The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1944 Bus Passengers Burned To Death 4/Three Persons Known In Georgia Tragedy WRENS, Ga., Aug. 10 (UP) — 'Ihrce persons arc reported burned to death and nine otherc Injured In the wreck of a Mticon-Auyusta bus several miles north of Wrens late yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Sam A. Hlanchard, wife of the proprietor of the Blanchard Funeral I'arloi 1 at Thomson, Cia., says the entire body of one adult and the remains o[ two other bodies — one that of an ncltilt and (lie other apparently ot a child, were taken from (he 'wreckage. Mrs. Bluiichard says the bodies, badly charred, remain unidentified nt the funeral porlor hie last, night. She suys the relative of tin Aust ta man believed to have been on Ihe bus Is cu route to Thomson to view the bodies' Two white women and seven Negroes were admitted to university hospital in Augusta for treatment o[ burns and injuries. H. M. Hceves, of Mticon, Ideiui- lied by Southern Slaves as the driver, says a left front tire blew out as the bus approached a bridge. The vehicle vccre ( i into the concrete railing, lie says, ami apparently was ignited by the impact. He brought the bus to a stop, Reeves said, but flames had alveti- BLYTUJEV1LLJ5 (ARK,)] .COURIER for FLAKY TENDER/ i&Lr Iv enveloped llio vehicle. Passcsucrs rought 10 gain Uic !XH. Ilic driver said. He smashed .he windshield and pulled several persons through (lie front of Die bus. Wilbur Mlmbs, Southern singes dispatcher, sat done elderly man who boarded tho bus at Wrens was apparently overcome in the rush for the door and his body was recovered after the fire died down, Nlrabs said he had not been iiosl- tlvely identified. Mlmbs said he did not, believe any other persons died In the fire. He said about four persons were known to lia burned. The Southern Stages agent at Louisville, near Wrens, (old the United Press, however, at least three jimons were known to have died. Moth Fanner and Mlmbs •'•aid several passengers lind not been accounted for. But Mlinlis said they probably ii a< j left the scene of the crash. Obliging Pal Gives Uniform To Ex-Marine OlIICACiO, AUK. 10 IUP>—Every- body needs n pal, and 10-year-old William Daniels found one who would do anything In the world (or him. . . . Thai's why he's thinking thingh over today. The whole thing starlet! when Daniels, an ex-Marine, found himself bending elbows next to an ar- ny private at a bar In Galesburg, 111. Soon he spoke wistfully of his ife in the Marines before he was sent home from Australia with a nedical discharge. Tlie private was properly sympathetic. Daniels had another drink and sighed. "Gee, I wish I coiitil Bet Iwck into uniform." 1 "Pal." said the army mnn, "I'll give yon mine." With their clothes and status du y altered, the new pals started out to tour the bistros in nearby Chicago. In time, things got a little hazy. The next morning the ex-Marine woke up without his friend and consulted police on the problem of getting back his civilian clothes. But (tic law wasn't quite ns sympathetic as his erstwhile pal. His explanations only netted him free lotlgini; pending a check with his draft board. USE PURELY VEGETABLE THE „ [JJainty ..... COOKING FAT Si's Wonderful! Cotton Quality i Meeting Aug. 16 Farmers and Ginncrs To Hear Specialist At Leochvillc School Methods for improving the quality of cotton will be discussed nl a cotton (imillt,, Dieclliit' Aug. li> ill the Leachvllle high .school, which farmers und «lu operators arc urged .to tillciid, County Agent Keith Bilbrcy announced today, The mcctiiii: win opcii'ul 10 a. m. wllh a demons!;ution of methods and discussions on opportunities for farmers im,| Dinners to maintain and improve cotion Rrades. ' Fred Johmnn, Fodenil extension Bin sprctulist. will discuss vatioiiK equipment, und operational problems of cotton gins. J. K. Kite, agronomist nl the U. S, Bureau of Plant Industry. imt \ Dale McGregor, Extension cotton specialist, of llio University O f Arkansas, College of Agriculture, will discuss cotton production, supply mid demand, an-' new varieties' of cotton. New developments such H.S rollon picking miichiiie. fianie cultivation, cotton defolinlioii, and spinning properties of different varieties of cotton also will lie discussed, the county agent announced. "Ilicsc specialists arc among Ihe vciv best in 'the United Stales. Mr. nilbrey said, and they will be able (o answer the most technical col- ton questions. Succeeds McNair Relatives Of Officers Hanged For Berlin Plot BERN, Switzerland, Aug. 10 (UP) —Swiss Ironticr reiwrU say the Germans have executed the relatives of eight, high Wchnnnchl officers who were hanged in Berlin last Tuesday for plotting to kill Hitler, The victims are said to include wives, children, parents—even cousins and intimate friends. The reports indicate the executions were curried out within a few hours of the deaths of the conspirators. •Many German .civilians arc ,11117 rtcrstood to have been placed on trial for complicity in the plot. An official communique, disclosing their fate is expected to be issued soon. Spanish War Veterans To Meet At Cincinnati LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 10 (U.P,) — An Arkansas delegation, headed by Department Commander C. T. Prick of Little Hock, will attend the United Spanish War Veterans national convention at Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 13 through Aug. 11. The delegation includes Fred It. Hamilton of Siloam Springs; J. N. Smith and Sam Crawford of El Dorado; Ross Adams and E, S. Potter ot Hot Springs; John E. Dorton and James C. Currol of Fort Smith; N. T. Murray of Eureka Springs; Floyd J. Gittncs of Harrison, and Roy A. Prltchiird, Herbert T. Burr and Raymond Tudor of Little Rock. Estimates place England's rat population nl 40.000,000. All the name implies' BACON H*ior-ricli—Vilami»-rich MEMPHIS PACKING CO. on't Say Bread- Hart's Bread!" I LIKE A GOOD WCH CRUST IMPROVED BAKING PROCESS MAKES IT BETTER THAN EVER Has Everything! This Weekend's SPECIAL! DEVIL'S FOOD CAKES Delicious Chocolate Flavor and Icing — Assorted Cookies Fresh Every Day 's Bakery B/ythcv;//e Owned, Employing BtytheYille People Temperatures AM , "'B' 1 ' Atlanta 113 Augusta '..".!,". H8 Illrmlnulmm " no Jliiute.ston 83 Churlolle \ m ! huU:inoc,(;ii |)3 ChlciiBo % Cincluimti % Denver ' JJQ Detroit . ...' yi Jacksonville m Kansas city .". !)() Mucon no Memphis '. fl'j Mlnnil mi Montgomery orj N'ew (Ji Jt-uns 02 NIMV Yiirfc ','. in Sun Aiitnulo iHt }A.-(len. Join) L. Do Witt, iibove, luis Ijcon appointed lo wiccecd llio late U.-Gcn. Lesley J. McNtiir in n Kuropcuti con\- niiiiiri "ol /'Iral iininirliini'c." l''onncr vonuiiniuloi' of tho Koiirll) Army nnd Wvslcrn Defense Cuinmuncl, vvitli licsidqiiiir- tcrs In S;ID l-'raiiclsco, for llio p;ist la inontlis Gcnci-iil De Witt )ins been L'oniiniiiiilaiit of tlm joinl Anny-Njivy st:i(T uollcyc iti Once Jiiad'd, n nmlc fox rcniiilns nBlc; Hie rest of Ills lite It lit." iiiitc dies; but if (lie iimlu dies, the friniilp (jel.s » new mule. Tampa Wji.s)ihi|;ton Dallas Houston Jiu'k.MMi JJMli; Hock Sill 'i-vcpoi t 100 KIQ 00 !)5 1)0 EM3E TEREK ColliM-ls Callluir Cards HUSTON (Ul'» — Uomird Wliitl- lU-n. ItuMnn express company ofl'l- citil, collects culling cards us n hol>- by und In six years has amassed 1.8UO. Father To Honor Memory of Flier To Entertain Airmen From BAAF Where Son Received Training In Deu'inlHT of 1012 (he tlist cadet class wns ttrndiiiiled from the DlyllinvlIlK Army Air Held und its mi'iiilHMs received their wiinjs aiul i'OiiitiilM,lons us secniut' lleulcnnnts. Slaiidliii< iirouilly-wllh Ills . dnss- iiinlp.f on (lint incmuriiMe ilny wn.s Harry K. Koeso o[ DemldJI. Minn, lliiny u-ent on from Dlyllivvllle lo triihi In hls!(jer phines, WIIK tlnnlly I'.fflfined to I tin Iiidln llionlci 1 of operations, und 11 yrur l>t; o n,|s inonDi ivn.s killed In tu:(lull. 'fills coming \vwk-.oiul his lullier, Hurry K. Kr., wilt be host to' n wore of DAAK IIUus nl tlur opi'ii- !HK «f ii new ijixitlp "f mention c us at the lake in llcmldjl. The «KJII|) of officers will leave Hie lo- •nl Held on I'llday, will carry ui|t Ihe lrl]> us n' niivlgiillon truliilng mission, und will return early* next week, This Is Mr, lioi'so'.'i WJiy of ptiylng tribute to Ihe memory of his sou-by breaking thu monotony of a routine training flight with n lit- tic relaxation for officers from his son's old Held. Meii, Women! Old at 40,50,60! WantPep? Want to Feel Years Younger? <'i''i7r< r '!!%', I Ki'!'r!!,i'»'M°.] l '" l 'ii'f 1 ' 1 . 1 ' 111 ". "i 1 ")]' 1 m f" i,', 1 ™* "•»*» I'VorvwlKir* — n. Illyllirvtllii, M Klrhj !>rn s . / \/\AA. / \A,A/\AA/\/\A .•l^ji|l^taVH;f : |fai!iti^»it.»y.n v/VWWVVVVVV\ AND York, Ah the other passengers wer« resident. 1 ) of San Juan'. * '" Read Cour(«r News Want Adi.' The governor of Bermuda Ls empowered to illred any liillkh res- lili'iil to perform imy services fur which tumimcd. LOVELY- ALLURING • LOW-COST PERMANENT WAVE Niitiirnl'lwiltlnp.riiiUnii.1 w.ivmi yiim», r.)sll/. c<»,M|', nl tuniw. Hu yixiinrlf. Tin linuiliq; 'dtoro untl all you m-cil. twinui^nt wave Million, cmlru, Hintii|Hx> am I ftiivr net. tvtfc hit cvriy tl'|w c( linir, rinlsnl by ||i'ILvwuk.| Jiuwlr »L;in. Over fi niilHoj; ial.1, (jet 3 C/urni-KurJ KLl lixl.ty,. Hi Klvbj' Hit (Innr ytorc.s, BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN ' rat Of Tired Kidney. I( lutkulio nnil \tf nalm aio makloit iiil«tratlo,tlon'Uujtcoiniih!ni.n.lJoBt,t rilitjuttlicru ^aturoinay IxjwArdcifyoii yoor Jdlne>»nei<l ollfnlloa "•»»» llioki.lnpyauroNsluro'tcMtlwiyolliin !?">? RV' 1 " ?"'.' P«l»oi>om WMlo out of tba " P •Illlio lo'milM ol kidney lub«»n<) f,]l<r. ilon t »ork ivcll, potionom wna . iii- nm. rraiurritoriranty p™ aK » ,||h .mitti lii|>naniiriil»n«Miicliiii«>lioi««tlie teli ton* tliliiil niunii wllh your klilncj-a or bludder. 'Don t will Ask your <lru« l ii,t for J)o»n'. i I'llh,iucil«uc«»sfuIlybyiMilllon3lorovtr4l> m,,. <liry iilyo linppjr rclkf Mnl Kill lidp llio 15 lull™ t>l klilucy hjlKj Bu.,1, uut ,,,,^f. cm viMlo /mill Ibo Uuwl. Ccl Do tilth i^TE^HHTBONAL EGG When your pullets arc reatfy for*egg proJuclron, a good Egg Majh it vital. INTERNATIONAL Egg Mash contains an abundanco of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals so essential for a profitable egg record. Feed your poultry this nutritious feod, blended to help hens fay up to their capacity. For over 50 years, INTERNATIONAL Mills have developed a line of poultry feeds af modest prices, equai fo the besf Feeds offered on tho American market. Faed INTERNATIONAL and raise your egg production. ASK FOR INTERNATIONAL EGG MASH SEE YOUR DEALER TODAY "'•"•" l:i •"••""• *r. OVER 100 MILLION BAGS ALREADY SOLD . . ;' 'THEY MUST BE.COOIV' V \/ N/ V Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON TOO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blylhcvillc, Ark. p|, OMC 29ll ALTERATIONS! Come to Hudson's for alterations of all kinds. We have three expert seamstresses on duty at all times. > HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CAHCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 M»in BiytherlHe, Ark, Phone 2»2) 2lbs.11c While Ac I'dtiud l-'resh I'liiini! 12' PEACHES 5' I lunch ONIONS CORN „;„, 4 STRING BEANS „„„„„ 19 EGG PLANT 12' Wliile or. Yellow I'o untl Sliced Bcsf Grodo Lb. CHEESE HECK BUTTER round , 1'iHinil Anicrk'nii Pound 38' 43' I'oiinil 0 I'otini] 41 GROUND BEEF , ...... ,„ 26 BRICK CHILI ' S "' cd Hi PLENTY GRADE A BEEF W. A. "Hud" liickerslaff, lititchcr • H 9 Sliibloy's Best 25 1B Sack Octagon 4 Pkgs. l/acuum Tracked 1000 Pounds to be Sold at lOc PET MILK Large 9c CORN FLAKES Giant Size 12c

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