The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 11, 1951
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHUacn. A™. M CAO « ,.,„ r.~ , VOL. XLVM—NO. 174 Blytheville COIL Blythevllle Daily News Mississippi Valley Loader Blythevitle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHKAST MISSOURI Cairo Riots Repeated KIA'THKVIM.K, AHKANSAS. THURSDAY, OCTOIiKR 11, 1951 Anti-British Feeling Grows Crowds Support- Stand on Suez CAIRO. Egypt, Oct. 11. — (AP)—Bitf anti-lMtisli clcm- onstratjon.s broke out in Egypt's capital this morning for tlie second successive day with thousands of Kgyptians parading through one "of the main streets. The large crowd was strongly escorted by police forces and no incidents were reported in the (irst stages of the demonstration. Anti-foreign tuobs yesterday Emashed British and French business offices, hurled bottles looted from Ameircan soft drink distributors' trucks, and set fires. The demonstrations are the product of violent public spuport for (he plan or Prime Minister Mustapha Nahas El Pasha to oust British troops from the Sue/ Canal zone and take full control of Ihe jointly ruled Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Shopkeepers hastily lowered steel shutters as the crowds gathered today. Crowd Streams lo Square The huge crowd streamed toward Mushfa Kamil Square to hear ppeeches delivered from near the Btatue of Mushfa Kamil, an Egyptian hero. Kamil led the Nationalist Party until his death in 1008. and spearheaded a fight for Egyptian Independence from the British who hud obtained a protectorate over the country. Meanwhile, the youth committee Bf Nahas Pasha's ruling Wafdist Party appealed for calm and condemned yesterday's rioting against foreign business as a "rash action." Wafdlsls Support Move ' Buv the Wntdist youths strongly •upporled the prime minister's move to break the 1935 Anglo-Egyptian alliance and the 1899 agreement establishing Joint rule over the cotton-growing Sudan which abuts Egypt on the south. All classes and all parties continued to bach ^the strong Nation- ulist stand iaken by NahKs Pasha. | A cheering meeting of university students passed a resolution saying they are ready to be "soldiers at the command of the government in Us ttruggle against imperialism." Non-Aggression Tacts —Courier News I'liulo 8COl.'Ti;us HAVE 'BAIIN ItAISING 1 —Pemiscot County Scomers repaired the structure of their movement and compared it with a burn raising at the annual district meeting of the group in Knyti last night. District Executive A] nogerts deft) and District Commissioner Dwiglit Moody place some of the parts on the barn. Parts were labeled such things as -two-deep leadership" and "planned programs." Mr. Moody was re-elected district commissioner. Dale Bracey was elected district chairman and Dick Rassn.ussen was named district vice-chairman. Military May Custody of Bv FiTnx n J.-JV n, t "•, ,Y»Y X-\ . Oct. 11. (AP)— The military may be trying to , persuade the administration to change its mind about a three-year-old s P eech for delivery at Dallas, Tex.,! ruling that the nrmprt fnivop i,,.,, ,.,.,.. i ..... _ _____ . -,-. . " ! before civic groups. KIGI1TEKN PAGES Bill Is Likely Today WASHINGTON, Oft, 11. iAP,-Fm«l n B reement on a bill euimnted to mcroa-,c taxes £6.000,000,000 or more a year seemed likely today after some last minute bnrealnliig between House unit Senate conferees i A tentative agreement was said ,o have been rcat-licd yesterday on I one of the big issues-the size of the individual income lax boost SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ] Unofficially, It was reported dial'over again. tint. Uie has been made ami | on each $100 of tax s ',i - n ° uon would be none j Senate has voted to L'reate the taxes of all except thiisc in me very highest brackets by II per cent 1 the House approved a general 12";' per cent rise above present levels." Other controversies remaining to lie ironed out include proposals to lax co-operatives, mutual .savings banks and building anci loan associations, to raise the rale of the capital gains tax. and to make a greater portion of corporate income subject to excess profits tax. nolh Parties Confiilcnl Most members of the conference, Democrats as well as Republicans. appeared hopclul of achieving; a complete agreement today. The comcjromise measure worked out by ttie committee is subject to final approval by the Hou;:e ntul Senate. Decisions were readied yesterday on two sharply disputed points. House In Give Up I'hui The House conferees agreed In give up their plan lo withhold taxes al His source on dividends, interest and royalty payments -a proposal ttlcy nrRucd would bring in $323,- Public to Demand War Showdown, Johnson Slates U.S. Will Tolerate Russian Stooge Fight 'So Long/ He Says WASHINGTON, Oct. U. IJf, — Senator Lyndon Johnson tD-Tex) .said today that socner or later public opinion in this country will demand a direct showdown with Communist leaders of the Soviet Union. "I can see a time when we will decide we have had enough of in- - "" = ••• v "—• -~ decisive figlitini-—ol battles with j 000 - 000 a - vcar revenue from income ; otherwise not reported by those who ant victories." Johnson said. "! do not know when this time will come or where it will come " he added. "But of this I am certain. Unless those who plot the destruction of cur civilization change their ways, it will come and the time may not be far distant." Johnson, chairman of a Senate Armed services subcommittee on military preparedness, voiced these sentiments in a statement issued by Ms office, along with the text of a receive ruliiiE that the armed forces .shouldn't have custody of atomic" bombs I now being mass-produced by the Atomic Energy Commission. ' The belie! grew today in light of*- e/xtraordinary meeting at the | Pentagon early last evening. In that session, Secretary of Defense Lovctt talked at length with -- ., AEC Chairman Gordon Dean' two Cairo newspapers said the gov-1 members of the commission in- trnmenl is studying the possibility | eluding Dr. Henry D Snivtli I IIP of negotiating non-aggression Ov>.:*' miciear Aiv"d>-t v-i'• ; --r 0 -" tt, u-ith Russia, the United States, and ! dctm'le re-port ou "''" !ir"i i'" le France—big po-vers which, unlike! bomb;' nnd'the coi.'missuVvs ven Britain, have no troops ill Egypt. I eral innrmRer Ma "on W "iiavVr The 1936 pact. »ivcs Britain tliej ju-ct [ s .Ynf Roiillnc ' Although Dean occasionally comes to the Pen'agon, the full- dress atmosphere- produced bv the appearance of fie others stamped the meeting u., .something more than routine. The participants refused to say what was discussed. While there was speculation that | custody of the bomb might have, I been a major item in the talks, it; appeared probable that other runt- \ "We all know that, regardless of Ilic outcome of the truce ncgotia- ' the beginning." all know that tions. Korea is Jiihnson said. our true enemies are not the ragged Kiwanians Win Project Award Blytheville Club Runnerup in 2-State Achievement Contest Tile Blytheville Kiwnnis Club yesterday was awarded first honorable mention prize for achievement during the past year in its member- risht to keep 10.000 troops and a WO-plane air force on Egyptian soil to guard the Suez Canal. 28 Get Rabies Shots in County All Are Victims Of Three Dogs A total of 26 persons In Missis- ' «fppi County are currently Ukins anti-rabies treatments after having been bitten by three dogs, Mrs. Annabel B. pill, county health curse, said today. Of the 28. seven are South Mis- •Issippi County residents and 21 reside in the north half. All seven In the south half of' the county »-ere bit by the same dog while two Bkkering Co Over AinbGsstidoi-'s Nomination to UN --- s^eu UJB . .._ of .North Korea or the be- ship division of Missouri-Art-ai^a, wildered myriads of China but the! District clubs leader., of the Soviet Union." | Winners of competition In the Americans Arc Troubled various phases were named yester- ....Johnson said he and most Ameri- day as the close of ihe Mlssnuri- | cans have been deeply troubled by [Arkansas District convention in it-he "strange and untried path IniJonlin, Mo. ters ; .y-?re fonsiflercd. Particularly, there was the recent series of statements by AEC and congressional leaders about the new atomic weapon capability of Ihe United States, statements which caused concern in the Pentagon over what officials there regarded as too-enthusiastic public interpretation of such talk. Ffirrcslal Wrote a Hook The Pentagon atomic conference V/-4.3UJNGTOV. O..-I. 11. .',,>. _. Bl,-;:r.i-!j-, k b'Twe-Mi Hi>:\.i[i f.. Sins- sen mto the State Dcpaitinc-nt ovi-r the u,,;-.! policies of AinSuii-ador Phi!!]? < '. Jc.-.sup ,,ontinur?d vrst. r- ,day vh, •; .1 Senate weighing Jc.'.'.up';-. nomimitiQn (o be a } •"'Sato to the U. N. mwrketl tin.r. Pre.-.itli-nl. Tnnnjin has n.-niKHl Korea." and added: •Ml is the course of fighting a war but culling it a -police action.' it Ls the course of slaughtering a foe— certain boundaries. The honorable mention awnrd which Is cquivalcnl of second place w : fis a blue ribbon. place was won by the Brcutwood, Mo., club. Only five awards, first .but only nilhin . _., jit is Hie course of battling a slave! Place anil four honorable mentions. ; —-but letting his master go scot. I were given in the achievement com- . | Jcssup. a top aide ID Serreturv Etak- Arht'.-on. to in- a TJ. a. t'irlc- Bate to the United Nations GL-non-l Assembly which meete in Paris r.fxi month. A five-man Senate foreign relations subcommittee studvins t h e l petit ton Johnson said Russian Soviet lead-, ' rllc achievement f-rs can toucii off similar aggression ay "stooges" in Iran, imiochinc, •i he uraiiiimi mines ol the Belgian Conzo" or "a do/cu scattered points tliroughoilt Ihe globe." "\\c. Clan Fipht On" "We can no on fighting in Korea." he said. "We can probably handle another war in Indochina 1 awards were based on the number nnd kind of civil: Projects spon.ored by the club <turin K tne Ifar. Tnc: nlythevillp club entered a large photo of the Misyi.s.siiijii County Polio Clinic, which was erected hf-re under the sponsorship , or thc Kiwi 'ni-' Chili, in the project:, i com )»tition but winners in this came at about the time 3 book • mmals Inflicted bites on the other being published 31 persons, she said. that the late Jam All the dogs were caught later, [ secretary of defense, •he said. One died the day after — biting several of the victims and another was shot. All three were known to be rabid, she said. We may even be able to take on bout in Iran or Yugoslavia. But . ... somewhere-some place-some time nomination has ended its .sclic-d- i ~ something will snap. We cannot' - - ----- Hied hearings and set no time for go on forever dminine awav n,,r 3° v ernor for the Northeast a vole on the nomination, opposed ! by Senator McCarthy (R-Wis). ,;-'i Stassen. Republican former P.OV- renorted i cnlor ot M' n ncsota and now presl- Forrc.stal. first! ?™!, 1 ° l _, llw . U .'?! vc ™ t - v of rcnnsyl- go on torevcr draining away our .Sec RUSSIA on I'.igc- 2 competition have not been nounced. Arthur S. Harrison, club prcsi- jdent and o. E. Kiiudscn, licutenaiit- ernor for the Northeast Arkan- district, represented the Blythc- ville club at the Joplin convention. which had " recom ; """•'• '"-" t l 'stified. He was critical mended to President Truman in [ °l J !^!!>,.! >l '?;.. d ]< J "°!. <hrall >' ™'<" Inside Today's Courier News . . . Papooses open home season ionljht . . . Page 10. • . . Yank's 575 pay Is not barl when compared with other U.V soldiers . . .' rase II. . . . Arkansas lakes aluminum drive to Truman . . . Pa.?e 7. Weather Arkansas through Friday, 1948 that (he military be sivecus to<l y ot atomic bomb.-. The book. "The Forrc.stal Diaries.' said Mr. Truman decided against thru because lie did not want -.same da.^huic; lieuttiuuit colonel to decide when would be the proper time to drop one (an'atomic Iximb)." In what coultl have been a, forc- I runner to the present situation. Forrest al wrote- that he tolrt Mr. Ti urnan: "The conditions of readinr.^ of these weapons was highly uncertain —that what a civilian misht think was ready would be a lone way (rein for battle use" StnFS!-n said last ni«lu thai. retary Ar-hrsnn. after first ,le all (hat r r,--.,tifiLi! to . .'.has ; ,r,.. v admiHcd almost overythin? Mint J uglified from mv ifcoMcctiun ol what Sonator Vaiidi-nh,-ry told nic." Slas.-,!n had ,<ajd. thr late Ken 'or Arthur H. Vniidrnlj!.-r.T. MirhiiMn Republican, told him that ut -i White House mc-'iim < m ;.-,-!, j 19^."). Achf-, ; on and Jcr, ntl\-fieafr-,i cuttinsr D[f military : ,jrt nere Natioiiali:.!r ; In a stritfmem i.-.sued Oct. Thompson's p ara j e S / atec / Jewelry Store ToOpenCooter ;: ] ° °P en Her e \Cotton Contest \\ v Chi- A new jewelry store v. ill hold it.s lormi.l opcnins here lomcrrou- and Salmday. I' is Tliomji-on Credit Jewrlm opr-iated by Harold Thompson Jr' nt 114 Writ Main ' " Mr. Thompson ' ha.s been in thc jowelrv business for the past 0 years here and in UversburR Tcilll .. whr ic he spent tlie 'past two vo» r ; l i UIld ' :r w ' 1: '' ' A l>' u '' ltlc (l " nl Cooler to Holland 'to Stc-.-lc and b.ick to Cooler will Ix' ' * lll :: Ill « h ' "' "^ 1'iinl annual l? trlto C<>t " m f ' lrt;in B Ccmlrsl. to 1» at Contr-r. Mo.. Saturday. ' '„ s l >omor " 1 ' J ; OCl a " d "" P ' d:1 "~ . "«' Cn "'" "iKh ' Coou ' r L1 "" s cl " h l " 1 f )t:tit!On wi!l SH 10am ' .Siatf- Department unable lo find any Ser .IKSSrr - -. the s^itl it had b' r-n rcfor, 1 . of slid! a nn I'.i cr t 13 LITTLE WARMKR £2. Minimum this morning—13. Maximum yesterday—15. Sunset today—5:31. Sunrise tomorrow—6:03. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 -~Xone. Total since Jan. 1—36.21. Mean temperature 'midway taccn high and low)—59. Normal mean temperature October—63.4. This Date Last Year Minimum this mornltiK 49. Maximum yesterday—83. Precipitation January 1 to date last year—53.71. . .The I?cv. E. C. Brown pastor of Ihe Fust Baptist Chinch here today was erected moderator of the Mississippi County Baptist .\ = «,- tion for the associatioinl •fternoon and tonight. ' >0 , a , r .Missouri forecast: Gcucr.illv fair-, " as «'«ted when the two- through Friday; slishtly warmer- !!, y , 2 ''! 1 Bmiuil1 spssi »» of the low tonight in 50's; high"Friday 75-i ? llnty Ba P tlsl Association coiivcn- «l at thc Cahary 1 Baptist Church here this morning. Approximately 250 members of the 36 Baptist Churches In Mississippi County attended the morning session. Other association officers elected 11 j this morning include thc Rev. Guv ;D. Magce. pastor of Manila Bapti t (Church, vice-moderator; the Kei '•~.J. E, Co.v.. p.istor of the CIri- I Lake Church, rlcrk: the Rev. R. B ir jL"ei£h, pastor of the Joiner Churrli assistant clrrk: auri E. H. Cro \ of Blytheville. treasurer. The Rev. Rii-.-.e-ll nuffer. pn-tor nf thf New Liberty Baptist Chuun hi;, j is retiring moderator. Serving i 1 Sec BAPTIST on Page 2 . Brown Named Moderator County Baptist Association the Coast Artillery. He served 'A'?,',',"'? rT™?"'/ mcmhcr OI '"<=i include Ro<a Nell Omicnl f "."»„, Church, he also Ls a mem-1 Jones. Wanda Hamilton. o<- brr of the Junior Chamber of Com- j Stewarl. mercc. ^thc Masons, Ihe Loyal Or- | Cooler: c.rr o: ..Ino'C and thc Kiw-ani.s Club. Azbill. Mrlb:, J . Ir. and Mr.s. Tiiompscn nd their [ rotta Kcul-. all -y.o rlnldren rc.-.ide n 203 Ruddle Fly to Front Xoi —Courier Ncn-s rliola CAU c;oi:s STLAT. DUIVKU JUST GOES—-riie. driver of this late-model car crawled out and walked away yesterday afternoon after the vehicle left Highway (il just north of Holland, Mo., shot out over a drainage ditch, turned a ilip. and plopped Into soft mud at the bottom of the almost-waterless ditch. Apparently the driver took a taxi for bis home in Arkansas-believed to be at Butesville-witliout iclli,, 8 anyone li.s name or giving any directions for the salvage of 1,1s rar Dt-puty Sheriff Will James of Caruthersville said the car, '.ravelins at an excessive rate of .speed, was heading north and left the bi^lnvay on Hit- right as it round,-,! a curve near the brlcl B e. As the driver puneu . back on the road, he probably lost control of the car and it went Into L thedramiige ditch from the left of the highway. Depulv James faid. Doughboys Gain Key Mountain t Six-Hour Flight Moves About 1,000 Men to East Front U. S. 8TII ARMV 1IEAD- QUAKTKKS, Korea. Oct. 11. (AL 5 )—A battalion of American Marines was flown io the Astern front, today in the lary- ;st helicopter airlift in history. The operation was carried out as Setoiul Division Dotigh- fjoys drove Reds off a key mountain in east Korea and a powerful armored force again lila.slcd up a nearby tforife through Red lines. The 'copter shuffle, moviiiR perhaps 1.000 Leathernecks, lasted six hours and 15 minutes. In the West U.S. First Cavalry Division Iroops mopped up Chinese remnants still clinging to a hill the Americans captured yesterday and launched new attacks. Tina action, near Yoiichon wax less than 25 miles northwest of the spot where United Nations and R,-d liaison officers met In an effort to get truce talks going again. ! The battalion of'battle-equipped Marine's was flown almost 13 miles jin !2 hie helicopters from the US | First Marine Division rest area I They landed almost in full view of 1 thr- Communists and Immediately ! marched the remaining m jie. to take lliclr places in the line north of In- l c - Jusl K;isl of Heartbreak This is just east of the month... „.. ln »8 buttle for Heartbreak nidge mlled nml "cfc-'liborlrtir peaks. ' The 38l!i Regiment of thc Second •*£?• 'Ms* if **"$*• *> I & %w3< W H *nP stormed through weakening Cliiitesp resistance on Kim Tl Sung niilee. jt seized thc crest-of one of Kim's many peaks. The Ire.-,ten. Chinese left behind iff.,':", "Yiiri; ;.i>. end the oodles r>l 10 Korea. Oct. .11. IAP) Unit, d _ liaison oflirers mi.-t twice today ami Reds imported tlu-y mac!' lovvai-d rvop.-i.itH! In,,:,.- ,alks. They scheduled another sermon a.m. Kjimurov.- (7 p.m. Thursday, Blythtvillc lunv.l Tiio f:ict Hint another mcetinj? was scheduled was Interpreted a.s nu-an- ing the llnlsnn officers failvil to reach final ntrreemeiu nil resumption of iM'Siiliiitions which the lieds broke South Koreans stormed firid captured another hill. The location was not reported. lirds licl.iln Peak North Korean Reels still holding l lhl - northernmost peak of nearby Nations and Communist ', ilc.irfluoak Ridijc beat hack an at- headway i t;icl< i)v tllc U - R - 23rd Infantry : ment Wednesday ninhl. The Amen- U'AH o.i 1'apo 2 PSC Studying Ark-Mo Bid For Rate Hike Arkansas' Public Service Commission has taken under advisement a;i Ark.iiias-Missotiri Power Company rc,|uert to raise thc ra;e.s for electricity furnished Texas Eastern Has Traii.Mnlsslon Company . tjinivd Nations cumin, -ml .inuicvs announced the in this area. Ark-Mo d a 12 per against thc tncreapc in clu-|rir,l li't-r. The Cii* company n.«es a l.-,r|!i; p' of the elcctrk-al "input of Jim II.II plant iU Campbell tr, i,,,j,.,;,;.- (....„ ]„,,„,,., .. vlli ,,, keep lia.'. llowinu tiiroii-.'h this are:!. 'I in- ini-i.ji.'e --'..iuL,l ,o-t UIF- I.M-: , nm i::niy aJ](ill[ ^IVV.Ilftd n year, ae- rnni:ii-' tr, (<• .tiiuimv pri-.M-nlcrl la tin- I'lii/lj,: s,-r-.:n- Comim „!,>;!. In i, Miflrrent ra: c >j'.-toi-c Ihe I-tnt-ral l' Cfimmi-,.-,ion, Ark- Mo hris n?kf-d for an additional gas aliCL-;,-ion trvjin Texas Kastru: to oprratc the n-m-rating plant at Canipocil. Worker Named Mrs. Robinson Gets Nutritionist's Post lUith nnd lliinl The ,-,-,,.,1-t'or pro^i-f.w r , ln , L . („,„, i lie,I .sources nt I'anmunjum, Com-| M". Precman Robinson, who has mum-.! check point where luu.'on: 1 " jr » clinic nutritionist at the "IfK-ers arc holding their meetings. (Health Unit here, has been named Commiinist newMiien said the Red i for .Mlwissippi Countv ."ice nn , "'I"'?' llC tW " (ca "» ;Mr! >- A » M ta' B. F'» county health -ibii-ecl on technical airnnije-• nurse, announced today. Tlie apnointmeut was made bv Dr. Frauees Rotbert. director of the*\fi- Imial and Child Health Division of llw state Health Department. uicnts" for a meeting of , nc^otialors near Panmunjom. Xculrality Agreement Kemains Linij-,011 officet.s appart-ntlv still hud lo sell Jo on a neutrality "agreement for the Paumunjom site The Cnmmuniil.s have In.siMrd thrit Ihr, truce nciiotirtt'irK '.!'.cm. l '.-lv,-s .'.h-'.ul(f deriilr ,ji 'if the iiouli":,! ar, tinu- for jointly ent'orciiu; U. Tin- United Nation- command iaki-s the Maud Hint officer-- :li,;uld <|i;i[t Hi,- iit-iiti.ilitv a,-i-i-c- iinrl til'. 1 truce i-:ivin.s lalily ! Reds Want Ni-utral y.niu- I wjur re.u'hini: from tile old r iu- K.'U-MU-, K to Mu:::;in .lit-ad,|U.!ilc of tdf Allu-ti tiii'r Inirn Tin- t; Queen ,:indi<la|cs entered lo dato : ,l-,v i d '.vith an in- Kri'^ont; aixl M,m: r-crvlcc rate:,] The two si'.v ;nl Sri- IU:i)S nud Jeanir Kdwards. nil of j Kdna Il!inkr>nship. Ruth \ Building Bill Approved of New M.tririrl and Barbara \Vm^- rielcl of Hrr.n Thr.'e r.-):;ri;fj.,tr.s rf-(>ir '-nt th-c i Cooler Ijiiif Clul). Hiiliand Rutary j Ciub. Stcrle CiKiiutKr of C-njinurt". ; C(x,U r ^.r)-.i>nis ;,nd N'r'w M ,ch id : UiSh Kiln,,,I. Couole Get Mali W / UI V-UUf^JU VJCL / 1 Ul T Tour o/ North ' vUl Ul /^UfltJ Mrs. Robinson will have charge of nnlrlfion work throughout the aoiln- ty and will IK- available to all groups Interested hi health work. Mrs. till announced today as county health extended to cover cmmrv nuhcr than iust oi-'n l::-!f Thh brought Fill' rxpli-ineil. v.h,.;, M rs . I-MI-V n M:llr-r. lormrrly in chnri-e "f Ih" Health Unit office in o-ced- la. left for C'rcorae Prahr^Iv foil, rp at N.'i.-.hville ., ,',,-ir she v ill '•le:r woik on iicr decree in iribi-c liraltli. To lake c,..,r Mrs Miller's work Mr-. Fill f .-nd ..he iv.-l! be in Ocr-iia Tirsday mrmilns and Fiidny after Il!n'-!i of rvr;-\- wef'k. Mrs. T-ill and Mrs. flarci Anil)ii-.«e. r:-.C'-M!u: of H---.iltli u n if -.vnrX.:;,; m lil:h I.. A f), I II. 1,1- Pi-imic.-.. ;ind hrr hu.baud had a; r.- irn-iav from the siien- f their N'orth American i! ; i ippro; n ^ r 1 IfU I I troni iixrrrox. cxt. n. r,r, -i he < Cd tori.iy a S4A2?,MTt-,Q 'tion hill, ,-lvieftv fru- mili- l '.-.-in and the Atomic ( o t r -um |r rr.!ir.rd by <•' of 18J to 127 to knock l" in ii-iirr S12.82I.OOO for '>rt i Pirsidcnt Truman sj n Grandiit-w. Mo. ; rrlalctl slory cm Pii^ HI Driver Is Fined $100, Jailed for Drunk Driving F Rnbrit A. was lined siori ,and ('.•!; ar.d .seiHcncefi to a tlav ;m jail m Municipal Court tin- jUlnrni:-.: on a charge of dri\ ma ; while in,tin ihe influence, of liqiini-. \ New York Cotton ;N. O. Cotton l- : i" mi:!. : lh< ir seen],,) <l:iv in t,'.li.ifi '.'.- - :,}lit;il. Ilin ci.iii:»V h:ul th" iiirirnn.i: to Ihem-ch* *-, Tiif:i- lir.,t public apjicai-jtnro r>f ih, ,l;iy V.-3.V a eivi< luncheon [or 20i1 nt n ci'jwnlo-.Mi Of-nvi, hotol, at whali tua childi-en of itaditm ciliz,-ns w, ;r to (>r".--'nt tls'-'tu v.-ith n wintlbic.-ik- ei t"r tlirir :'-,n. Prinee Charle?. au;S f n.ur dl M.inkct:, for their little ,lr.-i :lif- ;• Prill, '•-'.. Amir. - a [rip DM the tr,,.-.- tity. (ollnwed by a ieo-;>- liv the Caiii\(JI:in af.-v.'ri' I irs . M:--- > riiiiji.- rr.ujjli-'.. tl'.'' d'Mr.ininn mid tatioilln.; or.e •]^-y icvrird niui-li York Stocks ( i t-sls Open Hic-'a I.-,;\ S7,i:i :i74:i .!':SI 3G3S 3ii7C '.l(.fa 3670 36.1^1 3642 36fi7 36.W 1:30 :ruf» 3M). 3665 3661 ! Mai- May Opcn Hi-h Low . -37.:i MM r,i\ . 3r,7.'. 3-1P.3 367J . 3667 :(67« 3KK • 3663 3C66 3655 r tn Kf (iu fi:!ii: their :-prc:a! ti.nii -ir .imn-ncy aftrr nud- lo-.ll <nupl|. will br- :;ov, li.dr KCiictnl. V):,- er. a I. a imffcl supper -,uth square hi h> - : 'M ... aV*ins [T f thc fmt-fioiU of thu (Jcfci:ic." : Siiti 65 5-S

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