The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1951
Page 2
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PAOB TWO Downie Offers Prosecutor to Road Audit Body 'I'll File Criminal Charges If Needed/ Pulaski Counrian Says BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEW! FBI Sweeping U.S. for Theft Of Property WASHINGTON. Oct. 11. t,V, -The PHI today disclosed It has been mRking wholesale arrests throughout the country in connection with thefts of Kovernmcnt property, largely from military installations. FFJl director J. fTdpar Hoover said in a .statement that :iO persons LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 11. r/7 1 )—The ( were Uken Into custody during the Arkansas Highway Audit Commls- J la*l 24 hours in New Jersey. CatS- slon can have the sen-ices of a < tornin, Ohio, Massachusetts Puiaski County deputy prosecutor j York and Washington. D. C. to handle any apparent law violations uncovered by iU probe of th* Highway Department anytime It choose*, fifiys Prosecutor Tom Downie- ow-ne. l r oa Downie yesterday also said than The articles ra "if the evidence is clear and ap-' cl '"de rubber and parent that criminal charcc.s should I combat tools and New . . . These arrests, he said, make a l' ota ' of 120 persons [ilrkcd up rlur- J"£ Uie past tu-o inonths and charj?- cd with stealing government prop- lerly worth totalling $1,000,000. ranged from raw nd pure silver trt parent that criminal charcc.s should I combat tools and blankets, mi us. be preferred, I will proceed by In- hnildlnu materials and critical air formation." Downie, who once served as an administrative assistant to Governor McMalh.sald he offered the full- time services of one nf bis deputies Monday to Herbert Thomas, a commission member. The commission has voted to hire an attorney to handle legal phases, of its protie. it has said that it Is i lJlosl -P» s K>r 'or the annual meeting awyer who I , Rev ' P ' H - •"•"ilBan, pastnr Europe Troops Near Readiness, Handy Asserts FRANKFURT. Germany. Oct. 11. (API— Gen. Thomas T. Handy. U.S. . commander Semi-Finals Near In Talent Contest OSOEO1.A, Ont. II--The final preliminaries in the Amateur Talent Roumi-Up contest being held at Osceola will be held In the cornmunl- . . .. .— .- ............... ....... -..In Europe, said today | ty house here Tuc.sda y night, Seml- - , . "all o( our units nrc rapidly ap- 1 finals will follow this event proaclilHR combat readiness G W. Hall, boy soprano of I.ux- Cub Scout Meet SetforOctlS A mass meeting of boys of Cub LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 11. (A: Scout a« anti their parents Is j rhe P rac t'" "1 locating retail 1 scheduled for next Thursday. Oct. °" " " l>ilr . the farriers of THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, WCTU Astailt Liquor Store's County Line Locations in Arkansas UTT1,E ROCK. Oct. 11 scheduled for next Thursday. ^.,*. 18. to discuss the organisation of new packs. District Chairman Cecil Lowe snid this morning. The meeting, set for 7::iO p.m. at At a crltlrnie (or "Operation Com-'ora. took top honors In the ninth the First Christian Church here, bine," big Allied maneuvers ended weekly contest last Tuesday. Second; was erroneously reported to be yeslerday, Handy said IJ..S,, British and French forces demonstrated -• ~ -•'- «.,-v .... ......... ,. ..""IVMI.I t'rrf)[ieousiy re[ place went to seven-yrar old Hous- ] scheduled fo rNov. 18, ton IJrewpr of l.epatilo, who Have a Council Executive Oral Smith to attend the meeting and explain (API — liquor — - f ...,..,j „/ dryj counties has been assailed at the Wrd convention of the Women's Temperance Union of Delegates yesterday were reminded that licenses for these stores will! Christian Arkansas. With the Courts Common Pleas: M. w. Hart, doing business as Hart's Auto parts, vs. c. V. Daw. .suit on account. Divorce* granted: Ruth Decker (rom Walter Decker. Marriage Licenses The following couple obtained a morriase license yesterday at the office of the county clerk, Mrs. How Ihey could Nfiht together! humorous rea/W. w attend the m«iir ni?aiml a common foe. The contest Is sponsored by lhc:,h e Ciihhine MI un Oen. Alphonse Juin, commander-1 Osrrola Klwants Club and Radio I Cubb ">* scl u "- in-c}>le.' of Allied ground Jnrrrs in!.Station KOSE. Prorrods go to the central Europe. «ald "tlicre Is no] Kiwnnls Undcrprlvilegci] Children's difficulty in war or maneuvers be- Fund • ..^^...,vo i,vi tjic.TC SWJIl'5 ^Vlll i . J expire on June 30 and told that they EHxateth Blythe Parker: should Ija "on (lie watch" to fight Bobby Olen Peiilx and .\fiss Rub) - tween the French and the Americans." craft radio equipment. BAPTIST (Continued from Page 1) Interc-stcd in hiring a lawyer \vho I is , th . p . Rf " haj no connections with either tor'i „ ." . r * or against the state administration. I, ""'.'I™ wl / to nesin : Thnma* Suggested It Baptist Church, •speaker at the session • fi;30 tonight will (*• , Dr. B. L, Bridges of Little H "At Ihe suggestion of Mr. Thorn- j executive secretary of the Ark... I told him that I would, place iimsas Daptlst state Convention. Re- REDS (Continued from Page 1) (icrrs today lated three hours and 1ft mlmilcs. Meetings were held In n largo tent erected by the Commmi- Ist.s across the highway from four thatched roof houses that make up Panrminjoni. Almosphf re Is "Samp" The sessions appBre/Hly were held !n much the same atmosphere of WAR fCnntfnued from Page 1) attacked Thursday. Simultaneously, a strong armored force Wasted up a valley between the two ridges, raking entrenched Reds in the crafts with machine guns and high velocity shells Irom RUSSIA 'Continued from Page 1) against their renewal. Miss E. Nelll of Little Rock, newly-elected vice president of the or-! aaniratlon. criticized President Tru- I man for the alleged appointment of | men with liquor interests In positions in the federal government, Livestock— . Nell Shipley, both of Manila, YOUR WHEELS Should Be BALANCED • Whenever you have » tire repaired. Longston-McWaters liuick Company Walnut A Broadway—24 Hour Service lifcblnod buttling the satellites of the Soviet Star. -The stark iruth is the time could ""• "• ""- — < <JSlJAt~Hogs 8,- comc when we could not win a-t 500 : "K 11 " 1 * lrafle aclivf : Arrows a merciless enemy who had I "!,. g ". u 10 u ' 25 hl sher. dosing /,„„„, «,„- . .»,„,.. I wllh advance lost; choice 130-240, NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111., Oct. 11. (APl-_(USDA)-Hogs Tankers reported they destroyed large numbers of Red bunkers. Hrslstanre Is ISrnken , - - - - - ,,,.., re in r Kighth Army ofiicers said repeat- ss •ordlallty that marked jeslnrday's. ccl tank-led sorties up the valleys i meeting. j and gomes appeared to have broken '^ In their mrnting yesterday the i L he back of stubborn Red resistance liaison officers met on a Sachon °" some of their hill positions. never fired a shot." Eventually the American people will grow Impatient and demand a showdown, the senator said. A rrorl.-ini.iUon This m;iy come as a proclamation to the "men who behind the walls of the Kremlin," Johnson in this form: Ibs 21.10-35: liberal percentage of; loads 255 Ibs 20.CO;4 heavier hogs: scarce; 150-170 Ibs 20.00-2100' 120-i HO Ibs 18.50-1850; 00-110 Ibs 16.50-18,00; sows steady to spotj 25, i k iriivcrhririBeabonthallamilesonth east of Panmunjom, polntin tak n nolcs. reading ma|is and apuar . . . ae onvenon. Re- nn nocs. reang ma|is and apuar- a deputy of the committee'.'! clios- | ports mi the church's Coojiorn.tlve <•'""? 'O'insj to aeree exactly where Ing on leave of absence to work un- [Program and slate, home a'nd'foi- ' (0 c ' TCt the confrrrnce ten't. rier the sole direction of the coin-|e!Rn missions also will be given at! Tlw Peiplng radio said they had mission, retaining all the authority tonight's session selected the sile. -' ' - 1 " Dr. ||. E. Williams, president of of a deputy prosecuting nttnrnrf . . . , to investigate, file and prosecute Southern Haptist College at Walnut criminal charges In Pulaski Circuit RldRc. i.s scheduled to appear on Court without referral to either my j tomorrow morning's program, which office or the Pulssk! County grand I " r|)I henin at 9 o'clock. Report* Jury," said Downie. • will be given at this session on "This offer Is a continuing one. The commission would (hen have the authority to prosecute law' violation* If they appeared, and no fair-minded person could say that the prosecutions, or lack of them, were politically Inspired. Commentary I» Sart "H Is a sad commentary on our time/, when every act,, omission, statement or silence on the part of » public, body or public - official is constructed by many a.i being po- the Baptist. Orphanage at Monticello, hospitals, the Men's Brotherhood and Christian education. The annual meeting will adjourn »t 2:50 p.m. tomorrow. JESSUP (Crmtltmen from Pat;e 1) However, the U. N- ctnnmaml an- "iU acLiia] lociUfcm on the hns not brtMi determined" 1 It will be In the Panmun- j fSjd not tnkp part. hifjher; 400 Ibs down 18.15-1925; ^ n ••' ••"•» • If?Jit sows 19,50; over 400 Ibs 17-1 "We are tired of fighting your j 75-18.50; slags and bonrs U 00-16*-! we will no Inngcr wa.sie'00: market closing dull; late sales! — u~..»;„,. .,^.._ ^ mostly 2L.15 down. | Cattle 2.500; cnlves 1,400; little! done early although lev.' odd >jts- commercial and good lightweight -steers and heifers near steady at 27.- CO-.72.0Q; early cows about steady f fev,- utility nnd commercial cows 2250-26.50; odtl head 27.00; canners and cutters 16.50-22.00. . - — -.- ..-„... -- our substance battling your slaves we will no longer sacrifice our yoiinc inon on the altar nf ycnr conspiraoif.s. The next agres-^fon •A'ill Vae the last. For we 'X'Hl recognize— and the world will recos(ni7.6 —that you, yrmrself, and not your puppets, arc tlie real n^re.s.sor. "Wo will strike hack—not just at your satellite*—but at you. We will ' 11- " Avfl iloble! the 'King of the Power Saws' """^ ... makes tough jobs easier DISSTON Here bi UM *aw you ' n*ed to lower coxtt nnd nt*p tip your production. It's eH*y t« operate; built for (rouble- free service, Availnhln now in limited supply, Atno nvaiUhle are I>U- fltnn'if famous Ligh t Convertible ritntn f>awa and One-Man Bow Saw», Extra-Duty Two-Man CHAIN SAW with Mercury Gasoline tngtne Order Now for Prompt Def?v«ryl CaH or Wrttei -*'' Riechman-Crosbv Co. MJ S. HHINT STUKKT join urea. Allirt (iumpert near and equipment were the bridge. Posture Week Upcoming Coifnty .school heads have received notices of National Posture Week from the Mississippi Countv Tuberculosis Association, Mrs. C. Ct. Rcdn^nn, executive secretary. tnncied, hn.i dlctat^d^or will dictate i!. is. 5 p 0 ^",V hn^^jor.robt^hlrd the policies of my office as long us nnd are available through the afwo- I retain ik" 'riafi/in. j=Vio coir! >PK\ (Jny/hoW^V«7td l n P iiirUier! sl " ke btlck with a11 lhe drwM- •lirc-k lind <H.sclosrd such a meeting i m 'P^l- that Ls within o»r tio/urol and it will be a crushing blow." ! Johnson -said he hope.s such an ' rofcrj-jnir to the Utlcnlly, selfishly or criminally Inspired, or. RO twisted a.s to "make a snare fools." "No political obligation, real or Sln.isen. rofcrrintc to the first statement, salt! Acheson "can hardly continue In his present olfice . nflp.r confessing that his press re- leas^of Oct. 2 was (nlse and deceptive." Acheson was on vacation nt the time. In nearby Maryland. Negro OES Chapters To Meet Oct. 14 niythcville, Dell and Liixora Ne- Jfro Chapters nl DIP Order of the Eastern Star will hold their nnmiAl - ultima In m never will he nee ess a ry, "but the leaders of communism must lenov.* that it will come—it will come unless they decide to walk the paths nf peace anri cooperation instead ot the road of war anrt subversion." Joint session Oct. 14 at the Gospel Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Luxor a. The nioelinj? will faefrin at 1:30 p.m according to an announcement by Roberta Knowles. worthy matron of the BlythcviJle chapter. ^^^-^^^^^w—i^^^"™^-. GRABER'S Winning Combination — Fine Quality. Lowest Prices . . . Shop Thursday, Friday! on Specially Purchased and Priced S WHYj (Ar Work-Clothes Buyer Says to Shoet-the-Works ! For YOU. - forgotten Clothes- Presents the_Largest^Selection$ of Army Type Shirts and Pants in This Area/ FOR THE LADtESI Selling in Many Stores at 6.50 a Complete Suit! NOW! 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