The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 14
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f, PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUN'K ;", 1M7 Spaatz Pleads For Funds for Buying Planes WASHINGTON,' Juno 5. (UP) — Gen. Carl Spaatz, chief of the Army Ali- Forces, pleaded with the -House Appropriations committee "almost on bended knees" not to cut the t*Oa.OOO,COO budget request for plane procurement, Rep. George H. Mihon, D., Tex., said today. Talking to the house on tile $5,- 240,E82,423 military supply bill for the fiscal year beginning July 1, Mahon said yesterday he would offer an amendment to restore the {40.p03.OM cut from the $403,003,003 plane procurement. I item . by the commute? iMahon said the nir forces is already impoverished. He tol<1 the House that Spaalz appeared before the committee and "protested" then 'as I am protesting now the nctlo.i of the committee in cutting the program for airplane pvocnremcn He said tlie Army estimated it could build 932 -planes from t!ie $403,000,000 fund, but Hint tills estimate wa s based on last year' prices. • Former Wallis WarficlH Snubbed Again on 10th Anniversary of Wedding SUNNINQHlLL, England, June 5.. (UP) — Out of a niansion and . into the Spring sunshine came man and woman yesterday, their hands linked as. though symbolic of a romance destined for tlie history: books. The Duchess of Windsor smiled I Junior Misses Don't Miss Diana Scott, loft, rkUiifc Irish Girl, and Barbara Scott, on \V;ir llanncr, lalco jump in unison and perfect form lit Devon, Pa., benefit horse show. Yuuntf society equestriennes previously rode these mounts to victories in point-to-point event. at lior husband. The duke smiled back. It wns their 10th wedding anniversary. Their brief visit to England had been marri'd by another snub from Queen Mother Mary on her 8.1!!» birthday. Still it was Sprini; and they were on their way to Prant:c. The former King Edward VUI and the American woman for w,hom he gave up his throne came here from the United States ostensibly i to transact private business. Some I believed their visit really was In the hope of a reconciliation \vich the Hoyal family. That hope—H It ever existed — was crushed May 20 when the Queen Mother in a long interview with the Duke made it clear she would never accept the former Wal- lls jwarfield of nallhnorc while her views prevailed in the royal Kmilly. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. is plonsed to announce that Mr. Richard Holt hns joined our staff as carpenter art'l maintenance man. Call us to do that jbb you can't do or don't want to do. Telephone 2801 Rend Courier News W:uit Ads. TI1T3 STOKYi I WHI* off In %fmnUn»r KCliool \vfci-n ih<- I'nl- HvrrK flrwt i-itnir lit <><**•£ IK Kn1 he-it ^vrute thnt l>i n sluirt time Mrts. Toll Ivor anil ht r tliroo daochlerti liml tilrnnl v |irnvl<lc A. S ltnty of food (or £<»isl|i. ' J riu>>" rid rented ilit» tilp: <:?ir«leii* liouxe next in AUTM. nl though ,*%-*ryi>n«i knew (Jiclr TiTiuiivc* ' K — Fht o lirntitlr-K a iilay fur Tin . it A ill njM- tlo n Sum vldrii something ntid:- tallit'fl It frirnd*. M> fiii nnil furniHftviI Hug In*; XI npI?E evening of the day I gol home f^r my Christinas vacation Flora gflVR a dinner party for me. She hod Father and me, An- xmbellc, and the two Forbeses. It was almost impossible to squeeze feven around the small gate-leg^od table in the sitting-room, the table with the wobbly leg that Charme had wangled out of Mrs. Burgess, but Flora managed H somehow. I remenibqr that we had a steak, a big,; thick, luscious steak, because Flora laughed that the steal: was her Christmas present to Bob; the poor darling so loved steak, and she ied him most of the time on chopped meat and stews. . The flat was gay with holly and greens, and there was a tiny tree on the table. Flora \vore the pale yellow frock she had made for my supper tinnce, with a small frilly apron and a blue bow in her hair. Father told her she looked good enough to eat. Flora said: "In this old dress? You know I look a fright." Bob rownert, and Flora adcted quickly, "md I thought £ trifle maliciously: l But T honestly don't care, since 3obby actually prefers me. in old clothes. If I wore nigs he'd think I was beautiful." There was a sense of slram during the ctUivc evening, I think -hat Flora was upset because AnnabelIe lind a new drrra, a earning bronxe satin wil>i touches oC gold embroidery. I (.old myself that Flora was lived, that she had overworked on the diuner. At our places were funny litlle giils, elaborately wrapped and tied. Cousin Sam's, I remember, was a minute Sanla Clans. When he unwrapped it, Flora cried out thai Sam hnd been a regular SaiHa Clans to her and Bob by giving them Ihnl wonderful -stove. She paid she always liacl Hated to cook one never had cooked until she got married. Now that she "Had to get her own nnd Hob's meals three times a day, 3G5 -days ; year, she never could hnvc horm it without that miraculous stove which practically tliri the work nl by its darling self. Bob glowered ind Cousin Sam looked vmcom- lortnblc. We were nil ill at case. * * * [ SAW little of Flora thai vacation except at pnvMcs, as slic spent most of her time at her mother's. [ noticed that she bod two new evcning^dresses, a white lace and a gold-ribbed silk. Of course I did not know that she had bought the dresses in Binghnmlon on credit. Neither did Bob know until three months later,- \vheu the Binghamton store sent him a nasty note. Bob was furious. Flora had led him to believe that she had inarle the dresses with Anniibeltc's help nt the cost of a dollar or two, and Flora \vas aggrieved that he took it as a matter of that she should wear out her old clothes. They had a dreadful and wounding quarrel, Bob managed somehow- to pay for the dresses, but He sternly ommandctl Flora to cJose every hanje account and pay for cvery- tiinfj Jn cash. Bob turned over radically all his salary to Flora o manage sis best she could. That, f course, was n mistake. As we aid in Otsego, Flora had butter infers. She soon reopened her •barge accounts on the sly. What ;lse could she do? she Inter said n excuse. They hnd to eat. By Thursday, sometimes Wednesday, he pittance Bob gave her was all jonc. Bobby was a dear, but an imeasonablc dear. He expected niracloa. U never worried Bob bat his own wife had holes in her shoes and no proper winter coat, but he would have a lit if he was mi mile Inte with his allowance his mo the r. FI ora cl a i mcd to : so unhappy that she sometimes prayed she might die. * * * T SHALL hurry over the rest, bc- ' cause it hurls me to write it. The marriage lasted just n year, They ciuarrclcd, made up, and went on like Uuil until Hob took lo Urink- ng and lost his job. Flora man- n«cd to sublet the little flat furnished for $30 a month and went home (o her mother, while Bob returned to Mrs. Finneran, This was the July of 1914. Father ancl I were in Europe, ending the three months' tour that was my graduation presetit. We spent nost of July in England and Scot- ami. On August first we were in ork. I was wakened very early i the morning of August second >y the sound of a drum. I fp and went to the window. Down, he street came a white-haired old nail in a cocked hat who was scaling-on a drum. "Wake up, ye Englishmen. War! Wtir! War!" he cried over and over In n loud voice. "Wake up, ye Englishmen. War! War! War!" It never occurred to me that a European war could in any way concern Flora and Hob. How could it? They were 3000 miles away. But when Father and I finally got home in the autumn I learned lhal lion Finueran had gone ti Canada and enlisted in the Canadian army. Flora was visiting in New Jersey and v/as suing there for a divorce on the grounds of desertion and non-support, (To Be Continued) Plants which ;uq sources of foo:l for wildfowl ana thus tire worth planting include smart weeds, \u!d cluck millet, chufas, widgeon Kru.iS, | wild celery, wild rice, bulrush is, ] arrow-loaf, "You know how my parents pry into all my affairs— that's why 1 enjoy those ritles on the subway where we can be alone! 1 ' KKtfCKLES & TUB FRIENDS ^y MERRILL KLOSSER ~i rubble Rules Again f\ River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H.Webb Phone /14 Radio Repair Let our coilCKO trained experts ku'.'V) your ratio worlcinpr willi service . . . iltle oV too sts i" cliaiujp-ovoi' I rom battery to electric sol. Musical Instrument^ Supplies awl RopsiirH . . . Special orders liMiitllotl promplly. Gil'L Goods — OiTU'o Supplies — Variety Hems Cull Sit J. Meil Brooks Jr. 107 E. Main St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS t MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way , Tvnses I'LL LET You IM DM \. SECRET / THftT THAT'S OF THAT S6CR&T, M^3OR ? LET ME (SOESS -<~ AOTS ^200 FOB A UTTLE MB V4»TH AW CAR/ FDET.VJO CEMTS D PERFORM IT MVSELF -~~ BOT OK MVSACRO- ILIAC AS IT IS,T DOM'T HftPPEhi -i~\<=> HRVIE QUITE: ' OF Trie *? i <WAISTS/ HO\M FAR DO X MiSS ? VIC FLINT Nifty Is [Qow do you Jo about telling atfriend that the girl | he wants to many is not all she should be tSPECIALLY WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE GUV IS A PRIZEFIGHTER? MRS HINT'S rt"\SOtl VIC 15 IN A SPOT. GOOBERS: THE M4GOOSEYS' THIS THIMC MORE DEADLY THAN! THIS BUBONIC PLA6UE --I'LL SEE THE PERSOM- /»LLY.'AT* LEASr THEIR DOORBELL'S WONT BE BUSY/ POP WANTS TO IIOWOiHER. PARENTS TE6I- ABOUT KIDS HOGGING- THE PHOME, BUT HE CANT6ET THROUGH Tf)E BLOCKADE RADIO REPAIRS Ire,* 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKK Oil flrtODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. CHAMBUN SALES PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver STUDEBAKER Cars ancl trucks of outstanding (inalily and economy. Stiulotaker builds cars and trucks that can take it, ASK the man that OWNS one! Summer heat is tough on cars nnd trucks — let our skilled mechanic handle 'your car when in need of attention— Promptly and expertly! Factory- Approved Methods are employed for nil • service and repair work— Complete Truck neimlrs Made Any Model. • FRED CALLIHAN DlO RUIL PEV/ERE WAIT FOR. SUPPER.? ' Motorola Radio Sales anil Service 10G Suulh First St. MGM EXPERT I'AINTING AND BODY WORK Complete Line of Studeliaker J'arts, Scat Covers, Post Lights, I'.jprtric Clocks. Bumper Guards, Truck Iteflnetcir I-'Iurcs, HaUcrlc.s, Tires and Tubes. We Buy Good Lot e Model Cars! CHAMBUN SALES CO., Inc. Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Your Studebakcv Dealer "First by Far With a Postwar Car " l!il! Chnmblin Ash St ......... Lex Chamblin ........ Phone 21t)5 WONDER HOW f.\M« BILLION PIC- BftBT HWJ6 BEEN PRINTED... OMSOPkP WRWPEES AND BILL BOARDS, IH PAPER WTO MA6A7IMES! Y7E5....T1IE IAOST UPUBL1C17ED IN AWEilCtX FOR OF A TOHWIEA.PROFOLW EFFECT CM B\SS"S IMMEDIATE FUri)R =l for Complete Protection CHAS. RTTTNER HILT, WILSON 1 SEE TOli'RE NOt VOATCHIS1G ALL—A S ENTITLED "fa 3£T OS) HIS EMT. \SAIXMTER. OF FACT, By J. R. Williams /I'LL WATCH. \ _ ALL RIGHT-- \ J'H. WATCH I" THAT YOU I' I CLEAM IT (JR / IF VOU LIKE \ -, TO WATCH \ I IT SO WELL.' ],': i '/ WELL, OF ALL — HE'S I LETTI.M' IT POWM EASV I SO I IE WON'T GET \ SPLASHED WITH 1N STUFF.' BOY, HE'S LHVER.' WATCH-WATCH— A Dclicnlc Job, I'oys V. T. HA.Ml,IN TH16 G PITTED AGA'NST HIS COUNTRY- EN FROM THE \\A5- SW.f. SHOULD AFFORD US E SPORT: BY MICHAEL 'MAT. ,10Y_andRALI'HLANi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ftNO CONNIE KNOW A WHAT DO YOU TUIUK OF HER,VIC? CLASS, tH? E SWEIL 6AI, IAT. AHD SiVlARF. BUT MV VISIT GOT NOWHERE OH, HELLO.NIFTY. YOU CANT GUESS CALLED ON MC 1 AFTfRNOON. A i O CRIENO OF \OVK '1C FLINT. \AVtV-E. BRftT, DOH'T COTCH ' OP IT OU6W !" TO Bt 6OOO TOR U<=,tO TO <bTOP ftT OOR VttD t TO CHECK UP ONi 'IM1 WHAT/ WAIT THERE- I'LL ec RIGHT OVER '

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