUL2j have an riend shocks is the teach- onaplay. student Ted Bundy comes under suspeion in a number flees a "sur- desperateto investigate the gang-related Love (1981, ' - anniversary. Dennis. er'spet. P ot brutal slayings. prise'party returnhome. death of a college student. Drama)(V) l-"t""i MacNeilLehrer Newshour Nightly Busi- treat Lakes An expedition to the National Audubon Society Movie: 'Berkeley in theSiidies'(m,OKumen- on the Waterways The Drift- Nova The C?1! AAiTV? f9?l fy51fTn P ness Report Outdoors Gobi desert, undertaken by P tary) An Oscar-nominated study of the California campus's wood travels through Dixie- Hunt lor Chi-Cid niYoizLLU Chinese and Canadian pa- role during that turbulent decade. A "P.O.V." presentation. . land along the Mississippi na'sDino- I I leontologists.(R)ft p ' P River. (R) ft saurs'(R) ft ED WFUM Business Business MacNeilLehrer Newshour Nova (R) ftp National Audubon Society Movie: 'Berkeley in the Sixties' Q Austin City Limits (R) ft (Off Air) Cn rcDi Current Affair Entertain- Cyclone Tracy ft (Part 5 of Emergency Missing thirtysomelhing "Life Class" Iftews Movie: ' Ihe Courtship ot Eddie's U P ment Tonight 6) Response Reward (R) ft P Fafter"(1963, Comedy) Glenn Ford. ED WXON(20) go) 227 "Do You I Mama's Fa- 21 Jump Street ft P Mvie: UnowFiNamlsSmnm.a ' I Highway to Heaven "A Song iMamasFe- iLoveCon- Istuds I People's The Judge LoveMer mily (Part 2 ol 2) Cindy Pickett, John Ashton. tor Jason" p mily nection Court p E WGPR DanceShow Detroit Dairy Liberty Tern- Ecdesiastes Robert Tilton Christ Is the Answer One Step Be- One Step Be-1 Streets of San Francisco Combat! ; I I I yond yond "Tower Beyond Tragedy" "The Raider CKGN (29) News I Wheel of I Profiles of I Who's the bowing I In the Heat of the Might "A Golden Years ft P News ISportsline c0ps ft I Late Night With David Let- Fortune Nature Boss? (R) ft Pains Problem Too Personal" (R) J ) terman ft CS CKCO News P IcosbyShow Doogie Rescue 911 (R) ft P Rosearme(R)Headofthe uwi Order "Violence of cTVNews Iriews P Sledge Ham- simon& Simon "Simon j P iHowser, M.D. ft P Class P Summer" (R) ft p p merl Says Goodbye" ESPN CD (DCS Running & Racing Up Close SportsCenler Major League Baseball National game: Oakland Athletics at Cleveland Indians. Alternate game: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers. (Live) BaTc7Tjea5ueTaseTairo game: New York Mets at San Francisco Giants. (Live) TNT Q2)fl2(22) Ginigan's Is- Bugs Bunny & Pals Mow: "KincomotneS)idefs"(1977)AnArizona Movie: 'The Vengeance el She' (&7, Fantasy) Movie: "Pretty Maids Ai m a Row" land , community is terrorized by a strain of mutated arachnids. John Richardson, Otnka Berova. (1971, Mystery) Rock Hudson. CNN U8(32) Wor1d T0(tey Moneyline Crossfire PrimeNews P LarryKingUve World News Sports Moneyline Newsnight Showbiz iica fTTlrTrif27l Cartoon Express MacGyver Ten Percent So- I Murder, She Wrote "The I Boxing: Riddick Bowe vs. Phillip Brown. Scheduled 12- I crime Story "Crime Pays" Hitchhiker I Alfred Hitch- Boxing: UiJUJjiiiJ y. Perfect Foil" P round heavyweight bout from Atlantic City, N.J. (Live) "Studio 3X" cock Pre- Bowe vs. j I - I j ' Isents I Brown NASH QDQDdU (5:00)VideoPMft Be a Star ft I On Stage ft Church I Nashville Now Scheduled: Vern Gosdin; Crook and I On Stage (R) Church Nashville Now Scheduled: Vem Gosdin; I I Street Jerry Reed; Jeff Chance, ft Chase ft ft Street Jerry Reed; Jell Chance. (R) ft LIFE QZ)(V7)(I3 Supermarket Shop 'Til You Great Ameri- Duet LA. Law "The Unbearable Confessions hidden Room Veronica Clare "Veronica's Traceyllll- Molly Dodd Hotel Tomorrows' Paid Program Sweep Drop can TV Poll Lightness ol Boring" P of Crime Aunt" (Series Premiere) man NICK Wild and I Get the Pic- llnspector iLooney MorU I Bewitched I Get Smart I Dragnet I A. Hitchcock I Green Acres iBettofSNL I Mister Ed Looney Oobte Gillis I Patty Duke Crazy Kids ture Gadget Tunes Mlndy ' ; Tunes AMC fl9ln9l(3Tl (5:30) Movie: Tne I Movie: Marine flaiders" (1944, Adventure) Pal OB- Movk: Top HaT(1935, Musical) Fred As- Movie: 'Creature FmmtheBlack IMovie: 'Marine Raid- UZJ ' brines Fiyi'(1940) rien, Robert Ryan. taire, Ginger Rogers. (V) Laooon(1954) Richard Carlson. 'G' (V) ars"(1944) Pat O'Brien. FAM (24)(24)(24) Our House "First Irrpres- I Scarecrow and Mrs. King Movie: "Id Climb the Highest Mountain' m, 700Club Scarecrowand Mrs. King "If IMovie: "Chief Crazy Horse' 1955, , skins" "The Artful Dodger" Drama) Susan Hayward, William Lundigan. Thoughts Could Kill" Western) Victor Mature, Suzan Bal . A&E m(25)(2l) Avengers "Get-A-Way" Iworid ofSur-1 Crusade in I Biography "Prince Charles: Contemporary Mozart iLetMeHear You Whisper Estelte Gerry at the Improv I Biography "Prince Charles: ICcm'tempor? P vlval the Pacific A King In Waiting" ; P A King In Waiting" (R) ary Mozart CSPAN (27) H) House Viewer Call-In (Live) Event of the Day Ivent of the Day Public Policy Conference WGN (HBglll Andy Griffith ll Dream of iMghtCourt lAndy Griffith I Major League Baseball: arKannasfteds at Chicago Cubs. From WrigleyFeld. (Live) News P I Magnum, P.I. "Solo Fiighr VT'ThTTTnaTWnFTP Jeannie MJ . fVTBS ljQ)(30)3Ql Bewitched I Andy Griffith Ijeffersons I Major League Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pirates. From IMovie: "Freebie and fneflean" (1974, Comedy) IMovie: it "Norman... Is That You?" J g Three Rivers Stadium. (Live) Alan Arkin, James Caan. (V) (1976, Comedy) Redd Foxx, Pearl Bailey. CNBC 1(33). Business Ins. Business Smart Money Steal-Deal Real Story Steal-Deal Real Story Update (R) Steal-Deal Real Story Update (R) DSC (35) (35)129) 02000 Rendezvous Monitor Blue Revolution Tomorrow Invention ws - The True Story wings SHarkltancI Barracuda " " Monitor COM (36) S.A.&T. Daytime Clash Bloopers Big Laff-OW comicsOnly stancU)p Afterdrive Saturday Night Uve Night After Night s.A.S.I Late Night SCTV TMC f38lf38l (5) Movto: "The flantowlVarrwr Con- I Rehire Show Movie: 'Betsys rVfedding(1990, Comedy) Alan IMovie: "Scteoid" (1980, Horror) Movie: "Cobfa"(1986, Drama) Syfves- I Movie: 1 11 1 spiracy" (1988, Drama) Brad Davis. A Alda, Madeline Kahn. Wedding preparations become a bat-. Klaus Kinski, Mariana Hil. A killer sets his ter Stallone. An L.A. cop's investigation into KearonS dramatization of the fatal French bombing of tie of wits as the parents ol both the bride and the sights on a psychiatrist's roster of nubile a series of random murders reveals there Cqp'(1990) the Greenpeace organization's flagship. 'NR' groom attempt to upstage one another, ft 'R' P (V) young patients. 'R' (V) could be more than one killer. 'R' P (V) ft 'R' (V) MAX (39lf39lflc7l Movte: "DirryDanarig"(1987,Drama) Jennifer IMovie: Giosts Cant Do ff"(1990, Movie: "Crazy Peopie' 1990, Co- Movfe: "BlueThunder" (1983, Adventure) Roy Movie: ' Grey, Patrick Swayze. While vacationing with herfamify in Fantasy) Bo Derek. A young widow embarks medy) Dudley Moore, Daryt Hannah. An exe- Scheider, Malcolm McDowell. A helicopter patrolman uncov- "Cobra the earty '60s, a sheltered teen-ager lalfe in love with a on a search tor a man suitable to house the cutive's new approach to an advertising ers a plot to turn a crime-fighting super-chopper against (198&Drama) streetwse dance instructor, ft 'PG-13' P (V) spirit of her dear, departed husband. 'R'(V) campaign lands him in a sanitarium. A 'R' an unsuspecting city, ft 'R' P (V) 'R' p(V) cuqw fZol Sfii fTal (5:30) Movie: Tale ol Peter Orchestral: Movie: w "Se9Maarwiias"(1989,Comedy-Drama) I Just for Laiigrw: The Montreal International IMovie: "7?wPatefaM"(1948,Cwiy) Bob Hope, snu" V"Ji-2J Dosry(1982,Drarna) Bill Rabbit and "Lower Sally Field, Dolly Partem. A Louisiana beauty parlor serves Comedy Festival (R) ft Jane Russell. Calamity Jane shoots her way into the heart Ken, Noel Trevarthen.'NR' Jeremy Strings" ft as the meeting place tor six iron-willed of a mild-mannered dentist. (V) (Adult situations) (V) Fisher P women, ft TO' (Adul language, adult situations) P (V) PASS (42!(42lt23l 0,1 tohe Races From Hazel Tigers Today Major League Baseball: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers. From Tiger Stadium. Kirby U.S. Senior SportswrftersonTV I Major League Baseball: Minnesota Twins at i jos 1 1 park Puckett is trying fflead the Minnesota Twins 10 the A.L West thle, but Cecil Fielder and Open Cham- Detroit Tigers. From Tiger Stadium. (R) the Tigers are pounding their way back into contention la the A.L. East lead. (Live) pionship Preview DIS (4if4T)(20) Teen Win, ' Movie: "PeteS Dracon" (1977, Fantasy) Mickey Rconey, Helen Return of Sherlock Holmes Mary Martin in the Sound of American IMovie: 'The Diary of Anne Frank' (1959, ' Lose or Draw Reddy. A lovable green dragon named Elliott helps a lonely orphan escape Holmes and Watson kivesti- Music (R) Drama) Joseph Schildkraut, Millie Perkins. A young Jewish g from his nasty foster family. 'G' P(V) gate an old friend's family ri- girt, in hiding from the Nazis, keeps a journal of her life in - tual. an Amsterdam attic. (V) HBO (43)43)(T4) 5:30 Movi,: "Butch Cassidy and Movie: TieMonserSouad" Adolescent I Movie: "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' WhenltWasiGame(R) ft istTen- IMovie: "Friday the ,,uw JttJU fhe Sundance Kf (1969, Western) Paul monster-hunters prepare for an invasion (1989, Adventure) Harrison Ford, Sean Connery.lndy heads P The Bulls 13th, Part VI: Jason im" Newman, Robert Redford. ft 'PG' (Adult si- when they learn that Dracula and four of his to Europe to find his father who disappeared while search- Mean Busi- (1966, Horror) Thorn Ma- tuations, violence) (V) monstrous friends have arrived in town. (V) kig tor the legendary Holy Grail 'PG-13' (Violence) P (V) ness P thews, ft 'R' P (V) r "we're fast & friendly" ' "HimtH Hi-, . . MARKETS Port Huron 4446 Lapeer Rd. 2797 Wadhams Rd. ' 805 Pine Grove 1301 10th St. 3030 North River Rd. St. Clair Mt. Clemens 2293 Fred Moore 35700 Harper 2034 S. River Rd. Bad Axe 936 N. Van Dyke New Baltimore Flint Marietta 37750 26 Mile Rd. 5589 S. Saginaw 2998 Main St. ftprrj it it it it it I Li Ud jTt) Potato Chips I 8 SPEOAL 'f.2n89 Ik. 1 . i 14.5oi.bag JfM- Sal 1 I 12 pack cans .t.fivor. agk 1 ECO 8flflcJ9 8 ' ' tJ(jfIJ JL piuston deposit-' 12oi.Cans . I I plus deposit EXPIRES MIDNIGHT JULY 31 st 1 JJ

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