The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
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T COURIER NEWS VOL. XLIV—NO. 64 BljrthevlUe Dallj Ntwr Courltr •am Doumun HEWSPAPER omownun ARKADUM AMD BOOTOKABT MISSOURI Blythevllto Herald MlwlMlppI Valley Lwder Laney Approves JNew Choice of Hospital Board Dr. George Jackson, Clinical Director, to Head State Institution LITTLE ROCK, Ark, June 7. (UP)—Dr. George Jackson, present clinical director at the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases, has been named superintendent of that institution by the board of control meeting here. The : appointment was announced by Board Chairman Fabcr White of Osceola who said that "we believe Dr. Jackson has tlic qualifications lo do a good job at the hospital." Jackson was named after the board met with Gov. Ben Laney and obtained executive approval .'f the appointment. Laney last Friday refused to approve a previous appointment made by the board, that of Dr. N. T. Hollis as hospital head. "Dr. Jackson is a younger man who we believe will be more flexible and will function better at the hospital." White said. Jackson thus becomes the third superintendent for the hospital in f 2 last 12-montlis, succeeding Hol- who in turn succeeded Dr. A. Kolb last August. The move t'ol- ftfks lengthy discussion of condi- Wbiis at the institution, as well is investigations by a Pulaski county grand jury and a committee of the 56th General Assembly. BLYT11KV1LLB. ARKANSAS, KKIDAY, JUNK (>, 1917 Army Major Cites Need For Extending Spiritual Aid as Well as Material Tail in New Blast At Price Policies Battle for '48 Ballots Warming Up Between Truman and Oh loan , Tcnn., June 6. (UP) — WaJ. William S. Dollard. of the War Department, believes the Untt- d States must extern! .spiritual as well as material aid tu the world broad. "This may be our last chance lot merely to consolidate I he pence iut to bring democracy to the world," he said In an address icre. "We have had a spiritual iles- Iny forced upon us. We must not relinquish our position of euid- ince." WASHINGTON, J1WS (i. (U.P. —Sen. Robert A. Tat 1 ,, R., O charged today that high price* are due "substantially" to President , Truman's economic policies Taft's charge was made in thi third round of an economic battle of words with. President Truman - -Tart . -said .XFrcsii^nt Trumar "proposes to veto the law of supply and demand aixl avoid the re suits 'Of his own poii.-ie:; by oc cas'ti|jLu grumbling at business meii.\nd high prices." Yesterday Mr. Trumun UCCIISGI the Ohio senator of advocating i "defeatist econom:" philosophy which could lead vO recessi depression. After maintaining a .silence of more than 24 hours, Talt replied' today. "Having created all ilia hasic conditions which compel high prices, he (Presulrllt Truman) blames businessmen, none of whom have any control over tlieir costs boosted by the President policies, ui.d 90 lier cent of whom have :io central over the prices they can clinrgu," Tuft said. Tho ninning verbal tilt between President Truman uid tne man who may be his Republican opponent in the 194! elections was touched off by Tafc. in a recent interview. He said then the administration had aba'KloiN5d its campi.ipn for lower prices in favor of heavy spcndinj abroad. This spending abroad, r.tlt sairf, A|puld tetirt to keep prices up. ~Pnr;iUi-nt Trunn-i picked hi 20 Peace Officers AllendFBISchool Arrest Technique Discussed by Agent ' Of Federal Bureau Approximately 20 Mississippi toiinty peace officers attended the opening class of the police school being held in the City Hall here ~or nieml>ers of the Blythcvillc Po- Icc and the sheriff's office, untlcr he directorship of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. C. F. Alden, special agent from the Little Rock Bureau of the FBI was in charge of yesterday's claw and led the discussion of technique and-mechanics of arrest ami arrest problems. Mr. Alden discussed with the group the proper arrest procedure and laws concern- ins arrests. •Mr. Alden will be in charae of Lhi-; afternoon's clasi and will instruct the group in the proper use of firearms. He is a firearm specialist v.-ith the bureau. No classes will be held over the weekend to allow the officers handle their routine jobs. Class". 1 ; will be resumed Mondav and wil continue through June 17. Wednesday anrt Frida-v's classc; ill be held nt the Air Base where Soecial Agent Alden will conrtun' firearm training. Tuesday's class will be in charge of either Circui' Judcn Charles W. Light of Para- pould or Judge Zal B. Harrison who will discuss Arkansas laws of arrests, searches and seizures. The proaram for June 17 will combine discussions by Dean R. Morlcy, hewd of the Little Rock bureau of the FBI. on public relations andvcor^peraUYe .Junctions of the FT"'"*'^ fr""" '"i-'"—' -' diplomas. Inspect New Blytheville Product SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Blythrville'ss newest industry, the Thomas Mnnii ii.cUirlii B Co., this month fiirm IraJU-r shown above when Installati ion of h will start produrl,, ,, ,,i the machinery niul otlvfr cqiil|,incnL In the company's plant site at the Army Air Base is complcl.>.l. Insisting the trailer chnlsls arc (from Jctl io right> ,. 1( Jackson, mayor of Biytheville; Wesley I, Thomas, owner of the company; worth i>. Holder, secretary ol HtA /"'111 nilMll- ,it fn.t.'.K..*-* 1... _._.... . .. . __ _I f*.\f*ij\jt the Chamber of Commerce; Farmer Uu^im! p.esldent of the Chamber of Commerce- .1 n iMync who with H. W. Mnhan (not shown), will ha-.cil'! sales ot the trainr; i nd u. A. Lynci,,' ch.ih-inan ol the Chamber's Industrial Committee Arkansas' Air-Minded Farmery Plan Study To Utilize Planes in Food and Feed Production The uses of airplanes in farming operations will be discussed at .a day-lonc conference in Little Rock June 25 sponsored hy tli« Arkansas 1 Flying Fanners Association, of which Charier, Rose of Roseland Is president, and the Extension feivicc of the University of Aikuivms College of Agriculture Slated for discussion arc these five phases of acriiil fanning: insect control, seeding, fertilizer ciistrlbclion, cotton defoliation und weeding wilh the new chemical weed killer. "2. <!-•!. R. 0. Gaines, entomologist In charge of UK- United States Depattmgnt of .•Agricultim) cotton insect laboratory at Tallulah, La., will take part in the discussions and Is expected to dlsclo L infonnallon applicable to Arkansas farjiiiny conditions. 'R. R. Reynolds, in charge of the Cios-^H Exiwrliiiental Ktallon. or some ollur mcmljcr of the station. Is slated to discuss IcsLs made on the control of sawlllcs In pine loresl.s. A number of olhcr iiRrlculturlstfl, ciitomolo- yists. cotton spccialisls . and Kxtcnslon Sei vlre specialists nrc sohcdulcd to nnrtlclpalo In tlic panel discussions. In announcing Ihc meeting. Associate Extension Director Aubrey D. Gules said "Air farmitijj in Arkansas has developed 'so rapidly and ,1.11 such ail cxlenl that there Is a need Mr '"'"Irrdi^lng such recommendations wherever poulbfe »i? (iTi-nicrs Intcre-ted In I he use of airplanes ln (l »^ ll - lllture . <^°1' dusters and members of tha*AWA Mr 'dates Labor Bill Vote Due in Senate Before Day Ends Opposition Charges Stiff Control Law Will Endanger Nation WASHINGTON, Jini.> (I. (UP) — Republicans today pushed lor (ma! Senate approval of their labor Mil before^ nightfall despite oppnsltbn charges Unit the men-un- would cut the country up lnU> "wiming camps." Foes of Hie hilt nhviuu r ,l} were waging u hopeless cause. Kpnal? np- liruviil, like that nlre.idv given bv the House, wns homul lo be by a iiuirijln sutlii-lr-nl to rive, ilili! a veto. Meanwhile, the Whit; lljiisu nave omfort lo thosu wlri h<ivc b^en uedlctlni; Ihal. President Ti.,i.-.nn fill veto the bill. H r.-pi-iU'd that i iniijoi-lly ol 'JIM.000 '.••»;iinniik;i- Lons on tile labor HIIM.SOIP received luee May 15 favored pvaitdcnlial Isnpprnvnl. Hen. James K. Murray, O , Mont., lurried the o]iposltlot) Ilitht as the Semite prepared lor a vols. He aiil<l he bill jili-lkes at the rlcnt of unions 'to do business,"-lie s,i!d he Icared he country would be-i-iun; ,"a na- .lon of dlvldrd and waning camps." Other congressional duvr-loimicnls: IJnAincrlc'an- Chali-m\ri ,1. Pin- icll Thomas of Ihc Il<> YhiAioer- van Activities Conimlllee Mild Col- ' aRiilnst the govei'nmenl. mnnlsl Ijiwcll MclMt will have I Hudnpaul dispatches said anoll 'full opportunity" to reply In for-' scorn of .Smallholders would mil hearing to n ehuiiic that he oMslef nessuicd Him actor llnb'jn Taylor UK 1 "' nlo making a prn-Hus.;ia:. movie. Truman Approves Shairp Note Hungarian Coup WASHINGTON, Juno G. (U.P.)— President Trumwi has nppi'ovuil u sliarj> note lo Kitssia protesting the Soviet coup in 1 In unary and bating that Iho action may be Hubniitted to flic United Million*, it was learned: today. : '.'./:..-.,' '. Tho note was drafted '•: by the ate Department. Dlplojnitle *uf- Imltcd to attend tin: meeting, up on t:ial at a im conferen yesterday. Taft's philosophy, Mr. Truman said, followed "tne ..Id idea of boom and bu:;t." Taf^in his reply today, objected to'^5lie President F inconsistent talk about, lowering prices.' Tuft said that "every polinv of hi.-> nrt- mii'islration has Increased and is rtill doing so.'' prices. The Ohio senator said I'n-p.'dont Truman vetoed the first OPA bill a;id "then abnndnned OPA control alter Conciess gnv c him full po-vcr to regulate most prices, including the price c-f ail manufactured goods." "Because we prohibit OPA prices below cost, he decided to take; 'jff every control,'' Tilt!, said. Strikes Hamper Rail Traffic in French Capifal PARIS, June 6. (UP)— France's rampant strike fever today pata- l> two Paris tcrm1iii-.!», raisinr; ire threat of a gcnc-ial strike by railroad workers throughout the country, and spread lo tho city's university students. Workers at Ihe Gare do l/Est nnd Bastiji; stations walked out. Rail trafffW"' the East of Pans. Includ- ing'the trunk lines to Germany and Strasbourg, halted. Some 100,000 university students walked out at 8 a m. They said they would stay out until Monday in protest against the government cuts in education subsidies. Paris postmen quit for several hours yesterday. Tlvjy sera n deputation to the Ministry of Posts to demand not higher wages but new uniforms. But the most serious strike was at the two Paris terminal.*, stallir main fine and suburban tnxtfic to points eastward. the school on June 17 the FBI law-enforcement conference for Northeast Arkansas will be held in the City Hall here. Mississippi County officers in attendance at the class vesrcrday Included Sheriff William Bcrryn-an, Chief of Police Charles Short: Deputy Sheriffs Erwin Jjt,cs, Holland Aiken. Cliff Cannon of O.snj.ila. Herman Spicer of Luxora, and 1'nllcc- men Arthur Book. Gc Dickinson, Lee Ijrjwcll, ElUart Alloy, Bertie Vastbintler and Hermin : Arch Lindsey. constable. Joycees to Plan Contest to Name 'Miss Blytheville' • Plans for the 1947 "Mis s Blythp- ville" beauty pageant will be made nt a meeting tonight of a. Junior Chamber of Commerce committee in the Jaycec club rooms. Naming of a chairman to direct the beauty contest is the chief topic slated for discussion. Previous nominations for the chairmanship have been declined, it was reported today. Winning entrant in the contest will represent Blytheville in the "Miss Arkansas" beauty pageant In Helena June 25-26. A representative from South Mississippi county will be chosen Wednesday in the "Miss Osceola" beauty pageant to be held at the high school athletic field at Oscj;l«. National Jaycee Honor Accorded Otho Stanf ield Otho Stanficlri or lilyllicvillc named wil'i five other directors to conduct has been /national forums at the nation; 1 .! convention of the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce which ^ci.5 under way In Long Beach, Calif, Monday, it was disclosed today. ' Mr. Stanficld. aciuo in Jaycen work, is the only Arkansas Jiiycce ever picked to lead ;t national meeting activily. He has hcen scheduled to con duct a forum on vls'.tnltons and reports Wednesday afternoon. The convention lasts thi-ou^'.i next Saturday. Mrs. f . J. Farrcll Dies; Funeral to Be Sunday Mrs. Evelyn Farrcll, wile of Ed- moiid Joseph Farrell, died last. night at her home. She was 23. Question Judges Missouri Trio Asked About Vote Fraud in Primary WASHINGTON, June G. (UP) — A Kansas City federal judge said today he "probably wjiiid have suggested" further Investigation ol alleged vote frauds in Missouri's Democratic primary last Summer if he had seen all the evidence collected by the FBI. The judge, Albert L. Reeves, testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee which is investigating charges that the Justice Department failed to look allege, frauds in President Tnmisn's horn county with sufficient vitcr. Reeves and two other judges. John Caskic Coltctt and Albcr: A. Ridge, ruled that the FBI dai.i presented to them did not warrar.l a Federal grand jury probe. An earlier witness tol.t (he subcommittee that the dala submitted to the judges was "not complete. He said it was just a syn- c-psis. Subcommittee (Jlialiinan Homer Identity PlanFuneml By WII.I.IAM J. FOX Ilnitrd Press Sliff Corrr.spnnrirnt MEMIT11S, Tenn., June (i. (U.P.)— Soon they'll bnry Little Hoy Blue. He was shot by a man with an easy conscience and an c a a r gun. Hills name was Fvcdoie Adkins, Jr., and ho was Just 15 months old, with Boldcn hair and eyes of blue. He never liad a chance. He was wounded Monday by -a stray .22-callber rllle bullet which lodged In hisbrain. The doctors came and cut It out. But his valiant fight for life wns vain, "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy." he crled-and then he tiled The little white casket with the* ______ 1. __ blue-trimmed handles was ready. Freddie's shroud was hl s favorite "sailor-boy suit." a playsuif of yellow jersey with shirt of navy blue. The sorrowing relatives wrc there. Two sct.s of grandparents— Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Lcdbettcr, uf 'Memphis, and Mr. and Mrs. F. N. 'Adkins. of Union Cil.y. Tcnn. The dry-eyed and .somber parents. Mr. an ( | Mrs. Frederick Forrest Adkins. Sr.. were quiet in their grief. An uncle, N. C. Lcdbettcr. was rushing buck Irom California. His arrival would set Die funeral time. Grandfather I.edbetter recalled Funeral services be held Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Assembly of Ood Church with the Rev. L. C. Ramsey, pastor, officiating. Burial will follow at Elmwood Cemetery. She is survived by a daughter, Margaret Sue; her mother, Mrs. •lAila Hobbs, and a sister. Mrs. Pauline Vanbibber, all of Blvthe- vllle. Funeral Home Is In charge. Ferguson, R.. Mich., n:,k::ci Reeves if testimony he heard lod-iy "would have changed your minri." "I probably youlrt dare Sllg- crsleri a farther invmlUAlioii," the judjc replied. Reeves, the other judges. ai<;l U K. District Attorney/ S,nr. Wear of K'ansas City were sumiuoncci before the committee to tell wny no Riand jury investigation wiih' ordered. In the primary under examination Enos Axtcll, supported by President Truman, derated former Rep. Roger C. Slaughter, an anli- admlnlstration Dcmocra',. Axlcll lost the subsequent election lo a Republican. The charges against tli-j JusMtc Department were broii?h; by Sen James P. Kern, R., Mo. An investigator employed by K»m. Aldcn A. Slockard. read the FBI synopsis to the subcommittee alon^? wilh affidavits charging fraud which hod been collected by the Kinsrs City Slar. ' Rep. Pat McCarran, D., Nov., accused Ferguson' of tr.vliv to "appease the press" oy permit! in,-; Stockard to read the c«'id.-rtc gal'i- cied by the Star. Ferguson wid he \ would "not comment .in lh FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoove - ficd yesterday that the FBI inquiry tlon" and a "preliminary investigation" and as sue hwas "reslntt-'d 1 by order of the Justice Department Last week, however, tlv.i FBI started a "full" Investlgatl'm. McCarran quarreled repeatedly the tragedy ol a Spring evening. "I was holtlinc him In my lap and was luiBKing him to my breast." he said. They were on the hack porch of the die's Til Adkinr, home, watching Fred- little cousin. H was warm. Woman Injured In Auto Accident Mrs. Monroe Grain, Jr.. lull Wcsl Main, suffered multiple lacerations of the face and a See Injury l.ile lust night when the cnr driven by her husband collided wl:.n a car driven by Steve St.inlj.v of Holland, Mo., on /rent of club. . North illg-Iiwuy (il In the Twin Gah'.'js night Mr. Craln and ihe couple's lour- ycar-olrt son, Monros III, were '.:n- Injurcd. Tlic accident occurred A bout midnight. Stanley was arrested by !nvr;;i- gatlng officers and In Municipal Court this morning pU-a;if.l guilty Tho sounds of shooting came from to charges of drivin- while under the nearby Lossahatchic River bol-. the Influence of .ntoxi'jitln^ liuur. loins. Suddenly death flew oul of Bond was set at SnfiO and th? r..isc the bottoms in the form of a stray continued until tomorrow bullet fro hunter or the gun of a careless tor judgement, target marksman. | Mrs. Craln was taken to Walls "I heard something that snuni- Hospital for treatment and disrat- ed, like a balloon popping." Grand- sed. she suffered deep cuts about pa Lcdbettcr went on. "I looked l>oth eyes, apjrarently receive;! who down ami blood wa s squirting oul her head struck the windshield, of the baby's head." | Both cars were heavily damaged That was it. An only son was to Mr- Craln said he was headed South die. The killer is unidentified. °n Highway 61 en route to Blythe, Ne'.vspnpcr editorials have tliuuncr- from Slcele. Mo.. »'hcn Sinn- cd to no avail. "We're hopeful ol 'ey made a sudden turn Into Iho success." the .sheriff's office said, night club drive, cutting in front But the killer still Is free—with the Grain's ear. Mr. Craln .said he his easy conscience and eager £"". ' Freddie's Father, isn't vindictive. a. bus driver, with Ferguson as a read to the subcommittee affHuvlu hy persons who said Ihcy were depilved of voting rights in the primary. Weather ARKANSAS—Party cloudy continued warm today, tonlgiu anl Saturday. "I have no desire to prosecute the man who killed my baby." he said. But he hoped thcrc'd bo an end to aimless shooting, for then, "maybe the life ol some oilier child will be saved." Soon now they'll come for Liillc Boy Blue, and his little toy rtog will be covered wilh dust and tits little toy soldier turn red wilh rust. . Freddie's gone, but his woolly Easter bunny and all the rest will wait on. as the playthings did i» EIIECIIC Field's poem: "Ay. faithful lo Little Boy Blue they stand. 'Kach In the same old place. Awaiting the touch ol a little hand. The smile of a little face. And they wonder as wailing tl |C long ycar s through In the dust of that little chair, What has become of our Lltlle •Boy Blue Since he kissed them and 1 them there." was unable to stop. Four-year-old Monrnc III was thrown to the floor under the dashboard, Mr. Grain said. The youngster was probably saved from In- Jury because he was lying on the front scat with his hca<l in his mother's lap. Mr. Craln pointed oul. A passenger In Stanley's car John coughlln of Blythcvillc, Is being held for investigation, officers reported today. Another Blytheville man was also In Stanley's ear but he was not held. Anti-Communist Purge Spreading Opposition Leader In Bulgaria Ordered Placed Under Arrest LONDON. Julio I). (UP) — A purge of anll-commmilslfi In the kans IhiTnlcned '20 more mcmbrro ot Ihellununrlan Smallholders I'm - ty Unlay mid spread ii. DulK.vihi. BKiilnsl. wluiin C!r=i>l. hilUIn loilmd an uecusiilion ol violatlns tho.iwace trenly. The Unitarian dered the govevmnent or- arrest at Nlcoln I'elkov, leader of tlir opposl'l'in | n I ho Communist recline, and htm of a military uprising; .Steel—Wlllnrd F. R;ii::<v,i>.l. Pltls- nriUi si eel fabricator, charged Hint Slate Department oxo:V, policies lad created a "govcrnment-oidalncci jray market" amounlln,; !•> "a subsidy to (ho IMtlxli goveimiien 1 .." lie told u Senate commltluj Ilia-. U. S. :nannfuctui-c!rs were loite^ lo pny morn Ihnn V-00 a Ion to.i muc'i fur Mnpliile because Iho U, 3. Steitl Corn, wns forced to export llnplnlc'iit seven (tents a pound while Imported British lluplnto was sclllm; In this counli-y for ns much .is 20 cenU'i n lounil. In forum! Inn-~TI HI House uy voice vote decided lo debate a bill to give congressional aulh')il/ji- tlnn to the Stale Department's much-criticized' IntcriuiMmml Information and educational exchange s KxtcnMion uf Tovert '• ; t Controls — UhdC*rKO(TciaYy of J State Dean Achcsrm asked ron- grfesslonal extension ol President Truman's export priority powers ns 11 means of bolstering U: R. foreign policy. He cited Greek aid ns mi example. Unless the government eitn obtain and export MI::!I ''bottlL 1 - icck" items as motors for h:nl>:ir crane's; the whole progi'inn might suffer. The power for \vlit--!;i cx'.cn- sion Is sought expires STJ-I. Pigeon-Hole—Rep. n\vUhf I.. Flog- crs, D., Fin., accused GOP Hrv.iso leaders of plceon-liolln,! Ills bill to . cashing of GI «>riiiiii<il leave iHinds. Pali'stinc—Assistant Se'.TCliuv uf State John H. Hlllclrlnx t<il:l » House conimltten Hint the Since Department will keep on trying l-> bring iibout "11 Just solution of the Palestine problem." Air Crashes—Chairman James M. Lamlis of the civil . Aeronaullra Hoard told a Senate appvoprlalloi.. subcommittee that CAR can't "uive proper attention" to nlr accident prevention without adcciiialc luntli from the party' bemuse i)f "iiiKtcinocratln attitude. They Mild the pui'mi of the Smallholder I'nrllamenl mnmlirrs would 1>« carried out b v tin new left winy leadership of the party llsnlf, and would wipe nut the party's nominal majority of 220 scats In Hie 420- hicmbur assembly. A Budapest dispatch said wllhoiil explanation that 1,1. V. p, Svl- rldov, Soviet chairman or Ihu Allied Control Commission In Iluu- Kary, was understood lo txi In Bel- Bra dc. Premier l,;ijos ijlnnycii, the new premier Installed after lh c Communist coup In HuiiRHry. said Ihc .:-rm- try wns (|iilcl. und "only consplra- toi's nnd black nmrketcers arc nervous." 35th Division Gives Trurriair Great Ovation KANSAS CITY, Mo., June fi 'i'' — President Truman, the old soldier, mid cicn. Dwluht D. Eisenhower, chief of staff, received great ovation today from nicm- bers of the fighting 35th Olylslon, meeting In reunion In Municipal Auditorium. iu> the cur bearing the Prrxldent Government Sues Railroads for Overcharges WAS1HNOTON. June 6. (UP) The Justice Department In a complaint filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission today accused D64 railroads of overcharging the government on wartime transportation of airplanes and airplane purls. H was the fifth such action rilr-d by flin Justice Department with I he ICC against the railroads. The coveriuiicnl, scfks to recover the alleged overpayments mnrlc since .fan, 1, I!M2, hut the Justice Department ha,i no estimate <>f the amntml involved. H itins into the millions. Attorney General Tom C. Cla--k said airplanes and parts moved in' tremendous volume during the war "at rales iienerally one-and-onn- lourlh time.; the first class rale." He said .similar articles, such as new automobiles and parts used In l.lie manufacture and production of automobiles, were only charged 85 per cent of the first claw rate. Elsenhower and Fleet Adm. Willjai I). Leahy drove up to the nudl- tnrlmn, n crowd of several hundred outside the building shouted greetings. Inside Ihe door, 48 members of battery D. 129th llcld artillery, formed lines of an honor jjiiard ; '" Ihc chief executive, lliclr old captain. "HI. Cap." "HI, !I»rry," they culled as Mr. Truman nodded [in: suiilecl. One old bnlleryman salut-- cd and said "HI. Mr. President." Tho 31>th shared Its welcome for Its one-time fighting artillery cap- Inln wilh "Ike." Nor did It fon;el lo give Ihe Navy a welcome, although Leahy attempted to steer clear of the picture taking. Mr. Truman would have none of that. Iclals pxiwclcd the not« to-be dls- wlclicd "soon." These officials said he note In Its present form: 1. Asks Hie Soviet Commander In Hungary to agree ,to a joint U. S.-Brillsh-Soviet Investigation of I lie Hungarian situation. Russia lormally has rejected two, previous u. S. requests for in In- vesligallcm. 2". Charges Russia vtllh ^vlblat- Ing terms of Ihe Yalta" agreement providing for the sovereign- ly ol Hungary. 3. Acousos Russia of unjustl- fitd lulerlci'ence. Intimidation and coercion In irungarUn affairs. - v. » The siipccsllon In the proposed rate thai tho United States may ask For UN Intervention, was reported by diplomatic officials to be dependent on whether Ruc.sU gives a 'satisfactory reply" about her ac- lons In Hungary. The Hungarian minister In Wash- ngton also asked for -United Ne'-, Lions' action In the Soviet coup. I'ho envoy, Aladar Szegedy-Masral;, ;ald Hungary's only hop-) to es- capa from Soviet domination rested wilh the UN. The minister wa.; of 12 Iowa Town Evacuated DBS MO1NB. In.. .III.!-! (i. HUM — A Irvne holding hack tno flcod- .swollen Dc.s Molnrs J'.lvor broke today, and all of -)DO residents ot Edclyvillc, la., fled 'ro:n the town. "Water Is cnminic In. from all clrcctions," said F.ddyvillc Mayor Austria Offers Protection To Hungarian Refugees VIENNA, June «. (UP)—^A hlr>! official of tlic Interior Ministry j said today that special guards had been assigned to all known Hungarian political refugees In Austria to block any attempt to for^o them back to Hungary. Chris Hartos, one of l!ic last residents to evacuate the town. N. Y. Cotton NEW YOKK, June 6 (UP)—Cotton closed firm open high low close Mar 2875 2886 2865 ' 2885 Mny 2835 2842 2816 2839 The official said the Austrian' Jul 3490 3530 3486 government believed Hungarian Oct 3010 3033 29!>6 sccrcl police were operating Ille- Dec 2921 2940 2909 2937 gaily In Vienna. Spols closed at 3747; up 37, 25 Registered Walking Horses Sold at Auction Horsemen from all sections ot the countr ywcre on hand at the opening of the registered walking horse sale at the C. G. Smith Sales liarn on South Highway 61 this morning. A total of 418.500 had been bid on 25 horses at noon today wilh Wilson's Merry TVoy ot the George G. Garrctl stables, Slireveporl, La.. bringing this morning's high bid of $;MOfl. The horse was purchased by C. G. Smith of nlylhevlllc. The sale Is .scheduled to continue through tomorrow with 304 horses to be auctioned. A free bus is running between Dlythcvllle and the sales ham to accomodalc customers and spectators. 'nils sale is the third of Us kind held hy Mr. Smith, year's sales several and at hsl. • records for walking horse sales were established. members of the Hungarian Icpi- lion -here who refused >U> transfer 'heir loyalties to the• new "Soviet- backed Hungarian government. Diplomatic officials said that wlilli: (lie new nnte Is "shxrpry- w»r<lr<l." it is not si- blunt' »i rn-slifoMl Truman'* itenovnermcnt yesterday that the Soriet coop was a terrible 'outface. ,. The new U. S. ' Note; ' officials .said, will be addressed- to lA. Gfi. V. p. Svlrldov, RussUn chairman of tho Trl-Power. Control Commission for Hungary. -, j V' •nnsla rejected two earlier U. 8. nolrs with the suggestion that it Is (he. United Stales'which-is Interfering in-Hungary, :'-.;'• : ' Precrdy-tMtasmlc, -'^hei '.Him minister, told ah; oVerfk conference' today that the 5ll In .ihlA^^cc^htiNr^tsnkiriidli^V CflRn tor Ihe 'UN, ' :~ r "If tlirro is to bfe..» Nations then it mustf-md lloif for our problem/',-ijje •••« A United Nation's InvesUiratlon, he said, would determine inot only tho fuluro t>f Hungary, but of Peasant populations' in Eastern Europe and small states. • •Szcgcily-Maszak outlined his fu- tu'ro p'ans for reporters In the nrescnee of 11 othf r "A«mber s of the 15-inember..Icgattofi;'itaff who have refused to recogrilii trie new government. Mratmhllr. Chairman Charles A Futon nf th* House Foo-lrn . Affnlrs (.'ommlttpe i*r*e»l .the government in do w*n than shout In decline with-the Soviet "rapr." of Hungary. The Now Jersey Republican recommended that the United States back un Us words with actions. He urged that this country make sure that Hungary be left out of Its plans for distributing post-UNRRA supplies under the recently unproved $350,OCO,COO foreign relief program. "If Russia takes over the soul of Hungary," Eaton said. "let -her take over Hungary's alimentary canal at the same time." The Hungarian ministers said his stall Jmrt been welcomed to remain in this country by the State neinrlnicnt an,! that thev would •look for Jobs/' He emphasized that he "withdrew" rather than "hand ever" the legation to the three other members of the, staff who ar c going along with the new Communist-dominated government. N»KV May Come U V. S. He said he did not know whether Fcrenc Nagy. who was ousted is Hungarian premier in the Com- imunlsl, coup would come to the United States althoueh he expect- ; cri "he would come." The main alms of 'Russia in Hungary, he said, were: •I. To extend the Russian grip' on capital assets "through an arbitrary and fallacious interpretation" of the Potsdnm decision on German assets. 2. To achieve the "economic enslavement." of Hungary and integrate the country Into the *Soviat economic sphere. 3. To achieve exclusive Communist control.of the Hungarian economy by enforcing a program of nationalization. N. Y. Stocks Final Stoi-k Prices: Amcr Tobacco Anaconda copi>cr Ch ryslcr Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y central North Am Aviation .. Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum ....... Studcbakcr S527 j Standard of N J ....... .. 3030 Texas Corp ...... ITickard 10 33 3-8 09 7-0 153 3+ 3-8 55 1-1 52 V-8 13 1-3 7 1-8 24 7 3-4 15 1-1 17 S 8 73 5-3 El 518 U S Steel 04 3-1 Temperature Hits 91 Degrees Here; High for Season Marking the hottest day of the year to date, the mercury here soared to a high of il' degrew yesterday, eclipsing the previous seasonal hiszh of n degrees, according to Robert E. B!»ylocJt, official weather observer. The lowest temperature recorded during last night also "set a new seasonal record »s th«. highest minimum reading. Thie mercury went no lower than TS degrees. The "highest low" until Uttt night had been 6S degrees.

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