The New York Herald from New York, New York on December 22, 1869 · Page 7
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The New York Herald from New York, New York · Page 7

New York, New York
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Wednesday, December 22, 1869
Page 7
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HERALD, WEDNESDAY, EECEMBER 22, 1S69.-TSIPL13 SHEET. ·MM WASHINGTON. Confirmation of a long list of Appointees. Foreign Ministers, Heads cf B'ireaus, District Attorneys and IP'jstmas- ters Among the dumber. 3Or. Boar's Xfomination Wot Acted Upon. WASHINGTON, Dec. 21, isos, TfeP Dclwvte in the House on the Georgia Re* construction Bill. ·Hie fiebate on Uie Georgia bill was resumed in tie Boose this morning immediately alter tne reading ot ttie journal, too democrats leading off. Tne most soticeaWc gpeecbes were those or Voorliees, ol IndJr ana, and Cox, or New Yort. Tne lartsr was listened to witn -$3«at Interest by bota Eldes or the House, and at the close or his remarKs was warmly complimented upon tbe soundness of bis argument and Bis commanding delivery. While the democrats ^rere speaking Governor Bullock, or Georgia, seemed to be bnsfly engaged among: tne republicans, .prompting and advising them what to do. Sometimes he would be talking te BnUer, then to some or ciie southern members. Occasionally te would be standing beside Speaker Blame, whispering and consulting with him. ' Bullock's conspicuous lobbiing on the floor or tjie House was the subject or general xemark, even among republicans. Some democrats remarked thai the title or the bill would be more ^erman to its subject matter, certainly to its object, IT it read "A bill to make Burns Bullocc United States Senator from Georgia and to prevent him from being impeached By the Legislature or that State." Now that the bill is through, several re- DnWicans do not hesitate to denounce the conduct or Bullock as indecetit, both on the fioor or the Senate and in the House. Jndge Bingham, of Ohio. rollowed Cox in the debate, and delivered a speech which demoralized the republicans to a certain extent and encouraged the democrats. Bingham mercilessly exposed what he termed the monstrous character or the bill, and announced with some reeling WS determination to vote against it. That part of Bmgham's speech wherein he assertefl that a tne had crept into the President's Message relating to imposing the test oath on the memoers ol the Georgia Legislature, wnicn the President never intended should be tnere, created quite a sensation all over the House, and when Mr. Biwr- liam had concluded members flocked around him to ascertain whether he spoKe by authority or the President. To all Inquiries he merely renlied, "I stand By what I said and I Know whereof I affirm." "Wnether he learned this ract in conversation with the President or whether it is merely a surmise ou Ms part 5s not known. Sutler, in closing the debate, endeavored to drive Bingham into a position ·wnere it wxraid be necessary ror him to give Ills authority ror the statement, but the latter longht shy or mat and Butler could draw nothing forth but a reiteration of tlie assertion. Perhaps the most effective part or Biug- larc'BB speech was thai wherein he snowed thai the provisions or the bill exalted Governor Bullock above all the power m the land and at the same tune gave no guarantee that he would execute the bill then about to be passed ror his special benefit. This was hot shot in BnllocK's camp, and from his Tisnal conspicuous occupation or going around from one member's beat to another he toot himself off to the cloak room and Kept under cover during the remainder ol Bingliam's speech, so damaging was Bingham's argument on this nolut tnat ai uic suggestion of some republicans Bullock sat down and wrote a letter addressed to General Butler, promising IT tbe bill passed to call tne Legislature together on the 12th of January. This is the letter reail by Butler as part or his remarks. The vote on Emc- Bam's motion to postpone was not as heavy as was expected, only lour republicans voting for It witn the democrats. It was regarded as a party measure -And very rcw republicans were willing to vote ·against it. Tbe Senate Debate in Secret Session. It is reliaoly ascertained that yesterday's debate In secret session upon tue resolutions asking tne President for the recommendations on which the Circuit Court Judges were nominated, was conducted in a spirit altogether friendly to the President. Nominations by the President. The Presiaent sent to the Senate to-day tne rollow- mg nominations:-- James H. Lomis, to be assessor or internal revenue Tor the Twenty -ninth district or Sew York; Samuel Houston, to be supervising in- epector of steamboats for the Sixth district; Stephen Thomas, to be pension agent at St. Johnsburg, Vt,; John li Barstow, to be pension agent at Rutland, Vt. ; "William B. Mason, to be postmaster at Marietta, Ohio; Wm. S. Johnson, late first lieutenant in the Forty-laird infantry, to be first lieutenant of infantry; Frederick W. Bailey, late captain in the Thirty- fifth Infantry, to be captain of Infantry; Ebenezer Gay, late major in the Seventeenth jnrantry, to be major or infantry. An Unpopnlar Nomtnution. The nomination of Judge Hoar, ror Associate Justice or the Supreme Court of the United States, lias not been considered in executive session. The temper or the Senate is not ravorable to the confirmation. Meeting of Senate Committees. The Finance Committee or the Senate met to-day and considered various propositions, but arrived at no conclusion ou anything. A large amount of ·business was distributed among tne different mem- tiers or the committee to receive their special attention. The committee conversed at some length on the resumption or specie payments and the means to effect that result, bnt came to no conclusion. That portion or the report ol the Secretary of the Treasury in regard to taking in the three and a Jiair per cent certificates, amounting to between Jbrty and fifty millions or dollars, and to issue an equal amount or currency to the Southern banks, 'was considered, bnt no action taken. Tbe wort or de committee is now in such a shape that meetings ·will be held during tne recess or Congress, and will lie attended by most of the members, who will either remain here or, if possible, be here on committee days. The Senate Committee on Political Disabilities met to-day, tne gathering being merely cre- Hminary with a view to reorganizing lor business. It is tue intention of the committee, after the recess, to go to wort on the multitude of names they nave on nand and make one general bill of candidates for legislative pardon, as has already been .practised, and pnt the whole of them through with. cut me necessity of taking up each case. Mr. Colfdx»8 New Year's Reception. Vice President Colfax will have a reception on Sew Year's Day. This will be the only one he will give this winter , lu consequence of the ill health of Ilia motaer, ilrs. Mathews^ The Lillian Expedition-- Letter of tlie United. States Conga! at Nassau. Secretary Pish has received the lollowlnc letter:-- UXITED bTATES CONSULATE, ) NASSAU, lw P., Dec. 10, 1S69. ) Sm-- I have the honor to report the arrival, on the «th inst, of the United States|shiD-of-war Powhatan with Admiral 'Poor ana staff on board. The boisterous state or weather ou the 8tn compelled the ship to nroceed to Southwest Bay (an anchorage on the ·outh of the island) ror safety, where she is yet lying. On me day following Her' arrival the Admiral communicated with me through the captain of-rne ship and informed me that the Powhatan had been despatched by- the Navy Department for thcpnrpose or bringinfr away the American citizens who formed part or the Lillian ^Tpedltloa, being the vessel referred to in the "despatch of Mr. J. C. B. Davis to this Consulate. Between thirty and rorty American citizens will leare to-aay by the I'owhatan. They have to march acroeg the isiand and embark on the aonih side. You -will notice I have been careful to observe and fulfil the inmructions of the Department in relation to these Enclosed it a document subscribed by all who nave taken passage, and in which they all uwear tney are citwens ol the linitea states, and for the future pledge themselves to respect iuid ol«;y the neutrality laws or the untied StaUjs. 1 Uiio pleasure In utaiiuy that tbe captain of ilc most to^ojtswv entertained by his Excellency Sir James Valuer the Governor or the Bahamas, at the eovf^ment nouse, durlnn bis short stay in the city, i^e continued unsettled weauier has prevented ^ mu a i poor from visiting tbe city. J am, Ac., SAMUEL P. SAKDBHS, ,, ' untied States Vioe To Ho^ HAMILTON FISH, Secretary or OKlTJiD STATM COJfBDLATB,? NASSAU. M. r., Deo. 9, 1869. S tfs.llie undersigned, do nolemmy and truly swear Uiat wo are citizens of tbe United eutea of America, and In the event our obtalnfQg paggage In the United States ship or wax Fowbatan, we pledge In future to respect and otuerve tbe neutrality lawi of the United States of America. Signed by Eugene J. Courtney, W. J. Conroy, Charles Miller, Hush McOartey, John F. Dlioa, Duncan Bankin, Patrick Magulre, Jeremiah Lyons. James J. Morrison, Jr., Samnel E. JDilley, Torrance Dolan, John Williamson, Charles Hazleton, Adrdw Bocem Thomas rugal, Franfe Brunei, Thomas Johnson, Alfred Richardson. NedErown. H. Atex Williams, Henry Green, Alex. Jones, Bdmuna Klebardeon, J. B. Rivers, Edward Buckle;, Wm. Alexander, Mariano Albones, Henry Ayala, Apalonce Sfneyra, Florence Lopez, franco Onto, John C. Htngoichia. Captain Bd. Henderson, Captain J. K. Pollard, Captain S. Grate, Tom lUllie Mercer. UNITED STATES COSBBXATB, Dec. 10,1869. I certify tbe above IE a true copy of the original filed at this office. BAMWEL P. SAONDER8. United Elates Consul. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Quarrel Adjusted. Mr. Garrew, ol Baltimore, has eigmfied, throng* Colonel Phillips, or this city, his acceptance ol the terms or Mayor Bowen, in regard to tie removal or the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tracts in this city. This is regarded as greas trlnrnpb. or the energy, plnck and integrity of Mayor Bowen In the contest with Garrctt, which has been pending in our courts for Eome time, and has engaged public opinion in this district. 50SIXATI05S COSFIRREB BY THE SESATE. WASHINGTON, Dec. 21,1869. The Senate in executive session to-day confirmed the allowing nominations:-Ministers Plenipotentiary--'Bexas T. Blow, of Missouri, Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary at Brazil; Fredericfc F. Low, of California, Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary at China: K. Rumsey Wing, or Jtentucuy, Minister Resident at Ecuador. Assistant Postmaster general--James W. Marshall. District JMyes--Walter O, Treshain, ror the district or Indiana; Edgar W. Wfllyer, ror the district ol Nevada. Vm(e States MarsJuiis.--Samuel E- Hartow, for the Southern district of Kew York: Joseph T. Hoile. for the district of KebrasKa; Isaac P. Quimby. for the Northern, district ol Sew Yort; Edward M, Gregory, for the Eastern district or Pennsylvania; Wimam F. Wneeler, ror Montana Terntor-y. UiiUea States Dislna. Attorneys.--William Alexan der, ror Western Texas: Edwin Hill, tor Northern Mississippi; Joel C. C. Wmck, ror .Eastern Texas; Ttiontas F. Purneu, for Western Texas; Archibald Sterling, for the district or Maryland; Glaiborne K. Mobley, for the Southern district of Florida; John K. Southworth. for the JTortueni district or Alabama; Lorenzo 1. Latiuier, lor the district of California. Assistant Treasurers--Charles T. Folcer, to be Assistant Treasurer or the United Stales at Xew York; Cuarles Clinton- Treasurer of the Branch Mint and Assistant Treasurer of the United states at Xew Orleans. Governor of .Veto Mexico--William A. Pile, of Missouri. Sea'tfttrsof La-na Offices--Geonre R. Maxwell, for Utatr, William White, at Boonevilie, Mo.; Charles Barnard, at New Orleans. Surveyors General--U. C. Clements, for Utah; John Lynch, for Louisiana. Jteceirers ofpitblte Honey--Webb Tmcent, at Fort Dodge; Uriah Bruner, at West Point, Iowa; N. Blakely. Beatrice, Neu.; Fayette Allen. Falls ol Sr. Crois, Wis.; Sorman Fletcher, Menasha, Wis.; Giles B. Overton, Dtaii. -Recorder y iawmtJes--Albert Sigel. for Missouri. Assayers at tlie Branch Mmis--Jacob F. L. Scnier- rner, at Denver; Frank D. HetncS, at Carson city, .Nevada, uscar H. La Grange to be Superintendent or the Branch Mint at San Francisco. Jmlinn -taunt."--Joel H. Morris, for the Pottawata- rnies, Kansas: Thomas Miller, of Ohio, lor the Sacs aad Fox Indians; lioward While, for itie WinueiMi- poeg; Jolm D. Miles, of Indiana, for the Klckapoo Indians: Isaac T. Gibson, of Iowa, for the Osage and other Indians. Pern-ion Agents--Joseph B. Young:, of Iowa, at Marlon, loira; Hiram Jeddinge. of Indiana, at Fort Wayne; Oeoree -M. Van linren, Ht .New York citv; Hency C. Kodgers, at St. rani. Minu.; Mwaru Ferguson, at Milwaukee; H. C. uennet, at San Francisco; -Oiintc! J- Vaugnn, at Portsmouth, K. H. Consuls--John \\. 1'arsono, Consul at Hi. Japo dc Cuba; CliriBtopncr C. fccheetz. Consul ac Elsmore. Siitveyws of C".~tomx--,1dm Dietrich, Veli^co, Texas; Felix Coster, St. Loins, ilo. Afiiralstrs of JKa-c/tanftmr--W. H. Collins. Charleston, S. C-; Thomas H. liaizln, Charleston, S. C.; Weorge \Y. 1'almer, Sew York city. tWfsriors of fusfomS---George \V. Clart, Charleston, S. C-; umgkl C. -Marsti, Paso del :Norte; Wil- natii BtDeison. t,cuesee, M. y.; li. A. Hurt, Superior, Mich.; Samuel K. le Forrest, feniamllun, I- Uu-, James E. McLean, CIUCUKO. 111.; Waaningion Kogeit, So. Marks. Ma.; Augustus Putnam, Mldilletuwn. conn; Xatlian 1'alien, District ol Texas, state of Te.\as; Setu B. Kemmfrton, oswecatciuc, -V. i". istvuinUoat Irmvemii--Minium Lamb, Supervising Inspector lor tlie Second dibtnct. j tistmaster.1--i'atrtct H, Jones, Sew 5"ort city, Xcn- York; J. E. Willis, Cartliafte, New York: joau 1C. Lormg, at Waterloo, Kew 1 ork; Jolm W. \ an Etter, Lvons. New York; Martin Tipple, Camden, Ke\v York; J. Hudson, I'ecKakill, New York; .1 nines O. Leacli; Bullaion, New YorK; (;eoi'!;e H. Dunn, GreeubUurg, Indiana; Eawiu Msle, Kemiallsviile, ludiauu; I'cier Tiiitter, beymour, Indiana; \Vm. M. Kendall, Plymouth. Indiana; Jatnes K. S. Marsn, Knoxville, Illinois: TUomas S. Wilson, Colllnsville, Illinois; John K. Hotalmir. Kociteile, Illinois; W'. M. Morrison, Cedar Fans, Iowa; A. K. Bailey, Decoiah, lowa; George M. Hewlett, Cedar Itapids, Iowa; Wra. W. Slieooy- pan, Wisccnaln; O. '/.. Olm, Waukuslia, Wisconsin; Joseph Hall, Oconto,' Wiseoiioin; Samuel Heudcrson, Santa Clara, California; lidson .1. Wilson, Vallcgo. Calilornla; KoDert Hawlcy, Wil- liamBport, Pennsylvania; il. It. Keeton, Mexico, Mla- sonri; Eden. j. Southworth, Hudson, MicliiL'un; Joseph K. Moore, St. Peter, Minnesota; Joseph lies- pert, iCassopohs, Miciilgau; Thomas IS. Irwm, Paw- pav, Miclngan; Isaac H. Brown, Mas«illon, Oluo; Oliver Wood, Portsmouth, Ohio; James Y. Corey, Waukegan, Illinois; U. K. Brush, Eltliart, Iowa; Edward c. Weuter, La Sane. Illinois; William L. Kevins, Goshcu, Indiana; Francis P. Sawyer, Kent, Ohio; James W. Keea, Steubenvilic, Onlo; William M. Smith, Wooqstoct, IlHuois; Daniel B. James. Licommg, Illinois; Martha M. Jsaher, Elkton, Maryland; Geo. W. llowlanu, Santa Ff. Kew Mexico; James T. Watson, Houston, Texas; Svaut« Palm, Austin, Texas: Edward IL Qulos, Urownsville, Texas; James Hunter, St. Josepn. Missouri; W. H. Maerstera, St. Charles, Missouri; Geo. W. Coldbath, Dover, Kew Hampshire; Chas. G. Bristol, Ansoma, Conaecaciit; William Marland, Andover, Massachusetts; Kufus A. White, Cnarlestown, Massachusetts; David Boynton, Haverhill, Massachusetts; Samuel o. Uphata, \Valtnain. Massachusetts; Oliver G. Conant, Ro'ckland, Maine; A. S. Swam, Bellows' Fa'.ls, Vcruumt; Wm. H. Gilbert, Chlcopee Falls, JJassa- chasetta; Rulus C. Wood. Canton. Massacnnseus; Mrj,. Adeline Livingston, Greenville, Alabama; Charles P. Wheeler, Eumula, Alabama; Wesley Prettyman, Marrietta, Georgia; David liar- wold, Amencus, Georgia; Walter L. Clift, Savannah, Georgia; Frederick Ball, La Grange, Georgia; E. a. Sears, Stauntou, Virginia; iiartiett lient, Aiittdle- town, Connecticut; Henry A. Hellerman, Hndaon, Xew Jersey; KobertH. Jenks, St. Clair, Micliisuu; Lewis D. Cyr, Nefaunsee, Michigan- Euwaru S. Jewett, Xiles, Michigan; Edson W. Lyman, Fair- burg, Maine; Frederick D. Turner, Carson City, Nevada; William Ward, Newark, New Jersey: William 13- Griswolfi, Wankata, Minnesota; John Chandler, Coldwater, Michigan; Herbert A. Kead, Marshall, Michigan: William P. Guest, Wentonviile, Michigan; J. J. Drake, Berian, Michigan. Assessor* ojlnlernal Becenue.--James R. Allaben, Second district ol New YorK; Milliard, Seventh district of Virginia; Edwin U. Smith, Third district of Virginia: John P. Taggarc, district of Utah; William E. liarber, Seventh district or Pennsylvania: William F. wading, First district or Virginia; W- D. joaes, Fonrtb district of Xorth Carolina; C. P. Drake, Fifth district of Michigan; John. H. Pratt, Seventh district of Kentucky; William E. Hobeson, Tbird district of Kentucky; W. W. Crothers, First district of West Virginia; James H. McNeely. First distnct of Indiana; Frank White, Seventh district of Indiana; U. E. Stilley. First district of North Carolina; George W. Koss, Second district of Tennesse; Samuel Brown, Jr., Fourth district or Tennessee;'Jas. H- Dickerson, Sixth district of Tennessee; A. B. NewklrK Eighth district of Tennessee; A. M. Crane, Sixth district of Virginia; FrankUn Wheeler, Fifth district or North Carolina; Kalph P. Lathrop. Fourteenth district of Kew York; Gilbert Kobertson, Jr., Fit- teeath district of Kew York; S. Pnlyer Heath, Eighteenth district of Sew York; William R, Wooden, Twelfth district or Sew York; Robert Clarke, Second district of Geontia; William B. Moore, Third district of Texas; Angler M. Hobbs, First dlstri"' of Texas. Collectors of Internal Recetiue.--Charles C. Walcnt, Seventh district or Ohio; Newton Cooper, Xmeteenth district of Kentucky; Robert M. Kelly, Seventh district or Kentucky; George Mooii, Tenth district or Indiana; Halph Hill, Third district or Indiana; An- drew.Lewls, First district of Indiana; Reese J. Chestnut: Wood, Ninth district of Indiana; Arthur C. Stewart, Fourth district or Missouri; P. R. Gray, IwennetU distnct : of Pennsylvania; wuiiaia C. Gray, Seventh district or Pennsylvania; Michael Yardley, Firth district or Pennsylvania; Horatio G. Sickle, Fourth district or Pennsylvania; J. W. Patton, Fifteenth,district of. Pennsylvania; George Deiamontanya, Thirteenth district of Penn- srlvla; William Tmmbull, Third district of Iowa; Francis Springer, First district of Iowa; Moses D, Stivers, Eleventh district or Jlow York; William B. Winter, Sixth, digtrictof New torK; John SE Bailey, Fourteenth district of New York; John T. Masters, Fifteenth district .of Kejv York; Edward E. White, Seventh district of Virginia; Thomas L. Tuitock, District of Colombia; James L. Kjgsenger, Fifteenth district of Ohio; Gordon C. Lofland, Sixteenth district or Ohio; G. A. Smith, First dlatrlctor Kew Mexico; Fielding Hurst, Sirth district or Tennessee; Benjamin H. Emory, Third 'district ot Mississippi; Curtis H. Brogden. Second district or 'sorth Carolina; Jolm H. Gould,, First dtsurlct or Georgia, Philip Brandoclc, Third district of 'lexas. Confirmation! in the Naval Service. Ghtisfs of Xureaus--Captain.Amaien, Chief of the Burcuo of Yards and Docks; Commoao.e CUBE, chiof or rhe Burcan of Ordnance; fayitiamcr Edward J, CDiCfof the Bureau of Provisions and Cloth- togi Surgeon WUH»m Maxwell Wooa, chief C* tho Bw ? eau « MedlcuiB and surgery. Paymaster* on tne Actvx MM--*dit B. Hodney andj»5es S. RrSTth Wts^Si jissisiiff PayRcSfers-- Frank Blesell, H. ?. Stancllfl; Aaron H. Nelson and George F. liemis. Assistant Tvmasters " ----------- ~-...~ Kand, John Breese, L. 0. Addioks, I* A. Jocfce, C. ... ------- , , ------ --- PreBton, W. T. Stevenson, C. H. Bartlett aad J), H. Slovey, · " surgeons-' -Tftomas Huawl, B. B. Dodge, D. R. Bonnan and'O. H. White. 4sstetani Surgeqnfr-A. F. Owen and J. L, Lfggct. c?«iptoins-- M. 0, Brrttaln, J. B. MattHews, IV. B. Cobb and J. E. Lewis. The following to be on tne active !ttt M thfi navy :-David McDougall, to bo commodore; c. H- Baldwin, cpptain; William H. Dana, commander; Edward B. Patten, commander; Caarles A. uahcoct, commander, and Lester A. Braidlee, commander. Lieutenant Omrniavaers--Vf. M. Folger, Benjamin F. LambertoB, John Sduraler, Francis W. Dlcking, G. F. Wild, Charles F. flavis, Charles J. Train, Edwin White, Oscar S. Bycomsn end George W. Sigman. £nsSgn-- Cnarles Seyntonr. The foilowuig eonnrmationBln tne marine:-- James lewis to be major, \Vililam B. McKean, cantam. To be first lieutenants, William B. Murray, George c. Eeld, Erastue K. Robmson, Francis H. Harrington. T.O be second ueatenants, Kichard Wallack, William B. Slack, Samuel H. Gibson,. Benjamin K. Rnssei, Robert D. Ivamwright and Stephen Qaackeubush. TBe above were in places or those retired, deceased, resigned or promoted. ttilLWAY BOBBERIES. Extensive Bagsa«e SmasMns on the Kail- roads-- Trunks Broken Open in tbe Cars-The Detectives Failed Again-- A Baroness a. Heavy looser-- §100,000 Stolen. To the omcials «r many of the raaroaos running out of this city the statements about to be given will not be news, but to the masses who patronize the railroads some information may be derived as to what they are likely to be exposed to while travel- ling. Several months ago it was ascertained that trunks containing valuable articles or clothing and jewelry were being broken along the lines or the Kanford and New Haven, tne Erie ana the Sew York Central Railroads and u portion, or the contents stolen. The officers of the roaos, it is said, exerted every effort to discover the autoors or the robberies and the noiuts at which they were perpetrated. M'ueir" investigations were or no avail. Property continued to disappear in o mysterious manner, especially on the Central road, it was discovered, however, that nearly ati the robberies occurred ou night trains between Albany and Suspension Bridge, aad between Troy and Kew York. During toe last two mouths it is said that travellers nave lost more than 5100,000 worth of property on the Central Railroad alone. Kecently the worKing up ot the case has been given to some expert ew York fletcct- tives, who are now engaged in endeavoring to fathom the mystery of the e peculations. It is understood that in most cases tne companies throw the respoosibiUtv of the robberies on the city express companies and assert that their employes are the really guilty parties, but this is by no means clear. The last extensive robbery reported occurred on the 4th of November, between Albany and Niagara. At tnree o'clock in the alternoon the Baron and Baroness Olga Ue Maixrta Fraloff, at present residing at 229 Wast Twenty-third street,»m this city, toos the train from Albany for the Falls, having checked tueir baggage throaga to the.r destination. On receiving K at the Falls irom tne railway company it was discovered tnat an immense quantity ol uostiy laces, most of which has descendea through tbe family to tbe Baroness, aud is valued at a very large amount, had beau stolen irom one of her trunks. the locks of which cud been wrenched off by some thieves who gained access to tue baggitgu car. The company's officers have smce that time devoted ibeir enemy to the iccovery of the property without clfecL. The articles stolen consist in part of three volants (flouncesj, each reu meters long, in all thirty-three yards, lor corsage (waist), similar laces, eleven yards; live and a bait corsage, one-tliinl ol a meter in width; five volants (Oonnces), one-nurd meter wide, flrw-uve yards; for corsage (waist;, one-ouarter meter wide, eleven yurds; two volants (flounces) with tuniquc, twenry- two yaitts; lour ditto similar laces, forty-seven yards, lor mantilla, five and a half yards; two valants (Uouuccsj, twenty-two yards; HTLy- livc yards of laoes of various widths and designs and otucr property, swelling the total to several tliousaud dollars. It is unueistood Uiui me Baron. desponding ol ever recovering ttie property, has applied to the company to reimburse him for lina loss with 110 success, unii consequently he has j'ust offered a reward or 94,000 lor its return, li is likely tuat tins large reward will result m the detection of some of the butfg»*re smashers who travel on the railroads for express purpose ot ronblng pn^sea- gers ani ilieir couimeutent at the Central Police littiuo. where the robbery lias been reported. SEW iL SS'SKIUGEXCE. Jcrwcy Cify- TIIE BOARD OK EDUCATION held a special meeting yesterday afternoon at the City Hall to elect a principal for No. 4 public scUoui. A vote was taken und resulted m eight for Edward Kelly, of IloboKcn, and eight for K. A. Jocelyn, or Bergen. Alter repeated voting vvitu the bame result lue Board resorted to balloting, but no election could be At last Judge Randolph arose aud delivered a few temperate and appropriate remarks, which were wen received, ana recommended the nominal ion oi Jlr. Kelly. Tins candidate was tuereupon elected, ana the Board adjourned. P'.itcr.tioii. FASS.UC COUNTY COURTS-- The Decetnber term of Passalc County Courts convened ut Paterson yester day morning, Judge Beaie presidiiirr, with Associate Judges Daggers, Terhune and Saudford. Colonel Pluiip KaCerty is fdreman ol tlie Grand Jury. Alter opening the court was aujoumed out of respect to the memory of Mr. William uedhiil, a prominent member of the bar, whose death occurred about a week since. A meeting of the bar was subsequently hold, ana appropriate resolutions of condolence were adopted, owing to tue uiekey murder trial at HackensacK not being completed, and Judge Bedle being obliged to attend thereat, ttie courts were adjourned until ten o'clock Thursday morning. Passalc. ARBEST OF TUE CoRpouATiox.-- Nearly all the members of tae Passalc village Council were under arrest yesterday, at the instigation of a colored woman, named Susan Wilson, who coarces them, with malicious mischief. The crime consisted in moving her house, winch stood in tne way ol a new avenue being opened, and uolhine but a criminal action would satisfy her. The councilmcu were released on bail. Trenton. SHOCKIKQ DEATS FKOM liYOKorHosiA.-- At fiva o'clock yesterday morning a man named Alexander McDonald, residing in the village or Yardviile, a short distance from this city, diea Irom hydrophobia, having been bitten by a little dog about two weeks since. Tne canine was owned by a negro named Ellas Johnson, was small and handsome and bv no means considered vicious. McDonald took the animal up ou his arms and was taking it home when it bit his hand slightly. TBe man thongnt Homing ol the o-ccurrenc« and took a Orrnk ot water on arriving at Dome, Three days ago he felt thirsty but on being oflered waier he recoiled from the draught with abhorrence, and shortly after was seized with spasms, accompanied with the most writhing agony, which continued till yesterday morning when he succumbed. During his sufferings he occasionally had lucid intervals and conversed quite calmly oil the occurrence, but manifested such a painful horror of l!ie periodical convulsions that he earnestly besoucut the attending physicians to bleed him to aeath. The unfortunate man leaves a wife and fainiiv. The colored boy, Lewis, tue owner or the doc, was also bitten By the animal a few days ago, and tae fate of McDonald has BO paralyzed him with lear that it is apprehended his disordered imagination will super- induce nydrophonial symptoms. The dog has since been killed by Lewis. ATTEMPTED JUMPER Man Attacked for a Prize of §300--The Kuffiuns Try to Tbrow Him in tb£ iJivur. The Ninth precinct, noted for some time for its quietude, last ntclit had its sensation. Officer Liird, about eight o'clock, heard a cry at the foot of West Thirteenth street, and a heavy plash. He hurried to tne pier and found a man struggling In the water. By extraordinary efforts the officer, aided by citizens, rescued the man and conveyed him to the Charles street station house in an almost insensible state. Captain Washburne and his officers immediately gave him some stimulants aud resuscitated him, when he stated that his name was Adam jBamberaer, a tailor by occupation, and worked at the store of Tftomas Wiley, corner of Tenth and Hudson streets--a brother of Captain Wiley, the late candidate for Police Justice or the Ninth district. Ue further stated that at a late hour yesterday afturnoou he drew the sum or $390 rrom tbe Bowery Savings Bank, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of his contemplated marriage, and about dark entered a saloon in Bleecker Btreer, there he became acquainted with two men, with whom he had several drinks, and in whose company be visited several moons. Being in the vicinity «f the. river, and having occasion to retire, ho went behind two' large DoUers, when he was get npon by his companions, wrlpped or hie money and hurled into the river. Wnen taken Into tne station house the man's condition confirmed big story. The orilcer, however, officer-lite, stated that lie was In the neighborhood, and a moment before he heard the cry of the victim was in conversation with his captain.. who ia m charge -or JDelatneter'B Iron works, .and that he saw no one approach from the direction indicated. Oaptam Wttgubtirne, who 14 inclined to' credit the otory of the baptised man, la exerting himself to diswwr the aniUora ol low latest outrage. BROOKLYN CITY. YARD iccuwKT.-- 1 man named employed in the Navy Yard, had one of his legs EO badly injured yesterday, a large piece of iron having fallen upon it, that the BUrgeona at tho Hospital were compelled to amputate the limb. BfiVBgys cojj.EcnoNs.-Tte J2Jlo-trinS flsnres show tne internal revenue $ii®~ttiot~ made by collector James 5H el ^i W»he Second Collection district, ror the pafi seven months, and also tne sums collected the same months vhe year previous:-Months. 1868. T SS5 ........................... $206,402 June ........................... 376,696 July ........................... 176,942 August ........................ 188,779 September ..................... 152,179 October ........................ 142,131 November ..................... 167,504 1869. fMO.231 803,921 192,899 172,819 180,408 185,891 171,131 Total ...................... $1,330,638 $1,715,899 Increase in seven months .................... $325,354 BABIN6 HIGHWAY MBBEBY IS BBGOKIYK, A Broker Knocked Down and Bobbed or Upwards of Two Thousand Dollars-- The Bntchcr Cart Came. Kevins 'street, between Schermerhom and Living- Eton streets, Brooklyn, was the scene or one of the most audacious highway robberies that has ever occurred in that city. The victim was Mr. Daniel M. Sweeny, a broKer, doing business at No. 104 Nassau street, Kew York, who resides at No. 20 Kevins, in the rormer city. It appears that Mr. Sweeny waa on his way home, at about hair-past seven o'clock, carrying with him a leather satchel in which were $2,000 m greenbacks and several endorsed checks ror various amounts. When he had reached a dark point of Kevins street, about 100 feet Irom his residence, he was assaulted rrom behind by two ruffians and knocked senseless to the sidewalk. His satchel which contained the money was seized and the two ruffians jumped Into a butcner's cart. which was in waiting, and from which they were observed to aught a moment before by a citizen, and drove rapidly away with their booty. The gentleman who witnessed the occurrence gave the alarm, and hastened to the assistance of the prostrate gentleman, who was severely injured about the head. Pursuit on foot was useless, and the rognes were soon out of sight. One or the robbers is tall in stature, and wore a black suit of clotnes and dark hat; the other, who is a short man, was also dressed in black. There was a third party, who remained in tlie cart and officiated as driver. The horse attached to the butcher's vehicle was a dark bay. The wagon was painted in dark colors. Mr. Sweeny was undoubtedly -spotted" while leav ing his oiUce with tlie money, and was rollowed by the rogues until they reached tlie sequestered soot where the robbery was commuted. Toe police or the various precincts were noticed or the affair from the Central Ofllce, and every effort is bemg made to eireet the arrest ot tne ruthans. SOW AT A REPUBLICAN BEETISS ID B3QOKLYS. TUs Genera! Committee (republican) or countv recently appointed a committee of three to conduct a new enrolment or members of the sixth Ward Republican Committee, the old books of the latter organization being incoinpteta, owing to the long period or years that has elapsed since the books were made out. A primary election is shortly to be held. Two members ot a sub-committee of the Sixth Ward Club, appointed to consider ti:e plan or enrolment with the General Committee men, objected to tue whole affair as an intrlugement upon the rictus of their organization, aetuatcd by a desire to carry the approaching primaries by excluding the newly enrolled members rrom voting. 'I he latter gentlemen are endorsed highly and are in every war eligible to membership. Last evening tne chairman (Mr. Cockle) refused to hear any motion from the side or tne house ravorable to the action of tne General Committee, and declared the report of the opponents of the re- enrolment measure as adopted. A general row ensued, there were several Knock downs, the police w(y:e cmled in and the lights turned on". Tne meeting was thus summarily dissolved. The re-curol- ment will be enforced by the Republican ceiieral Committee notwithstanding. THE PBJZE BIHG. Jem Mare anil Tom AUcn. [From the New YorK Clipper, Dec- il.] THE AMERICAN CHAHI'lOASUir-- TOM ALLL.V WILL ri'ijnT MACE ro:i So.ooO--LETTER J'KOK AI.I.KN. By tne noon intui of the 2Ptu inst. we received tlie communication which appears below, written on behalf of Tom Allen, imimatlng nia willingness to encounter Jem Mace, it will be observed mat lie therein proposes to do battle lor SiSUO a, side, and Irom this we are lea to infer that tie aad not, at tne period or writing, receive J our wane or last wees, in which it was stated that Mace would not re-enter tUu Tl«l5 ivr a. \«UM niliu VUUU 3»,OUO a UIV1U. TlietO arii many persons In the West so favorably Impressed with. Allen's abilities as a lighter amce he Hrst put up lna haiidb in tlus counlry iUat there is little n'any doubt that they will willingly liud double the Mini mentioned m tue communication lor him. N c expect to be better advised in the mailer in time ror our next ibsue, ana now call attention to Alien's card:-- ST. Louie, Dec. ic, rera. FEANK QUIZFX--DEAR Put--I nee ly your last iseue that Jem Miire has accepted Turn Allen's eliallenye. Tom Alleu Iws been very sick I'or tbe last week--so bad as to be uoulmed tu his house-and coiaii Dot attend to tbe challenge, as he would have done byietilrn il" mail. Allen Is ready to meet Jem Mace, to draw up articles, put, up a lorteit ol yUU, ami meet him lilf way between hern and New York, which would be about Tittiburg. The light to late place liity miles from Cincinnati, or lifty miles from Detroit, which will fetch us in Canada. Allen, as you know, has been in training live different times during the last year, and thttt 12 enough tor anv une; consequently he needs some rcat. Should thit inept with Jem Maee'B approvtU Tom Allen will light hun for $i,500 a side, sis months irom the dale of Eignin;; articles, anil us the citizens of Jst, Louis are getting up a champion belt to be presented to Tom Allen, the lattci will put up the Eaid champion belt agalost Jem Mace's champion belt of Knj;land. fiow if Mace means bllbiucsil let him put up or shut up, ror Allen docs not intend to take notice ot anything but business. Voura respectfully, JSlUj* CAUROljt., for TOM ALLEX, ChampioQ of America, IliHy Eclwnrds aad Patsy Sheppard. NO MATCH MADE Yi!T--FIGHT TALK BETWKKN COL- LY£B AN1I EOWAUUS--TIM COLLINS CHALiENGKS ANVJIODY--EOWAKUS' CUALLESUB TKKOWN Ol'IJN TO ALL Tne call issued by Billy Edwards resulted in a meeting being lield on Saturday, ibili inst., at tnls office, lor ihe purpose or arransimj*a matcli between birn and Patsy Sheppard, at which botli parties were present, but nothing was doue. owlasr, il was stated, to those who nad promised to back Slieppard railing to make good their word, a further meeting bemj? arranged for Monday, 20th. Patsy, who was accompanied by Barney Aaron, ielt with the Intention of proceeding; to Sew llaven aud obtaining the required amount from some of liis frleuds there, bat during the evening lie met Tommy Oostello, an up town sport, wno, upon hearing how masters stood, volunteered to Una a century lor Bheppard, promising to Be present with tue sugar at the second meeting. Monday brought together an olu 1'aslmmed crowd, Edwards ttavinu for adviser tne far sighter! Booney Harris, and Sheppard being accompanied, as before, by Barney Aaron. Costello. However, did not make his appearance, though they waited a full liour past lue time appointed, and 60 no satisfactory arrangement was eflected. I'atsy seemed union chagrined at tula state or affairs, saying tnat rather tlian have the affair end tnus he woultt nsrhi for a few Hundred dollars if anybody would put it up: bat as ne couldn't do It himself nothing could be done, and so tlie matter ended, giea'tiy to the regret of all present, especially Edwards. The latter, who placed au additional $160 in tue Hands of tne temporary leaseholder on the 18tli insl., making $280 in all, tnmka it very strange, alter Sheppard talking BO inueli and repeatedly challenging him, that now. when tne time for putting up arrives, tie cannot lind anybody to put up a dollar ou him, aud advises uiiu to Know where the money is corning irom before lie indulges ta so much bounce. Sam Coiiyer's brother came on from Baltimore on the morning ol the 20th, and, after tne negotiations ended between Edwards and Patsy, made a proposition on behalf of ham to nght at US pounds for the tight-weight championship; but Billy said he would not mill at mat weight, but would meet Col Iyer ac tne same weight they fought before--ril pounds--weigh the morning of the fight, wnlch was in accordance with the terms of His challenge. Sam's brother then said he would make the matcli to ncht at 121 iba., aad weigh the day before the flglitmtr, but he was not authorized to do more, than that. Thus the matter ended, and whether anythintr will come of one or other of the proposed matches time alone can ten. In the meantime Edwards leaves Bis original challenge to light at l-'4 IDS., weigh on tue morning or lighting, open to auy man in the country. Below will be lound a communication from Sam Colljer, who is certainly very anxious for a match witU his old opponent:-- BAI.TIMOKK. Md., Dec. 16,1669. FBIKNI QUEEN--I see that Edwarus is OUL in a. challenge to Patsy Sheppard, which T think looks very bad on his pan, as every one knows that 1 have been after him, and anxious all the Ume to make a match for fun or for as much as ho could raise; and as he did so faithfully promise to give me the first chance If he ever fought, I tliiu£ that if he don't keep hie promise and fight me first, nothing but fear la the cause. But I think that, taking into consideration that I am the champion of light weights, that wlh Induce hliB to come right out nat-footcd to compete for it in a good, square, staod up battle. Kespectfully yours, SAM COLLYF.R, Champion of light wclfiliLs. We neglected to mention aoove that Aaron during the meeting offered to light Edwards at .120 ponnds for $2,800 a side, upon the latter saying that he could get to that weight, to which Billy replied that tie would see certain parties, aud if they [bought well of it he would ao so. Tim Collins has also been stirred ap By Edwards' blast ol defiance, and by the .following it will be seen that he accepts Billy's challenge, go there is a chance for a matcli in some quarter. Read Tim's letter:-- HiKULSalAD. Dec. 18,1869. EDITOB NKW YOBS CLIVPEE:-- ' DXAJl SIB--Having seen a communication hi roar issue or ,tne 18tTi from Billy Edward* to flght Patsy Sheppard for SI,000, at 124 pound, or catch weight, and If ha dam not ao cent the match to tlgHt Sam Collyeror any other man in tbo country at 1M pounds, weigh on the morning of uie fight, I now propose to fight Billy Edwards, at bl« own terms, two monun rromi tlgnlng articles, and weigh on tbe morning of Ui« debt, for Sl.UOO; and to (how that I mean bualneii I have tent aPosi Office order for flWaa forfeit, the flght to take r!ac« In Canada. Bf nte covering my forfeit and «udlnc fee arflolM tome, In care of Mr. John Marrj, Marblenead, ilau^ I-wUUIcn them.. If npt acupted by Edwards I wilt Uffjit any nutn m America at 1M pounds, to weigh on tbo mornlnij of nghllag, for 81,050 a lido. _¥onrai respectfully, i l Id CO.LiljJ.Ntj. S H I P P I N G N E W S , Almanac for New York--Tim Day* SOB rises....^7. 7211 Moon rises.... eve 8 39 Sunsets 4 36 | Higli water..mora 10 50 FORT OF HEW YORK, DECEMBER 21, 1309. Herald Packages. Captains and Pursers of Veeeela arriving at this port will please deliver all pacK£ee intended for the HERALD to our regularly authorized agents who are attached to our Steam Yacht licet. The New York Associated Press do not now collect marine reports nor attend to the delivery of packages, AS will be seen by the following extract from tlie proceedings of the regular monthly meeting, held March 3,1868:-Resolved, That on and after April 1,1868, t:tie Associated Press will discontinue the collection of ship news in the harbor of New York. Passed unanimously. flg?- The office of tne HBBAU ateam yichta JAMES and JEAXMETTH la at Whitehall slip. All communications from owners and consignees to the masters of inward bound, vessels will be forwarded free of charge. CLEANED. Steamship Colorado (Br), Williams, Lirerpool-- Williams Guion. Sieamship Alaska, Gray, Aspinwall--Pacific Jtail Steamship Co. Steamship Virgo, Bulfcley, Savannah--Murray, Ferris Co. Steamship Charleston, Berry, Charleston--Bl B Horgan Co. Steamship Niagara, Blakeman, Norfolt, Cfcy Point and Richmond--Old Conun !on Steamship Co. SteamshioGIaucua. TCaldeo. Boston---W P ClvdP. Ship Lake Ontario (Br), Bairnsoa, Liverpool--Geo H Mar-' iln- Khip Frolic. Bush, San Francisco--G D Sutlon, Bart Lady of the Lake (Br), Bramer. Bristol--Murray. Ferris A Co. Bark Kosrnos (NG), Warden* Geaoa--Fred Scnwoon. Brig Sam Waller (Br), VanvelJ, Faimouth--G F Bulley. Biig Stella (Nor). OJeen, Bilboa--Wecdt, 1'etens £ Bock- manu. Brit; Sultana (Br), Pleront, Oporto--S F Bulley. Brig Velocity (Ur), DarreU, Deiaerara via Wilmington* NC-Balley Nash. // Brig L H Colby (BO- Jones, Guaotaniuco--TVcydell Co. Brig Choice (lir), Browne, St John, NB--P I Jievius Sons. Brig Florence (ErJ, Pye, St John, KB--Crandall, TTmphray A Co. Bris P Iiarrabee, Croweil, Sarannab--Smith Snecfcner. Schr Henry Whitney, Perkins, Point a Ji'itre (Quad;--B P Shennsu. ScbrCont Nash* Coffin, Point e. PHre (Gnad)--MHler Bonchton. ScfirS W Smith, looker. Chaiiceton--K L McCready Co: Schr John, RoLins, Wilmington, NC- Scbr C K McCourillc, Fletcher, Baltimore--R P Bucfc Co. Schr C E Paynter, Hawkins, New Bavea--G K Racfcett Bro. Schr Comclia, Eaton, Bridgeport-- G K Kackett Bro. SchrK Bloumiieid, Bobbie, itamJord. ARRIVALS. KEForor.n BT THE HERALD STIUM YACHTS. Steamship San Salvador, Nickf rson. Savannah Dec IS, with mdsu and DaBgengers. to W B GamEuii. Steamship llanbattan, WooUhuU, Charleston Bee 19, with mdse and passengers, to H R Morgan Co. Dec £0, at 8 AM, jiasaea a US revenue steamer, towing a ligluboat, with '·(jalveston" painted on the quarter, bound S; Kime time, saw EteamEtsIp Marlpusa* hence for New Orleans; same day, at 2:30 I'M, saw steamships Sherman, Rapidan, and Tillie, all bound S. Steamship Saratoga, Couch, Richmond, Ctty Point and Norfolk, with indse and passengers, to Old Dominion rfteam- suip Co. Ship Blandma Dudley fBi% Wilson, Liverpool, 50 days, with rodsc, to 'Iaoa Dunham's Kephew i: Co. 'look the southern passage, aud had line weather to Bermu'Is; has been 15 dars Irom that point, with heary SE and N W gales, lost ami split saiiSj stove bulwarks, Ac. Bark Yumtirl (Br), Johnson, Sa#na, y days, with sugar and molasses and 2 passengers, to Waydeii Co. Had line weather. Sailed in company with brig G D Lincoln, for Kew York. _ _ _ ,, ___ 0 _ ________ _____ passage: foretopgallantaail, split foresail, Ac. Schr Alice Oak», Pillsbury, Ga'veston, -20 days, with cotton, c to W B Krovrn Co. SchrE Kichardton, Nelson, ApaJacbicokt, 23 days, with lumber, to Snow KfuhardKon. Has bcCT 1'2 days north of Hutterss; was blown across the Gulf Stream twice bv strong , splitting sailf and doing conflawable damns': to trie vessel ; Det; 19. Iitt £5 40, Ion 73 5U T while lying to In a very heavy tate trotn JJ1V", shipped a Iremendous sea, which broke sway tlie fastening* of deck load, w-iahmy it, together with tlit: water casts, overboard, started lor ward house and. filled tbe forecastle ;tnil galley with water. Iuc S, la.1 26 05, Ion 7j 2£, spoke schr Webster Barnard, from JJostoa for Jactsuii- rille- Kchr Mountain Laurel, Langlev, Jacksonville, 12 days, with lumber, to Eprtinger A Unsscli -- VPEBC! to Jed Frve A Co. Schr \V H Tier, Ticc, Newbera. Ac, 7 days, with naval stores, to Thomas, Hutaies AT Co. Tbe bark Ylnuj, which arrived £(Jtb, is consigned to Geo F Euiley, not 113 hc'ore. 1'a.ssed TfarsiusrEr He!! (»ate, ' BOUM) 6OL T IH. Steamship AshVini!, Crowell* Boston for New York, with muse, to \V l* civde. tfchr 1'into, Tike, Lubec, 6(lsyH, for Nuw Yort, witliGsh, to Jed Frye .t. Oo. Sriir JH 11 teLin»«r, 'Vhra-aher, Full Itwei- for Baltlmortt. Schr \Vm llcmcnt, 1'eimey, Quinccy 1'oint for rhlla-imphia, Schr Clara Mernck, Hanii, ^iew iluren for .North Caju- Jina, Schr L HnHaway, Iryant, New llavca lor New York. Schr Milliard Kilmiort. I1QCWD B4ST. Schr Star, Crowell, Philadelphia for Boston. Schr More Light, Blatchford, N-w Yoric f*u- C.ilais. Schr Brit/ioH, Kelsey, Wew York lor New Hui-eia. SAILED. Steamships Cimbria, Hamburt;; Alaska, Asplnwall; A'frgo, Savannah; Ohancbtou, lor Charictjtou; JMai-ara. Kicnmond ic. Wind at sunset E, Ifcht. Itlarine Uisii-stars. STFAMflllir ClROAbBiAN -- 'Four Haulers, n.-]th cargo from etesunahi]) Cirtafibian* from New OrlenUb, ,-tfeiiure at dqiiam, arrived AH 2 1st, and in good condition. The, vessel is tight. She was hove snmc: Ml feet moruing tide of tue 2GLh, and at night H wus support! she was moved, a^,ua. 1'roBpecta of the ship floating are very fuvorftble. SHIP DUNCAN (Br% Mclaness, of and from Prince Edward's Island for Krlstol, before ruportftil on thi: Cerborug Rock, olf Ariuhat, has slipped and, sunk, her mastheads only being above water. SHIP WAI WILOOX, from Alicante for Philadelphia, before reported us ashore above Delaware Brenkwyier, waa tjoL oil at 9:30 AM JJlst inst. d BAUK WJI SilAlLEE(whaIer, of Salem), which put into Rio Janeiro Nov £5 dismasted, lias bcu cuitilemned. BKlGCYl'EUS(Br), McCarty, Irnm Bd fait for afatanzjjs, with a cargo cf coul »nd raaciiinery, was totallv wrecked on the iiry ConJUes at daybreat moral ui; of ihe 4tli lust. The crew were saved and taken to Uavaiia by tbe Spanish gunboat Maria. Scint CAPITOL (of Frankfort), Boberls ; bound to Bucksport, while eettmg undur wav rtl Pitlern AM of li*th t drained ashore on the wcaterly side of Winter Island, but would pro' bably come olf next Utle. We arc under obliRatioug to purter .lolm B Moffett, of the steamship .Manhattan, from Charleston, for favors. jtfotico co lilari tiers. EAST KEACQdi-- BATvDY UOOK. U S IjIGlITJJOUtiK DEPOT, TOWpKIN'SVItl.'E, Stateii Island, Ijec i(l, lbol.f 2tt consequence ut the washing away of the north point of Sandy Hooir, the East .Beacon at ihaL point will be moved about 4tJ0 lent to the southward, toward the mam light. The present range with the latter wi.l !e retained. Consequently, vessels in passjug it wilt be caret ul to give the £.ast Beacon a wider berth than heretofore. By order of the Lightbouae Board, CHAKLES S liOGGS Lighthouse Inspector, 3d dist. fcfliri'AN POINT IJUOY GONE ATHtlFT. Ntw-YoaK, Dec 20.1869. TO THE EDITOR OF TUft NE^ YORK IlERAl.tK-- SIB -- Tim buoy lias been gone from Sluppan Point, Long Island Sound, lor hums days. Please give notice in IIKRA.LI and oblige J I MIKER, Coast Pilot. Whalemen. Sailed from Sao Francisco llth insl, ship Florida, Fraser, to cruise. Bark Cugenfa, of NB, Nye, waa at Bravo, CYI, Jfov 7, cleaUf all well -- bound Soutu. Ship Vinevard, of Kdgartown, Smith, was at Honolulu repairing, to go North the fourth season- ihc estimated expense by tbe survey amounting to jji2S*'0, Ship Europa, of Edgrtown. Mellen, was at Honolulu, having taken during the past Season 5CO bbh wh Oil and 57UU IbB bone. Scbr Sarah A Lewis, Paine, cleared at Boston 20th inst for Atlantic Ocean. S ii olf en. Bark Wallace, Adams, 16 days from Montev-Jeo for at Thomas. NOT 14, lut 20 S, lou SI. Foreign Forts. AX-TWKKP, Dec 19-- Arrired, bark E R A (Br), McOtf loch, Philadelphia. _ . . , . . . . . v, lens, , . , . Morning Light, Lavender, Cadiz; 10th, Sarah Hobart, Croston, Portland; * ( Allce," from New Vorfc, Sailed Oct 15, barfca Mary M Uird, Packard, Valparaiso; £9th (not SKd), Arizona, Carver, NYort; Kov 10, La. Plata, Crowell, do; John U Pawon, Taylor, Boston. In port Oct 25 (back date), barks Ar^ner, Tibbetts; J B Oa-rrer, fordo do; Clara il Ooodnch, Look, for Boston do; Minute Abbe, Harding, unc; ailu others. BATt«Aios, Dec 10--Arrived, achr Kichard Hill, Homan, CAI OCTTA, Nov 9--In port ships WhiiUer, Swap, for New York; iimtly Karnuni, Smies, for do Idu; barKa Lizzie U. KOSB, for do; Nonautum, Day, for Boston Itlg; h-adosh, Gray, for Colombo _,, , ,,,, Arrived at do prior to Dec 1, bark Ellsworth, Woodward, Proceeding down tho river Nov 2, ship Ocean (Fr), Kotu-, rier, fbr tf York. . , ., GJLLLX, Nov J5-Arrived, snip Arlineton, Newcombj Liver- P °Gn AND TURK, TI, Dec e-Jn port bark Kremlin (not Cram- ~lcn), Emerson, from Guailaloilpa via St Thomas I'or Inaeua. · Arnvt-d'at do Dec 2, brig Warta Kerguson, Stepheni, .New - YorJc.- . HAL IK AS, Dec 1»--Arrived, brij? Gladiatcur. Nickerson, KVork; achr Carrie Krazicr, Krcenian, Bflltimore. Sailed 1'Jtb, brig Ask (Nor), having repaired, Belfast, T. IdiOiiOKN, Dec 4--la port nhip Ouardiau, Borland, from and for NYork, arrived Wor 2S. L.votTAYKA, .Nor 13--Arrived. Rchr Ella Hodntlon, Boda* dou, W York (and cleared 23d for Navaasa). FKBNAMBUCO, Nov 29--Arrived, ichr R W Brown, fforton, NVork; EOlli, ihip LoUle Maria (llr), Or.Mlam, Howluid'i Isl- »nd for -TM-. . . Sailed Kov 30, brie Little Fury (Br), Cunnlntfbam, N?ork; I'or t la (br), Thompson, Delaware Breakwater. QDEENBTOWN. Dec 21--Arrlved, 8team«hip City of Paris, Mlrchouie, NYork for Liverpool (and proceeded). ST.JOHN, NB, Dec 30-- Arrived, bark Jeunio Cobb, 1 Tan Icy, Proridtnce: brigs Leoua (Brj. Tlngley, and Jfiary Givan, Rob- ertaon, XYorh; U H Wright, Scorsport; Gondolfcr (Br), Kob- erlA. Boston; Bchr W K Chapman (Br), Buck, NYork, Cleared 2UtU, brig Clara J Adama, Malan/ae; gclire Narra eaniett, Cardenas; R A Ford, Philadelphia. Arrlred at do 21SL bark Uoo Walker, Walker, Boston ;'hrlfis "Walthm, HamraoTtlfH Ilouiton. French, and Nellie Ware,' do) scbr Add la. riiilkdelpbta. YOKOHAMA, Kov 16--Jn port Kiilpa Nlghtingalo, fiparrow, American Ports. CC 2 °- Arrlr!l1 ' schr Fraol£ Atwood, Bacon; Olenred-Steamshfns Albambra, Wright, Savannah; BI.A- 8one,Iove!anil, Jiorfolk; ship Jegaa (Br), llnyeu, Si jutS, JSB. Sailed--Steamship Alhnmbra; barfca Bessie Simpson, an Pearl; brig Redwood. Brigs Mary E Dana, and P M Thike? went to aea from the Roads Sunday evening. ShU-Arrtrod. brigs Fannie Lincoln. Bryant, Turks Clauds; Eliza Thompson, Dill, Guaytmilla; Hattle S Bishop* Webber, Sagua; Pomona, Molyneux.Azua; Senator, Fault- Hn. NYork; A C Thomas, Allamaha River. BALTIMORE, Dec 2U--Arrived, achrs E L Gregory, Thom« dike, Providence; SJ FOIL UYork. Cleared--Steamship Wm Kennedv. Parker, Boston: srhro W H Thorudike, Hall, Georgetown. fcC: Arm Cartel, WeeccU, Fall River; Ii M Reed, Stcelman, Providence; Laura WelHatch.aOd OB Webb. Knight, do; ALButl«r, Butler, Boston; 8 Morgan, VanCleaf, Jeraey City; j y Smith-, Newbury, Hob6k?n, . Slst--Arrived, steamship \v*m Lawrence, Hallett, Boston. CHARLESTON, Dec 21--Arrived, steamgbln Champion. NYork;shin RC Winthrop, do. ' v ** mmv v FALL KIVER. Dec la-Sailed, brig J W 'Woodruff, Has- feell, NYork; schrs Saml Fish, Teel, James River; San Jones. NYork. 20th-ArrIved, brig H C Brooks, Brigfis. Philadelphia; scbrg Caroline Kienzie, Studams, Alexandria: Mediator, Gage. anl Jabcz L White, Weeks, Elizabethport. HOLMES'HOLE, Dec 18, PM--Arrived, Bcbra Frank Atwood, HlgplDs, Tangier for Boston; Ephralm Anna, Green, Boston for Philadelphia. Returned--Brigs Proteus, Lizzie Troop; scans Evelyn, Vjo- la, Garland, Impudence, Kedron, J Morton, A Ii Cm, Jaoe, Isaac Keen. Passed by--Schr King Bird (Br), llenneon, from St Johu. KB, for NYork. 19lh--Arrived (and sailed), brig Josephine, Skinner, Baltimore for Boston; achr Jessie Hart 3d, Pierson, Philadelphia for do. * Sailed--Bark Narasota: brigs Hattla S Bishop, Fannlo Lincoln, Jas Mnrchie, Mary C Mariner, Hattie B, Miiwau- kie, Eiiza Thomson, Slarcha, Proteus, Lizzie Troop; sciira Alligator, Julia Clinch, Anna Currier, Caroline, \alhalU» Josephine, Carroll,'Pomona, Gipsey, J F Carver, Sinaloa^ Frank Atwood, Unexpected, Evelyn, Viola, Garland, Ina/m- dencc, Kedroo, J Morton, A H-Cain, Isaac Keen,Earab; Jane. Passed by--Scar Ida F Wheeler, Dyer, from Philadelphia for Portland. 20th, AM--Arrived, brigs Aroostoofc, Lord, Cadiz for BOB- ton; Frank E Allea, Clerk, Cardenas for Portland ;Manta- nilla. Spear, Wilmington, NC, for Kcnnebunkport; score D Bickford Br), Frisbee* Port au Prince for Boston: Fannto H Bucklio, Bncklin, Charleston for do; Emma ft Graham, Smith; Julia A Garrison, Smith, and Emily A Bartle, Smitb* Philadelphia for do; Ilannie Weslbroot, Littlejohn, Port Johnson for Portland. 9 AM--Sailed, brigs Aroostoofc, Frank E Allen. ManiftniUa; schrs Ephrafm . Anna, Faiinie II BuckHn, Ernnja. It Graham. Julia A Garrison, Emily A Bartle, Hannie Westbruoic, Gen Williams. KEY WEST, Dec 6--Arrived, F chra M B Mehoney, Anderson, NYork (and cleared 10th for (Jedax Kevs); 9th, KIDK- gold, Filer, Pensacoia; lOtb, steamship Varuna, Spencer a Xiforb for Galveston (and proceeded). Cleared 9th, actTR Sea Bird, Parks, Pensacola; 10th, Julia, Caraaler, Matanzas. MACHIAJ5, Dee 9-Sailed, schr Abble IngallB, Ingalls, York. NEW ORLEANS, Dec 15--Arrived, steamships Teutonia., Bahrends, Hamburg; Alliance. Livingston, Havana. Below., ship Kowantree, Lewis, from Rio Janeiro. Cleared--Steamship Lodonrij Hovey, NYork; ships North* Smith, Boston. Su.Ued--Steamship New York; brigs Trinidad, Lucy W Snow, Maria Isabel. PAOS A 1,'OUTRS, Dec 16--Arrived, brigs Pronta, Campa., Uavana;Oriou, Chisholra, Rio Janeiro. JJAKTUCKET, Dec ll--Arrived, schrs L O Foster, Eldndj-w, NYork.; 13th, Onward, tiorhsim, do. Sailed 12th, schr Minetta, Ltbby, Nrorfc. KEWBUltVrORT, Dec 19--Arrived, schr Gen Knos, Lovell, ElizabethportviaSaIem(idtowof steam, tug Clover, o* Boston). NEWBEDFOBD, Dec 18--Arrired. echrs J S WhJIMeo Croweli,Philadelphia; 19th, John II Perry, Kelley, do; 20tb 3 " Cohassett. Gibbe," do; R. B Emiih, NicfcersOD, NYork. NEWPORT, Dec 18, PM--Arrived, brigs David B Donna, Veazie, Fall River for NYork; Frank E Allen. Clark, Carde* nas for Portland; scars Maggie (Br), Reddy, NYork for Halifax, NS; Emma F Lewis, Pierce, Provincetown for Tangier; Sainl Fish, Teel, Fall River foroamea Kiver, Va; Mary Emma, Brown, do for Rooklnnd. 19th, I'M--Arrived, schrs Lizzie W Hanum, Wiley. Port* land for Tangier; Forest Hume, Thorn; Justina, Keen, Sarah J Guruey. Gurney. Providence for'N York. 20th. 8AM--Arrived, bri^JL Bowen, Amsbury, Savannnb for Havre; schrsJuha A Crawford, Young. Philadelphia;; David A Berry, Waters, EHzabetliport; Edward Lee. Wilson s Newiniryport for Philadelphia; Fred Dunbar, Ounbur, Providence for BfiUfmore; HeIen*-P, Jones, Boston for NYorfc. NEW LONDON, Dec 18--Arrived, schrs Grace Girdler-, Smith, Philadelphia for Boston; Geo Hunt, NYort for do5 Mary A, Jellereou, do for Sa'em. NORWICH. Dec 18--Arrived, schr Black Diamond, Mef* rill, HotHiken Sailed--Solirs Henrietta, Lindon, rhiladelphia; Kutb Hal* scy, P^rry, NYork, , N K W II 4.VEN, Dec 50--Arrived, schrs Paitpiasctt. Staples Katie JHoyt, Parker, and Henry ilobart, Morrison, Haiti*' PHJLADKLPHIA, Dec 20--Arrived, brig Etta M Tuckenj Tucker, NYork; Bclir Hiawatha, Lee, TsewburyporL Cleared--Hurt B Rogers (Br), Crosby, Antwerp; brig Ace» Ha Thurlow, Gnliifion, do. PORTLAND, Dec 18--Arrived, brijr Emma, Smart, I'o* naire; schr SI L Newton, Calms for iYort; Bteamcr Dinyo, Johnson, NYork. ClCitred--.iieamfihip Nova Scotian (Br), Watts, Liverpool {ami Bulled). Sdth--Arrived, bark Andct, Shepherd, Kapia; tchrs Jamco Tilden, NYorlc; Fair Wind, Port Johnson; L Snow, Ploudoul? Oi"oi*.imbo, NYorfc. Cleared--Suhr Eddie F Treat, CnrdenaH. PORTPMOUXH, Kov 16--Arrived, Bchr Annie Harris, UaT* ria, Norfolk. PLY MOUTH, Dec 11--Arrived, schrfl Wave, FalkinghanOj NYnrk. I'ROYTDENCE. Dec IS--Arrived, scar Anccline Vanclcar, Hcntli, lilizabethyort. Sailed -Schrs Jt'rrd Dutilmr, Dunbar, Baltimore; Juatinna Ky«n, NYork. 19tli--Arrived, sciira AdtliK Walton, Eich, Mobile; Weicomo K li«iibc-, Loziur, Savunnah; Laura ItobtasuD, ItobintjoD a Port Johnson, Failed--Sehr Sarah J Gurnev, Garncy, NYork. 20i!i--Arrived, sehri Wm iJu'tler, Kuowlcs, NnnBeinnniT, Tu; tftta M Story, Jvcllcy, NaiilicoKe RIv«r; George Fnics, Litt!u;M V Cook, F.'ilkeiiburfi; West Wind, TownBrud; E Jrvrlnl Adkins: Transit, Kackctt, and Brnndvwine, Aduma^ 1'inladflphia; Hannah 0, Chare, Karitfin River; J Jl (Jun- ninKham, Kellwy; J H Vomitans, Ullderslceve; Oliarl'-H A Oramcr, Karx-ev; li.ivld G Floyd, WccJen; LUzIc liv.-tna, Mahan; John Warren, McGar; Vi'ehetcr Kdley, Uakc'll^ Onrust, Heath; Georgians, Ilrown; Michigan, I'lckenii^} Mary Mershon, Briiihtmau; Win II Aluiller, Murch, ami veil, Rose, Elizabcthport; L Jil Stront, Yeazic, Uondoiit^, "Waterloo, Smith, ana Jopcjiliine, Phrancy, Hoboken; Ch;ircp CoMpLr, Nickvrson, Manhatumvillo; Antecedent, 1'cndieiun- NYort. Bclonr, schr Klla H liarnes. Sailed--Brie Canima, Couml.s, Philadelphin. (or Baltimore); flbhr Ida Bella, Fisher, Portsmouth, It], to load fur Charies-n SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 13--Arrived, barks Miako (Br), Anderson, Yokohama; Utiwaid. Nybcrg, t tsalady. Saiicd--Bark Live Yankee, Wlggm, Astoria. SAVANNAH, Dec 17--Arrived, eliips llrlUah Queen (T!r ft Francis, and Victory, dishing, Liverpool; brig AuuantJaJo (Br, toley, Prince Edward'R Jbiuad, (.JleareJ Sachr Coquette, Cruce, Naaaan. Sailed--Bark No.we^iaa (Br), Murray, Liverpool; brig Carrie Bertha, Soule, do. 2lst--Arrived, ships Margaret Evans, Liverpool; Broot- rille, CJiieenhtown. Cleared--Steamsnlp Leo, NYork; schrs Limy U Gibson^ and Naiicr Smith, Jimtt!Fidco. SALEM", Dec Us--Arrived, schr Julia, Kent, Calais for York. 19th--Sailed, schrs Alabama, Tangllder, and R. W Tull, bins, 1'hilailciohia, WILMIKGl'ON, Nu, Dec £1--Cleared, steamship Famta, NYork. WINTERl'OUT, Dec 18--Sailed, brig Robin, Douglas, Cur- denaa. WAREIIAM, Dec 19--Arrived, achr J Ponder, Jr, Sprini;er a NYork. A --RESTORER AMERICA ACTS ON TlIE HAIIt . upon ficientilio ant' jiiiysiologlcal pnnciples, just aat your dentist tit a yood one) wotrirt upou your tueth. you fiubiuit your teeth to hi6 prol'trssloual care and manipulation, with th'e view of having th«ir diseased and cariuua comlition restored to health anil usefulness. Thlsby iiim uccomphahed, without the slightcat infringc- mftnt upon the dmnam ot the health? denies, you renueat thai he clcause and beantily the entire denture. He removes the caieareaus deposit (crusta petrosa, frona thj salivary and other secruliouH of thb month)' from tlio tce'h, with such artistic skill, care and eflect that tlie ba- hoidcr involuntarily exclaims -"What pearl upon JtB oi,eaa lied ever glittered with a sheen like that of these delicate teeth, as they peep from between her coral lips 1" The denture being wow restored to a healthful and cleanly condition present a uniform and beautiful appearance. la hku manner RESTORER AMERICA sin-les out the sickly white and prematurely gray hairs amid their mere fortunate and healthy companions. arn» l;ivinj: siege to toeir roots, with the aid of tho absorbents, wTk^n up andramiapsthu entire group *t' faded lihtmeutH. Jn due time it restores them to their original color without lli« slightest possible decree affccttng the shade ir color ot" the Dcrfect hair, have, as a dressing, In the nnai result beautifylnirall alike. The RESTORER AMERICA WILL ONLY REPRODUCE- THE LOST COLOR IN ATS ORIGINAL SHADE, however ma.Qv appUcatlons of it may be made. To be had at MAOV'S stores, sixth avenue and Fourteenth, strf cts, drufijisU, and the various hair emporiums throughout lhco,ty. Aepuedby Dr . j. ,. O'BRIEN. Office of the works and wholesale depot, 2(r2 East Thirtieth i BSOLDTE DIVOKCES OBTAINED FROM THE J\ courts of ditferent States; icgal everywhere; desertiOD a Ac., suiliclent cause; no charge m adviviice. Advice free. F. I. KING, Counsellor at Law, 3t3 Broadway. 4 BSOLUTK DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM DIFFKRENr JV States ; legal ercry whure ; desertion, Ac., sufficient no publicity ; no charge in advance; adnce free, 31. HOUSE. Attorney, 73 Nassau "rect. F ARO AK0 POKER CHECKS, COMPRESSED IVOBV. In sets of 60(1, . -85;) per set, plain; lined, $60; en s riived, same as .vory, *s3 per set, l« mc 207 Centre street, sole patentee and manufacturer. .1^1" required. One idling wiites 12 hQnrs, Scud stamp for* Manufacturers, 64 Nassau street, X. Y. GOODS NOW" OPENING PARIS, LONDON AND BOHEMIA. Gilt and Bronze Clocks, Figures, Ac. Gilt mounted Vases und Jardinieres. Jewei Cases, IJoabomeres, Tables, c» Rich decorated China Dinner and Dessert Sets Very cheap. Silver Plated Ware, ' extra quality* C hand eli era and Gas Fixtures and of our own manufacture. Agents for Rogers 1 Groups. E. V. HAtTUHWOUT A CO., 4S8,4fc) and 492 Broadway, corner Broorae utreet. from Oater, London, N O MORE JIKDIOXNB.--DYSPEPSIA, PHTHISIS, CON' lion, Diarrhoea cured by the Keveleata Food; tias^ ; 70,000 cures. ' Copies gratis. H. DUBABEY, 168 William street, Kew York. tipuli l 25; R ADICAL CURE. WITIfOOT KNIFE, CAUSTIC Olt detention from biiftlijrss, for Stricture. Flitnla. Piles, DiseasCB of the Pelvic Viscera, Diseases and Deformities the Eye. Noo, Pace and Person. HENUY A. DANIELS, M. D., 114 LeilagtQn »ven»p. mO IMPORTKRS--THE UNDERSIGNED, !___ _ _. X States Appraiser (in connection with CharloB 13. Hunt, Esq., formerly Avsistaat Attorney for tho United SUtcs)» will attend to any ouslnesi at the Custom House and Appraiser's Department, or to any matur connected with th* revenne,' erroneous class111catiou aad iUesal dutlu, le..BTlii£ that the experldnco of over 25 years, with a thorough ledge of the laws of tho United States and the. dtclnlonu the Treasury will render his service* desirable. Importer* may find Jt to their advantage by consulting with mo before ·nttirinff Uielr goodi at the Custom House. JiiiHinciu in the State courts, collections. conveyunciink. Ac.. \\m tare due attcntiou. ISAAC PH1U-JPS. 1W Cro»Uw»y, i-oomff li tulil li EWSPAPER

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