The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 16
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$"*;• <<*". PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEV1LLK (AUK.)' COUltlER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE !>, 1947 Leader in Greece Fears Guerrillas Member of Cabinet ' Suggests U. S. Troops Would Be Welcomed '.ATHENS,. June 5. (OP>— Sopho- el«s Venizelos, Greek cabinet minister, 'agreed today with an unofficial suggestion that the presence « American troops In Greece would dtacourage aid from abroad to guerrilla forces, Venlzelos Is president of the cabinet's National Defense Council and minister of navy. The suggestion regarding American troops In Greece was being voke<j privately in governmelit quarters, although most spokesmen declined to be quoted on it. No evidence was seen that anyone believed Die United Stales would be willing to make such n move, at le»st for the- time being. In effect the circulation of the idea, and Its advocacy by Venizelos constituted nil oblique Invitation to the United Stales to add troops to the Investment it was making against the spread .of Communism in the Eastern Mediterranean. Tile suggestions arose after the reported existence of an intcr-na.- tlocal brgiadc of Communists intending to fight in Greece on the side of the guerrillas. The government had received reports that the 'teijade was coming by way of Albania and Yugoslavia, and that one conligcnt already har| landed at the Yugoslav port of Split. . Venizelos said in an. interview that the Greek Army, If it were doubled in strength niid equipped from tlie American aid program, eonld handle the situation. But ; he added that it would be serious if. the guerrillas "continue • to .receive substantial aid from abroad." He repeated previous reports that 10.000 guerrillas of unspecified nationality in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia were being equipped by. those governments to fight in Greece. "There are not that many Greeks iiv 'those countries," he said. "If they send troons to Greece, they Will be Slavs." He said Greece haa information that Bulgarian textile mills were making Greek Army and gendnr- raerie uniforms to outfit puerrilln.s - "This external aid must be stopped," he said. "The "Greek Army cannot senl 705 miles of border at its present strength," "Graduation '47---Pony Edition Atomic Energy Race Continues; Official Sees Trouble Ahead field. I Osboni 5UB(jcstc<i tlie Atomic Energy committee slaii now OH ;i discussion lo bring out tlic full meaning of lour working papers, and then to amend ajid clarify LAKH SUCCESS, N. Y., 5. (U).') finished by' working committees of ««: basic principles. -J'lX'diM-ick O.sbom, United stales the atomic uroitji. j Russia's Andrei Gromyko aerccd rc|)iescnlaliV3 on the Atomic Eu- The working committees have witli Osborn that It would be (i y Commission, said today nn fcecn studying the field not as rep-1 goccl idea to take the worklnK pa- •ii'inlc energy nice is now golnit lesentativcs of their governments! pcrs one by one rather than - :iflcr the fii"'t tut u s individuals and without] tempt to deal with them all Lvral L»Df year Die With commencement pictures beginning lo pop up nil over Ihc country, lillle James Srhollnml and his sister, Uoir.adettc, make as oilo a one us any. lie's pictured in tlic rap and KOWII he'll wear for his grudnalion cercinotiy nl St. Michael's KmdcrjjHilen in Jersey City, N. J. Bernadelte will be mistress o( ceremonies at the exercises. crtnrncd. Dennis became the second professional Arkansas man to drown in the last tv.-o days. Dr. C. W Eennctt, I'Mrt Smith ncntist, drowned in Lake Nimrod Tuesday. on, a fuil meeting of jjroup. O:itiorii said ho' could sec jiollj- inu but trouble ahead unless there \\ is international ownership, maii- i n cinciiL and operation of- atomic: energy. 'Any other plan '.votild not remove ll>i> danger of on atomic war, he said. He told the working cominHlcc or the commission that the lntcrn;i- tional control system proposed by he fio^et Union "would bo a fraud j on the peoples of tlic world." It nn international agency !«>'! the power lo give orders to t'.ic national asrencv (of each country) it would provoke constant conflict. f )( I vcpn the two. Tlinl would mean trouble airl wouldn't remove the danger of an nlomic war, Osb-ornc said. The atomic enei'f-'v race hit; so far' involved tlie United State*, fuiada, Britain and the Soviet U'l- ion. all of which had appropriated 1 inio sinus of money for atomic re- son roh, lie a.'scried. O';bom i:i'.'tiscd the statement- made to Ihr commission Monda'.'i r-v Il'ivlil Lilenlhal, chairman of; Mie IJnitCfi State Atom!-.: Enei'",v C'n'imitlee, abrjut the desire of the United States to maiuain and In- croiso its pre-cminenr:» in the field. Osborn s:.itt the proposed inter-1 riatiiinal inspection plan .sugestedi by Russia lia ( ( been superseded' now by four papers that had been i atomic energy cominlttins their government!!. The gethcr. Soviet Union was not represenlaj on finy of the coininltlccs. O.ibcrn said Ihe main thesis of the working papers v;ns the ownership, management and operation of the duncrcoii!! fadHlle.s ol atomic energy by an international agency. Ho pointed out that June 14 v.xnild mark Uir first anniversary of the Atomic Energy Commission nnrt I hat jiow, one year later, there still wa s no control of the Hybrid Seed Corn GROWN FOR ARKANSAS i'ee Your Dcalert OWKNS TKACTOIt CO. Illydievillc it. A. <;nu,mu;ys 1.1-iiclivllle 1IA11VKV SIKTKKS R.I'.I)., Lcuolivillc M1SSCO ISll'I.EMKNT CO. Osceoti I.KK WILSON co. Wilson Because of the time required for study and lo determine the atti tudes of various governments, the commission did not set its next meeting date. LEARN TO We will teach you how in. eight easy lessons. Helpful for "Regulars" aswell as "Beginners." Single "Refresher" Lessons Complete 8-Lesson Course SINGER SEWING CENTER 411 W. Muin St. ** EAST Long Jdurney Ends 'MURPREESBORO, Temi.. June 5. (UP)—Jo);n Tai-vcr, of •Murfrces- boro, left 'today for Portland. O.-i:., to recover his automobile that tr.x- velert many n mile in four days. The car was stolen lie re last •Friday ; night. Today Tarver act nord from tlie Orcson State Highway Patrpl that they had the car at Portland -aJhil Hint the man driv- tag it. :: llst*d as John C. Alcheson, w»s killed v lnst iiiahl in a gun battle wlthfpatrolmen. \ Drlegist Drowns MAQlfOLIA, irk., June 15. TOP) — Alvm Dennis, 47, one of Ma'Biiolia's te«din)5 druggists, drowned in BDd- caw Lake, eight miles South cf 'Stamps^ 'yesterday. Dennis-was fishing in a boat with two other,nwn when the craft ov- Good News For Folks Who Suffer From k^ STOMACH GAS FOOD TASTE INDIGESTION Da you f ml bloated tnd miserable after •wry meal, taste sour, bitter rood? If MX here Is how you may get blessed re- tttf from this nervous distress. • Kverytlme fowl enters the stomach a TttcT gFLstrlc Juice must nownormr\)ly to br«*k-up certain food particles: else the- food may fcrm«nt. Sour food, add Indl- ttation and Eras frequently cause a mor- bW, touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous condition, loss of appetite, underweight, rest!ESS sleep, weakness. To get real relief you rmist Incrcaso Oie flow of this vital Rastrlc Juice. 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