The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1949
Page 15
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'. THURSDAY, SliT-EMBER 29, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams A PROWLER, HAM? WHAT'Re YOU LOOKIM' FORARCUND HERE? LOOKISC fpR A BRICK ID HOLD COWM ' Ltt> . MILK PAN/ THE RE'S THREE CATS OUT HERE WAITIN'FORME TO JMi.^BORMTHIRTV yEARSTOO SOOM BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW» Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU Ml MASCOT SCC6 WITH A, fom- BALLTeftM AS MAYORAL V4ITH A CH6BR/ UNCLE AMOS.' THIS BABV'S A CCX-LEAfc FOR SALE Concrete' culverts 12 me fa to « inch, plain 01 recnfurc«d Also Concrete Building Btoclu cbcap ei than lumhtr for haro* chJrkvi> houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool shed* We deliver Call us for free estimate Phone 631 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LT€RS Qi,-qs_!TY SHOC SHOP 121 W M a I M ST. WOODS Drug Store ,. experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Say 11 . . With *'Iuwer» THE FLOWER SHOP Hillnoci.Ciiil, Inc.; Olllr.but^ kr MA SUYICI, IMC. XXXIV QAYNEL wished she had not added ; thal last ]lbe. Frilz might Ihiiik she cared. When instead, she told hersel/ fiercely, she despised him. Let Bessie have him! She was welcome. To Ihink sKe had spent all this time mooning over such a person, losing weight jnd sleep, turning against her whole rainilj', nursing a heart she had thought was broken, hoping against hope that it could be mended. . Driving home with Barry—the others had piled into the other car —warm and tired to the stage of snug relaxation, 'Gaynel 1 spoke suddenly, breaking a long silence. "Barry, do you still want to take that chance you spoke o( .once?" Barry slackened the speed, _ though, he had not been driving fast. 'He glanced at her. "Of course." He did not say any more. It was as though he. wanted her to be sure of what she was saying. "Remember what I said, Barry? That your requisites were so tempting 1 might break down because of them.": : "1 remember." She said, "Then—If you still want me—the way things are— and knowing I'm terribly lond of you, Barry—I'll try to be everything you want me to be, Into the bargain—and give -you the answer you said you wanted." .. He did nbt-:give.:her. any^answer,; she was afraid for a moment he was not going to. But instead.he slowed down even more, pulled to the side of the road, slopped the car. ' She told herself, with Barry's kisses on her lips—they were not now brief nor brotherly—and as she clung to him, thai never again —from this moment—would she think pi Fritz, or his kisses. She would live up to the promise she had just given Barry. Nevertheless, the beautiful silvery night had an iche in JL • • • ' \. T>ACK home again, Barry said he did not want to hurry Qaynel, but hadn't, she better decide on k definite date for the wedding? Gaynel thought a June wedding would be nice, but Barry thought June too far away, so she compromised on May. Much to Gaynel's surprise, Emily did not seem anxious to announce the engagement and she said planning a big wedding was too much for her. with her heart and her poor, poor nerves. "And' think of the expense!" Emily added. . That was a switch. Emily considering the expense, telling Gaynel to consider it. The conversation was taking place over the breakfast table in the seldom used breakfast nook. "I had forgotten this breakfast nook was so cheerful," Emily was saying now. "I do enjoy it It's only a beginning of my plans for the Simple Lite." . "The Simple Life?" Wa« the next interim sprouting its flrjl tiny leaves? "Yes, dear," Emily helped herself to more scrambled eggs. "You should know. It was your young man — Frederick, isn't It clever of me to remember his name? He told ;us about t .il and I've been'.thinking ever since how terribly interesting it could be." • "But Mother." Gaynel interrupted, ^"you^iorget ,that Fritz"— how odd she felt just at the mention of his. name—"is "no longer my young man. I Just told you I am going to marry Barry. The first of May. I supposed that was what you wanted, too." She could not help » tinge o( bitterness in this last. "I supposed you and your young man—Fritz?—had had a lovers' quarrel," Emily said: She threw her daughter an arch glance, shook a painful finger. " 'Tht course of true love,' you know, darling. You must remember that. Why. the night before your poor dear father and I were to be married poor dear Wilbert and 1 bad a terrible quarrel. He said something rude thai 1 thought I'd never be able to forgive him for, though of course 1 did! If 1 had it all to go through, again, I'd marry him again tomorrow." '*! am sure you would," Gaynel said. • "You know, darling," her mother said, "you told me you die! not love Barry enough to marry him. You told me .you loved this odd young man. though I'm sure as he said, he'd not seem so odd as one gat to know him, and in spile of the way he -talked to me that dreadful night, I was quite laken with.him, really. And your mother would never want you, her own little girl, -to marry anyone—no matter how fond of him, or how much he could give her—unless she was sure he was the fnan she always would love! Marriage ii much too serious, and sacred tor that." « • '• ' DAT slid into her chair just then. "I earned my 8rst live bucks yesterday afternoon." she said. "Saw an ad in the morning paper, went down and landed the job." "Job?" Emily and Gayne) both gasped. ' .'. . Pal was enjoying the effect she had created, but she took her last swallow of chocolate, pushed back her chair. "Us possibilities are unlimiled, practically." This was a quote from the man who had interviewed her. "No telling where it may lead, or how much money I'J! make. The photographer sa:d I'm a natural— : the ad was for a: model for commercial photo-' graphic display." -Gosh! she wai getting good! Those were Ihe ex-, acl words she had clipped. "A model!" Emily said. The pained expression crept into her prelty blue eyes. "If it's part-time work," Gaynel began. But Pal threw them each a kiss, a laugh thai lingered after her, and dashed on her way before there 'could be any denouncement of her plans. . (To Be Continued) In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's th» Apothecary Shop In Blytheyille It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service The Constitution of the United States makes no mention of a President's Cabinet. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best I'rire* Kirby Drug Stores "You'Yi got a jab, hayen't you? Then don't worry; go talk to tht pto/ple at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" We Follow Your Doctor's Prescription Nichols Drug FROM <MI [PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years. oT experience assure you that, when you present a prescription ordei 10 as, it will be expertly compounded from fresh pun drugs You can be sure at Roth rock'» ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE 00 Ui b ST UD E BA K E R Compare These Trucks With Any You See 1917 Internationa) 1'/, -Ton Slake, perfect from body to J950 license. 1948 Studehaker.I-Ton Pickup, an excellent truck in every way. 3918 Slwiebakcr '/ 2 -T.>n Pickup, very low mileage and not « scratch on it. 1916 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup, n.olor just over- PAGE FIFTEEN 1946, Ford 1-Ton Stake, an ideal Jurm truck in good mechnnicat condition" - Cfiamblin Sales Co. Railroqdond Aih' Phont 888 ST U D E B A K E R «0f*. IW9 B1 MA SERVICf. INC. T. M. *(0. U. «. PAT. OFF"You mean this is the movie you're taking me out to see?" FRECKLES AA'D HJS FRIENDS BY AIKRRfLL BLOSSER No other at All MUST THERE Be T OKAY/MR. , AW.!''! PIDDLE- I A5T&i£LT/ IF THC S4JM IS , ^>TClFLIN6,we WONT 80THER fOU WITH IJ-1 FADDLE OVER SUCH A PAITR/ SUM? PRISCIJXA'S POP All the Bi-eoks BY AL VERftlEER HE EVEN MADE THE AU_-AMER\CAN.' DID VOU KNOW JIMMY'S POP WA-5 A FOOTBALL. PGF.EI I WISH i COULD SAV THINGS LIKE HE'PLAVED THE ROSE BOWL AND BROKE. HIS LEG AMD An Important Visit HY MI€HAEL)-ftlAi;i.EY8nd NOW THAT AIANTHOBP IS A1ONE N STAUCUP'S BOAT, HE CAN KNOCK OUT THE DRAIN PiUes. THE BOAT ' Will Fill WITH WATER ' <3f?ADOAUV.. . BUT BEFORE SINKS, I SHALL PAVOUE BLACKMAILING FRIEND ^ ''S LimE VISIT IT MUST 8E SCWE- THINS IMPORTANT TO BRINS YOU WAV OUT-HERE IN A ROWBOAT, LETTI. r !T IS .'ROW Of F A6IT.THATMAN IS W4TCHW5 US. Cnlliy Speaks Up BY LESLIE TURNER HILARY SAYS SHE'S BEEN MARRIED EVER TIMES.' AN HO.HOl HILAUY MUST BE ^UITE A CARP, CATHVI AHA SAID HE'S VERY WAWCEP FOR Hte A6t ^ WAS PRETTY CBOSS WITH ' THF LAST TIME J S*« ««l . PAPDX.. HE SAV5 SH CATHV! WHY W yOU ASk . . NAGS TILL. ALL HER HUSSANPS HUH OFF, BUGS BUNNY Elmer Knows His Onions, Too two. *xi PICK UP A PACKAGE FOR ME AT THE SPORTS COOPS STORE ON YOUR WAY 'WHAT A RACKET...HeLPlM' WHAT P'YA WANT WTH THIS JUNK? SEASON'S j —OVER/ A/1 KNOW, N ..A CATCHER'S MASK COME IN HANPV SURE THING, CLMER, OL.' PAL/ ELMER HARVEST HIS CARROT CROP/ I'LL STUFF MYSELF WITH BUT I HAP A FEELING... liY V. T. UAiVll.lN SO THIS IS THEY GOT POCK OL IT aub- JUST ' LOOKS* ~ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN WE. MiSVLfb VtsW VOOV

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