The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1949
Page 13
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•THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1949 Thermometers Aid Good Cooks Right, Temperatures Make Roasts Better, According to Experts. • Recipes in modern cookbook* give Instructions for "roasting ; mcats to a specific temperature as shown on a meat thermometer.' This Is sound advice according to authorities on meat cookery. They say that measuring the Internal temperature of meals Is the only "reliable method of determining the exact degree of •demoness of large roasts. Since a roast meat thermometer takes the internal temperature of the moat regardless of Its size or composi- '. tion, this system Is always dependable. Actually a roast nieat thoimome- 'helps the cook in two ways. First assures roasts that arc cooked rare, .fnedium or, well-done-^according to the family's preference Second ,it reduces rnfial; .shrinkage caused by overcooking. A popular meat thermometer now on the market Is made entirely of shiny stainl&ss steel for extra strength and cleanliness.' It has a round, clock-like face printed with large black figures and a guide for cooking, meats to various stages, of doneness. This face is attached to the' stainless steel stem which has » sharp pointed end. The point Is pressed into the thickest part of Uie nieat .without the need for nsliig a skewer 'to make a preliminary hole. .•There'' is no danger of. the . stein breaking in the meat. If the thermometer Is Insetted Into the roast at a slight angle, the dial can be read simply by opening the''overi door. This nieat .thermometer has the added advantage of being exceptionally casj to clean Negro School Patrons Favor Tax Increase . MAGNOLIA, Ark., Sept. 29. MV- Voters in tile Walker District of Columbia Count" decided the 18- mtll.levy on Tuesday's school election' ballot was not enough. . . 'SO, all 47; voters wrote in a 23-mlll tax instead. a All of the district's schools are •ieero Institutions, SLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sweet Potato Hut Puffs Served With Chicken Looking for something out of this world to serve with broiled chicken? Then turn to The Congressional Club Cook Book (third -"edition, 1948) and read with smacking lips what Mrs. J. Percy Priest, wife ol Tennessee's representative,. doe^ with sweet potatoes and nuts, Sweet Potato Nul : I'uffs; ': -:.'.-• (Serves 8) '': ' ] ,\- '••'• Six medium-sized sweet' potatoes, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 egg, 2]3 cup chopped nuts, salt to taste. Boil .the potatoes' until 'they are tender/Peel and mash them. Add butter, egg, salt and beat until fluffy. Stir In chopped huts. Shape Into balls and-roll them in finely crushed cornflakes. Fry them in deep fat until they afe the desired brown. Sweet potato rolls are a ^imtlar happy suggestion. You'll find the. recipe in the same book, contributed by Mrs. George M. -Grant; wife of the representative froni Alabama, DISTURBED — Companions in woe at Kansas City, Mo., are this boy and his dog. both lost. Tired and distraught, three-year-old Mike Spcllman leans against wall to sob unhappily, refusing offers of sweets from patrolman. Mike's dog seemed undisturbed, however, lingers close to guard the boy. A telephone call ended Mike's experience, when child sud dog were reported missing. (AP Wirephoto). Commies'Counsel Asks That Triot Be Thrown Out NEW YORK,'Sept. 29—(flV-bc- fensc counsel In the communist conspiracy; trial declared , yesterday that the conduct of presiding Judge Harold R: Medina had "constituted harassment" and asked that he declare a mistrial Medina, who has been under constant defense attack throughout the 37-week trial reserved decision on the motion. * The move was part of a last- ditch tight by defense lawyers to have the case against 11 American communist leaders thrown out of court. Taking of testimony in the marathon trial ended last Friday. Medina set today for hearing, ol defense motions. Final arguments to the Jury are to begin next Tuesday if the judge rules against the defense. - Boy Loses Last Round in Long Fight for Life LORA1N, O., Sept. 29 H.I'J—Tills steel city of some' 50,000 had opened its heart to eight-year-old Eugene Johnson. He contracted juekemla about a year ago. Doctors' said he had no chance lo live—unless lie could be treated three times' a week at the baby's and children's clinic of Cleveland university .Kdspttnl. When the Loraln Journal told the story, hundreds offered to help ,• Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Gene and his' mother, Mrs. Rassel! Johnson, 35, went to the hospital. Volunteer drivers took them. ~ The treatment helped Gene. Al- though still far from well^ he had Improved noticeably. Tuesday Ihcy -started for the Cleveland Hospital again. Mrs. Mary Carter, 30, was the voluntsei driver. About six miles east of here, the car collided with another.. Qene was badly hurt. Taken to St. Joseph's hospital, he made another game fight for life. This time, though, he couldn't make It. He died shortly afterwards. The others were not injured seriously. PAGE THIRTEEN Lead HHIP.T;A. Fails To Let Coming Flood Put Damper on Project the school playground The P,T.A.'s second annual auction sa)e to provide school playground equipment will be held Sept 30. ,. . .''... But the far-slghied patrons will buy removable equipment, for sometime in 1951 the town of Lead Hill will disappear beneath the lake behind Hull shoals dam. The town, however, will bo moved to a nearby—but higher—site. But meanwhile, the P.T.A., which promoted an auction sale last year lo provide school'equipment, decld- cd to make it an annual affair and have.another-sale this year—despite the flood. All items to be sold have been donated by school patrons and business firms. J? (&v&iaocd SLICED BACON Crisp, Tender, Tttty Serve rt for bretMi or supper. MIMPHII A SU8STITU1E FOR MEAT HARRISON, Ark., Sept. 29. <AP> — Undaunted by a flood It knows Is coming, the Lead Hill p.T.A. is going ahead with plans to Improve Mayrose veal roll Red Pitted CHERRIES No. 2 can 25c CHOICE MEATS wondrous flavor without waste when it's IO ROAST MAYROSE VEAL ROLL Place a Mayro e Veal Roll on a rack in an open pun (NO WA1EH) KO-* t in a sloiv oven (325°). The fat covering melts and bastes the meat during cooking. Roasting lim». WEIGHT 3 lo 4 pounds 4 lo 6 pounds 6 la 8 pcmndi Ifn per; Thawsd S hou,i '- •. 3 1 /! lo 4 houi« 4 lo S hours • Fzozsn 4 hour* 4'/i lo 5 hour* 5 16 S hours i rooit meat thermometer is used, roast lo an internal tem- ature of 190°F. Sonson tho meat aftcr-'ro -roasting. iv, |fc VEAL CROQUETTES IYI.IJ: a oroqu.H..) J cupj ground coo!«d toll 1 l.a.poon .all I labl.ipoonn butts, or maremrln. 2 labl.spoon, mlnt.d onions * tabUspoom Hour Siil.d cracker crumbs 1 cup mill ,, Mayro.sLatd \ •Make a white sauca of butter, flour nnd milk. Add tho veal salt and onion Cool Shape into 8 croquettes: Roll in sifted cracker crumbs Heat lard in a deep heavy pan. Fry croquettes in hot lard until well browned Drain on soft paper. Servo with hot apicy beets and other tart relish. - '.. ot. Louis Independent Packing Company PACKERS Of HIGHEST OUAtlTY MAYROSE MEAT PRODUCTS Look what you get with Every Sack of Gold Medal . f '" n 2 our (plain or self-rising} works 1's remarkable baking qualities .• Enumttji u, o, ncrl ca s INO. 1 food expert, Betty Crocker.' • - , General Mills <£ Money Back Guarantee: Gen « ral ^ ills s"<"°ntees G O W i i "Here's i Thriltf, | ] - Tisty Supper," I I Aa^i. BtXGjTDiocAtA. | • f * ' I | Frankfurter* I I Polalof5alad Biiscuiln j I ColTco or Milk ' ' Fruit Bowl ' . "Rtttr Croclrf anrt - '! I "KiKli'ii-itMfinnr. I j ITMftir.arUc.TGw^ralMllli. : , rlour fo "KHchen-testtd" Enriched sohsfoclory results or your money back. Liberty Cash Grocery's " ' " RECIPE 0PM on ovtn; Kt at modemtelv .(350-F.).. Grcaw . qiiW lo»f or Dicing Ji,h. Mix egg, m i[t, i' " l: > P^P" ""J "gt.SMi. in -lcj and jaimon. Put !„',„ pan Bake about '/, hofir, or ontil firm' lum out and slice. Serve wich th c hot soup aj a s»uce. Mak«s 4 l«rvingi. *Cool«J or cannrd tun», h,JJ K t, halibut or canned fish ftakei a Uo carl ">* USCtL '.. '- ' '. }'o« Will Nrtil: Per Milk 3 cans 35c "armed Salmon .. can 45c Noodles . pkg 15c Condensed Torrmlo Soup can 12c Valley Primes Cream: Style CORN No.303canlOc Merrimac Brand PRUNE PLUMS No. 2icanl6c Standard Brand ' " , CUT BEANS No.^2 can lOc All Good halves PEACHES No. 2!can21c Hand packed TOMATOES No. 2 can lOc FREE SAMPLES Mayrose Picnic Hams fitop lit and Rfi( a nice slice of,. Aluyrosc . di-llvlous 1'icnlc limns I'ltlJK friini Ihn company rcpri-Mntnllrc ivho will lie In our sltirc this week. Country Style PORK SAUSAGE - , Delicious all mcaf "--',-. . BOLOGNA - - - 1 Ib.'Cello Wrapped ' '' WIENERS Ib 49 C - Ib. 35< The Pause That Refreshes Tender, flavorsome PORK LiVER ^ COCA-COLA now white OXYDOL With a grocery purchase case 75 with coupon No. 1 Red Washed POTATOES 10 : bs 43c Fresh Green Kcil Tokay u, 19 GRAPES "risp, COCONUTS 15 CELERY 10 Fancy Icebwg LETTUCE 19 C Fresh, Firm HOT PEPPERS California ORANGES , Luscious u 49 AVOCADOES Fresh, Crisp 5 (llI 45 c CARROTS 19 C 19 Ige. boxes Delicious Fisher's : AMERICAN CHEESE 2!b.box73c Domino Brand CANE SUGAR 5 Ib. bag 45c Big Chief OLEOMARGARINE Ib. 21c Give your dog Top-Kick , DOG FOOD can 6c

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