The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1949
Page 12
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>' PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLB (AnK.)' COURIER NEWS I- Dairy Products On Plenty List Chicken, Turkeys, ., And Pork Bountiful During October Chtcktn «nd turkeys, pork pro- J ducti »nd manufactured dairy pro- <l»cts are prominent on the list of foods to )>e In bountiful supply dur- Injt October. That.s the report of the united States Department of Agriculture, Other common foods on the Oc- to)ier plentiful list are apples, pears, grapes and dried prunes. Also cabbage, sweet potatoes, lettuce and canned corn. Peanut, butler and cooking fats are on the .list and so are'almonds, pecans and honey. .'Not listed officially • among Ihe plentiful, nut specifically menlion- • ed as In good 1 supply bymarlcet- Spg experts of the Depai tnieni. of Agriculture,' are frozen lima 1 beans, small size and grade B eggs. , Irish potatoes' will •• be plentiful in the northeast, and snap beans throughout the-eastern states. ^Fnoix that aie abundant are likely, to be lower fn price than foods not in plentiful supply. However, remember (hat supply is not the only factor that enters Into retail price.*, Labor, rent and transportation are important factors, too. iHeres a lecipe combining three of the plentiful foods, pears, dairy products and lettuce. t Pear and Cheese Salad »_Halve, peel and .core ripe pears, cover immediately with, orange or pineapple juice to .prevent discoloration and chill thoroughly. Drain, Spices Required To Give Old Foods Savory Tastes With chicken on Hie list of October plenlituls, let's go looking lor new recipes. Here's one—a savory affair a'llh rice, peas, tomatoesj onions, olives and other flavorful ingredients added to the chicken. Spanish Chltken (Serv« 6-8) One (4 .to 5-pound) roasting chicken, cut In |)leces for serving, \'t cup shortening, 1 cup chopperi fresh lomnloes, ',£ cup chopped onion. ',2 cup chopped green pepper, 1 clove garlic, minced, 2 whole cloves, 1 bay leaf, 1 pine' oregnno, 2 teaspoons salt, '/£ teaspoon pepper, 2 tnblpspnons salad oil, 1 cup uncooked rice, 1 cup coarsely chopped ripe olives, J i cup chopped litmlenlo, 1 cnp drained, cooked pens. • Brown chicken In hot shortening in ' a large rklllnl. Add tomatoes. onion, green pepper, garlic and seasonings; simmer 5 minutes. Pour into a large casserole. Heat oil In sa'nie skillet; adti ricp and cook until rice Is golden brown; add to chicken in casserole. Cover with water and bake In moderate oven 1350 degrees F.) about 1',4 hours or until chicken Is tender and rice place cut side down on crisp lettuce and sprinkle generously with grated, sharp cheddar cheese. Serve with mayonnaise whipped with 3 tablespoons heavy cream, 2 table- s|»ons fruit jnlce drained from the pcrtrs, and | teaspoon grated lemon rind. ' Is cooked. Stir In rip* olive*, plmlento und peas; continue baking for 15 minutes. Note: The chicken may b« cooked slowly on top ol the stove Instead of In the oven, If desired. In either case, It may be prepared ahead of time >nd reheated just before serving. That comes from the new guide to California good eating — The Sunset Cook Book. So does this wonder concoction of chicken and other Ingredients. Mexln CUy Tamale Fie (Serves 4-6) Six tsunales (not too large), 1 boiled chicken breast, cut in rather thick slices, >i cup grated Parmesan, Remove the husks from fresh or canned tamales .and arrange In a buttered casserole. (Use a brown Mexican pottery baking dish If possible.) Distribute over these the slices of chicken breast, (Canned chicken or leftover turkey may be nesd.( Saner: One 8-ounce) can tomato sauce, \'i cup chill sauce (sweet), I cup cann"[| whole kernel corn, 'i tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons salad oil, ",a cup seeded raisins, scalded, 10 ripe olives, cut In strips, salt and popper to taste. Mix the Ingredients for the sauce, lasting to see that It Is seasoned perfectly. Pour sance over the tamales and chicken, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and bake In a moderately hot oven (375 degrees P.) for 40 to 4" minutes. Andrew Jackson lived with his wife for two years when they found tlnit her divorce from her first husband was not valid. Roosts Offer Cooks Easiest Preparation Ftfosl families are especially happy to see a roast of beef, pork or amb take Us place on the dinner lable. Roasts offer several advantages to (he cook, too. They require little preparation and almost no attention during cooking. Fur- Ihermore, the leftover meal can be served In many economical ways later In the week. But to obtain full value from a roast, It must be cooked correctly. A roast which Is cooked at high temperatures and for loo Icing a By 1902, Canadian production of nickel was more lhan 5,000 tons. period shrinks In size and loses flavor. On the other *"md, If a roast Is cooked In a slow oven (326 degrees P.) until It Is Just done, ounces of meat ore snved and the best (layor Is obtained. According to experts In' meat cookery, the only way to roast meat for Top Quality Beef Cuts Always ask for tender, flavor-rich Evergootl BEEF MfMPHIl PACKING CO. to the exact degree of donehess desired is to use a meat thermometer which accurately measures the temperature Inside the roasi. One of the most practical of the new meat Ihremoineters Is made of stainless steel, with a sharp pointed stem which can be inserted easily into ^THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1949. the thickest part of the meat without, the need for using a skewer to make a hole. By Inserting the stem at, a slight angle, the clock- like face of the thermometer can be read by just opening me oven door. Roast meats In a shallow open pan HI a low .oven, temperature of 325 degrees P. Do not add water or flour/Roast until'the pointer o« the thermometei dial Indicates that the meat Is cooked to .the de- ilred degree ol doneJiess Prices effective Friday, Saturday and Monday LEAN PORK CHOPS Ib 49' STOKELY CORN 12 01. Vac-pac can . ea. 15' HUMKO 'The Dainty Cooking Fat 3 IB. 69' PRESERVES STRAWBERRY 1 Ib. Jar . . , 29' Crisp, fresh . LETTUCE, large heads-ea.15c Sweet Red Tokay GRAPES, firm, fresh - lb.9< Full of milk COCONUTS - - - 2 for 29? Fresh, roasted PEANUTS ----- Ib. 25(f "AA" Grade, Tender SIRLOIN STEAK Lean, meaty SPARE RIBS - Zesty, Cheddar HOOP CHEESE Tender, Baby BEEF LIVER - Ib. 690 Ib. 39< Ib. Ib. 49* Self-Rising HI-BISK FLOUR 25,,,,,,, S T II) hag 29' Riceland RICE Bush's Delicious HOMINY Drip or Regular, Summer Girl COFFEE Pure Can* SUGAR 10 ll)()a ,89 6 Small or 35 ans ' 2 No. 2 -i|;<Cans IV 1 Ih can 49 Ib can Ib bag Phone 2231 Kusseville BLACKBERRIES Thrift, All Meal VIENNA SAUSAGE Tliriri, Delicious POTTED MEAT U. S. No. I PINTO BEANS Ambassador Toilet TISSUE No. 2 can 2 , 01 - 15 C 10 !bs 89 C 2 For 15 C FREEMAN-HENLEY 20,6 w. Moin G R 0 C E R Y & M A R K E T •>.„>„, 223, UVI BITTER fORlESS Witb'Kroger VoMw op BAKED fGQJ>$ & BAKJNG SlimiES ';•••" • Special Introductonj Offer ' OKI WICK ONLY KROGER CRACKERS New cracker sensation! T]> Extra thin, extra crisp. 4 " 01 ' Try them at low price. P"9- PECAN CAKE «* 49 Golden layer, pecan icing. Reg.59c COFFEE CAKE Pineapple-filled, orange topping. Reg. 25c KROGER COOKIES «°/ 19 Butterscotch Sandwiches, Cocoanul Bars. SARDINES 3 Standard. SALMON Standard Chum. TOMATOES Standard. KROGER MILK Pure Evaporated. • ••: RONCO 2 Macaroni or Spaghetti. CHEESE FOOD Windsor Club. HUNT'S Tomato Sauce; JEWEL Swift's Shortening. CORN MEAL No. 1/4 Cans No. 1 Can No. 2 Can Tall Can 1-lb. Pkgs. 2-lb. Loaf 8-oz. can 3-lb, can * The Miracle Value 25C KROGER BREAD 37c 7 >»••• 77. L Loaves L I V IOC KROGERDONUTS , 19 Sugared nr Phi in !Qc 31c 75C HUMKO • «*V Da in I v Cook Finer Whiter Texture. Large Loaves .JERDI Sugared or Plain RAISIN BREAD . Kroger RYE BREAD * Kroger KRO I'lain or'Self-Rising KROGER FLOUR £ lb l' } •l-lb Cin. Dainly Cooking Fat r^ GUM DROPS %f* Kroger ORANGE SLICES „", 19 J'j-Hi. ««t . Pkg. LlJ 25-lb. Bag Cream White. NEW WHITE OXYDOL'i 45c No. 2'/i IQc PEACHES Avonihile Sliced or Jl;i)ves FLOUR t? 3 73 •••• -'--Q — r ^ *•»•••» j w n •fc*, 1 I^rVMT4 Kroger—I'hun or Self-itisiny I^^^V • ^Fj^fft TUKAFISH ....^,Si 25 POTATOES Sland.rd c,..«d S.Wt'd CABBAGE Standard Grated CLABBER GIRL 27 Baking I'owtlcr RICE Kancy White . Sh.c 25-11) A-2 Hag L Pkg. 65c COCOA Hershey'g 1 10 SYRUP ^ 49 I • I m Louisiana Cure Cane APPLES 5 b -r39c - 59 C Crisp Red Jonathans. Full Bushel 1 99 APPLES 2 * 29c4 Wash. State extra fancy Red Delicious RED GRAPES 3 > 25c 1.89 1.79 Medium Fresh Green. 50-lb. Mesh 609 50-lb. Mesh Bag _^ —. "PURELARD - 8.25 Pure Firm White. RIB ROAST - - - - Ib. 69c BRISKET 0' BEEF - - Ib.39c1 U.S. graded good or choice. U.S..graded good or choice. VEAL ROAST lb.59c FRANKS - - - 1-lb.okq.49c Boneless Rolled. AB ROS. Skinless. * M ^ V SPARE RIBS U) 43° PORK FEET ,„ 19 CHITTERLINGS Ib 25 3 to 5 pound average Fresh Fresh ' SALTM|ATS2 ll)S 45 c PORKLIVER ,,.,,„. 39 C WHITING 2 , ta 35

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