The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1949 THi NATION TODAY— Procedure in Customs Offices Works Hardship on Importers; Rules Changes Are Advocated By Runllion W. Faron (For Jimn Mirlow) WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. M> ; - A jhipment of English china reached <h« UmUd StatM from Britain carefully packed in sets-cups, saucers dinner pla<«, dessert dishes. Customs officers tool; one look and shoot, their heads. The shipment nad to be unpacked and cups, saucers, plates, dessert dishes sorted into individual groups. Duly had to be paid en the plates, on the cups, on the saucers, on the dessert dishes, as separate shipments. Then the Importers had to reassemble the china as sets. That Is one example ol problems I by British exportes in selling »c—me United Slates market. It is one of the problems with which the U.S.-British-Canadian economic conference here will deal. A "working group", has been set up to prepare information on it for the conference. \V»nt Procedure Simplified '•What we hope for," said one here, "U a new altitude on the part of the customs officials, who seem still to be suffering from a hangover from the Boston tea party." A United States official who is trying to smooth the way for sales manufactures said: "Customs people are working to here by British and other European simplify the proeedure-s and eliminate some rulings that have little reason to be continued. They are receptive to suggestions for changes, and a sincere effort is beiiiR made to clear up the so-called nuisance problems. . . . "One thing that is needed, however, is not general criticism of the procedures, but specific instances of possible changes to simplify the methods. 1 ' The British commercial oljserver gave some other individual cases:' Ticket machines—lik« those used in London's subways—were "selling quite well" here as machines, he said—"then one day somebody said: 'These aren't machines, with a duty "I 12 1 : 2 per cent. They are cash listers. The duty Is 65 per cent.'" Spare parts for automobiles are admitted at 12 1 : 2 per cent but In one case, he.continued, a new speedometer for a British-made automobile "became a measuring machine at 80 per cent." Kate* Not An Issue Both tiic American and the Brit- isher agreed that tariffs themselves are not the principal problem. The American pointed out that reductions have been made in most tariffs—"they are by no means what they were pre-war." Solid silver pays a duty of 325 per cent and silver-plated ware 35 per cent. Some examples of tariff rates now in effect, compared with 1945, from U.S. Tariff Commission records in- tjf ^re Industry Showed Gain in Output During August WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. UP, Industrial production rose during August, for the first lime since October, 1948, the President's Council of Economic Advisers said Saturday. The council said preliminary estimates place tlie Federal Reserve Board's index of industrial production during August at 169, seven points above the estimated index for July and level wiih that for June. Tlie index is based on the 1935-39 average as 100. "Preliminary estimates indicate that industrial production in August fully recovered the four per cent drop in July, W h ic i, i, a rfbeeii due in part to the spreading practice of plant-wide vacations, especially in non-durables," the council said 'Tins was the first rise since October, 1948." Arthritis Sufferer Gets New Hope from New Drug CHICAGO, Sept. 12—W'j—A new drug for treatment of arthritis Has given a woman sufferer a new hope for life. "Now I want t 0 )ivei .. sai(! Mrs Eli/aticth Draascli. who for two years lay rigid, her iirms thrust movable. Mrs. Braasch, ol Albuquerque. N »!.. lias been treated with the new drug, "acth," (adrenacorticotropic hormone) for less than four weeks tsow she can move her head and arms .cross her legs, sit up and feed hersell. "The last four weeks have done more for me than the last tivo years." Mrs. Braasch said. "I have gained weight and I reel fine. I can move about. Before I began treatment I had given up hope. Now 1 want to live." Collectives Pushed MOSCOW—Wi—The newspaper "Soviet Lithuania" announced recently that great progress had been made In organizing collective farms 'n Lithuania. Official reports say 1.100 collective farms had BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! VOLT-AGE VOLTAGE MACHINE-An engineer in SchenecUdy „!;„ g n.l s set 1 °. u 'i'. cu ' a ." ew machine called tlie voltage mulli- V.T. — — 'inhume cauea me vouage mu . Ihe machine is designed to multiply 1000 volts of a small generator into a tola! of 100.000 volts. Slill in the development sisge at General Electric, the machine may later be UECC! in «m- lunclion with X-ray equipment and atom-smashers. Recovered Polio Victims Show No Mental, Personality Damage DENVER. Sept. 12. (AP) — Children who recover from polio, even if crippled, show no mental damage alld only slight personality chan»es. Tills result of several years study personality traits in the polio children than among others. Dr. Harris .said strength and endurance of polio victims was on the average a little under that of theii of Minnesota child polio victims I companions. Past medical records was reporter! to the American Psy-. I have listed polio children with a cholozical Association Saturday by I tendency Ic, fatigue early and with rhilrt D w C |, B ' H . an ' iS< Instilllte of : lack o! abill 'y 1° maintain smtain- Child Welfare, University of Min- ; Prt mlercs , . Bl]l , he MinncsoU st , ]dy 11 „ a . j did not find market! coses of tills He said that after these children sort. had returned from hospitals, tlie i mothers of two-thirds of them said early fatigue. But two years later, these same children when studied at school appeared to have recovered from all the-EC distressing signs. Dr. Harris said there was no difference in after-effects, except for crippling, no matter what type of polio a child had. Nor any difference due lo prolonged stays in hospitals. The slight personality changes •seen after two years were caught by careful psychological tools. They were tendencies to be self-dis- cip!i;icd. more likely to yield to whims and more erratic. But (here was not a great deal more of find Treasure BERKELEY. Calif.. Sept. 12. Wi —Two Berkeley youngsters stumbled onto a treasure trove Friday which could keep them in bubble gum for life. David Eiikiu, 10. and Stanley Sharp. 8, were breaking a trail through a heavily shrubbed hill lot near their homes. In a clearing, thev found boxes of bubble gum—totalling 15000 chunks. It lakes 30 men about four years to paint the George Washington Bridge, the suspension span over the Hudson River at New York Citv. Bone china now 36.3 per cent of i "' B . a " fzcd . in | hne repuWcT<mit1nS Its wholesale value in tlie country '" thcmM "' M "°.3<>B peasant farms, of manufacture: 45 per cent in 1945.! ~ ' Woolens and worsteds worth 41.25 to S2 a pound now 46.1 per cent compared with 68.1. Bottled whiskey 32.2 per cent compared with 53.4 per cent. Both Britisher and American said change* probably should be made 5. in the basis of determining value YOU CAN RELIEVE ; U.NCT,ONAL PAIN Cardul has been used by millions f women In 67 jears. Every bolt]* uely controlled by laboratory lesla assured jooIbinR. calming relief tor .........t] rnonlnly pain. Cardu! acts two lyj: <1> TaVen as mrectrd. In* Of . nted to put determination value on the United State. 1 ;. 'We are trying to export," he said, ami sometimes we have artificial shortages that increase prices. In •our opinion the tariff should be fixed on the invoice of the wholesale price to the importer." r. f uns ce* the functional pain tariff purposes. The Britisher »'»<>. _ Iness associated with mommy period (2) taken regularly us a Ionic. C.irrtul in [IKE!] regularly us a tonic, C.TTrtul ^H itlpa build resistance. Buy at your/™ it-UK store today. Ask tor carduty 6 ^ ' roy CAN BE SURE i I'll MOT MISS AMXTHIMG RESTAURANT FIXTURES We are closing our Blylheville Cafeteria and m-e intend lo sacrifice (he beautiful brand new fixtures, ehma and silverware at less than the original cosl .It must be seen to be appreciated. Some of (he items are: Refrigerator—all stainless steel, double door, 16 cu . ft. capacily. Six burner short order range tane gas. -for bu- Twin urn—in gallon capacity, stainless slcel. Steam Table—stainless steel. 10' long, 12 vegetables, 4 meats, extra pans. Maple Meat Block. Two large galvanized sinks, galvanized canopy. Beautiful assortment of brand new kitchen utensils consisting of large butcher knives, spoons, ladles, polato mashers, sauce pans, garbage pans, rhinawai-e. glassware and stainless steel knives, forks and spoons. Origino I Wholesa le Cost over $3500 Willing to Sacrifice It at One-Half Bring Tour Own Truck Terms to Responsible Party Call I>o n Nusbaun, - Blylheville 4661 During the Day, Evenings—C-o Noble Hotel, BJylheville Duro-Chrome Corporation Airport _ Blyth.vill*, Ark. DREIFUS proudly offers.. 54 DQWH 7 A WEEK Smorl, oKurote o«<! priced amazingly low-N« w »ul«vo is Amelia's Grtolnt Waldi Vslml Open An Account At No Extra Cost! IIIIKIi I Pitching Horseshoes BY BIIX£ ROSE ThU Is No. J In the series at Stree ing, *nd for tlie benefit of city slickers to whom a horseshoe Is somelhing nailed to the hoof oj a. two-dollar bet, lei me explain that "ringer" means a perfect pitch, "leaner," so-so, md "miss," so- wnat. "RINGER"—Paul Douglas in the nol-as-yet-released movie, "Everybody Does It," As you probably know, this reformed radio announcer hit like the proverbial ton of coal as a light comedian In "Letter to Three Wives" and "It Happens Every Spring." I n this n e w Numially Johnson movie, he now demonstrates that he can also reach the hlghwntcr mark as a low comedian. The art of sliding up to a rib and tickling it R .|(h a sledgc-liani- mer has all but vanished in these parlous and deadpan times mid it's my hint and hope tlial Hollywood will continue to give Douglas all thecelluloid he needs to flail around in. "RINGER"— Commissioner John Murtiignh. When Mr. M. started his Investigation of the ticket brokers of New Vork, 1 wondered if he were a politico out to make headlines and votes, or a reformer with his head in the clouds and clouds In his head. Well, recently I shared some traffics and talk with him, and lie impressed me as a down-to-sod chap who is completely sincere in Ins efforts to give this tough problem a realistic workout. For my lunch money, he's a better than a competent public official, and it's my huhch that he'll come pretty close to Betting the public a square deal on Times Square. "RINGER"— Doris Emery's candy shop at 152 West 57th Street. For three nostalgic decades. I've been looking for the manna of my childhood—cinnamon sticks, spiced Biundrops, candy corn and twisted licorice whins. Well, I can now report that my quest is ended, and that whenever 1 fee! like catering to my palate's second childhood 1 ankle over to the shop on 57th ntmnt ,t , J „•.....,.. niiiuuith auout ti, e c i, cc ic ^.hen ho's feasting with the gods. • • t-KAN'ER"—'!'(,« seating arrangements for drama critic*. The other night I finally got around to seeing "The Madwoman of Cliaillol," rated by the Orilics Circle as the best foreign piny of the I saw it from a seat In the balcony and when the show was over 1 couldn't help wondering what all tlie shouting—or, rather, whispering —hurl been about. From the reviews, I'd been led to believe that Martila Hunt was the runaway sensation of the play and Rstelle Winwood iniddiln' good, But from where i sat, it seemed Just the op- |x»itc—I could hear every word that fctelle said, while Miss Hunt came through like a OX station on a 1920 neutrodyne. Ever since, I've been wondering whether "Madwoman" would have cotter, the award if the critics had caugM it from the eighth row, balcony, instead of the first eight rows, orchestra. And If I mny go a wonder further: Since reviews arc rtead by folks who sit In the balcony a.s well as those who can afford the orchestra, why wouldn'l It be a u'xid idea lor the drama boys to scatter around a bk? I'm not suggesting that the critics make a regular thing of sittin;; up where they receive sptrlt messages, but I do think it would pay off if they would occasionally review n show under the conditions Imposed on 75 per cent of the people for whom they write. Right now, to make nny easy comparison, It's a.s If Ihe book reviewer got a complete volume, ivliile Ihe ordinal v reader had lo settle for a book with hitlf the na^es missing. "SUSS"—The F.C'.C. ban on givc- aw.iy shows. I don't qnlle follow the loping Ionic of this arbitrary decision. If give-away programs arc lotteries, why doesn't the F.C.C. swear out it warrant and arrest the people who produce them? According lo Ihe papers, the net- .re all set to dug this on, in the courts,-and on general principle* I hop* the two-bit bureaucrats get their lumps. And don't get the impression that Im fronting for the give-aways They bore the bcjabbcrs out of me and I think that what they ought to shoot is not the works but the MC, nnd what they ought to break Is not the bank but the sponsor's head. (Copyright, 1949, by Billy Rose) (Distributed by The Bell syndicate Inc.) Vandenberg May Under go Major Operation Soon WASHINGTON. Sept. 12 M'/— Senator Vandenberg (R-Micli) may face a major operation soon but his office said Saturday he plans lo stay on the job until the Foreign Anus Dill is brought before the Senate. Vandenberg Is the top Republican member of the senator Foreign KeluUons Committee. TVicnds said Vandenberg hopes to remain in Washington until the foreign Arms Bill Is passed. Then lie expccls to enter the University of Michigan Hospital. He recently was advised by physicians In a checkup that a major operation prolmbly will 1» necessary, but ts said to be awaitin K further tests before a final decision is made PACK THREE Every marine recruit at ttw Parrls Island bast learn* to be » swimmer duiint * oourae provided by R«d Cross-trained Inatrue- tors. A total of 54,884 men haw been trained since the program be- fcvery military Installation to th. United Stales Ii covered by a Red Cross field diractor. New Hearing Deriee Ha* No Receiver Button in Ear Chicago, 111.—Deafened peopl* an hulling a new device that glvea them clear hearing without making them wear a receiver button In the ear They now enjoy songs, wnnon*. friendly companionship and business success with no selt-conjdoia tceling that people are looking it any button hanging on their ear With the new Invisible Phantomold" you may free yourself not only from deafness, but from even Uw ar>- pearance of deafness. The maker, of Beltone, Dept. 40, 1450 W l»th St., Chicago 8, III., are so proud of their achievement they will iladlv send you their tree brochure (to plain wrapper) and explain how you can test this amazing Invisible device in the privacy of your own horn* without risking a penny. Write Bel- tone today. Do You Suffer Distress From which makes you so nervous several days before? no female Mnctlonn) inoiHtily alt- mcnis nut he yon suiter painful distress, make you fee] &o nervous, KO slrHiinely rL-stji;ss ( tired «nd weak —nt such Ururs (or ft few dRys Juat before your pri-lui!) ? Then start tnltlu^ Lyihn K.Piuk- linnr» Vcxolnble Compound to TO- llcve auch symptoms. No other medicine of this typ« for women has such a Ions record of tucctH. PUikharn'B Compound not only relieves this monthly palo but also lire-period nervous tension ttid cross, Irrltnble emotion*-— of thli nature. It, lias such • comforting RBtlRiJiiBtnudIc action on one of woman's most Important organ*. Ittgulur use helps build up rtslat- ance Against such femitle rtlatrea*. Truly the woman's friend! 0h fVOlii Or JOB M> T MalW ^fc [.T.llj K. VlnUum-. TABLETS ^ -Ilh .<M*d Ir. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S Vegetable Compound Drive the world's most useful earl It's easy In see why thn Kaiser Traveler !• one of America "sfastest-sclling cars !Tliere'» ri-al prcitigr. m onuing a truly hig luxury sedan; rod convenience in having a full- sitti!, pay-Ioai( cargo carrier; real'econ- omy in operating sucli a gas-and-oil savor! Kaiser Traveler only 2 You can find other c«rs are "something like" the Kaiser 'Iravclcr, bin only tlic Kaiser Traiclcr is holh n full-fledged cargo can icr anil a luxury sedan! Alinosl any family can afford to buy and operate the Kaiser Tiavelcr. It's llle first 2-ears-ill-] ...fir.\l in, first in roominess, first in low inilia! cosl ami first in operating economy. Before > ou consider any car that promises to liclp pay ils own way, see, ride in and compare the Kaiser Traveler...fratuic for feature, inch for inch, dollar for <Miar! It's llie uoild's most u 5c . ful car! Hrnr! llrar'. Hear! ffnllcr IT'inrhcll. ticrj .Siinilnj riming, .(.B.C. •fwwrv Mtt'l't «<rf 'ijiiiffil. Frtr tir pnirf, ftotipotiatioi, Lical tain Only Kalse; Traveler cunvcrls in jini 10 wcr.nils liwn ,1 --rx-p,i5s..-iigc-r in in H||-|>UI|IOM:. lii>:li-t|)ce<l caigo carrier vilh llfl cubic f.:ct <.f pay-load cargo capacity. Only Tr.nrlcr giiTu ynu this nut*\if<] rarpn lir>| ( |. river 10 fcrt long vvilh n full 3.1 indies of clearance alinve tlie fotd- rfown tailgate. Hear scat folds into ll.jor. Only Kaiser Traveler has a cargo hatch that swings [i|ii-ri dear lo llic roof, with 46 in. minimum wrillh, ami 38.6 square It. of steel-shod deck space in the cargo hold. Only Kai'n Traveler gives you the tnorlrrn 7.3-h>.I high compression ThundcrheaJ engine...* quiet, fmoolh and spirited gas and oil miser with power to spare. Ash your neighborly Kaiser-Fraicr denier for a rfem. ontt ration 61 MOTOR CO. LEACHVILLE MOTORS Bly,h.vill«, Ark. 205 I. Third St., Uachrife

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