The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 8
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I-AGE £LYTHEV1LLE (ABK.) COU11IER Giants Hit Hard To Trim Pirates Dodgers Come Through ' In Exhibition Game Over Great Lakes By United Press On\y oue gamn was played In the rhajor leagues yesterday. Ilic New York Glnrils backed up rookie pitcher Bill Volselle by spattering 15 ; biise hits all over the Pittsburgh ball park. The Giants drove Max Butcher from (lie mound and went on to win an 8 to 4 victory over Frankle Frlsch's Pirates. The win was Volselle's Hth usalnst 12 losses. The Dodgers from Brooklyn dirt the uncommon an^ won a tall Bflme. It was an exhibition with tlie Bluejackets of Great Lakes and dorai't count. In the standing.';. However, the Cleat Lakes veteran-spangled team )>,is levelled five major league clubs this season. TJnltl the Dodsers licked them, they had won 31 of 40 tames. Two Dodscrs pitchers split the chore for Brooklyn, allowing the sailors just four runs. Tom Warren and Cnl McLish pitched, with Warren laklnR the game, 7 to 4. Thn league-leading St. Louts Cardinals trundled off with a 10 to 1 win over the Fort Leonard Wood service team. It was an unusual day In that the Cardinals committed! four misplays on the field. Traveler 1, sends Armorcl Softball Team Wins Over Yarbro, 5-2 ; P. Rynis and J. Whittle lied up in a pitching duel with liyals emerging the winner at. Walker Park last night as the Ai'morcl A toys team trimmed Ynrbro toys 6-2 in another of a series of softball- games between 4-H club teams. : Another close contest vtas that In which the Cornell B boys nosed out the Lone Oak boys 3 to 2. ; Oosnell B girls had a field day fit the expense of Promised Land Elrls whom they- defeated 15-0. Big League Scouts Pass On ftyn-fn-Reverse Rule By NBA Service . WICHITA.—A dozen major league scouts will • serve on ti jury to render h verdict as to the possibilities of base running In reverse, suggested by Ray Dumonl of the National Semi-Pro Baseball Congress, when n test Baine" is staged here the night of Aug. 11. The opposing managers will act as lawyers, the guide of the winning team defending the rule. Dumont holds that permitting n bat Icr to run to third ns well as firs-, .providedi he continues to advance in -the same direction would create .complicated plays'and excitement. Today': Yesterday's Results BOUTHEKN LEAGUE Night games: New Orleans G, Memphis 4. Atlanta 2, Nashville 1. 1 Mobile 4-13, Chattanooga 3-7. Little Rock 0, Birmingham 4. AMERICAN LEAGUE Open date. ; ; NATIONAL LEAGUE New .York 8, Pittsburgh 4; (Only game scheduled.) ...j s Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE . New Orleans at Memphis, night ,. Nashville at Atlanta. • Birmingham at Little Rock. •> Mobile nt•Chattanooga. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn at Chicago, Boston at Cincinnati! Philadelphia at St. Louis, night. New York at Pittsburgh, night. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis at New York. Chicago at Boston". Detroit at Washington, night. ^Cleveland at Philadelphia, night. 8ET IIFTER . . NHlh * Kt4[cim inn win rroTi linn If you suffer from rheumatic pain or muscular aches,buy C-2223 today lor real pain-relieving help. 60c, $1. Caution: Use only as directed. First bottle purchase price refunded by druggist if not satisfied. GetC-2223, Itu. DOPE BUCKET vi j. r. ANOTHKIi HOUND TRIP Capl.* James Ace Piickctt, who Is •cally qualifying as the Arkansas during tills World War In another report of his nost recent trip across the Atlan- lc. 'I he former Blythcville Junior High and Shawneo High school [Joiner) coach who has had more close calls than n Fuller brush salesman, is not, only keeping an accurate account of his trills, but lie mileage as well and should i.ive some amazing stories to tell oiicc he is given the green light >y the armistice. His letter follows: Ft. George Mead.'Md., July 30, 1344. Dear J. p.: Hi, there, Pal, how's Blytlicville, lone and my "2nd" son, II. A.? Well, 1 am back home again from another trip to England. Didn't see a jot this time that 1 already .mdn't seen, except the North Sen. I had an experience that I have ilieamed about. I spent a night and stilt there wasn't any night. The sun Just didn't go .down, Maybe I can tell you more about this when I see you. Gash, I was there and still 1 could hardly believe it. ALMOST MEETS I1OM1I I had an experience this time Uwt I even almost asked for. Yon know, we wanted to see a Kobot (Buz?. Bomb). Well. I did and if It had been any closer I wouldn't be writing this letter. They do plenty of damage, but still they arc not comparable with block-buster bombs. However, 1 am not interested seeing either one anymore. I'll take mine in the newsreels. By the way, Lieut, Col. Ivy W. Crawford Is here at Fort Meade low, In the same outfit with me. Boy. were we glad to sec each other. We liavc spent quite some time together the last four days. Ilc-and I 'were the best of friends back In Blythevillc, so you can sec lhat we mil n lot (o talk about. lucldenlly, I taught his two lovely daughters, Winifred and Eiigcnln. Ask Eugenia If slip remembers what fusses she and I hud. I lintc to expose her on her age, but I could hardly believe the Colonel when he told me she Is 22 years old. I .suppose R-. A. ivill be big enough to kick me out of the house If time passes like that and thiy grow up so (iiilck. LONGS FOB FOOTHALL Now dial August lias arrived and football Is In the air I like to think of the one athletic event thai meant more to me as a coach than any other game ever. Do you remember my first year at Shawnce? Well, my basketball tcnm was beal- en by Blytlicville, 40-20. at Luxora in January 1039. Then do you happen lo remember that In February the same vcar nt SViawnec, my Indians beat Blytlicvlllc 41-37? Of course, that was a small thing lo a football minded city like Blylhc- vllle, but I Rot a thrill from that game Ibal I'll always cherish. J. P., there are several boys from Blylhevillc who nre pilots and can tell a lot of Interesting things about combat In the air. However, I think I will tell you. someday, my Impressions of flying over the Allan- tic. I have kept a pretty goo^l set, of notes on each of my five Atlantic hops, so I think it Is possible that sweat out "Josh, n leave before would like too lung. to spend » few rtays In Hlytlievillc thin Full nlwul football (line, with yon, "l'o|i" Moslcy, "Hock" Saliba, Frank Whitworth, and a lot of the Momhr; morning quarterbacks. It klnil'n gels In your Wood, Iratli niytlicvjll and football. Sny, I suppose "Pop's" other toy, Tommlc, will play <|ii!irtcrb:iek this year, or is lie already nl Alidmmii? Qlvc my regards lo all anil 1 hope to sec you before loo long. Thanks for the Couriers. A ml Ace Eugenia, \vho now Is (he courier News City Editor and doliiR a fine Job, .says she dors ip^iember hectic "verbal battle's" with you, Ace. She says she used lo get, pretty mad HI you and looks back on those good olo class room c.v»crl- cnccs with 11 great deal of pleasure. Baseball Standings SOUTIIKIIN WEDNIiSDAY, AUGUST 0, 1944 '44 Open Season On Game Birds Set at 80 Days WASHINGTON, Aug. 0 (U.P.) — Sportsmen will have 10 extra days lo get their share of 6«me birds this year. Secretory Tekos has fixed the 1944 open season at 80 days because of n ftlcady Increase In the migratory game bird population. Tlie hunting season will begin September 20 In the northern none. October 14 In the Intermediate rone and November 2 in the southern zone. As was the case year, sportsmen will be permitted to keep birds lawfully taken for u period of 45 (lays after the close of the open season. With few exceptions, the hunting day will open at 10 minutes icforc sunrise and close ut sunset. LEAGUE W. L, Atlanta , 27 ( Nashville Memphls . . Ultle Rock . New Orleans Birmingham . Mobile Chattanooga , 2fi 21 If) 15 13 15 n St. fouls AMERICAN LEA<;UK W. L. Boston New York Detroit, . Chicago Cleveland •12 might tell some happenings that would be Interesting at least lo "my boy, H. A. I guess though if I Icll you nil 1 know In my letters I won't have anything to blow off about when I sec you. Maybe I car .... 02 G5 <1H .... fill 48 .... 52 50 .... 50 53 51 55 Philadelphia 47. f>a Washington .u 59 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. SI. Louis . .. Cincinnati . . Pittsburgh . New York . Chicago . ... ... 72 Dost on Philadelphia 38 Brooklyn ^g I'd. .770 .702 .[ill) .•Ml .•105 .371 .105 .237 Pel. .596 .5M .525 .510 .485 .41)1 .443 .427 Pel. .727 .C(il .5:1 G .4(10 .•184 .414 .MO .392 R*»d Courier Mnni wani Adi. Japs Leave Horses For Gl Race Meet My NKA Service SAN FRANCISCO.-The Japs left horses on New Guinea when the Amerlcims chased them, the animals having been part of the Nipponese loot from Singapore. The steeds were .small und no good foi work. So a Jockey among the Ol': suggested n monthly race meeting A smooth truck was built on u con base in no lime. Squash courts Imvp sprouted all over New Guinea, according to those returning, but the favorite sport is still baseball. la your Bkiti itching and smarting with heat rnsli, prickly Kent, burning from sunburn, or reddened and eoro from cliiifing? Then sprinkle on Mcx- nana, tlio soothing, medicated powder mid feel Imw it mollies anch heat- irritated «kin. Relieves itch of mosquito tiles, too. And there's no muss or grease to Boil your clotlies for Mcx- aiiiia is ft clean ivhito powder tliat provides n medicated coat of protection figainst dialing from clothing. A <!f year favorite. Moxsana costs little, even grfi.'iler savings in larger sizes Help your family beat tho Tieat, get MEXSANA SOOTHING MEDICATED POWDER FARM LOANS 4% Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 'RHEUMATIC PAIN i > KXlcl.. Ihil «m Pro,, milt Bake Better Pastries With Shibley's Best Flour... This fine flour ACTUALLY REQUIRES LESS SHORTENING! ICE REFRIGERATORS Reduced For Clearance! Reg. $72 Seegar Refrigerator Now $54 Reg. 54.25 Progress Reirigeraior - - Now 40.70 (With Double Door) Reg. 46.75 Progress Refrigerator - - - Now $35 (With Single Door) Reg. $65 Automatic Refrigerator - - Now 48.75 We Have 10 of Thes Modern Ice Refrigerators—Buy Yours Now Planters Hardware Co. 126 W. Main 'A ..!,, Incorporated Phone 515 I'KNN S'J'ATKUS MOVK Stute College, PH.—None or Pcnn State's innjor teams osca]>cd »n- atlicd as 150 Nnvy-Marluc trains Iclt for stations. HANY/KWSKl'S AltM SOKB New York.—Nursing a sore arm, Kddle Hanyrewskl has not pitched or the Cubs since Mny 17. New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Lust Time Toiiiiy "HEAVENLY BODY" with William I'owcll * llcily Lit 111,1 r Fox News At Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sat itarts 12:45; Sun. sUrU l-M Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, open* 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. ami Run. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "DANGEROUSLY THEY LIVE" with .Inlin GarDclfl ,fc Kayiiioml iHassey and "FRISCO LIL" with Irene Ilcrvcy & Ken! Taylor THEATRE Manila, Ark. WKEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Oflicc Opens R—Show Starts at 8:15. SATURDAYS £ SUNDAYS '^Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Last Time Today THREE RUSSIAN GIRLS' ivilli Annn Slcn anil Kcnl Smith KKO News £ Sport Short Thursday and Friday "TARZAN'S DESERT MYSTERY" 1 with Johnny Wcismullci, Nancy Kelly •.mil Johnny Sheffield PARAMOUNT NEWS ft COMEDY Opea 7:30 Show Starti 7:45 Wednesday'* Thursday 1 *" RithorJ Pulricio DANE • Sum UVINE Jimmy rUsion HAU Una KORNE Hoicl SCOTT *ir*»n flay ^ S : gH cr> ^c-dFrM SaM T . J by' Pfodgttd bv VlNCENTE M1KNEIU JACK CUMMINOS News Of The Day Short fitting D'29 Saptrfortmt, U'hifh bain bat Yau'aM stttl plants atal Bait. Little Octane Numbers that will help end the war sooner! TODAY'S SUPER-FUEL is 100 Ocn m e,ns compared wuli 90-Ocisnc for pre-war aviation gasoline. This difference of 10 octane ninnlicrs is definitely contributing toward {Listening tlic <l;iy of victory, because these cxira octane- numbers represent extra fighting power ... exlr,i range and carrying capacity for our big bombers . .. rxini speed for our fii-litcr planes! In thirty months, U.S. production of IflO-Octane Aviation Gasoline lias licen multiplied ten times. Our facilities for producing this precious, fighting, super- fuel can now deliver 21,000,000 gallons daily. Think of it! Tliis is a greater quantity of aviation gasoline alone tli.m the combined total of all petroleum products available to Axis liutope. Phillips Petroleum Company, amptig CMS FOR YOUSCJX- J'OR YOUK COUNTRV the first to tike gasoline out of the laboratory and into mass production, is now ml of the Million's five largal producers of lOO-Octaue, despite the f.icr that 1'hillips operates only in the Middle West. This production achievement suggests how competently and completely Phillips is devoting itself to the w:ir effort, with similar special emphasis on butadiene for synthetic rubber. Until that great day comes, when you can say "fill 'cr up with Phillips"... and the service man cranks into your t.inlc a. new und improved Phillips gasoline remember that Phillips refineries, irL^l- diiion to producing gasoline, Iubrica!$, and fuel oils, nre also gigantic chemical p/'.iHls pouting our. weapons for victory. PHILLIPS PETROLEUM COMPANY; Biirtlesville, Ok/u. It's A Fact- That American Legion Tosts urc now'employing 5,308 people lo assist in airiiif; for the needs of veterans of World War I or II. GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 W\^p Housewives! Storekeepers! ; v f;| WASTE PAPER URGENTLY NEEDED ' Clip this and paste it in your window! U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign,

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